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Tim and Abbie 19: The long weekend begins  

Clairew1959 61F  
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9/14/2020 1:57 pm
Tim and Abbie 19: The long weekend begins

Wednesday night, Abbie and Tim sleep very well in their sizeable new bed. They cuddle together in the center. Tim is learning to enjoy Abbie’s back, pressing against his chest and other parts as his arms hold her to him. Waking to smell Abbie’s hair, and then more of her lovely scent.
Thursday, they take their time rising, as it is a day off, and neither needs to rush to work. The morning play is extended some too. Tim, going down the sheets to finger, lick, and pleasure Abbie. His willingness now to not only suck Abbie’s big clit, but also her ‘labia’ which is what Abbie tells Tim he should think of her balls as. That or marbles, or tessies.
Abbie squirms and giggles at Tim’s attention. His mustache and beard rubbing against her add to the enjoyment. Tim sucks on Abbie’s clit until it swells. Then moving to her ‘lower lips’ to suck on each of them to feel them fill and enlarge. Almost as if on a mission, Tim gets Abbie to lift her legs. He moves over her taint, pressing against it with his tongue. Then when ready to move on, his fingers take over for providing the pressure to the taint as Tim licks around Abbie’s back vaginal opening.
Abbie is swooning with delight. Tim is picking up so quickly how to make her sing. And with such immense pleasure, it is not long until Abbie’s legs are around Tim’s neck and a cry rings from her as she cums.
Tim takes all Abbie’s juices in his mouth as they pour out of her. This is strange to him in some ways. In his limited past, he never did lick a woman’s cunt. To taste Abbie’s juices on his tongue spurs him on some. He slides up next to Abbie and kisses her deeply. Abbie tastes her on Tim’s lips and tongue and sighs deeply again what he has undertaken for her.
Not to leave Tim of anything, after catching her breath, Abbie is now the one to dive the covers and take Tim’s glans in her mouth and grip his<b> shaft </font></b>with one hand. Wanking him while licking around his glans and slit, nibbling on that wonderful ledge just the cap, then taking more and more of Tim in as her hand jerks smaller and smaller sections of the<b> shaft.
</font></b>Abbie’s hands move to Tim’s hard balls, already filled so full with semen. She massages them to make the fluids churn some, pulling on Tim’s balls a little to stretch his ball sacks. Tim moans with pleasure feeling this.
Abbie’s talents are amazing, Tim thinks as he feels his cock trembling from her touch and tongue. It doesn’t take much of this before Tim feels himself close to shooting his load. Abbie moves her tongue to run up and down, pressing on the vein on the back of his cock. Her fingers are providing pressure to his taint. Tim explodes.
Tim’s umms, signs, and grunts of pleasure slip from his lips as he recovers from cumming hard. Abbie licks up Tim’s semen from his mons and stomach. When Abbie comes from the covers, her lips still have some of the cream on them. Tim kisses her, removing his last from Abbie’s lips.
They move their morning fun and games to the master bathroom with the large tub similar to the one in Abbie’s flat. Wide enough for the two of them together, and with jet sprays and different nozzles for anything needed.
Abbie adds some of the bubble bath she had given Tim at the beginning. She smiles some as she sees almost a quarter of the bottle is gone. Tim must be developing a liking for bubble baths.
They climb in together and spend almost a half-hour soaping and rinsing. It feels fantastic to have Tim wash her hair, massaging her scalp as he lathers the soap. Then taking one of the nozzles to rinse it, moving the -power sprayer to Abbie’s crotch. Feeling the pulse of the water against Abbie’s cock/clit and balls/labia is unique and superb.
Tim doesn’t stop with just their bath. After drying Abbie off, he sits her down on the bench for her makeup table and blow-dries her hair and brushes it. Tim tells Abbie he is not sure about styling it, as Abbie does. Abbie kisses him and tells him he did a wonderful job and how nice of him to do so.
Abbie, while Tim is drying her hair, notices that not only has Tim got a new blow-dryer like the one she has, but also the brush and curling iron. What a sweetheart.
As she styles her hair, Abbie becomes distraught. With their night and morning activities, and the bath, Abbie is looking at herself with no makeup. And she only brought things to touch up in her smaller purse last night. She had no idea Tim and she were going to end up here.
Tim sees the concern on Abbie’s , which does lovely to him, really seeing Abbie for the first time with no makeup. He asks Abbie what is wrong, and she tearfully explains, “Tim, I can’t go anywhere without my makeup. I would feel so vulnerable if I did."
Tim knows this is all in Abbie’s mind, but easily understands. Tim’s whole life, he has armored himself, putting on a fake to the outside world. Tim holds Abbie and tells her to fix herself how she can and get dressed. After breakfast, he will ask Les to borrow her car again.
Tim planned to ask Les today with the hopes of moving Abbie’s things here. He had been afraid to suggest it earlier in fear that Abbie would not want to move in with him.
While Abbie is doing what she can, Tim finds some silk scarves of his ’s. He suggests Abbie wrap one around her head and . Then if anyone looks her in the car, they will see nothing. Abbie hugs him for understanding and hurries to finish getting dressed.
They have a delicious breakfast of eggs and toast the kitchen table. Tim does know how to cook. The herbs added to the scrambled eggs make them taste so much better. Abbie introduces a topic of conversation which staggers Tim, not so much by what she confesses to, but what she would like to do. Not surprisingly, after Tim realizes Abbie’s take- lifestyle, it is about finances.
Abbie begins, “Tim, you have probably noticed I am not good with . Perhaps because I always knew I had other income coming in besides my salary. I spend a lot foolishly, and while not in debt, I need discipline and structure in this area also.
“This is why, I realize that if we are going to share our lives living here, I would like you to handle my finances, and maybe give me an from it, not so much that I can go crazy, but enough to enjoy things as I like,” Abbie finishes.
