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Tim and Abbie 22: Tim’s discovery  

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9/21/2020 9:28 pm
Tim and Abbie 22: Tim’s discovery

Recovered from that little mid-day romp in the kitchen, Tim wondering if, in time, Abbie and he will play this way in every room of the house. Tim and Abbie pull themselves together.
Tim suggests that they clear out the clothes and things of his mother’s in the spare room so it can be redone. With Abbie’s furniture to put in the room, he would like to have it repainted and ready for that soon.
Going through the clothes, they decide which to donate and which are not really good enough to do that even. To Abbie, and more so, Tim, it is a shame in some ways, to watch a life being divided into what might be acceptable and what isn’t anymore.
Then Tim opens the smaller box he took from his mother’s closet. It is about six by nine, with a cloth covering in a satin flower pattern. Opening it, Tim sees it is full of letters. He opens the first, which is addressed to him. He gasps when he sees the date at the top of the message. His mother wrote it a week before she died. Why hadn’t she given it to him?
Reading it brings tears to Tim’s eyes, followed by anger and confusion. Abbie comes to Tim’s side and puts her arm around him. She pulls Tim to her, kissing his head, as tears are free-flowing now. Tim calms a bit, and Abbie asks him what is wrong?
Tim hands her the letter as he continues to cry on Abbie’s shoulder. She reads the letter, actually two times.
My dearest boy, Tim,
I know it is not long now before I am leaving this plane of life. There are some things I want you to know and understand. Things I have kept hidden from you for so long. First, I have loved you so much, you entering my life when I thought I was past ever having a to care for and raise.
I know I have seemed remote and perhaps hard at times. It was all wanting you to be strong enough to face the world. But I have learned that you hold your heart on your sleeve. I have known all your fears and concerns, which has touched me more than you would ever know.
I tried in my own fashion to help you accept your state in life. Not be ashamed of something you had no choice in, but in that part, I know I have failed you. But that is not what I need to try to explain to you, and hopefully, help you to find your own way in the world.
Moving here to this house when you were four, while a larger place, it was rather dreary, and I did nothing to change it. It fit my emotional feelings at the time. Alone, with just you to care for, minus who had helped bring you into the world or my parents.
I kept to myself and just cared for you and worked the jobs I could find. I had help from your father to get this house, and shortly after, I found a better job where I could be with you while I worked.
Then one day, the woman living next to us entered our lives with such a ray of sunshine. Not that she radiated it really, just such a positive force for me. Over the next couple of years, Leslie was there helping all she could. I was amazed that she would even notice me, besides showering me with attention.
At first, not that much, but it grew more and more. Soon we three were a family, we would eat together often, and she was taking care of you when I couldn’t.
Then something happened between us. Leslie had broken up from her last romance about a year and a half after we got to know each other. After a couple of years of us being just friends, things changed.
Understand, when you were in bed, Leslie would tell me about her preference, and I was full of questions about what happens between two women and a multitude of questions about such relationships. So, I was well informed, and my feelings for Leslie had been building.
But it took time. Until one afternoon, it happened.
You were at school, and the day was perfect for early fall. I couldn’t help myself, while just talking about meaningless things, my desire to kiss Leslie, and more came to a head. And I knew she was longing for me. One thing led to another.
I leaned toward her and kissed her on the lips. We kissed and caressed each other for hours, it seemed. It was the beginning. I so wanted her as I never had anyone else, as she seemed to feel the same way.
But the next day, Les was gone. For two days, she was not there. I was going crazy. I think it was during that time that I took you to see an inappropriate movie for you at the age you were.
But she was back. She explained that she had to make sure things were completely over and done with her former girlfriend so as not to interfere. She was eager to teach me this new type of love and showing a genuine longing for me. We did have to adjust our schedules to be able to be together when you were not around. I did not want you to find out about this alternate lifestyle I had submitted myself too.
As you grew, we could spend more and more time together, delighting each other fully. And Les did still so help with you. She was like a second mother to you. Often actually better than me.
We have been so in love, and as I see the end coming, and you being of an age to hopefully understand this, please, be kind to Les. She will be mourning as much as you are.
Know, while it was hard for me to show it. I wanted you to grow up as a strong person, regardless of what faced you. I do, and have since the day you were born, loved you unconditionally. I am proud of you, Tim.
Your mother
Abbie is surprised at this revelation, but deep inside her since that first meeting and chat with Les realizes she did know. Les referring to Cynthia as Cyn and her as Les. It is somewhat amazing to her that over the years, Tim never picked up on it. But then it seems his life was lived on the straight and narrow.
What irony.
Knowing Abbie has finished the letter, Tim lashes out, so angry, a side of him Abbie has never seen before. He rants about his mother and Leslies deceit and almost meaningless garble. Abbie realizes as tears stream down Tim’s face that this is mostly repressed grief from when his mother died.
