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Tim and Abbie 20: Thursday afternoon  

Clairew1959 61F  
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9/18/2020 11:34 am
Tim and Abbie 20: Thursday afternoon

The car secured from Les, Tim and Abbie’s first stop, with Abbie’s covered face, is to her flat. Tim drops her at the front door and then pulls into the building’s parking lot next to it. Tim had put some boxes in the back of Les’s car before leaving. He carries them into the flat for packing Abbie’s things. By the time Tim reaches the apartment, he can hear Abbie moving around in her bedroom and knows she is ‘putting on her face’ before anything else.
Tim chuckles to himself but understands Abbie’s concern. He goes to the kitchen and throws everything in a bag to discard. The plates and silvers are nonmatching, almost as if Abbie bought them at a thrift shop. Her coffee maker is so and outdated, and the pans the same. It is quick work clear the kitchen. When he carries the bag into the living room, Abbie is there sorting through things from her desk.
The desk is fashion in many ways. It is finely built with no real signs of age. Abbie tells Tim she is sorting out unneeded things and looking for all the financial information and accounts Tim will need this afternoon. She too has a large bag she is filling with cast-offs.
Tim tells Abbie what he did in the kitchen, not wanting to discard anything important to Abbie. Abbie thanks him and assures him that he did the right thing. Tim takes the bag from the kitchen and the first full bag of Abbie’s discards to the trash chute.
Abbie is almost finished with the desk; a few things are left in drawers. She shyly asks Tim if they could bring the desk with them to the house as it was her grandfather’s, and she has taken it everywhere she has gone. Tim tells her, of course, they can. They will either rent a trailer or, depending on how much Abbie wants to bring, get movers to do it.
Abbie jumps up and hugs Tim thanking him.
Things move along quickly over the next couple of hours. They head to the bedroom and fill boxes with clothes from her dresser drawers. Her dresses are wrapped in sheets to keep them clean when they are moved. The only items Abbie has entirely ready to move are her makeup case, a basket filled with things from her nightstand, and a box with other stuff from her dressing table. The basket is a sexual potpourri – lubricants, condoms, sex toys, which Tim wonders about but seems like they could be amusing to try.
Tim puts these three items by the front door. On top, Abbie places a small file box with her financial information.
Other knick-knacks and things are boxed. The floor is somewhat covered now. Abbie comments that it is wonderful having a king-size bed now, though all her sheets are relatively new but are for a queen-size bed. Tim tells her they will take them and her fluffy bath towels. The bed in the extra room is a queen size, so when it is redone, the sheets will work there wonderfully.
Then Tim, with a somewhat strange expression on his face, asks Abbie if the bed and mattress are hers or came with the flat. Abbie tells him she had brought the bed with her. “Then we should take it too,” Tim says, “It is in much better condition than the one in the spare room, and it does have some of our history.”
Abbie grins at him, understanding.
They carry the first items and then more boxes and bundled dresses to the car until it is overflowing. Looking at the clock, seeing they have a couple of hours until needing to be at the bank. Abbie and Tim looking at the now-empty bed and remembering all that happened there the last month. Falling together clinging each other, Abbie undoes Tim’s pants and lowering them and his boxers. Tim lifts Abbie’s dress and takes her panties down.
After kissing and fingering each other to start, they soon move to be able to suck each other. Abbie moans as she feels Tim first sucking on her ‘labia’ balls, making them swell. The feel of his mouth first on them before moving to her ‘clit’ sends this incredible wave through her imagining that Tim really is seeing it as her pussy. After flicking his tongue over and around the tip of her clit, when he moves back to start first licking around her back vag, then pressing fingers up in her as he goes back to sucking her labia and clit.
This so turns on Abbie. Does Tim know what he is doing, or was this just by chance he is servicing her this way? Abbie takes Tim’s glans in her mouth and sucks and licks it as it begins to tremble.
Licking up and down Tim’s shaft teasing him to shutter more and more. Abbie is getting familiar with Tim’s cock. What seems to arouse him the most, and how to help him hold on longer each time. Abbie’s fingers are caressing and cuddling Tim’s balls, which are so full right now like hard walnuts. Oh, how much semen Tim is building up to want to be released.