Tim needs a minute to take this all in. Then, not really responding to start, he tells Abbie about his life growing up. He does this because he needs Abbie to know everything. And as a prelude to their discussion about .
My was the only of my grandparents and had lived with them up until she became pregnant forty. Her parents were rather conventional from what I understood. I never met them. They cast their , saying they never wanted to see Cynthia again.
That significantly hurt her. She had been giving her parents most of her paychecks for the last twenty years. She did not have any real savings. And when she was also let go from her job due to being pregnant, she was horrified about what lay ahead.
Cynthia was an accountant, a rather good one considering all this is in the pre-computerization era. Knowing that she would need a job where she could work from home mainly, she took a low paying job for a company at first.
It was from this that my started always being worried about . Even when three years later, she did get a better job, which her more. She hoarded her , for the most part, to make sure if anything happened, there would be for .
My father, it turned , was already married with almost grown . He was in a position where he could not leave his wife or initially help Cynthia with finances. I learned much later, as this was about when we moved to this house, that my father, Thomas Bradley, did find a way to put a sizeable down payment on this house for my . He had kept some contact with her, but I never met him.
My grandparents died a few years before my . Cynthia cried a lot over this, and as she had been having spells of depression for years, she sunk into one again for weeks. They had left all they had to her, as there was no one else. Besides the china and other furnishings Cynthia kept, there was life insurance for both of us, and the from their house, which was enough to off the mortgage here.
Cynthia never used any of the things she kept from her parents. But the china was always on display in a place of honor in the hutch in the dining room. I was not sure what my did with that , besides paying off the house. When she died, I was surprised to see the size of the savings she had.
After years of skimming and worrying, when my learned she was dying, she was comforted by the fact there was savings and more for after she was gone.
When my died, not only did she leave a large life insurance policy but also all the savings she had accumulated over the years. It did upset some first, thinking about how much nicer a life we might have had, going on holidays and such. It was not that we were in want, but the clothes she bought were always from discount stores and except for an occasional movie, not much for entertainment.
It is a little funny when thinking about it, the one thing Cynthia did spend on was food. She would the best cuts and different items to create gourmet meals. She did seem to be the happiest when cooking and showing me how to. Though, even with so many new kitchen appliances and gadgets available at the time, Cynthia always did things the ‘old’ way by hand and taught me the same way.
My led what she felt was an impoverished life, mostly in her own mind. Feeling others censured her for bearing a of wedlock. This sense of inferiority impacted , and I have felt I was unworthy for most of my life.
I still wonder why we lived so frugally when she did have ? It all confused when it came to light. But I understood my feared for the she might be wanting, both her and , which led her to become miserly.
Tim seems to return from the past. There are tears in Abbie’s eyes, thinking about what an unhappy childhood Tim must have had. It all explains so much to her. Tim’s lack of confidence, which she is so glad he is beginning to lose. But on the plus side, this background has made Tim such a caring and kind person. She wipes the tears away as Tim continues talking.
“What I am getting at is that besides the house being off and using part of the life insurance to for all these renovations, there are minimal housing expenses,” Tim explains. “In many ways, it will be unbelievably cheap for us to live. With no mortgage, there is only property tax, insurance, and monthly utilities.”
Abby is flabbergasted. She didn’t realize the expenses of this house would be so little, thinking that the she each month in rent now will be extra income each month. It is nice to know they will have plenty to have enjoyment in their lives now. And with Tim being responsible for her too, it will not be squandered.
They spend over an hour as they work a strategy. They will pool their salaries in a new bank , which Tim will be the one to draw funds from. However, Abbie’s name will be on it too. Abbie’s from her family would be in another with Tim also on it. They will have another one for the savings Tim still has. Besides all he has gotten from his and grandparents, he has been adding almost half his salary to not having housing expenses and living frugally still up until now. They will invest with a planner to have both their savings grow.
A basic plan is in place. Tim makes an appointment for later this afternoon to visit the bank to set up accounts. While Abbie rinses the dishes, Tim goes next door to request the use of Les’s car. Tim tells Les about Abbie agreeing to live with him and the need to move some of her things. Les is happy to lend it, telling him just to keep it at his place for the weekend so they can use it as needed.
But before they leave, Tim feels one more thing needs to happen. “Abbie, get your list of rules. I think one more needs to be added,” Tim directs her. She runs upstairs to her new dressing table and takes her list from the mirror, then down to the kitchen, and also brings the one Tim has posted on the refrigerator. Seeing it there sends shivers through Abbie as she realizes anyone coming into the kitchen could see them.
She takes them to the table where Tim has a pen waiting for her. “Abbie, considering all these issues you seem to have, I think a Rule needs to be added.” Abbie, with some tears in her eyes, nods in agreement. And as Tim dictates, she writes the new rule on the sheet and then copies it to her version.
'Abigail will be economical with her , not wasting it needlessly when other less costly options are available.'
She accepts the rule, knowing it will be a help to her even more.

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