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Tim and Abbie 18: Abbie arrives  

Clairew1959 61F  
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9/10/2020 2:32 pm
Tim and Abbie 18: Abbie arrives

Before going forward more, some explanation about Tim’s life and home. It is a rather big house compared to others in the estate. The neighborhood was built after WWII when the area had been bombed out. Around the perimeter of the six-block community, the outer ring is larger, detached homes. Inside the circle, smaller attached homes are the norm. How Tim and his mother ever ended up here, Tim never knew.
There had been someone who owned the home before them. Cynthia and Tim moved in 1990 when Tim was four. The house was cheaper in part as it was rumored that someone had been murdered there. Though no proof was ever shown. Sitting on the market for over six month’s it was a real bargain
Tim’s father, who did stay away from his as much as Tim could remember, had still been in communications with Cynthia over the years. Not ever meeting but trying to help as he could with the boy, his . He was who found the house and put enough down for Tim’s mother to afford it. Tim knew none of this.
There are many things Tim did not know about his mother or his somewhat strange upbringing. With the house remodeled and much more inviting, Tim lays to rest the demons from his past.
Abbie getting home to her apartment, is still confused about what is ahead with Tim. She hurries as she does not have that much time to get ready. Just sponge bathing a bit, fixing her makeup, and then getting the red lingerie out to put on, and silk stocking to accompany. Abbie smiles that she does have some red heels to complement the outfit. Laughing, in or out of her dress.
When she opens the closet to take the red dress off the hanger, she stands stunned. All of Tim’s new clothes are gone. She hurries to the dresser drawers and sees they are empty too. She tries to control herself before she is a puddle of tears. She reassures herself that Tim is sending a cab for her soon, so he will explain why they are all gone.
Abbie puts on the red dress, which does look magnificent on her—showing her curves and assets. Abbie looks closer in the closet and sees that some of her outfits are also gone. What does Tim have planned? Realizing some of her clothes missing, not just Tim’s does make Abbie feel better and calmer.
Ready, at just a couple minutes to six, Abbie grabs the red clutch purse, which she had moved her critical things to so to match her outfit. She is out the door and exiting the lobby as the cab pulls up at six on the dot.
Abbie smiles at the driver asking to be sure he is there for her. She climbs into the back seat, and they are off for a short ride. Pulling up in front of Tim’s house, which she recognizes only from Les’s next door.
The whole façade is different, lighter, more modern than that rather dreary house Tim pointed out to her after dinner at Les’s those Sunday ago. Everything, even the cleared flower beds – he had the horrible looking bushes removed, and the grass look so inviting.
Tim comes out of the door before Abbie can even open the cab door. As Tim helps her from the car, he takes her in his arms and kisses her. Tim then turns to the driver and thanks him for his efficiency. The driver, seeing the loving and erotic kiss between Tim and Abbie, is a bit jealous that his wife and he never kiss that way.
Leading Abbie up the walkway to the front door, Tim tells her he has been fixing his house up these last weeks to be worthy of her. Abbie hesitates. She realizes that Tim has cared so much for her from the start. He has been doing all these things to make his house ready for her to see.
Little known to either of them, Les is peeking out behind her curtains to see Abbie’s arrival. Feeling a bit guilty about what she is doing, but Les cares for Tim and wants to be sure Abbie accepts this. Les feels rewarded seeing how they kissed on meeting. She will leave them now on their own and hope to hear how it all goes later.
Les does, at this moment, feel tender and alone. It has been so long since she has felt anything for another like Tim and Abbie now are. What is it, over eight years since Cyn died? The last time Les was in a relationship. Time does seem to pass so quickly. Thinking about Cyn, Les wonders how she would react to the life Tim is forging for himself? In so many ways, Cyn was understanding and compassionate, but in others opinionated and stubborn.
Either way, she has no voice in it now.
Over at the house, Tim opens the newly varnished front door and places his hand on Abbie’s back to lead her in. Even the foyer looks so welcoming. When Tim directs her into the living room, Abbie almost crumbles in his arms.
This large, airy, lovingly furnished room overtakes her. Especially as Abbie realizes it is done in the colors she had told Tim she liked. Now everything comes rushing back over Abby, and she is not sure she can handle it. She is breathing heavily and asks Tim to let her sit down for a minute. Tim, concerned, is worried about what has come over her.
