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Tim and Abbie 09: Friday again, a week since meeting  

Clairew1959 61F  
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8/31/2020 11:53 am
Tim and Abbie 09: Friday again, a week since meeting

Tim wakes about am the next day. His arms still around Abbie, and she is cuddling against him. This is a fantastic feeling. Tim has never spent a night with anyone before. He stretches a little and sees the back of Abbie’s lovely neck right below him. Tim doesn’t want wake Abbie, but can’t resist. He leans and kisses that tender spot at the back of her neck.
Abbie stirs in her sleep, and almost a purr comes out of her lips. Tim kisses her again in that place, and Abbie wiggles with delight and does wake. She turns over face Tim, and it is now her turn lean in and kiss him fully the mouth.
Her hands are behind Tim rubbing his ass, as they move closer their cocks rub together, so enchanting as both are semi-hard from the night.
Tim pulls Abbie , so she is top of him, and they press and grind their privates against each other, causing such incredible friction to ignite them. They kiss thoroughly as in addition, Abbie’s lovely breasts are rubbing so nicely against Tim’s chest. Their nipples are touching, causing both to harden there too.
Such an erotic feeling to Tim, rubbing their cocks together<b> shaft </font></b>to shaft, balls to balls. This takes the cake in arousal for Tim, and Abbie is feeling the same sensation.
Adding to this moment, Tim admits he had never woken with someone before. There were only a few times in her past that Abbie had either. It is a good while since the last time.
The closeness waking, holding, and being held through the night is escalating the sensation they both are having. Kissing deeply over and over and they grind together, it is not surprising that they both shoot their wads soon into this rapture.
Their cum on each other’s stomach now is intermingled as they are not ready to stop kissing yet. After about a minute of them cumming, they are laughing together about how wonderful that was on waking. Abbie says shyly, “I hope that will be how it usually is.”
Tim just smiles at her, lifts his hands to her face to hold and rub. Looking at her in her eyes, they just stare at each other, like looking for each other’s souls. Tim kisses her more chastely now and says, “Abbie, if my prayers are answered, this is how I hope we start every day, us together. If we can add what just happened to the mix, it would be heaven for me.”
Tim hugs her and then pulls away, “Baby, I need to get home to shower and change in time to catch our bus. You can lay here a little longer, but you need to get ready too.”
Abbie agrees but does get see Tim the door. There they notice his copies of their contract. Tim asks her bring them him the bus when they meet. One more extended kiss and Tim is out the door.
Being in shorts, he decides jog home. Tim has just enough time get changed and make it the bus stop in time. Abbie smiles warmly at him as he gets the bus. Both Tim and Abbie’s day pass swiftly with their messages back and forth every couple of hours. The last one from Abbie at four asks Tim if he would like get something eat and then go the Wilde Peacock that night.
Tim says that sounds fine. He will just stop at home to get changed and then get her. Abbie is delighted that they will be back where they met a week ago.
goes well for the first part of the evening. Tim picked Abbie around seven, they walked a Chinese restaurant a few blocks away and had a great dinner filled with interesting conversation. Then they got a cab drive them the Peacock.
As they get out of the cab, Tim hesitates for just a minute, now understanding what the Wilde Peacock really is. He wants see it with open eyes. They enter the bar, and Tim looks around as Abbie leads him the bar, and the same seats, they were in a week ago.
They sit, and Phoebe comes wait them. Abbie introduces Tim Phoebe, explaining she is the owner of the Wilde Peacock. They order their drinks, and when Phoebe comes back with them, she says, “Well, now I see why you have been a stranger since Monday, Abbie.”
Tim, taking a sip of his drink, hears this and looks at Abbie, who is now blushing. The talk some, Phoebe and Tim getting know more about each other, how Tim and Abbie met here a week ago. Then Phoebe leaves wait other customers.
Tim leans to Abbie’s ear and quietly says, “Abigail Elizabeth Adams, it seems you left out some details after agreeing to be completely honest.” A shudder runs through Abbie as she blushes a deep shade of red.
“I am sorry, Sir, I should have told you, and it was before we made the rules,” Abbie defends herself.
“When our drinks are finished, we are going to leave and go to your flat to take care of this matter,” Tim tells her. “I thought we were going to have a nice evening here. Me getting to know more about the bar, and then afterward…”
“But now I have to punish my bad girl instead. That will be twice in days. I hope this doesn’t have become a regular thing,” Tim informs Abbie.
Abbie never took so long to finish her drink as the one before her now. Tim goes back to the general conversation they were having during dinner. Abbie even gets him to laugh a little over one of her stories. She is able to string it out for an hour, the whole time thinking about what is ahead for her. Unless Tim, having a good time now decides they should stay and not deal with Monday’s issue.
But no, as soon as she drains her glass, Tim stands, leaves a tip, and tells Abbie, “Come along, it's time I got you home, Abigail Elizabeth.”
Shit, she is going to get another spanking. As they stand waiting for their bus, Tim’s hand is on Abbie’s ass, just tapping against it. This adds to Abbie’s vision of what is about to happen. She feels herself starting to throb, thinking about this.
She is quiet on the bus ride to her apartment, and when she says or asks anything, she murmurs it starting with ‘Sir.’ The walk from the bus, Tim’s hand still holding and squeezing her ass, sends shudders through Abbie. At the flat, Tim tells Abbie to go to the corner and stand there thinking about keeping things from him. Like the fact that she had been out to a bar without telling him.
Actually, Tim remembers back to Monday night when he was cleaning things to start work on his house, so to have it nice for Abbie. And recalling that when he texted her Monday, it took over a half an hour until she replied. That will go into her punishment too.
