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Tim and Abbie 10: Another Saturday  

Clairew1959 62F  
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9/1/2020 8:54 pm
Tim and Abbie 10: Another Saturday

Tim wakes up early, realizing he is still holding Abbie on his chest. He rubs Abbie’s back and works his way down to massage her ass cheeks. He realizes with the two spankings of Abbie’s bottom, he is getting very attracted to doing that when needed. The feel of Abbie’s ass cheeks, its softness, and yes, even how it glows when spanking it. Tim feels the heat emanating from her bum after the previous night’s punishment.
Waiting for Abbie to wake, he thinks over how different things are going to be going forward. Oh, he knows he has a deep feeling for her already. Now, at Abbie’s request, Tim is to be her disciplinarian, adds a sense of responsibility to their budding relationship. He feels a warm glow run through him, thinking about taking on this responsibility.
Tim shifts some as he contemplates this, waking Abbie. She is so lovely to watch. Tim sees her starting to stir, her hands reaching around her to comprehend where she is, and when her fingers rub against Tim’s shoulders, it is like she is aware she is in a safe and wonderful space.
Her fingers move up to each side of his face, and she lifts herself enough to open her eyes, smile at Tim, and then give him a lovely good morning kiss. They cuddle some with Tim rubbing her back and down to her ass cheeks. Tim apologizes for not having put any cream on her bum after last night. He tells her to lie on her tummy as he goes and gets the cream. As Tim returns, he sees her copy of the rules and passes that to her to read aloud as he applies the cream.
This will be an excellent reminder to Abbie about the rules she has agreed to follow. As she reads each out, he rubs the cream over her cheeks and thighs. Abbie is very serious as she reads each. Tim doesn’t stop rubbing when she finishes reading. Instead, he spreads her ass cheeks and squirts some cream along her crack.
Abbie wiggles with enjoyment over feeling Tim’s fingers massaging her. As Tim works the cream in moving downward, he thinks back to how Abbie inserted her fingers as she sucked him last night. This leads to him exploring her bud more as he applies a nice supply of cream.
He presses his finger against her rosebud, and he hears a moan from Abbie. Tim tentatively begins inserting a finger. This causes Abbie to moan even louder in pleasure. Abbie’s whimpers and purrs encourage him more.
He pushes his finger further up in her as Abbie cries out in a small voice, “Yes, yes, yes.” Tim comprehends that Abbie enjoys this, so he pulls out for a second and then presses two fingers up in her ass.
Abbie is overwhelmed by this surprise. She is amazed that Tim is willing to do this already. Besides feeling the rapture of him dancing in her anus, it also gives her hope that things will move forward to something more soon.
She relishes each thrust of his fingers in and out of her. Feel them pressing against her prostate, which makes Abbie shout out in glee. “Tell me how much you want, Abbie,” Tim tells her, “Tell me if I should stop.”
“No, Tim, don’t stop, keep going it feels so wonderful,” Abbie pants in reply as she rolls some to be on her side so Tim can see her ‘big clit’ needing attention also.
Tim moves his other hand to begin pumping Abbie, firmly holding the shaft and moving up and down. It is how he likes to be wanked and can see that at this moment it is what Abbie want’s too.
They go on this way, Tim lying on his side behind Abbie, fingers up dancing in her ass, and others squeezing and jerking her member. Abbie is just crying out over and over how good it feels. Abbie doesn’t want this ever to end, but she knows she is about to explode from this surprise attention to start the day.
“Tim, I’m about to…” Abbie moans, and she feels her shaft trembling, ready to release. Tim realizes this and moved his palm over her glans to catch everything as it comes out. Which it does in stream after stream for almost a minute.
Abbie is shocked herself at how much built up inside her needing to be discharged. As she begins to calm, Tim lifts his palm to his lips and licks Abbie's residue off it. The fingers of his other hand gently pull out of her. At that moment, Abbie rolls to look him in his eyes and kisses him deeply, tasting herself on Tim’s lips.
“Oh, my sweet, thank you. I don’t deserve that after last night, but again we have found a wonderful wake-up ritual for us in the future,” Abbie murmurs to Tim.