Abbie stops for a moment as Tim’s fingers in her ass and mouth on her clit, taking it all in and sucking hard, sends electric currents through her, and Abbie knows she is on the cusp of coming.
The first time Tim has gotten her off before he has come really. ‘Oh, he is getting so good at pleasuring,’ Abbie thinks. She cries out and cums crashing in Tim’s mouth. He laps all of Abbie’s juices up and fingers some, which he places in front of Abbie’s mouth to taste also.
Feeling Abbie suck his fingers while she is playing with his balls and ass, moving the hand from the balls to stroke his cock firmly, is sending Tim to the summit now. His breathing is more heaves now. His glans is that reddish-purple tell sign. All it takes is Abbie pulling away from his fingers and sucking on this glowing glans taking over half his shaft in to make him explode now.
Abbie swallows all of Tim’s cum except for the last little bit on her tongue, which she turns and shares with him as they kiss deeply. What a pleasant afternoon interlude. Abbie thinks about how lovely this long weekend is starting. “Well, Tim, one more memory for this bed’s history,” Abbie says with a grin, which Tim returns.
They straighten themselves to be respectful looking at the bank. They move quickly now, as their appointment is in under an hour. Tim glances through Abbie’s statements to see what accounts she has. Tim’s records, in pristine order, are already in the car.
Tim’s assets, which are in good order, consists of several accounts. A checking account where his is deposited. As said, Tim barely spends half the amount for years. When the balance rises over ten thousand, Tim transfers the savings and different investment instruments. One an annuity with a good return guarantee, which is growing as is the pension from his company. Some of the , which he has now spent a good chunk of, is from his mother. All told, the he has in savings and from his salary could let Abbie and him live comfortably without any income of her own.
Abbie’s is spread around a good bit. A checking account like Tin’s where her salary is deposited. Her work income is close Tim’s. A savings account, which seems be from Christmas and birthday gifts her family sends, all very generous. And one other fund set up in America, where a monthly stipend is deposited Abbie. She explains that this is the profit from the shares she holds in the family business. That amount alone is rather staggering as it is more than her monthly salary.
Tim now has an idea of how much is involved. From both of them be prepared for their meeting.
Things are handled quickly, funds transferred different accounts, Recommendations are made for putting savings better use with financial products other than a straight savings account. An annuity is set up for Abbie also, besides other options maximize returns.
Abbie’s head is spinning, hearing all the numbers and figures. Tim takes it all in. Abbie realizes, knowing Tim’s profession and now about his mother, Tim did not only learned cooking skills from his mother but also picked up outstanding accounting talents.
The one that is a bit confusing figure is the monthly stipend Abbie gets from her family business. It seems that is put into an account in the United States. It is just building interest as Abbie has hardly dipped into that account. The bank manager suggests they leave that account how it is, but the monthly payments could, through a wire transfer from the United States, be added to the accounts being set up here.
While Abbie’s income from England, her salary and such, has always been in the name Abbie Adam’s, the United States account is in Abraham Adam’s name. The name her family sees her as. This reallocating of funds is a bit tricky. But the bank manager comes to the rescue. The can be transferred from that account a go-through account in both Abraham and Abbie’s name. Then automatically moved to the accounts as they had planned.
Half to Abbie’s annuity account, and the other half to a growth account. A large amount of the base will stay in the United States account as a safety account if Abbie every really needs it.
The manager does encourage Abbie think about legally changing her name so it can be easier for her in the future with other things.
New checkbooks and accounts in hand, Tim and Abbie leave the bank in a happy state of mind. Tim is astonished at how much savings he has managed to accumulate over the last eight years. Even after spending so much on the house and such.
Yes, the life insurance from his mother was an unexpected big windfall, that, and the savings she had left. When Tim went over that account after she died, he had seen early on there had been deposits from his father. Discovering that, and now finding the note with the ring Thomas had given his mother, Tim wonders if perhaps Thomas did have some feelings for him. But that’s not something to dwell upon today.
