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Tim and Abbie 17: Prepping for the unveiling  

Clairew1959 61F  
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9/9/2020 12:06 pm
Tim and Abbie 17: Prepping for the unveiling

Saturday night, after the epic afternoon, Tim and Abbie fall asleep in each other’s arms. The intense sexual release they experienced takes them a soft and gentle space where they want each other know how much they care.
In a roundabout way, Tim and Abbie did talk about each proclaiming their love for each other. In the end, unspoken, they know now it is a given between them. The gate is unlocked, so going forward, they can proclaim their feeling openly without fear of rejection.
What a euphoric place for Tim and Abbie find themselves in. In not even a month. But love has no rules or timetables.
Sunday morning, well approaching afternoon, almost when they stir, they adjust themselves in each other’s arms and nod off again. The overflow of excitement, emotions, and activities on Saturday lead both fall into a deep, long sleep. So both are a bit surprised when they do finally begin to wake fully it is pressing eleven o’clock.
But there is nothing either has do today, so they linger in bed, just softly touching each other, which does lead to first them both sucking the other to hardness. Then, Tim again between Abbie’s legs, which she lifts over his shoulder. Prepared and both so ready, Tim fucks Abbie for the second time.
Now, surer about what to do, and more confident, Tim does service Abbie nicely. Abbie knows she is going to be longing the time for the feel of Tim’s cock in her ass. Tightening against it as Abbie clenches over and over. Tim feeling his love acceptance and longing make her as happy as he can.
Again, looking into each other’s eyes as they do, but this time with total and complete love for each other. How could in this vast, sometimes cold world, had they found each other? Both ponder this thought, which will be with them as time goes on, and things just keep getting better and better.
After both are sated, they move to the shower together. Soaping Tim’s mons and gently cleaning Tim’s shaft, Abbie knowing it is probably sensitive now after their interlude. When they rinse themselves, Abbie shyly asks Tim, “Honey, would you let me trim your mons some? You are so nicely covered there. A real forest. But even forests need to be clipped back from time to time.”
Tim laughs at her analogy and kisses Abbie saying, “Love, whatever you want to prune or clip to make me acceptable to you is fine.” Abbie assures Tim she accepts anyway. "Tim is, it was just..” as she trails off.
Tim helps her, “Abbie, you are helping me move to a new image of myself, not just with what is between us, but with the new clothes and more than you know. If my<b> bush </font></b>needs to be sculptured, do what you will. I do actually feel bad that so much hair is there when you suck me.”
Abbie just smiles at him, tosses a towel over the toilet seat and one below, and has Tim sit down. Getting some hair cutting scissors and a comb, Abbie kneels in front of Tim, spreading his thighs wide and begins first to comb out the long hairs.
She holds the comb close to Tim’s skin as she begins to clip. Hair is starting to fall. Tim himself, leaning back, his eyes closed is feeling the comb and scissors and realizes it is rather arousing,
Abbie works diligently for about twenty minutes. The forest has been cleared and delicate short hairs are all that is left. There is one more area still untended. Abbie asks Tim to stand and lean over the toilet with his legs spread wide. Tim does what Abbie asks, of course, he would for her.
Abbie, somewhat embarrassed, asks Tim to reach back with his hands and spread his ass cheeks. Then Tim hears and feels the comb and scissors clearing away the hair around his ass.
Finished, Abbie gets a wet cloth and wipes away all remaining hair into the two towels, which she shakes into the trash and puts in the dirty clothes hamper. After the washing, Abbie has Tim lie on the bed, and she brings some lotion to rub all around his mons and crotch and ass crack.
Feeling Tim’s now close-cut mons is enthralling to Abbie. And Tim, feeling Abbie’s fingers and hands more fully on him sends rushes through him. But it is approaching two in the afternoon. Neither has eaten since last night nor done anything to get ready to return to work tomorrow.
Barely dressing, but enough to lounge around on a Sunday afternoon, Tim and Abbie are on her couch, at opposite ends, their feet playing with each other as both with laptops check their messages and more.
At Tim’s suggestion, both put in a request for time off the coming week through the appropriate channels, and emails to their bosses. Tim still does not reveal to Abbie he will be taking off Wednesday also.
A quiet evening, and then to bed rather early. Monday morning dawns and Tim finds himself in a quandary about what to wear. Tim does not have his new suits yet. So what should he wear? The new shirts and ties are before him as he looks, wearing the close fit boxers which he is coming to love. But what can he wear?