Tim laughs, spanks her ass cheeks each once, and replies, “Well, you be my good girl, and it will happen more often. Now, I need to head home. I have some things I need to do but will be back this evening. We can have dinner and see what happens then.”
Abbie pouts a little as she was hoping they would just stay in bed all day and see what could develop. But the look on Tim’s face at her pouting warns her not to push it. And she turns her frown upside down immediately.
Tim gets dressed quickly and comes and sits on the side of the bed, pulling Abbie to him. He kisses her several times, letting her know that if he could, he would stay with her all day. Tim heads out and jogs home. Getting to stay with Abbie, he is getting the benefit of a run regularly now.
At home, Tim gets to work after a quick shower and change. He has clothes to wash, and more rooms to tackle. The main one, which Tim hesitates over, is his mother’s room. The big bedroom which he wants to have redone, with new furniture, for Abbie and him.
Breathing in deeply a few times, he opens the door, which has been closed these last years and walks in. He immediately opens the windows to get fresh air in, and then takes down the curtains, strips the bed, tossing all of that down the stairs to take out to the bin.
He works quickly and efficiently, going through the drawers by her bed, then on to her dresser. He smiles as he sees an excellent wooden, rather large, hairbrush lying there. The bristles are rough, and he remembers last night and takes it and puts it in his room. Returning, he empties the dresser, sorting clothes to give away and others in a bag to toss out.
Tim had started at the bottom drawers, so it is not until he gets to the top drawer that he discovers his mother’s<b> jewelry </font></b>box. Due to their circumstances, Tim knows his mother never had any really good<b> jewelry. </font></b>She never wore much of anything ever. But when he opens the box, sitting on the bed, he is a bit surprised to see what is in it.
There were several lovely gold necklaces and bracelets. A ring box that when Tim opens brings long-ago memories from when he was little flashing back over him. He knows this ring. When he was little up until he was about ten or so, his mother always wore it. A wider gold band with a diamond fitted in it. The diamond seems of a decent size.
Tim sees that there is a note, folded many times, and worn at the top of the box. He takes it out and reads:
I cannot give you my hand, or name, but know that I do, and always will love you. Wear this and think of me wanting to be all that you would like me to be.
Damn, this was from his father. And his mother did wear it for years. Then suddenly she stopped wearing it. Later she had another ring she suddenly was wearing, yes this one, that Tim picks up from the<b> jewelry </font></b>box. A silver band with sapphires embedded in it.
As much as he keeps his feelings for his father, who he never remembers ever seeing, Tim does admire the ring. It had been so important for a long time to his mother. He takes the two rings and some of the other<b> jewelry </font></b>to his room. Tim thinks that in time he would like to give the gold band to Abbie.
He then empties his mother’s closet of all her clothes. He does not feel ready to sort through them yet, so he carries them to the spare bedroom and just leaves them on that bed to deal with later. The shoes and hats he does bag for another pickup from the center. All that goes out to his front porch.
The only box which he keeps and puts with his mother’s clothes is one which appears filled with letters and other papers. That also goes to the spare room as he knows whatever is in them he isn’t ready to confront, even after all these years.
He does feel good that the room is more or less ready to be redone. He messages the center about the bags on the porch, and the furniture from his mother’s room is available for pick up. He then walks over to Leslie’s house, taking with him the sealed envelope from Abbie and him.
Les is glad to see him and invites him in for a cup of tea. Regarding the time, already after one, he readily agrees. Over tea and sandwiches, Tim tells Leslie about the center picking up his mother’s furniture and the bags on Monday. Also, what she needs to relay to the painters for colors for the rooms. The carpet needs to be taken up, and the floors there sanded too. But Tim wants her to be up to speed to oversee the work. Leslie tells him she understands what is expected.
Leslie comments, “You know, Tim, all this work on your house is raising its value if you ever put it on the market. And you are making me a bit jealous of how nice it is going to be. Maybe I should think about having my place upgraded too. Your contractors do seem to be doing an outstanding job.”
Tim laughs with her over this. Then Tim changes the subject some as he takes the envelope out and slides it across the table to her, saying, “Les, Abbie and I would like you to keep this envelope for us. Just put it away. It is more a symbol to us for something Abbie wants me to do for her.”
