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Tim and Abbie 16: What the fashion show leads to  

Clairew1959 61  
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9/8/2020 3:19 pm
Tim and Abbie 16: What the fashion show leads to

Abbie’s hand is firmly around Tim’s shaft, helping it get harder and harder. Tim moves between Abbie’s legs, which are pulled up, so her heels touch her ass. He reaches over into the drawer of the nightstand and takes out the container of lubricant. Tim squeezes some over his glans and<b> shaft.
</font></b>Abbie gasps and is wide-eyed, realizing what Tim intends to do. Tim stares into her eyes as he lifts her legs to be over his shoulders. He leans and kisses her, then pulls back with a questioning look in his eyes. Abbie appreciates what Tim is seeking. Always the gentleman, he is looking for Abbie’s permission to go forward.
Abbie's eyes are now a bit blurred with tears starting to form for what is about to happen. She so hopes it will. Abbie nods her head, just slightly, giving Tim her consent.
Slowly and carefully, Tim’s eyes never really off of Abbie’s, presses his tip to Abbie’s back vag. He pulls back, fathoming a step he forgot. Winks shyly at Abbie and brings the bottle of lube back and squirts some around Abbie’s rosebud. His finger rubs around the circle, and then a well-covered finger pushes up in her to oil the road. Abbie purrs as Tim’s finger pirouette inside her.
Now sure that Abbie is prepared for him, Tim moves back to the feature film. He is still extremely hard, so this time when he presses his glans against Abbie’s hole, it slides into her sphincter and waits there for Abbie to relax. Which she does, so wanting Tim up in her.
Tim presses in a couple more inches, his glans surging ahead starts to throb some from this new adventure. A bit more pushed in, Abbie moaning with pleasure. Tim starts to thrust and pull in rhythm, each time driving more of himself in. Tim’s cock is shaking in excitement as it is entirely up in Abbie.
Staring into Abbie’s eyes, both a bit tear-filled from finally reaching this ultimate height. Tim holds himself there, fully in, as he feels Abbie’s throbbing against him. Each of them shaking so with excitement, it feels almost like they are together in a vibrating chamber massaging them.
Tim, now confident that he can do this for Abbie begins to propel himself into her, each time driving more and more into her. Tim is aware of Abbie’s member pressed against mons. It is also hard and shaking. He reaches for it with one hand and firmly holds the<b> shaft </font></b>to milk Abbie as he feels himself advancing to the final peak.
Abbie is wiggling her body in response to the wonderful, full fuck she is getting. And from Tim, the man of her dreams, now for sure. They continue in this way, stopping and just staying in place, Tim’s hand slacking off some, to make this ride go on as long as it can.
Tim finds that up in Abbie this way is rather fulfilling. Abbie is much tighter in her ‘vag’ than any other woman Tim as been with. Which are not that many. To Tim, this feels so right. It is arousing him many times more than when he was with a woman. Tim knows in part that he and Abbie have been taking their time moving to this point. Allowing them to learn so many ways to pleasure each other as they work their way up to this.
Tim looks into Abbie’s eyes as they hold the play for a minute. Tim leans and kisses her again. This time Abbie throws her arms around Tim’s neck and pulls him to her. “Tim, thank you, this is wonderful. I don’t want this to end, but I know it will. Though I also know there will be plenty of other times ahead,” Abbie tells him between gasps as another wave crashes through her body. Then so surprising Tim, she adds, “I love you, Tim.”
Such a small statement, but it means everything. Tim is overwhelmed but knows he must reply. And so finally, Tim can say what he has wanted to since the first time they met, “Abbie I love, adore, and so like you. You have filled the empty hole I have felt for so long.”
Both are in tears now, as they pump and pump away. Abbie’s member, with the help of Tim’s hand, is ready to explode. Tim, up in Abbie, feels himself in the final tremor of lust. Together, they cum as one. Both are exhausted as Tim lowers Abbie’s legs, and he pulls out of her.
He grabs a towel from beside the bed and wipes them both off. Laying in each other’s arms, so happy and content, Abbie says, “Tim, that was wonderful. What made you so ready to move forward this way now?”
Tim thinks for a moment, then replies, “Abbie, I have wanted to for so long now. Then after that mishap, I was worried I would not be able to. But wanting you so this afternoon, I knew I was ready. And I think, in part, that being able to see your face the whole time helped me reach this new height. The way we tried before, it was just your back and ass that I saw.”
Abbie laughs and hugs Tim, “Baby, I think I know what you mean. This with you is probably the best sex I ever had. I realize by you saying it, that this was the first time I was in this position to gaze into someone’s eyes as we shagged. It makes everything more intense.”
Abbie understands now. The build-up to Tim and her being at this point, forming a bond between them first, plays a large part. But the position chosen, being able to look into each other’s eyes, is how a relationship such as theirs should be.
As Abbie said, this was the first time she had ever had a man enter her this way. Being on her back, looking at the person. The previous times were all just fucking for sexual release. Not any feelings or emotions involved. Well, there had been some emotions on Abbie’s part, but never had they been returned.
And yes, Abbie does love Tim so much. And hearing what he told her makes her heart swell even more. But what Tim says next almost does make it bust.
Laying with Abbie in his arms, neither saying anything for a bit, Tim ventures, “Abbie, I don’t know how much time you have to take off from work, and I don’t want you to dip too far into your bank. I know we both took a half-day yesterday.”
Tim sometimes does take forever to get to the point, Abbie just smiles, waiting for what Tim is about to suggest. She does have a large bank of time off at work, almost in reality, as much as Tim has accumulated.
Tim stammers on, “Would you be able to take next Thursday and Friday off? I would like for us to have a long weekend together.”
Now Abbie’s interest is piqued. What does Tim have in mind? She tells him she is sure she can get those days off. Abbie askes, “What do you have in mind, Tim?” Abbie thinks that finally having someone to do things with, she should use up some of her bank of days. Abbie has kept her bank of time as Tim has. Being alone is not conducive to traveling or doing things better enjoyed as a couple.
Tim tells Abbie it is a surprise he is planning for her. And nothing more. They eventually get out of bed, a silk robe around each of them. Yesterday, unknown to Tim, Abbie bought this robe for Tim, complementing hers but big enough to cover his body. The feel of silk against his still somewhat tingling body feels so satisfying to Tim.
In the living room, sipping the wine that had been left breathing as the fashion show and spectacular happened. They find a movie to watch cuddled together. After a few minutes, Tim tells Abbie, “Why don’t you pull up your recipe book in your phone to find something for dinner.”
Abbie looks at Tim, confused, so he goes on, “All your program restaurants and delivery places, pick one that you have a taste for, and let’s get some dinner.” Understanding Tim’s joke now, she fingers through possibilities.
Abbie is recognizing that Tim is feeling more and more sure of himself, making jokes which are spot on, but takes a moment for others to understand the humor. Abbie finds she likes this in Tim, his keen wit, which he now feels confident to share.
They settle on ordering an array of tapas. Small portions of several dishes for them to share and eat together. Abbie and Tim are in the afterglow of a first coupling and want to share everything.

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