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Tim and Abbie 28: Sunday morning  

Clairew1959 61F  
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10/5/2020 1:16 pm
Tim and Abbie 28: Sunday morning

Sunday morning shines brightly again. In Phoebe’s big bed, she and Les wake together, smiling stupidly at each other. How two people act when first with someone new. There is just this inner happiness that can’t be contained. A real tell that something extraordinary happened.
This morning, there is the time in the world and a perfect time explore each other more and see where things lead.
Phoebe has Les her back as she is straddling her hips. Their cunts are rubbing against each other, and Les feels Phoebe already dripping her. As the fluids leave Phoebe’s vag, they run down her slit, over her ass crack, and fall Les’s mons and awaiting slit. It has been so long since Les has felt that lovely sensation that she is moaning in ecstasy as they start.
Les, still self-conscious about her body, has her hands crossed over her boobs. Phoebe takes each wrist and lifts Les’ arms over her head. Phoebe holds them there as she tells Les hold the bars of the brass bed frame. “Don’t you let go of the bars until I tell you too,” Phoebe warns Les. More shudders run through Les being controlled like this. No one has ever taken charge of her before. It is a unique and exciting feeling. She just nods her head to Phoebe to let her know she understands.
Then Les’s mind whirls some. What would Phoebe do if she removed her hands without permission? Would she discipline Les? In what way? But that flies from her head as she feels Phoebe kneading and squeezing her tits as her mouth drops to suck on Les’s nipples.
Les is not that well-endowed. Not quite as small as Abbie, but as she always has been active, her body still has some of the firmness she acquired over the years. Her breasts, about a 34B, are nothing compared to the two firm, perky, full breasts of Phoebe, which are before her eyes. Les would so like to take them to with and suck, but she dares not move her hands. Those lovely 40D cups dangling in reach are an incredible vision.
As Phoebe works her way back and forth over Les’s boobs, and then kissing, licking, and sucking on Les’s neck and shoulders, Les is moaning more and more. Phoebe is still gently grinding her pussy against Les’s as she plays and pleasures this extraordinary woman.
Les hands do start loosen the bars as she so wants touch Phoebe in return, but Phoebe reaches a hand and secures Les’s hands the bar, telling her just relax and enjoy. This is Phoebe’s time delight Les. She will get her turn respond. Les closes her eyes enjoy Phoebe working her way downward fully. Phoebe goes over Les’s stomach, and then Les feels her legs being spread. Phoebe’s warm breath and kisses are now over Les’s inner thighs, moving upward the prize attraction.
Then it happens. Les feels her labia being sucked and making them swell. Phoebe spreads Les’s lower lips apart, and Les squirms at the first lick of her slit. Les cries out in excitement. But that is just the beginning. Phoebe takes her time running and down Les’s slit. Fingers pressing into her vag searching for her g-spot, and when found, results in another gasp from Les.
Phoebe’s tongue is at work, sucking and teasing Les’s clit over and over. The combination of attention to her vag and clit. Les is surprised at how much fluid is running from her. From lack of sexual interactions, and only now and then satisfying herself when she feels lush building in her too much, Les somewhat thought that her days of secretion are over. But Phoebe finds the key to open that vault again, and the tidal wave coming out now is impressive.
Phoebe is lapping it like she can’t get enough of Les. And Les is starting cum. The first crash over her as her back arches and Les feels her vag throbbing against Phoebe’s fingers. Phoebe does slow for a minute so Les can feel the full ride but then is back pressing her g-spot and dancing her fingers around Les’s vag as she licks and plays with her clit.
A second crashing orgasm comes over Les, and this time Phoebe does not let at so that a third follows close behind the second. Les is shaking with excitement and exhaustion after the duel performance. Phoebe shifts smile down at Les with the sweetest, kindest look. Les lets her hands release the bars and throws them around Phoebe’s neck pull her close kiss her long and deeply.
The women kiss and roll their sides. Les begins return the favor Phoebe as she lowers her head suck her nipples. Phoebe pulls Les away a bit and tells her, “Les, this morning is just for you. I want nothing in return. Except you saying you will see again, and again, and again. I like everything about you, wrinkled or not, and I would like see where this leads us."
“Later today, or tomorrow depending things, it will be your turn explore and pleasure . Right now, I think we should get a shower and dress for the day ahead,” Phoebe continues.
Les, surprised, but actually delighted that after experiencing such an explosion, she was not expected do so for someone else right away. Instead just enjoy the pleasure it gave her. She agrees, and Phoebe leads her the bathroom. Again, Les is dazed as Phoebe, once the shower water warms, takes her hand, and leads her into the large shower.