Abbie tells him she is alright, just give her a minute. Seated in one of the chairs, Tim hurries to get Abbie some water. This gives Abbie time to compose herself.
Everything is so clear to her now. That horrible night that she was at the Peacock when Tim has so innocently texted her asking her favorite colors, and her not answering right away. Tim has been planning, doing this since then. Abbie has no idea what this house looked like before, but seeing the little of Les’s house, and the former outside appearance, she can imagine the original version.
And for Tim to do all this before he felt confident to show her his house. It is with this strange mix of guilt, compassion, honor, and love that Abbie now sees everything. This room is lovely. Every detail tended to—a warm and inviting place.
Tim comes back with water for Abbie and kneels beside her with such a concerned look on his face. Abbie takes a sip and tells Tim she is fine. She says she is not sure what came over her, perhaps skipping lunch today to finish things up for a couple of days off. “So show me more of your home Tim, it looks like a lot of work has gone into this,” Abbie says.
Tim takes her on a tour, exciting her room by room. The sitting room next to the living room with a lovely fireplace and large flat screen tv above it. The study has bookcases on one wall, partially filled—the desk in one corner with Tim’s laptop on, and a printer near it. There is not a lot of furniture in here at the moment. Then on to the formal dining room, which Abbie sees is set for the two of them close together at one end of the table.
Then the enormous kitchen with everything new and shiny, and the amazing aromas of something ready for them to eat. Just off the kitchen, next to a large pantry, is a utility room with a new washer and dryer. Abbie is in seventh heaven, a laundry room so convenient and all just for Tim, and she hopes her. No more fighting for a machine in the apartment building’s basement. And wasting so much time to be there to get her clothes washed before someone tried to dump them from the washer or dryer.
Tim proudly mentions that besides a new furnace, he has had central air conditioning put in the house. So while they do not that many unbearable days in the summer, to be in a cool setting will be nice. Abbie smiles at him and tells Tim what a smart idea to have.
Upstairs, the main bathroom now large and bright. With a shower and tub somewhat combined. And an up and down washer and dryer in the corner. Abbie is in love with this house. When you need to clean just a few things quickly, you would be able to do so without toting the clothes downstairs.
Abbie realizes that all the perfect remodeling includes things Tim must have been imaging in his head from long before he met Abbie. Considering the ideal house that maybe one day, he could bring his love to. But reality would slip in, and Tim over the years thought it would never happen. Now, with just a whim of a chance when he first met Abbie, he put into action to create this new fresh atmosphere to share.
The front bedroom which Abbie sees is in another of the colors she mentioned. From the freshness and the big king-size bed, Abbie has a feeling Tim has never slept in here before. The master bathroom off it with the large shower and tub the both will fit in nicely. And a vanity space at one end of the sink counter.
Abbie figuratively slaps her own wrist. Tim has not said anything about wanting her here with him. Abbie tells her conscience who did the slapping, she is just hoping. Tim takes her down the hall to two other rooms, which have not been redone. The first is a rather small room, rather baren with a single bed. Tim tells her this was his room. Abbie’s heart bleeds for this boy being brought up in such an environment.
Finally, the one other bedroom filled with the things of his mother’s Tim still needs to go through. Abbie feels her inner fires aflame. How dare that woman, Tim’s mother, to put her in that small room, so sparsely furnished when this room over twice its size was sitting here all these years unused.
Tim, so unsure of himself, even after her death. He did not even think about moving to either of the other rooms. There have been too many ghosts haunting Tim for too long. That is all going to be in the past now. Tim has taken the major first step and renovated the house, pretty much exercising all demons. But Abbie is going to make sure none ever try to rear their heads again.
Back at the stairs to head down again, Abbie pulls Tim to her and kisses him. It is a mixture of passion and compassion. Understanding all now, Abbie is enraptured so entirely with what Tim has done. Tim comprehends much of what Abbie is trying to say without words and says in return, “Thank you, Abbie.”
It is amazing how in tune with each other they are. Things unsaid are understood by each other. Taking Abbie’s hand, they descend the stairs and move to the dining room. There, the open bottle of wine awaits them. Tim helps Abbie sit into the chair at a right angle to his seat and pours wine into each of their glasses.