As always, Abbie comes to his rescue. She has him put on the pale blue shirt, one of the new tan pants they bought, and the tweed blazer that was delivered. A darker brown tie finishes the look. He, in a way, looks like a distinguished professor but will fit in well at work. Abbie quickly finishes getting ready, and they are out the door in time to catch the bus to work.
It is interesting, for the most part, the people on the bus do not talk to each other. They all know and recognize each other over the years of being together for this ride. They always nod to each other in greeting. But different pockets do among themselves, which spread other pockets too.
in , Tim and Abbie getting now at the same stop, and obviously together, does cause tongues to wag. They are as a group, happy for the two, and the new demeanor both have now. But Monday morning, seeing the improved version of Tim in his new clothes really makes the mumbling on the bus rise. In unison, they agree this is a vast improvement.
If Abbie or Tim knew how much attention is paid to them on their bus route, both would be so embarrassed. But just the smiles Tim sees on the faces as they board and take their seats seem to help Tim’s confidence this morning.
At work, Tim does get the same type of greeting. Everyone is surprised at his new look. Speculations now grow even more. Tim’s boss asks him into his office to talk about Tim’s time off requests. He assures Tim, of course, Tim can have the time off, but stammers, he is wondering about the changes he has been seeing in Tim lately, especially this new look today.
Tim smiles at him, hell Tim can’t stop smiling all the time these days. Tim tells him that he has met someone, and it seems to be moving forward in a positive manner. The new clothes were at her suggestion, which Tim is happy about too.
The boss, not totally reassured that Tim has not also found a better opportunity elsewhere, does congratulate Tim on all that has been happening, and hopes one day soon to meet Tim’s woman.
Going to his desk, Tim suddenly has a strange thought prick his brain. His boss just assumed it was a woman with whom Tim has hooked up. At the same time, this is how he thinks of Abbie himself. But it is interesting to Tim that things are put into pre-conceived boxes. Which is far, far, from what he and Abbie are.
He does not judge or condemn his boss, it would be the natural thing to assume, but in this day in age, is it still? Things for Tim to think about and talk with Abbie sometime. Tim realizes he is becoming more sensitive to such things, making him wonder how it could ever be changed.
Abbie is good with her schedule of check-ins to Tim, well, Mr. Hudson and the day passes quickly for both of them. After work that night, they go out to eat, and over dinner, Tim tries to share his enlightenment with Abbie. She is so happy that Tim is looking at relationships, interactions, and the world as a whole with new glasses. The rose-colored ones are gone, and these are now glasses to be able to hone in and see the small particles of other’s feelings, inclinations, and choices.
After a drawn-out dinner and conversation, they go back to Abbie’s apartment for an evening of sexual and intercourse. Tim is a fast learner and knows when bring the side elements in transition from heavy petting the main event smoothly.
Abbie is amazed at how each time feels better and better. They are getting their movements in sync enjoy the romp the fullest.
Tuesday follows the same pattern, but Wednesday morning, Tim surprises Abbie by saying, after they get out of the shower, that he needs run home for something and will meet her at the bus. He throws some shorts and a shirt, and before Abbie can even start answer, she is kissed, and Tim out the door.
Then just as she gets the bus, there is a text from Tim saying he is running late and is going miss their bus. She should text him during the day, as she is required do. Abbie is not sure what feel. Tomorrow is the start of their long weekend together, and Abbie is still not sure what they are going to do.
She shrugs her shoulder and tries just to get her mind into work mode to finish everything before being off for two days. It is funny; both Abbie and Tim have similar work ethics. Even taking time off, beforehand, they try clear away anything which could come during their absence. Rather than hoping others will act such things while they are gone, or deal with it when return.


As Abbie works diligently, Tim is also very busy. First, at the house check everything. The crew is there finishing the final touches. The construction boss giving Tim a tour for him to see if there is anything that needs to be fixed or altered. Tim is agoggled with how wonderful, and totally different his house looks.
During the inspection, a few minor things are seen. The boss calls a member of his crew at each thing found and tells them to fix it immediately. They only have until noon to have everything finished, cleaned, and ready.
Tim is surprised hearing the boss setting a time limit but is so glad as he does need time to do other things too. Les comes over and helps to get everything in the final order. Tim plans to make a wonderful dinner for Abbie and him tonight, but now is wondering if there will be time for him to get the groceries required, with everything else needing to be done.
Les assures him, she will run to the store for supplies and helps get everything ready for dinner. Les finds herself so invested in this going well for Tim and Abbie. She is in the surrogate mother mode and wants Tim to have all he deserves in life. And what he wants and desires, even if out of the norm.