Les had thought they would be each showering alone, but now, more than just sitting watching Phoebe’s lovely body be soaped and washed, she is doing it. The shower does give Les an<b> introduction </font></b>to feeling and enjoying Phoebe’s body.
She is running soap down Phoebe’s back and over her ass cheeks. Les squeezes Phoebe’s cheeks, finding them soft but still firm, a lovely combination. Her thighs are smooth and soft, making Les long for the moment she can kiss and nibble at them. Down over her calves, then back do her arms and neck.
Turning her, Les begins another downward path over her boobs, which she takes her time washing, Phoebe’s stomach, and then to her shortly clipped mons. As Les enters Phoebe’s lower sanction, Phoebe has been doing much the same to Les.
Both with soapy clothes in their hands, they begin to rub and clean each other’s pussy. , the clothes rubbing back and forth over their clits and into their vags. They both start to breathe deeper. Each takes their other hand and wraps around their waists to pull together closer and steady themselves.
Faces close together, they scrub each other faster and faster, making sure the cloth is hitting the tender spots. They kiss, deeply and fully as they both feel themselves climbing to that mountain cliff. Their vags are throbbing and the heat coming off each from their pussies is fantastic.
Together they move closer and closer to the edge. Pulling back from each other to gazes into each other’s eyes, they both give in to the temptation and shake as the climactic surge overtakes them both.
They cling to each other, laughing and so happy together. They again quickly clean that area of their bodies, wash each other’s hair and step out of the shower. Wrapped in fluffy towels, they move to Phoebe’s dressing table. It takes no time to dry Les’ short haircut, which seems to just fall in place.
Then Les takes the hairdryer from Phoebe and starts to dry and style Phoebe’s long hair. It falls over her shoulders, thick and dark brown. Feeling its softness as Les dries it, she remembers back doing this for Cyn. Her hair was longer also, and Les always enjoyed running her fingers through it as she dried it on the occasions they were able to bath together.
Les shakes that image from her mind and enjoys this new opportunity life seems to be giving her. Phoebe is smiling at her in the mirror as she dries and curls each strand. When finished, Phoebe’s hair is softly falling over her shoulders.
Often, Phoebe will wear her hair in a bun as she did not want stray hairs floating around in the bar. But the times she can wear her hair down like this are always enjoyed. Phoebe puts some makeup , still just smiling at Les, whose tan, lovely face does not use any makeup more than perhaps a swipe of lipstick now and then. Her beauty is apparent without any augmentations.
Neither woman want dress cover the view of the masterpiece each sees in front of them. Unfortunately, noticing the time, they realize they have . Les putting her clothes from yesterday, and Phoebe capris and a peasant-style linen top gives a wonderful view of her breasts.
Complete and ready to face the world, Phoebe goes back to what she told Les before their shower. Les had never responded, and Phoebe, now somewhat scared and shy, ask, “Les, you didn’t say if you would like this to continue between us. I hope you do. I find myself so drawn to you and already like you so much.”
Les notices Phoebe’s hesitancy and pulls Phoebe to her, hugging her close, “Phoebe, I would like nothing better than to get to know you more. How did you say it? I hope you will see me again, and again, and again. I like everything about you.”
Phoebe, with tears in her eyes, looks at Les and kisses her thanking her and telling Les how glad she is to have met her. “Well,” Les replies, “For some reason, I think someone had a hand in us meeting.”
Phoebe looks a Les and laughs, “Yes, I do believe I can see the work of Abbie in this. I wonder how she will react when she learns about our sleepover.” Both laugh heartily as they head the elevator.
At the back door, Phoebe tells Les that she needs to work the afternoon until about o’clock. The bartender today can, and usually does, close Sundays. She shyly asks if Les would like come back around eight-thirty, and they can do something after.
Les hugs and kisses Phoebe’s head, saying it sounds like a lovely plan. Then not wanting separate but knowing for the next few hours they need , Les heads her car. Phoebe calls after her, telling Les park in the same place when she comes tonight. Les waves to her as she gets in her car, and Phoebe turns her attention to the pub. But suddenly stops and runs to Les in her car.
“Les, what is your phone number? With everything, I never thought about getting it,” Phoebe spurts out. Les smiles warmly at her, and the two exchange numbers. By the time Phoebe walks into the pub, her phone is chiming. There is a from Les thanking her for a lovely evening and morning. Phoebe smiles contently and even hums some tune as she checks out the stock for the day ahead.

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