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Tim and Abbie 30: Meanwhile, between Les and Phoebe  

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10/9/2020 12:44 pm
Tim and Abbie 30: Meanwhile, between Les and Phoebe

After receiving the text of thanks from Les, Phoebe checks out the stock and set-up for the day before replying. She wanted to immediately but did not want to disturb Les with a text while she was driving.
Phoebe: Memories of last night and this morning linger in my mind. You are who deserve my thanks.
The text comes through to Les just as she pulled into her drive. Parked, she replies.
Les: I cannot believe what happened between us and cannot wait until this evening to see you again.
Phoebe: Why don’t you come around eight instead. I will make sure I can get off by then. I am already dripping again in anticipation.
Les: That sounds fine. The hours are going to drag until then.
After that exchange, Les gets out of her car, and as Tim watches, almost floats into her house. She would have never thought twenty-four hours ago how her life could suddenly change to something so much better.
Then Les worries. Tim has just found out about her and his mother. Would Les being with someone else now upset him while still trying to wrap his head around what he learned about Cyn? She would not want to hurt Tim in any way, and Les would never forget the bond she and Cyn had. Should she stop things before they begin?
This small worry is in the back of her head all day as she goes around straightening things. She sees with new eyes how her house needs to be remodeled like Tim’s. Les’s place was never as dark and gloomy as Cyn’s, but it is somewhat outdated now, and upgrades would be welcomed.
By mid-afternoon, Les lies down for a while. They hadn’t gotten much sleep last night, and probably not tonight either. As her eyes close and she is in that in-between place of awake and sleep, something happens. Les sees Cyn before her as she had been that first afternoon, with such a glow about her.
Les hears Cyn’s voice say, “Les, I am so glad you finally finished mourning me. It has been quite long enough. Phoebe is lovely and perfect for you. Don’t totally erase the memories of us but give this new ‘us’ being offered to you a chance. You will be delighted.” Les tries to say something, but the vision fades, and Les is left to dream about Cyn, who seems to turn into Phoebe for about an hour.
Back awake, there are still several hours to pass before she sees Phoebe again. Les thinks about calling or going over to Tim’s to talk to him. But then, comprehending this is the last day of their first weekend, she does not want to bother Tim or Abbie.
Les thinks more about how things started with Phoebe last night. At the same time, similar thoughts are running through Phoebe’s mind that afternoon.
Les has always been the dominant one in all her relationships. She set the tone for how things went. Her partners, for the most part, were such frilly women, willing to let Les dictate what was happening. With Cyn, it was a bit different, but she did submit herself to Les controlling things between them. It wasn’t as extreme as in other relationships, but Cyn always bowed to Les’s decisions.
‘After last night with Phoebe, do I still feel the need to be dominant?’ Les wonders.
Phoebe is pondering the same thing. While she does not dress in a semi-manly manner as Les does, she is the ringleader for all the games she plays. Phoebe dresses rather provocatively as a woman on the edge of desire. But she can be forceful and convincing, the guiding force in all her couplings.
Of late, all Phoebe’s encounters have been Phoebe playing at luring curious women into this side of life. Yes, and she cast them off soon after. To be honest, Phoebe has never been with any one person for long. A few months-long relationships over the years, but they could be counted on one hand.
How would it work with two controlling women together? Both feel the need to tell the other about their past. And finding a way that both are happy together is their role. Les and Phoebe, over the afternoon and early evening, debated with themselves about this.
Les realizes she enjoyed their first night together when she willingly submitted to Phoebe being in charge. Has she changed her focus after eight years alone? But she does like to be the one on the top from the past.
Phoebe remembers how Les did so submit to her last night. It was so delightful, and how she likes their interactions. But then Phoebe remembers telling Les that she would be in charge tonight more or less. Would Phoebe be able to submit herself to Les being in control?
Could she?
Both women that afternoon come to comprehend that their time together last night was something so distinctive. For some reason, so fast coming on, their feeling for each other is a meeting of mutual minds and desires. Perhaps the labels and positions each take do not have to be so. Let this be something together as mutual partners. Something so simple which neither had ever considered nor done before.
Seizing the moment when this sweeps over Les (and at the same time Phoebe), she pulls her phone out and calls. When Phoebe answers, Les tells her, “I don’t know what is coming over me. I can hardly wait to see you. Whatever role you want me to play in this to keep it going between us, I am willing to accept. But perhaps we don’t need to have defined parts, just enjoy each other equally.”
Phoebe gasps as she was about to call Les saying more or less the same thing. There is dead wire between them after Les’s declaration. Phoebe composes herself and replies, “Les, I have been thinking about the same things. Neither of us has to play any given role. I don’t care either. Perhaps we should just let things go as they do. It will become apparent as we move forward if we need to have a structure. I think just us together, pleasing each other in and out of bed is where I want to start.”
