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Tim and Abbie 25: Abbie explains what Tim experienced that afternoon  

Clairew1959 61F  
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9/29/2020 10:10 am
Tim and Abbie 25: Abbie explains what Tim experienced that afternoon

Tim and Abbie head bed. As they undress and climb in together, Tim broaches a topic that has been his mind since this afternoon. With everything else that had happened, it had been pushed aside, but now he wanted understand.
“Abbie, when you soothed this afternoon, besides talking calmly, you did something which I don’t quite understand,” Tim starts.
Abbie smiles and pulls Tim her, his head her breasts as she strokes his head as she talks. “You mean with the latex gloves and lube?” she asks. Tim nods his head which Abbie can feel against her tit.
“That was a prostate massage, honey. It is something different, a way of cumming for men so unlike usual intercourse. You feel pleasure waves throughout your whole body. from pressing properly against your ‘p-spot.’ Just like women have the g-spot in their vaginas, men get great pleasure in such a different way when their ‘p-spots’ are stimulated. It is caused by erotic stimulation your prostate. It is not really arousing your cock or balls. Applying pressure your prostate gives such a different orgasm.
“If done properly and regularly, a man can begin feel that wave of pleasure washing over him just thinking about it. When you cum from a prostate massage, it is so different. If any semen escapes, it usually is very clear and not like the usual burst when cumming from penis stimulations.
“Done right, activating the p-spot will send electrifying charges through your whole body. Areas of your body will become more sensitive touches sending crashing waves through you. Your prick will fluctuate between being at ease, to full attention, back to at ease, throughout the experience. And it doesn’t matter as that is not the focus of the climax you feel.
“Yes, precum drips from you, but it is just a buildup to the main event when you feel spasms throughout your body, your anal canal heating up, and every part of your body just prickles with pleasure,” Abbie explains to Tim.
Tim tells Abbie he had felt that this afternoon, and it did make him, in the end, calmer and more relaxed after being so on edge. Abbie just smiles at him as he looks her as he is taking. She strokes his face and assures him that is a benefit of it also.
“Did you enjoy the feeling, Tim?” Abbie asks him. Tim assures her he truly did. Then with a sly smile her face, Abbie asks if he wanted feel that again now? Now that he understands more about what is going ?
Tim turns shy, but tells Abbie, “Yes, it would be nice feel it again when he could truly focus what is happening.”
Abbie pulls the covers back, leaves Tim for a moment get supplies, and returns. She has him lift up put a towel under him just in case, then puts latex gloves . “Tim, do you want be your back like this afternoon or on your knees? It works both ways,” Abbie asks.
Tim tells her on his back again for now. Abbie helps him lift his legs and holds them apart as she spreads his ass cheeks and squirts lubricant around his back entrance. She then puts a good dollop on her fingers.
Starting first with just her index finger, she presses into Tim to spread the lube around. Applying pressure against the sides of his canal to find the spot. Pulling her finger out, now the index and the middle finger are in Tim. They move around, adjusting themselves begin tap-dancing his p-spot.
Yes, the first press against it proves Abbie has found the spot. Tim lets out a low moan feeling it again. And then the pushes and release begin. Slowly at first. Then working a faster timing.
Tim feels his body reacting from every point. It is like there is a wire from his toes, fingers, and head, which is running directly to his prost and the charges going off over these lines are getting stronger and stronger.
Tim shivers with delight while his chest and face flush more and more. Abbie can feel his canal getting warmer with each press. Tim has no idea where put his hands, so he just uses them cling the back of his thighs hold them apart.
His cock is acting strangely too. He feels like his balls are filling, but his shaft is still dormant. Then it suddenly perks only relax again. The wave after wave of mindboggling sensations is washing over him.
There is a whine coming from his lips, sounding like a puppy when it gets its belly rubbed. This is such a unique feeling. Tim does not want it end. And Abbie keeps at it, allowing Tim feel these energies pass through his body.
Abbie keeps this for about thirty minutes. She knows Tim has had the total body climax a couple of times now and is leading to his third. This time she does take his cock in her hand and begin to milk him to help the fluids fully drain from him. He shutters over and over from Abbie’s hands his cock and in his ass. Never could he have dreamed something could feel so good.
And Tim being the generous person that he is, realizes he needs master this skill so he can pleasure Abbie this way also. He wants talk, thank Abbie for what is happening him, but he can’t seem form the words. Just the -going whining and whimpering as he feels another wave crash over him.
When Tim has come the third time, and this time squirted some of the clear fluids from him, Abbie takes her hand from his cock, slows her fingers dancing in him, and removes them.
Tim lies there totally spent. Abbie takes her time cleaning him and putting the supplies away. Tim has already curled up in a ball, fading off to sleep. Abbie, so glad she could offer Tim such a full and new type of release, smiles at him.
Then Abbie slips into the bathroom, closes the door, and standing over the toilet. She wanks herself until she also cums.
Relieved herself, Abbie washes her face and climbs into bed behind Tim. She wraps her arms around him and pulls him to her chest to sleep. So much is happening so fast, but in such a positive way, Abbie could not wish for anything better.

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