From the little she understands about that period, she comprehends that Tim was stoic through it all. She lets him cry, holding him to her, his head on her shoulder still lambasting both his mother and Leslie, almost as they are the same person.
Tim, now moving through the stages of comprehension, begins to condemn Les. “How could she do that, be that way with my mother, and never say a word when she died? Why pull her mother into such a life in the first place? Considering all things, her being so concerned about him and taking on the auxiliary mother role?
Tim cannot confront his mother as she is no longer around to be affected by his rants. But Leslie is, and he is ready to storm over to her house to challenge her. Abbie pulls him back to her and caresses his back as she quietly talks to him.
“Tim, I know you are upset, and it is something new to contemplate, having something this large hidden from you for years. First, this letter seems to have been written towards the end of your mother’s life. Why wasn’t it given to you by her at the end?”
“And this box is full of letters, perhaps reading at least a few will help you understand more. I am sorry it is so long after the fact for you to find out. But Les has been a staunch and loyal friend and surrogate mother for you for years now, do not do anything to damage that for you,” Abbie finishes.
Abbie leaves Tim for a few minutes as he reads a couple of letters from Les to his mother. He had just scanned through two of them. While seeing the love between the women, he is still ramped up, his anger not gone yet.
Abbie returns with some things in her hands. The clothes already bagged are on the floor. Abbie takes the letters and their box from Tim and places them on the dresser. The same with the other package of papers.
She gets Tim to lay on his back, and she takes his pants and boxers off. Abbie tells Tim to lift and spread his knees as she puts on a latex glove. This is followed by lubing her gloved fingers and squirting a great deal around Tim’s hole. She sits by Tim’s side as she presses first one finger up into his anus to spread the lube around, and then a second joins it.
Tim is speechless as he does not know what Abbie is doing, and why now when there is something of utmost importance. But he suddenly feels Abbie’s two fingers finding their way to start pressing against the side on to his prostate. It feels so different, but wonderful. Abbie pushes in a slow rhythm as she quietly talks to Tim.
Tim is at first more focus on how his whole body is reacting to what Abbie is doing. The fluttering of her fingers over and over.
Tim is starting to feel this new feeling wash over his body as he turns his focus to concentrate on what Abbie is telling him. “Tim, I think you need to calm yourself and look at this clearly. You do not hate either your mother or Les. You are hurt, yes, that they did not tell you. But first, think about it. It was the ninety’s when this between them started. While the world was coming to accept gay<b> couples </font></b>some, it was more in theory than actually interacting with on a daily basis.”
“You haven’t told me much about your mother’s job, just that she was an accountant. She might have been worried that the company she worked for might find such a relationship distasteful. It could have been detrimental to her for them to find out. And she already had her parents against her for having a out of wedlock – as they saw it. To add this for them to know would have been too much of a blow to them.”
Abbie’s gentle voice explains things how she, an outsider, could see the situation. She continues pressing against Tim’s prostate sending wave after wave through his whole body. Both help Tim to calm himself and begin to see the full picture.
Abbie goes on, “Tim, I don’t want to upset you, but from comments you and Les have made, I think your mother, Cyn, Cynthia, was dealing with chronic depression also. Les probably helped Cyn get through some of the bad spots, and her being both Cyn’s friend, and yes, lover, she was there for her.”
Tim squirms some hearing this. He knew his mother could fall into depression. Tim does remember many dark days, and the way the house was did not help things. Tim remembers weekends when he was young that his mother stayed in bed the whole time. At only about twelve, Tim felt he needed to fend for himself. Fixing his own meals, cleaning the house, washing the laundry. But then he remembers, when his mother got like this, Les would come over. Fix him lunch, go up and talk with his mother, then take him to her house to play in the yard or watch television while she fixed him dinner.
Yes, even then, Les had been there. Tim is starting to see a clearer picture of it all now. With Abbie’s constant administrations, he feels this strange orgasm coming over him. Tim’s cock hasn’t really hardened, but this clear fluid drips from his glans and the whole-body experience of a tidal wave crashing over him. He feels even more spent than ever. Not even cumming in Abbie is like this. Oh, the actual orgasms are fantastic now, but this is so different.
Tim, now calm, thanks to Abbie’s soft voice, making him realize that there is more to see in this revelation than just his first impression.
Tim remembers the two letters he read from Les. Les was expressing her love for Cyn. How empty she will feel when Cyn is no longer there. These had to been written near the end of his mother’s life. What hits Tim so much is Les promising Cyn she will always watch over Tim and be there for him. And the tear marks on that page is a sign of how much that touched his mother.
Now Tim is feeling guilty about the negative emotions which overtook him. Abbie being so consoling, helps Tim opens his eyes. If he is moving into a deviant relationship, which is what many will consider it, why is he judging his mother, and Leslie, for finding love in a different way than what the masses consider norm?

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9/23/2020 1:12 pm

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