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Tim and Abbie 06: Wednesday  

Clairew1959 61F  
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8/27/2020 10:42 am
Tim and Abbie 06: Wednesday

Abbie wakes Wednesday morning feeling so good. She had dreamed of Tim and her together, in such erotic ways. The dreams slip back in her head, leaving her smiling as she showers, dresses, and prepares for the day.
It will be fun to be back at the London site. Abbie will get to see the friends that helped her through her transition to what she is now. And okay, so a few of them are also ones she romped with in the past.
While Abbie would not go back to that life, especially with Tim now as a real, genuine, potential; it had been fun days and all with no strings attached.
Abbie grabs a coffee and pastry to-go and hurries to the train station just a few blocks away.
Tim wakes early and glances at his clock. It is am. A little too early to call off work, but hey, he can leave a voice , which would be easier. Tim calls his manager’s work number and says that he is taking the day off. Work should feel free contact him if anything urgent needs his attention. He will be in tomorrow.
(Unknown to Tim interesting things, well thoughts, begin to happen when his manager gets the later that morning. He tells his staff that Tim would be off today, which did start jaws to flapping. The manager is wondering also. Tim, this week has been acting so different. Taking lunch, leaving a bit early. Nothing against that but so opposite of the Tim they know and depend . And he seems so upbeat, so unlike his usual self. The manager wonders what is happening and if he should be concerned about losing his best employee).
Tim throws on a tee and shorts and goes down the kitchen fix breakfast. He is starving, and this will give him time plot out what he wants do today. He makes a list, but after a couple of things written, he picks up his phone and sees that it is o’clock.
He types a text Abbie: “Good morning, my sweet Abbie. I hope you have a good day in London. I will be waiting for your return my arms.”
As soon as he typed it, he realizes how silly that sounded. But he realizes right now he is wearing his heart on his sleeve for Abbie and just shrugs his shoulders as he blushes over his .
Tim goes back making his list of -dos hoping hear that lovely sound of a waiting for him. After breakfast cleanup, he decides while here in the kitchen start sorting through and getting rid of old things.
An hour later, several boxes filled for donating (luckily Tim has more than enough boxes stashed away under the stairs). Tim realizes he does need new of everything. He makes a list of shopping do the internet. It makes things so easy.
But Tim also knows, now that it is approaching eleven am, he needs start calling contractors. So the next couple of hours is spent getting estimates and choosing companies. It works that tomorrow and Friday, a company can come in to sand and refinish all the wooden floors. Then a company that will come Monday and works hopefully for only a few days to paint all the inside rooms and paint the outside trim of Tim’s brick house.
The final calls are for someone to redo his kitchen completely. They will be at Tim’s house for a week to complete that job, beginning tomorrow if he wants.
Satisfied with all he has accomplished in such a short time, Tim, realizing he needs someone to let the workers in and keep tabs on them, calls Les. Tim knows he should have asked Les before starting all these projects. But talking to her, Les is more than happy to help him out.
For Les’s part, hearing Tim making so many long-overdue changes in his life stirs her heart for him. She is glad that somehow Abbie is bringing him out of his shell existence. Les hopes Abbie will not hurt Tim, but even if he is, this new outlook on life should hold.
Tim spends the afternoon choosing paint colors, appliances for the kitchen, new living room furniture, and more. Tim does feel a little heady over how easily he is spending money. Never having experienced that before, but it does so give him a rush as he knows he still has plenty of money left in his accounts.
No, he is just using the legacy from his parents how it should be. Making a real home for himself. And Tim hopes, for Abbie too.
Abbie saw Tim’s as the train rumbled down the tracks London. The comment about Tim waiting for her in his arms again stirred something in her.
No one has ever talked that way with her before. Tim being so forward about his feelings for her. This rush runs through her, and she knows the precum is dripping. She calms herself enough reply Tim, “ baby, I hope be there soon, too, it will just depend on what happens in the meeting I have ahead.”
Abbie clicks her phone off as they enter the station she needs to get off at.
Her day is filled with meeting after meeting and seeing her old friends and colleagues. It is about when her meetings end, but her former cohorts press her come out with them for a drink at their old stomping ground.
Abbie is torn, she so wants to get an early train back home to Tim, but ohh, the old life seems to draw her in. She gives in and goes to the pub with them .
A few drinks later, one of Abbie’s old hookup maneuvers sit beside her, and she feels his hand running and down her thigh. She lets him keep it for a few minutes as his touch did so stir her. He leans to her and asks does she have to head home tonight?
Now while his caresses do bring back memories of the enjoyable times they shared, Abbie suddenly fully realizes what she has let happened. She pushes his hand away, and looking deep into his eyes tells him, “I’m sorry that was fun back then, but I think I have found someone to love, care about. I am not in any way going to mess that .”