Tim leaves her for only minutes to return with a bowl of salad and warm bread. Tim has planned this to have serving bowls and plates for them to serve onto their awaiting china. He helps serve Abbie salad, and then himself. Offering her the basket of bread.
They chat about general things over the salad course, though both so want to get to details about this transformed house.
Serving the main course, Tim does introduce this topic. “Abbie, I hope you like and approve what I have had done with my house. If you had seen it before, which I was too embarrassed to show you, you would have probably run scared. But now, with the renovations, I feel I can ask you. Abbie, would you live here with me, please?” Tim says suddenly in a clear, firm voice. His stuttering and groping for words is gone. It is like his love for Abby now has overcome those obstacles.
Abbie begins to cry, which, of course, worries Tim, but she raises her had to assure him as she collects herself. Then says, “Tim, I am sorry, I was overtaken with joy. My love, I would like nothing better than to live with you anywhere for the rest of our lives. But you, preparing this palace to share with me is more than I could have ever imagined. Of course, I will.”
The two of them, thank goodness, had gotten through some of the main course first, are both so choked up that nothing more is said for a while. Instead, Tim rises, picks Abbie up from her chair, and cradled in his arms carries his lovely lady in red up the staircase and into the room, which will be theirs.
On the way, Abbie thinks about what she has realized earlier. To Tim, she is his princess or goddess. He has prepared things for her, all to her liking, he hopes. Feeling this deep within her, Abbie clings to Tim as they go up the stairs.
Dropping Abbie on the bed, Tim’s coat, tie, shirt, shoes, and trousers are off him. Abbie watching him and knowing what is coming, laughs, “Tim, in all the excitement this evening so far, I never told you how handsome you looked in your new suit. It fits you perfectly, and the rest just complements it.”
Both laugh as that is so not what is the main objective right now. Sitting Abbie up, Tim unzips her dress, takes it off her, and her heels. Then her panties are lowered and off. Abbie is in her bra, garter, and stockings. Tim removes his boxers to reveal the huge hard-on he has.
Spreading Abbie’s legs, even as hard as he is, Tim knows preliminaries are so important, so his head dives into Abbie to lick and suck her ‘clit’, and even run his tongue around her vag a ways back.
Abbie giggles and moans from the attention. Tim maneuvers Abbie to be up on the bed, in the middle of this king-size bed. Her head on a multiple of pillows as Tim sucks and suck on her, making her ‘clit’ hard and ready. Abbie moans and so wants to pleasure Tim too, but she understands this is Tim’s welcome to her new home, and she is to allows him to run the program.
After getting Abbie in a state of readiness, Tim moves up and while pressing some on her stomach, unhooks her bra and takes it off. Tim takes his time administering attention to her boobs. He sucks and licks Abbie’s gorgeous nipples. He is so enamored with her perfect shape orbs. Yes, small but perfect in every way.
Abbie is growling lowly at the attention she is receiving.
Then Tim moves up more on her and is kissing her neck, her ears, her face, eyes, and next fully on the<b> lips. </font></b>Their mouths open in syncopation, and they search and explore each other’s mouths like a newly discovered cave.
After a good while, pulling back, Time lifts Abbie’s legs, reaches for the drawer on the nightstand, and takes out a bottle of lubricant. He cover’s Abbie’s opening and presses some up in her, then coats his glans and shaft.
Abbie is shivering with anticipation. Tim lifts her legs even more and presses his cock up in her special hole. Abbie is learning to quickly relax from Tim’s first thrust and allow him full entry. The next half-hour or so is rather intense. Both Tim and Abbie reach the point of breathing so hard, and sweat is dripping off them.
As Tim thrusts in harder and deeper, each is moaning. Tim feels his cock throbbing up in Abbie, and her unique vag sides are contracting over and over. Holding Tim as he presses in. Abbie is almost in an alter-state feeling Tim in her. The realization that they have both just committed themselves to each other hits them. Imagining this to become part of their normal life adds to the extensity of what is happening now.
Both are reaching higher and higher. The climax is at hand, and it is going to be a noisy one.