Tim and Abbie stop at a restaurant for some dinner as it is going on five when they leave the bank. Over it, they talk some about their finances. In addition to the savings Tim still has, the amount of Abbie has coming in from her family, the amount accrued over the last several years gives them a secured income when added their salaries.
Tim is worried that Abbie, knowing this, will go hog wild and go on a shopping binge. But at dinner, as they talk about it, Abbie appears much more sensible and stable about this. Abbie tells Tim that she is glad she decided have him be control of their/her . She knows Tim will be fair while not letting her go off franticly. It seems like one more responsibility for Abbie Tim has taken on.
It is interesting, Tim taking on these responsibilities for Abbie seems give him more confidence. That someone feels and sees him as a person take on such duties.
When they get home, the car is unpacked quickly. Some of the boxes of clothes and trinkets are left in the garage bring in later. Abbie takes some time arrange her new makeup table. While she does, Tim hangs the dresses they brought with the ones he had taken on Wednesday. Seeing more and more of Abbie’s things here makes Tim’s heart swell.
Then Abbie shows Tim just how much she appreciates what he is doing for her. Soon in bed, both are just softly wanking each other as they chat about things around the house. How they will get the few larger things from Abbie apartment here tomorrow.
When Abbie feels Tim is nice and hard, she grabs the bottle of lube and oils his cock. Then straddling his hip, she leans back enough to press Tim’s throbbing cock up in her back vagina. Abbie does this whole maneuver so quickly that feeling himself so up into Abbie already, and from this different angle sends shockwaves through Tim’s body.
“Do you like it this way, baby?” Abbie coos to him. Tim can only nod his head. He cannot believe the charges crashing his body as Abbie rides him up and down. She is totally in control of the rhythm and beat. Laying back to let Abbie bring him to a new climax. It is not as if he isn’t participating. Tim is lifting himself with each downward thrust to get deeper and deeper into Abbie.
He understands that the position they have used so far, while it does let Tim enter Abbie pretty deeply, this alternative seems to allow him to press in a few more inches. Tim is moaning and shaking. Abbie is also feeling Tim so nicely up in her. She shakes her head to keep some reason as she continues to buck this bull of hers.
Abbie’s ‘clit’ is bouncing on Tim’s mons with each thrust. Abbie herself is at her peak riding Tim this way. She feels a little precum drip from her and feels some work it's way down her shaft and mingles on her ass and Tim’s balls.
Both are flushed and feeling extremely hot. Perspiration is starting on their foreheads. This fantastic ride is taking them to a new high. It is not long until Tim cannot hold back. He has been surprised how long he lasts when fucking Abbie. Before, with the couple of girls and the older prostitutes, Tim often came prematurely. But with Abbie, everything seems so much better, and he can pace himself more.
Huffing to Abbie he is going to cum, Abbie leans down to kiss Tim,<b> giving </font></b>a new angle for how they are together. The sensation for both of them results in a gigantic eruption from both. Tim’s mons and lower stomach is drenched in Abbie’s cum, and he feels so slippery inside Abbie now as his semen drips down the side of Abbie’s hole.
Reduced in size now, after holding Abbie close to him and kiss more, Tim slides out of her as she rolls off him.
Abbie laughs as Tim gets up to grab a towel for them. This is the first time Tim rode Abbie ‘bareback.’ So far, when they had intercourse, he always wore a condom. Feeling being up in Abbie and releasing in her is terrific, but Tim realizes that after such activities, they need to find a way to clean him up before doing anything else. Abbie realizes the same thing.
Abbie comments, “I guess my towels will come in handy for us after all. Maybe we need to leave some under the bed in easy reach.” Tim replies that Abbie towels will have a place of honor for the baths and showers. They are so much nicer than his. He confesses he hadn’t even thought of buying new ones to replace his rather worn one. With the modern bathroom, they should see what else they might need. But yes, they need to figure out what needs to be on hand for after cleanup.
Abbie kisses him and tells Tim that she will take care of that, so yes, towels and wipes will be close at hand. Life together is going to be spectacular, Abbie thinks as they assume their now regular positions to fall to sleep.

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