The man, seeing the look Abbie’s face as she says that comprehends, and a wave of remorse flows over him. No, he will never probably get have that feeling, but he rejoices that Abbie has found that. After one more stroke of Abbie’s so velvet thighs, he takes his hands away, kisses her on the cheek. He wishes Abbie the best that it does turn out, for that is what she deserves.
Abbie pulls herself together and stumbling a little from a few drinks and that encounter. She thanks them for a lovely reunion and leaves the pub head the train station. There Abbie realizes that the next train won’t leave until eight o’clock. With the hour ride, it will be o’clock until she is home.
And suddenly, the need see and feel Tim overwhelms her. But she does not deserve see him tonight by her earlier behavior.
Abbie does text him just a short : “I am waiting for the next train come home. I am sorry. , I am so sorry. I wanted see you so tonight, but I have fucked everything .”
Tim clears things away. There are piles of boxes stack outside his front door for pickup charity organizations tomorrow. Les is set greet and watch over the painters, floor stainers, and more so the kitchen reconstruction the next week or so when he is not there.
Tim spends hours in the afternoon, picking out paint samples for the colors he wants everything be. And time over the choices for kitchen cabinets and the layout. By four-thirty, he was exhausted and overwhelmed by how much he has spent in just a few hours redo his house into now something presentable.
Tim fells such satisfaction from Abbie’s response this morning, acknowledging she wants to see him too. But nothing more comes from her. Now, winding down, Tim wonders what Abbie is doing in London, and why hasn’t she text him anymore since this morning.
He goes to the bathroom, stripping his clothes as he does. Tim's plan is to take a shower to clean off the dust and dirt he is covered with from the cleaning he has done. There, he reaches the shower turn it but notices the bag with the present from Abbie last night.
He sits the side of the tub and turns it instead. Pours in the bubble bath and takes the soft washcloth from the bag. He climbs into the bathtub and lowers, so he is his neck with bubbles. He takes his time washing the dirt off his body, but when he gets his cock, he spreads his legs and rubs the cloth over his<b> shaft. </font></b>, that feels so good.
The soft soapy cloth against his cock gets him quickly hard. Tim takes the fabric and wraps it around his balls, pulling it back and forth tightly. The feeling is arousing as he feels his balls fill with semen. As he continues this for a few more minutes, he can feel his sperm moving his shaft, getting his prick harder and harder. His glans is cherry red with his excitement. He takes the cloth and begins stroke and down his<b> shaft </font></b>for a while.
Then Tim remembers how Abbie had asked him with her big clitty and decides see what that feels like. So taking the cloth in his hand, his fingers begin press together over his glans, squeezing and rubbing just his tip. Whether it is the soapiness of the cloth, or imagining what Abbie felt, Tim realizes he is almost to the point of no return.
Sliding the cloth back and forth over his glans and slit sends powerful waves of euphoria through him. He keeps the same slower pace of rubbing himself as Abbie had guided him to do to her. It is amazing. The sexual rush is crashing through him; he knows it is going to happen, and happen hard. He moves the cloth to around his<b> shaft </font></b>and wanks away. A minute later, Tim’s sperm spurts out of him like a glacier erupting. , he is drained.
He unplugs the tub’s drain and lets some of the water out. Then Tim refills with hot water keep him in this beautiful bubble of a bubble bath he is in. He leans back again and just lets the warm water flow over him. Tim is in such a satisfied state that he almost falls asleep. He is in that wonderful place right before you nod off. Yes, Tim is in that ideal state of hypnagogia.
He stays that way for about a half-hour until he feels the water has cooled around him. Tim shakes himself awake, pulls the plug on the tub, and steps out. As he does, he thinks, 'after the kitchen, I think this bathroom needs be redone have a big bathtub fit two nicely.'
He just throws a pair of boxers and heads the kitchen fix something eat. He is surprised that it is seven o’clock already. Then he somewhat stops in his tracks and checks his phone. He had heard nothing from Abbie since this morning. What has happened?
He begins to get himself worked into a minor panic imaging sorts of things that could have happened Abbie. He just makes a quick sandwich eat as he sits at the kitchen table and ponders if he should text her again or not.
Just then, his phone pings, and Tim sees a from Abbie. Her is somewhat confused. About wanting see him but she fucked . Tim does not know what is going . He does not return her text. Instead looks at the time and it is a quarter already.
Tim quickly puts clothes and hurries the train station. Whatever Abbie is worried about, he wants be there comfort her as much as she needs.
Not getting any reply from Tim her scrambled text, Abbie begins cry softly. She can’t help herself, has she totally fucked things with Tim? Before they even reached that magnificent plateau of sexual being? Damn, why does she do this always?
Tears stream down her face during the train ride home. When her station is called, Abbie pulls herself together enough to embark off the train.
And then, through her tear-stained eyes, what does she see on the platform right by where she alights? Tim is there! With his arms opened to embrace her and hold her for whatever reason she needs.

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