A moment later, Les in her kitchen, fixing her dinner, hears shouts of excited climax echoing in her yard. She smiles widely, knowing that yes, Abbie and Tim are now one. She laughs a little, hoping their vocal excitement might tone down some as time goes by.
Tim and Abbie clinging to each other and laughing also realizes how loud that final moment was. Abbie giggles and says, “Oh, I hope the neighbors, well, Les especially, did not hear that.”
Tim hugs her and replies, “If she did, then she knows it is the shout from the rooftops that you have accepted my invitation.”
Tim and Abbie lie together, holding each other, stroking, and cuddling, as they compose themselves. Tim and Abbie, already this soon in their relationships, totally comprehend that there are three particularly important parts to all sexual intercourse. The foreplay, the act, and the part that so often is forgotten, the afterplay. To be able to be demonstrative to your partner after climaxing. Not just rolling over to sleep is the key part of any healthy and long-lasting relationship.
They take their time in that phase. Finally, Tim and Abbie get up. Abbie still in her lingerie and Tim nude. “Well, Abbie, either I need to get a bit more dressed, or you undressed so we are at the same level,” Tim her. In response, Abbie unhooks her garter and rolls her stocking down.
Abbie’s cute little button between her legs and the small little marbles below them does send a rush through Tim. He acknowledges that just like watching a tiny puppy or kitten as they walk, swinging those small things from side to is so adorable. And in the same way, Abbie’s are too. Another thing for Tim to take time to think about down the road.
But for now, butt naked, Abbie and Tim head downstairs. The idea that this large house will be their paradise where clothes are not needed at times thrills them both. They clear the things from the dining room table.
In the kitchen, Abbie helps scape and rinse the plates and silver. Then as all are stacked, she stands by Tim as he hand-washing each, her drying them. Tim explains to Abbie, that while their everyday dishes can be put into the dishwasher, the china could be ruined if run through the dishwasher.
Abbie is in awe that the kitchen even has a dishwasher. Looking now around more carefully, Abbie sees that the kitchen has many appliances and gadgets, most she knows nothing about.
Then Abbie remembers back to that Sunday at the marketplace and how knowledgeable Tim was about the spices and all. He must be a fantastic cook. If he cooked tonight’s dinner, it shows. While Abbie is not sure she would ever be able to learn to cook, it would be fun watching Tim weave his magic.
The dishes done and put away, pots and pans the same, Abbie laughs that it all had been rather fun doing it in the nude. Tim looks at her, trying to understand Abbie’s laughing more. Abbie just imaginarily pulls out her skirt and curtsey. Tim joins her laughter.
Then Tim remembers the desserts. Getting two new wine glasses out, he empties the remains of the opened bottle from dinner in the glasses and places two plates next to them at the kitchen table. He brings the exotic pastries out on a serving plate for them to pick and choose between the six offered.
They sip their wine and share pastry after pastry. Powder sugar covers their faces and lips, but each is more delectable than the last.
Before they have finished, Tim has brought new glasses and a bottle of Drambuie to the table, and they each enjoy a snifter full with the remaining pastries.
Finished, spent, and now covered in powder sugar, after Tim quickly puts these dishes and glasses in the dishwasher, he leads Abbie up to the master bathroom. Running water to fill the tub, he pours some of the bubble bath Abbie has given him as a gift so soon after meeting.
The heady fragrance fills the bathroom. Tim steps into the large tub and helps Abbie in. He sits with his back against the tub, with Abbie between his legs leaning back against him.
They take their time, enjoying the soaking in such hot bubbly water, slowly caressing as they clean each other. Abbie and Tim acknowledge to themselves that today is the best day of their lives. Both sober at the reality of what has happened so quickly between them. Considering their upbringing, youth, and even recently, to have found each other is so spectacular. The chances of it happening cannot even be calculated.
Tim bumping into Abbie at the Peacock that night. Him even happening to come in, for them to now be at this place. And yes, Abbie does know now about Tim’s noticing her on the bus much before that. His longing to know her more. She will always feel some guilt about that. That she never paid attention to her surroundings to notice what was there waiting for her.
In the same way, though, she is not sure something before that first night at the Peacock would have ever clicked. The stars were aligned at that moment in time to start this ride for them both. Now, something new, something unknown, is being offered to them. Only the stars will tell what is ahead.

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