Abbie in the corner, tears forming in her eyes that she knows she deserves this. It was foolish to have gone back to her regular, wild, routine of spending evenings in the bar instead of going home. And that she had not answered Tim’s text right away. The worst part to her is she does want something to develop with Tim even on Monday night. So why did she go to the Peacock, and then about everything under the sun beside him?
After about fifteen minutes, Tim calls from her bedroom come in there. Abbie does as he says and sees Tim sitting the side of her bed, with just his boxers . What more, she sees he found the old wooden hairbrush she keeps her dresser, and it is now the nightstand.
Abbie lets a little whimper out as she knows what is ahead. Tim tells her undress completely. She has five minutes do so, put her clothes away, and come and stand in front of him. Abbie flutters do as told, and within four minutes is standing nude before him. The anticipation has made her clitty so hard, and from Tim’s appearance under his boxers, he is getting aroused also.
Tim sees Abbie looking and takes his cock and balls out of his underwear. He pulls Abbie over his lap, so her clitty is settled between his thighs, rubbing his cock. “I took my clothes off as I didn’t want you to make a mess on them. I think if I am going to have to keep spanking you regularly, we need to get a large box of rubbers for you to wear when being disciplined.”
On hearing this, precum drips out of Abbie, landing on Tim’s balls. He smiles as he holds Abbie’s back and just circling and rubbing Abbie’s ass cheeks. Abbie knows it is going to sting soon, but she is so excited too.
Tim begins, lifting his hand, it comes down on Abbie’s right cheek with the first hard spank. The second spank to her left cheek follows right after. He begins to really spank her for about four minutes; the only sound is Abbie’s gasps and crying.
Abbie’s ass now a rosy shade and Tim can feel her clitty growing large against him, which also has gotten harder. Tim picks the hairbrush, and as he rubs it over her burning cheeks, he begins lecture and question Abbie.
“Abigail, I thought you promised be good. And while what you are being punished for is before the official contact, the fact that you did not tell you had gone out the bar Monday night is a problem,” Tim begins, bringing the brush down on Abbie’s sore ass in rhythm with what he says. “And the fact that the contract implies this is the type of behavior you are be disciplined for.”
“Why Abbie, after telling you would not see that night, would you rush the bar?” Tim asks her with a few more spanks both cheeks.
Sobbing now, Abbie replies, “I don’t know, Sir, why I did it. It was my habit in the past before I met you. I know now I should have never gone and should have told you yesterday.”
“So, tell me the reasons you are being spanked right now?” Tim encourages her with a few more slaps her cheeks and upper thighs. “Number them.”
Abbie is now really starting hurt from the brush’s connecting with her butt, between sobs and groans begins, “One, going out on a weeknight without telling you. Sob, sob. Two, Not paying attention your and answering it promptly. , making you worry about . Four, not confessing what I did sooner. Five, embarrassing you when Phoebe blabbed.”
Tim delivers about ten spanks on each cheek swiftly on the last reason. “Abigail Elizabeth, do not try put this someone else. You are responsible for your own actions. Are you trying say you are getting this spanking just because I found out? Were you going let this error in judgment your part just disappear if no one said anything?” Tim asks Abbie.
Abbie says a quiet no. She is reaching that level in punishment, the moment when guilt and sorrow seem wash away with each spank of the hairbrush. Realizing her guilt and the results of bad behavior are exactly what she needs. Abbie wonders if she suggested going the Peacock just for Tim find out about Monday and this be the results?
With that revelation, Abbie absorbs each smack of the hairbrush. She feels beside the tears freely fall from her eyes, the passion in her mounting. She knows she is about explode between Tim’s thighs. Tim seems know it too as he squeezes his legs tight against Abbie’s clitty.
He places the hairbrush aside, rubs Abbie’s ass softly, asking her, “Are you ready?” Abbie understands what Tim is underlying saying and says. “Yes, Sir, I think a few more, and I will.”
Tim moves one hand under Abbie to clench her clitty, then he lifts his hand again and begins spanking her fast and hard. Abbie is moaning with this duel sensation. Tim is pumping her hard as he spanks, and she knows it is coming in seconds. By about the fifteenth spank, Abbie does let loose, and her juices squirt from her into Tim’s hand.
Tim gives her ten more on each cheek. Which have this stinging quality to Abbie now, but is such a euphoric state. Pain and pleasure so wonderfully mixed.
Abbie stays lying over Tim’s lap for a couple of minutes while he rubs her back and shoulders, helping her calm. He then lifts Abbie and places her carefully on his lap. Abbie throws her arms around Tim’s neck and, with tears, says, “Thank you, Sir, I really did need that. And I will not do anything like that again. Unless I have your permission.”
Tim hugs and cradles her for the next ten minutes. Then they fall together on the bed. “Sir,” Abbie says humbly, “Would you like give you satisfaction now?” Tim’s saluting cock is still at attention, so he just nods yes her. She has him lay his back and lift his ass so she can take his boxers off.
With the skill she demonstrated yesterday, Abbie leans over Tim’s crotch and takes his cock into her mouth to suck, lick and finger him to his release. Her fingers find their way to Tim’s asshole and rub around it, pressing one, then two fingers in him to dance on his prostate as she squeezes his ball and deep throat him.
After all the build- this point, and how wonderful it feels be in Abbie’s sweet, warm, and wet mouth makes Tim begin stir. The boiling pot has reached its peak, and semen comes shooting out of him. Abbie swallows a good portion of it, but some escapes land her boobs. He pulls Abbie him kiss and allows his sperm coat both of their chests.
Abbie cuddles top of him, purring softly as Tim strokes her hair and back gently. So gently that she soon has fallen asleep. Tim pulls a comforter over them and holds her on him as he too falls asleep.

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