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Tim and Abbie 13: A shopping trip  

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9/5/2020 11:51 am
Tim and Abbie 13: A shopping trip

Friday morning, Tim wakes up remembering last night, the smell, the feel, the taste, of Abbie. He enjoyed sucking and playing with Abbie’s ‘big clit’ and plans experience it again very soon. Sooner than expected even.
Smiling himself, he hears and feels Abbie waking beside him. Tim dives under the sheets and works his way licking and touching until that organ is in his mouth again. Abbie fully awake now, feeling Tim’s mouth sucking her is thrilled that Tim must enjoy this after his first experience last night. Abbie could not be happier as she feels herself quickly approaching climax.
The surprise and the sensation of Tim’s warm mouth sucking in all of Abbie’s nob brings Abbie to a quick explosion. After calming, and Tim comforting her, they both get up to shower and get ready for wor
As Tim stands, Abbie sees that he is at full mast right now. She smiles happily know that Tim giving her oral satisfaction is arousing him also. Tim surprises himself about how excited he gets over sucking Abbie. He walks into the shower. Abbie is right behind him. Both wash and caress each other. Abbie begins with hand attention to Tim’s appendage, then she kneels in front of him and sucks his coc Taking it all in almost. When Tim gets excited the max, his cock is rather impressive in length and girth.
Sucking Tim, as one of Abbie’s hands plays with Tim’s balls, the other finds its way Tim’s back hole rub soap around and around, pressing in a little. It is more than Tim can take at this moment, and his eruption fills Abbie’s mouth overflowing.
Cleaning themselves from this side diversion, both hurry dress get the bus wor The plan is for them work hard get everything done by lunchtime. Then meet at the café halfway between them at wor They won’t bother with lunch, but from there they can catch a bus the shopping mall.
They are at the mall by twelve-thirty, and the shopping extravaganza begins. Going the upscale department store, they are in the men’s department. Stopping first in the underwear department.
Abbie chooses soft stretch-knit boxers, which will mold to Tim’s body and not look baggy underneath. Seven pairs of them in different colors chosen. Then on to silk boxers, which won’t cling as much, but Tim should learn the enjoyment of silk rubbing against his coc Abbie has accumulated a pile of fourteen pairs for Tim. Enough for weeks, so he should always have some clean.
Then they wind their way the shirts. The -buy pile is growing. Abbie is choosing both dress shirts for work, in pale colors and pinstripes. Then some linen shirts that could be worn for work or for going out. Polo shirts in an array of colors. All are high quality and is shows. Not like the discount shirts Tim is accustomed to buying.
The clerk helping them is getting excited seeing how much they are buying. Tim and Abbie move on to the shorts and pants area. New khakis, blue jeans, and more casual pants and shorts for Tim when outside of wor All in the right size for Tim. Abbie reflects that Tim’s current wardrobe appears be clothes a size or too big.
Then on to the suits. Abbie picks out six different suits, in black, grey, navy, charcoal grey, dark brown, and a tan/khaki. Abbie and Tim take the suits to the dressing room. Abbie also brings one of the new pairs of boxers and a dress shirt.
The clerk hesitated a little when it appears that Abbie is planning on going into the men’s dressing room with Tim. In response, Abbie challenged him, “I am helping my boyfriend get the best fit for suits, shirts and pants and shorts. He needs me to determine if they are the right fit. Now, please get your store tailor here in about fifteen minutes to make alterations needed.”
The clerk backed down as he did not want to lose the commission he is going to make on this sale. In the dressing room, Abbie locks the door and comes to Tim, and gently helps him off with his suit jacket. Then undoes his tie. Each item stacked in a folded pile on one of the benches.
Abbie continues to undress him, unbuttoning his shirt and taking off. Removing his t-shirt, something Abbie is going to teach Tim he does not need. Then undoing his pants and sliding them and his shoes off. Finally, Abbie begins to take down Tim’s underwear.
Tim stops her hand and asks, “Why do I need my shorts off? Do I really have to get naked?” Abbie just smiles at him and tells him not to worry. She wants him to try on a pair of the boxers she chose to make sure they fit correctly.
Tim relents, and suddenly he is standing in the middle of the dressing room stark naked. Abbie turns him so he can see himself in the<b> multiple </font></b>mirrors giving his reflection from different angles. Abbie is standing behind Tim, running her hands over his body, caressing him. Abbie says, “See how lovely you look, honey. I am going to have to fight off others from trying to steal you from me.”
Tim laps up Abbie’s praise. He sees Abbie’s hand move to his mons and runs her fingers through his pubic hair. “Hum, someone is going the need a trim maybe,” Abbie purrs in Tim’s ear.
Tim’s eyes are glued to the mirrors, watching it happen. Abbie’s hand moves to his cock and begins to wank him. Tim has never watch himself having this done, not even when he is jerking himself. The mirrors are showing all this from different angles. Tim is elated about this and hears his breathing quicken as his cock hardens from Abbie’s touch.
Then, in amazement, Abbie comes in front of Tim and kneels, taking his hard prick into her mouth. Now a new visual extravaganza seeing his beautiful Abbie suck himself.
Tim, while absorbed in what is happening here, his mind does wander wondering, ‘while not public per se, in a public department store’s changing room getting sucked and teased.’ Tim knows the clerk, and the tailor will soon be knocking at the door. With that image before him, Tim cums hard and fast.