Tim thanks her and hurries out. Borrowing Les’s car for a couple of hours first, Tim heads to Abbie’s apartment. He clears out his drawers and cupboards of his new clothes, takes four or five of Abbie’s outfits and lingerie he likes best, and fills the car.
Back home, Les helps him to unload and put away the items in the front bedroom. She takes her car now and heads for the grocery. Leaving Tim to make sure the final touches are acceptable. Tim thanks the contractor heartily as he writes the substantial final payment for all the work they did.
Tim does not recognize the house as being the home he lived in for thirty plus years. Gone are all the dark and gloomy spaces. Now light and airy, and in a very stylish décor. Considering all spent, he sends thanks to his mother for her life insurance she left him. And suddenly acknowledging his feeling for his father, Tim did not know totally how to feel. Tim sent thanks to him also for providing money to Tim to make a much better life than his mother ever had.
There are still two rooms to be redone, but it is mostly clearing them out and new paint. They will get to them soon. Tim blushes as thinking of things ahead as ‘they’ he does not know if Abbie will accept what he has to offer but is so hopeful.
Seeing the time, and the noon from Abbie coming in, Tim replies. He texts Abbie that he is arranging for a taxi pick her at her apartment at o’clock. The driver will know where bring her. Tim asks her please wear the red dress and underthings that go with it.
Abbie receiving this is now even more curious about what is ahead.
Tim’s new suits arrive at one o’clock, just on schedule. And shortly after the rather large order he has placed at with the liquor wholesaler for cases of wines and assorted liquors fill his bar in the dining room and wine racks in the kitchen.
The larder is stocked, and even basics are in the refrigerator/freezer. Tim is still in awe about how large this frig is. Even with he has bought, it is still barely half full. Tim runs the corner mart, which does have the florist section and gets a few bouquets place around the house.
It is now almost , and Tim is starting panic. He knows he is being silly, but he can’t help himself worrying about the outcome of this will be. Les arrives with the groceries for dinner and calms Tim as she takes charge and gets things started for the dinner.
Tim helps her some but accepts the sous-chef position. He wants make the dinner for Abbie himself, but he knows his nerves will fail him. He cuts the salad, preps the baguette warm as Les works the main course. She shows him the delicate pastries she has gotten for dessert and sends Tim set the table in the dining room for the two of them.
Tim does, using the good china which his mother inherited from her parents. It is funny, his grandparents wanted nothing do with her after Tim was born, and he is not sure if they ever even saw him. But when they died, they left what they had his mother. She had been their only , so either feelings still ran deep, or they just were too lazy ever to change their wills. Tim did, for years, wonder about it.
But even that money came too late for his mother. It helped for some of her medical bills in the end, but the love she lost from them, the love she lost from Tim’s father, tears do fill Tim’s eyes for a moment, wishing his mother had something positive in her life before it ended too soon.
Table set, flowers as a centerpiece, the dining room table is ready. The other flowers are spread around the living room, bedroom, and a few smaller vases in some of the bathrooms. Tim checks in with Les and sees she has dinner totally under control.
Suddenly, when Tim hears Abbie’s text at four, he realizes he has not scheduled the cab yet. Quickly he calls the taxi company and arranges for Abbie to be picked at and brought his address directly. Tim pays for the trip and tip with his credit card. Tim knows he has probably over tipped but wants the taxi driver understand how vital the timetable was.
He then goes and showers, shaves, and trims his beard and mustache a little. Standing at the sink naked, Tim looks down and smiles at his trim mons. He is already enjoying how nice it feels without so much hair obstructing the feel of things rubbing against it.
Tim dresses in one of his new suits. The charcoal grey, with a grey pinstriped shirt, and a tie of deep red. He is surprised when Abbie picked that one, but now Tim sees how nice it looks. He puts on socks and loafers, thinking the next shopping trip needs be for new of both - socks and shoes. He does always keep his work/dress shoes well-polished, so they don’t look that bad.
By five-thirty, Tim is bothering Les in the kitchen who shoos him out, telling him she doesn’t want him drip his new outfit. Then she tells him with a wink, that he looks lovely. She brings tears both their eyes, saying, “If only Cyn could see you now. She would be so proud and happy for you.”
The two compose themselves. Dinner is ready be served, the platter waiting. It is just o’clock as Les kisses Tim the cheeks, wishes him good luck, and hurries leave before Abbie arrives.
Tim now so anxious stands looking out the kitchen front window watching for the cab pull . Around -fifteen it does. Tim hurries out greet and help Abbie from the cab.

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