Leslie catches on to what Tim is implying immediately, based on their conversation the other night. “So Tim, was it you, or Abbie, who decided they wanted some rules?”
Tim blushes some and stammers, “After our talk on Wednesday night, I realized that what Abbie was wanting a contract between the two of us. Setting some guidelines, rules, Abbie wants in her life now. For her to follow fully or accept the consequences which I will determine if breaks the rules.
“I came up with the rules, Abbie had time to internalize what is to be expected, all the things she did want. We added one she wanted to be included, and this is the result. We both have two copies, one for at home, one for work, and the fifth copy for you to keep for us.”
Les is surprised how easy Tim is adjusting to the role Abbie has asked him to take. “Tim, I will put this away for you, and do understand the need that someone else more or less shares the information you decided on together to solidify the contract. I hope this works out for you too.”
Satisfied, Tim heads back to his house, moves more things from the upstairs bathroom so it can be remodeled. Staying at Abbie’s mainly from here out until the remodeling is completed, is all working out. The contractors are going to finish the downstairs loo before beginning work on the one upstairs, but not having to stumble through the construction will be so much easier.
By four, he has things pretty much under control for the contractors to finish their work. The only thing he needs yet to tackle is his own closet and clothes. He does need to ask Abbie to come shopping with him to pick out some new, more fashionable clothes.
He finishes calculating how much he has spent so far and how much of his savings is left. He is happy to see that his contributions to the account over the last eight years from working are still fully intact by the time all the work is finished. He does yet have a nice nest egg.
Getting ready to head to the shower to clean up before seeing Abbie, his phone rings. It is Abbie. A smile spreads on Tim’s face as he answers.
Tim: “Hi, Abbie, how are you doing? I was just going to jump into the shower then head over.”
Abbie: “Don’t shower. That is why I am calling you. Come over how you are as I am starting a nice bath running for us to take together.”
Tim: “That sounds interesting. I think that is something I would really like and can use right now. I have been doing some work around my house, and my muscles would enjoy relaxing in a warm bath.”
Abbie: “Well, get here as soon as you can. I will start the bath running in about ten minutes.”
Tim, laughing: “Make it twelve, I need to grab some clean clothes to put on after. See you then.”
Abbie laughs with him and says, “Yes, Sir, it will be twelve minutes. Though I am not sure, you need any clothes to put on after.”
Tim hangs up, laughing and hurries to get some clean clothes, razor, and toothbrush. He tosses all into a gym bag and takes off in a jog to Abbie’s flat. Reaching there, Tim buzzes Abbie’s flat, and she replies to come on up and come in, the door is unlocked. He gets a sheepish grin as he opens the front door and rides up the elevator to the third floor.
He opens Abbie’s door and goes in. “Abbie? Where are you, Abbie?” Tim says as he closes and locks the door. Getting no reply, he peeks in the kitchen, then goes to the bedroom and puts his bag by Abbie’s dresser and heads to the bathroom.
It is now getting dusk and a bit darker out. Tim opens the door to the bathroom, “Abbie?” And then he is awestruck. Abbie is sitting in an inviting looking bubble bath. The tub is a double-sized to fit them perfectly. But what amazes Tim is there are lit candles all around the tub and room. And two glasses and a bottle of wine waiting for them.
Abbie says, “Well, hurry up, sweetie, get those grungy clothes off and get in here. The water is at the perfect level right now.” Tim doesn’t need any more encouragement. Tim’s clothes off, he comes to the side of the bath, sitting on the ledge, his feet in the heated water.
“Which way should I go? Facing you or behind you?” Tim asks.
Abbie moves forward enough for Tim to slide into the tub behind her. She is pressing up between his legs. His now hardening cock is pressed against her crack as she leans back against his chest. Tim turns Abbie’s head just enough to see her and kiss her deeply.
“This is perfect for a bath, my dear,” Tim comments.
“Umm,” is all that Abbie replies. Tim is shocked that just lying there; with his cock enfolded in Abbie’s crack, he is getting somewhat hard. Tim knows Abbie must feel it too. He picks up a wash rag, soaps it, and begins to lather Abbie’s shoulders, moving down to her armpits and upper arms, then sliding the rag over to wash her boobs carefully and taking time to squeeze each tit between the rag with his finger and thumb.