Abbie barely gets most of the squirt in her mouth. She licks up the rest and reaches for the new boxers. She helps Tim step into them, and she pulls them up and settles him in them.
She shakes out the button-down shirt and helps Tim into it and buttons it up. It appears to be the perfect size for Tim. Not clings to him but not being so baggy (like all the other shirts Tim has been wearing). Smiling, Abbie steps back so Tim can see himself so far.
She takes the first suit and helps Tim into the pants and then the jacket. Both are still a bit large on Tim, but the tailor should be able to make necessary adjustments. Almost like she has conjured him up, there is a knock at the door. When she opened the door, the tailor comes in.
He is an older, small but efficient, man. And so friendly and wanting to please. Abbie sits on one of the benches and tells the tailor where she things alterations are needed. The tailor agrees with her wholeheartedly.
Tim is feeling a little uncomfortable. He has never had a suit altered before. Tim would just go, pick a suit out at a discount franchise, and sometimes not even try it on. This is why his wardrobe is filled with ill-fitting suits, all larger and bulky than needed.
The tailor checking his inseam, measuring him in so many places, Tim is happy when the ordeal is over. But then the tailor tells him to get into the next suit, so while the tailor watches, not really, but Tim feels like his eyes are on him, Abbie helps him out of this suit and into the next.
It doesn’t help when Abbie runs her hands over his ass in his new, fitted boxers. Tim knows the tailor can see his prick outline. But as the tailor is finishing marking up the first suit, he does not even notice.
The same thing again, but now, Tim on tenterhooks when the tailor brushes Tim’s shaft when measuring. This strange sensation comes over him. Is he becoming aroused by just a faint touch of his cock by another man? Tim tries to calm himself by taking deep breaths.
Abbie looking on does see what is happening, and while she is not sure if she likes that another man can stir Tim, it is stimulating to watch Tim’s acknowledgment of what came over him and his attempts to hide his reaction.
All things considered, this shopping trip has been a sexual adventure already.
The tailor finishes marking all the suits for alternations. He tells them they should be ready by Tuesday or Wednesday. Abbie thanks him, and then asks the clerk to bring in other of the items she had picked out.
While Tim stands there in just his new boxers, the clerk brings some of the other items in, a pair of shorts, and a polo shirt. Abbie tells Tim since they are now off work, he could dress for a casual evening. Abbie checks the pockets of Tim’s pants, shirt, and jacket of the suit he had been wearing when they came in. Abbie hands him his phone and wallet.
Then, she pushes Tim to leave the dressing room – his old outfit left behind. She stops him on their way at the tie counter. Holding up tie after tie against Tim, all in bolder colors, even some with a bit of humor, Abbie picks a dozen or so to purchase.
At the register with the clerk, Abbie tells him to please discard the clothes left behind. Tim understands this gesture is for him to accept leaving his old life behind. Tim is more than ready to do. He knows, once all the new clothes are here, the rest of his old, worn garments will also be discarded.
Tim envisions a massive bonfire in his backyard, burning all of them. He knows that is not practical, but a nice thought to symbolize his walking into this new and perfect life. Tim understands all of this suddenly. Everything since meeting Abbie, it is him trying to move to a new future. Including all the work he is doing at his house to make it a new and fresh place. Accepting these new clothes, which do feel so wonderful on him. The biggest, coming to be fully united with Abbie. Life is good.
The clerk is almost purring as he tallies their purchases. Abbie tells him that she wants everything (except the suits which will take a few days) delivered to her apartment tomorrow. The clerk assures her that will happen, as he presses the button for the grand total.
They have spent over -thousand pounds. Tim gulps some as he puts the amount on his credit card. He is not worried, as Tim has enough cover this expense and realizes that it is well worth getting a new, brighter loo
It is now pushing four o’cloc Tim steers Abbie the women’s lingerie department. There, after looking through many choices, Tim picks out bra, panties, and garter sets. One is pale pink, one in black, and Abbie’s astonishment, the last in red.
He pays for the purchase and takes the package with them. But Tim is not entirely done. Moving over to the woman’s dress department, he beelines to this low cut, somewhat clinging to the waist, red dress, and hold it up to Abbie.
Abbie smiles and tells him that this one is a couple of sizes too big but takes one in her size from the rack and holds it up to her. Tim grins as he thinks of Abbie in this dress with the red lingerie under it.
The dress in hand, Tim stops at a rack with casual summer dresses and picks one out for Abbie. A flowery pattern, and with a plunging neckline. Tim understands that Abbie does like to dress provocatively, enjoying the attention it brings her. At first, Tim wanted to bundle her up, so only he got to see her this way. But quickly understands that it is her nature, and to try to cocoon her would be a mistake.
Tim pays for these final purchases and the , bags in hand, head out of the mall. Realizing the time right now and they not having lunch, they stop at a small café at the entrance of the mall and have dinner around five o’cloc
They take the bus Abbie’s drop off these packages, and Tim asks her change into the flowery dress he just got her. Abbie is happy too, as she realizes the colors complement Tim’s new outfit.
Ready, and a little slap and tickle, they arrange themselves and head to the Wilde Peacock for some drinks and relaxation around o’cloc

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