Abbie moans with delight as Tim then begins to soap her stomach; moving lower, she spreads her legs to welcome him there. When Tim does start scrubbing her thighs, he can feel how hard Abbie’s clitty is too.
Oh, this wonderful bubble bath has them both so aroused, moving towards the brink. Tim washes Abbie’s shaft and clit head thoroughly as Abbie whines her enjoyment. Tim has her lean forward, and he soaps her back and then has her lift up some as he washes her ass cheeks, crack and running around her hole and pressing in just a bit.
Abbie is going wild with this bath. She flips around, so she is sitting on Tim’s lap facing him. Their members are now rubbing against each other. Abbie picks up another washcloth, soaps it, and begins on Tim’s shoulders and chest, moving down over his chest, squeezing his nipples as she goes down, down, over his stomach to finally grip his cock in the rag and begin stroking his prick slowly.
Tim, so enjoying this now, brings his cloth to Abbie’s shaft and begins doing the same to her, wanking each other at the same time. Here in this warm bubbly bubble bath, Tim suddenly comprehends that this is a jacuzzi tub. The jet sprays surrounding them help the bubbles to continue and add lovely vibrations to everything.
They jerk each other slowly to start, but as each begins to feel that uphill ride to satisfaction, they wank each other harder and faster. Their balls are banging against each other. This adds to the jet stream just hitting them in the right spots, makes them both realize the end is clearly in sight. Abbie leans to Tim, and they kiss as both squirt their loads up each other’s stomach.
Realizing how wonderful it was to cum together at the same time, Tim and Abbie laugh joyfully. Abbie leans against Tim’s shoulder as they take their time wiping all the evidence away from their stomachs.
The bathwater is so lovely and warm still due to the jets, and the bubble bath is still working full time. The just lazily play with the bubbles, putting them on each other for amusement. After a while, both now starting to feel like they are pruning up, they climb from the tub. Big fluffy towels are wrapped around each as they dry each other off.
Everything is being done slowly and gently as both are still in the post-climatic state. Finally, they go to Abbie’s bedroom, and Tim starts to dress in his clean clothes. Abbie stops him and asks, “Can’t we stay like this for the evening? I adore looking at your naked body.”
Hearing Abbie say this sends a unique sensation through Tim. While his mother, and Leslie, would praise and compliment him about his looks, personality, and achievements, no one else ever really did. The encouragement from his mom and Leslie, Tim just wrote off as they were doing what they thought was expected.
Embracing what Abbie just said about his body is the first time he heard, and felt, someone’s positive affirmation about him. It is hard for him to respond to this as it is something new he is experiencing. He puts his clothes back in the bag, and steps to Abbie and kisses her fully.
“Well, if I am staying this way, you should too,” Tim tells her as he pulls her towel away to show her lovely body.
It is a beautiful body to Tim. Abbie, standing before him naked, not hiding anything. Her incredible perky tits, yes, a little on the small side but just so perfect for playing with. Abbie’s flat stomach with a gentle curve to her hips and thighs. And what is there between her legs, at ease now, but just peeking out at him to enjoy.
Realizing that Abbie has that added feature increases Tim’s aching for her. How they have played so far, it is a lovely supplement. Tim laughs to himself, thinking this. ‘Maybe not supplement, but rather an appendage to her total self.’
He looks at Abbie as she glows in front of him and he is not concerned about whether anyone accepts his choice or not; Abbie is precisely who he wants to be with in his life. Oh, down the road, there will be more self-doubts and concerns about this all, but at this moment in time, Abbie praising him, Tim finds himself wrapped up in this new feeling of confidence he never really had before.
Abbie putters around, putting her makeup back on. While to Tim, she looks lovely with no makeup, Abbie’s self-consciousness makes her always wear this sort of mask to hide behind. With the makeup she knows how to apply so perfectly, Abbie does present herself - at the first few glances - as a beautiful woman. It is only on looking a little closer that her secret is revealed.
Tim leaves her to it and heads to the kitchen to see what they could fix for dinner. Both are rather hungry now. In the kitchen, for the first time, Tim is thrown back by what he sees.
He opens the refrigerator first and finds there is nothing in there except a few bottles of white wine, takeout leftovers, and old to-go boxes. All well past their edible date. He grabs the trash bin and throws most of the boxes away. He is puzzled that Abbie does not even have any basics like eggs, milk, bread.
When he opens the freezer, he sees just a container of ice, a bottle of vodka chilling, and a few frozen entries which look past their use-by dates also. He tosses those out too. When he begins to open drawers and cupboards, he finds a few pieces of silverware, about four place settings, a box of dry cereal, and some salt and pepper.
As for cookware, Abbie only seems to have a kettle, medium-size saucepan, and a small fry pan. ‘How does she even survive?’ Tim wonders. He ties up the garbage, carries it to the living room door, and goes into the bedroom to grab his khakis, telling Abbie he will be right back.
He hurries down the hall as the ripe food is smelling a bit and tosses the bag down the trash chute. Going back to the flat, Tim returns to the bedroom, strips out of his shorts, and tells Abbie he has cleaned her kitchen but doesn't say that doing so opens a whole new side of her to him.
(Now perhaps Tim is being slightly superior in his judgment. At an early age, his mother started teaching him to cook, and he developed into being a rather good chef, making mouthwatering meals for himself and occasionally Leslie. He is floored a bit to find that it appears that Abbie is not a cook by any definition.)
Abbie blushes, realizing what Tim found, “Yeah, I am not anything of a cook. Boiling water for tea or coffee is about my limit. And it is so easy just to eat out or order in.”
“But Abbie, don’t you realize how much money you are wasting doing that? Think of all the things you could have if not spending it all on takeout food,” Tim logically tells her.
“I know, it just…” Abbie mutters.
“Well, not today, but sometime soon, I will teach you how to cook. For tonight we will do it your way. Where do you want to order take out from?” Tim relinquishes his stand.
Abbie comes to Tim, flings her arms around his neck, stands on her tiptoes to be closer to his lips, and as she kisses him her body rubs against him so seductively. They both moan as their bodies meet. They can each feel the heat rising between them. After a few minutes of this, they pull apart, and Abbie states, “How about curry for tonight? There is a good place that delivers not far from here. What would you like?”
As she says this she picks up her phone and presses a number and her phone is dialing. Tim laughs at this as Abbie must have speed dialing for every to-go or delivery place within twenty kilometers from here. Somewhat like that old joke. He tells her to order whatever she wants, and they can share it.
Tim listens to her ordering and realizes she is starving. But all things considered, Abbie probably had not eaten since their dinner last night. And a lot of things have gone on since then.
Tim and Abbie head to the living room, where they find a movie to watch. Naked, in each other’s arms, they cuddle and enjoy the start of the film. When the food arrives, Abbie runs to the kitchen to get plates and drinks, while Tim throws his shorts on once more, to answer the door and accept the food.
As soon as he has put the bags on the coffee table, he is back in the bedroom, shedding his shorts. Together next to each other, Abbie just fills one plate with all the food, hands Tim a fork. He is a bit confused at first, then comprehension occurs. They are sharing the food on the plate together, sometimes even feeding each other bites.
The movie winds on as they eat. Abbie clears the food away. The little remaining food she puts into the now almost empty fridge. Tim just sighs and shakes his head, thinking the next round of leftover food entering the icebox will never be eaten, instead starting a new scientific experiment to see how long until mold grows.
When they get back to the couch to watch another show, Abbie sits sideways on Tim’s lap, resting her head against his shoulder, Tim’s arms around her, holding her to him. This feels so right and pleasant to Tim, and Abbie too. Abbie’s smaller frame does fit so nicely on his lap. As his cock hardens, it rubs up against her ass crack, and Abbie’s big clit as it grows presses against his stomach, wiggling back and forth as if asking for attention.
Tim does not disappoint it. Rather mindlessly, he strokes it softly as they watch the show. Abbie is becoming more and more aroused by this, but not to the point of cumming. She realizes just this soft interaction between them is so enjoyable, feeling the nerves of her body tingling waiting, waiting for that final peak. But it doesn’t need to go to that point right now. This plateau is more than enough for her now.

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9/1/2020 10:14 pm

Well written ... and your writing is always arousing !!

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