Hearing what Phoebe says, Les lets out a deep sigh and thanks Phoebe for being so open and optimistic. Les tells Phoebe she can’t wait to see her in a few hours.
And the hours again pass slowly. Around five-thirty, Les hears her phone chime as she finishes undressing to step into the shower. The message is from Phoebe. Les sits naked on her bed as she looks at the message.
Phoebe: Hearing your voice was wonderful and brought back memories of last night. But hearing just your voice is not enough for me now.
Seeing this, Les feels wonderful shivers running through her. She responds.
Les: I know what you mean. Just your voice causes me to quake. And the thought of your hands on me, and mine on you takes me even further.
Phoebe: Les, I need so bad to feel our bodies together again, your skin touching mine.
Les: Yes, together as our passion rise, our whole bodies dripping in anticipation. Our sweat mingling together as we kiss and explore.
Phoebe: Become as one as our passion takes us higher and higher to the perfect summit.
Before Les can reply, a second message comes in from Phoebe.
Phoebe: I need you. I… and does not continue.
Both women from this interchange are so aroused, both need a release. But, knowing they will have the ultimate cumming together soon, they calm themselves.
Les contemplates so many things as she sits naked on her bed. She thinks about what she shared with Cyn so many times. Les sees her reflection in the full mirror in the corner. Memories of Cyn come back so fully. Then Les almost hears Cyn talking to her again. Cyn, telling Les to go on, it is time, and Phoebe is the right person.
Les, in this daze, thinks back to the last time she had been with Cyn the evening before she died in the night. Then, Cyn had told Les much the same. To not mourn her, to go on with her life. Find someone to share it with. Les would know when the right person came along.
Strangely, now that Tim knows finally, and he is so settled, it is like Cyn releasing her from everything so Les can move forward herself. Oh, Les will always be there for Tim and help him along. Les now feels like she is emerging from an eight-year hibernation to see the sun shining on her fully as she comes to the surface.
Phoebe is so delightful. Already she has taken Les to places she would never have expected. What little they did last night is already causing Les’s nerves to be aroused even thinking about it, let alone experiencing it.
Les knows somehow she is falling for Phoebe. It is like a spell has been cast over them. Les wants to stay there for as long as she can.
Phoebe is feeling much the same, in a different way. She has been sexually active since her teens, with both sexes, but never felt like she is feeling today. The past intercourses were dalliances, a few lasting for months but so meaningless. None of them sent such waves of pleasure through her as Les has with a gentle touch, Phobe remembers what happened and thinks about Les.
Why is this different? They just kissed and caressed last night and this morning. Phoebe had pleasured Les, no big deal. Yes, memories of their shower are delightful to think about, but to be this excited about seeing Les again soon and getting so wet in anticipation?
Phoebe blushes suddenly, then those suggestive messages, not even knowing where such sentiments came from. Damn, what is happening to her?
Les arrives at the Wilde Peacock just before eight o’clock. She sits in her car for a moment. Thinking about how before yesterday, she had never been to this pub before. Had she wasted years when she could have been knowing Phoebe? She shakes her head as she knows yesterday was the date and time set for the two to meet. What had happened in their lives before was just preparing them for this moment.
While she knows she could go to the back door and knock, instead, Les goes to the front entrance to experience coming into the pub like the first time yesterday afternoon. The bar is attractive, clean, and welcoming. She had noticed that yesterday. No real wear and tear about it, just a comfortable, lived-in place. Phoebe has done a fantastic job creating and decorating this place, so regardless of inclination, all feel at home and safe.
As Les walks up to the bar, Phoebe comes from behind it and greets her. She gives Les a warm kiss on the lips then leads her to a seat at the one corner of the bar. “This is where I usually am each afternoon and night when not serving myself,” Phoebe tells Les. “It has the best view really of the whole place so I can keep my eyes on things.”
Les comments about how she sees the bar and how homey it seems for everyone, complimenting Phoebe for her skill of creating such an environment.
Phoebe blushes some as she thanks Les for the praise. Les tells her she is unsure why she had not come in before, as she had heard about the Wilde Peacock for several years now. And she wants to share this place, as a welcoming place for everyone, to the people in her classes and groups she conducts for the community center.
Phoebe thanks her again, saying the more, the merrier, besides helping with the overhead. Phoebe explains that since she took over the bar, changing its name and design while welcoming everyone openly from the LBGTQ community, she plays it low key to the general public. Ones that come in either accept the diversity or find somewhere else to go.
Les laughs and says, “Well, the choice of the pub’s name, Wilde Peacock, does seem suggestive.”
Phoebe laughs too and tells her, “It is funny, the old-timers from before I bought the place, and more strait-laced, don’t seem to get the name of the place. And throwing a few peacocks into the décor helps them not catching on until they are here for a while.”
Phoebe goes on, “It is interesting these last six years owning the pub, how many of the old regulars have adapted to the changing environment and have switched their mindset to being welcoming and accepting. The pub is finding a wonderful balance acceptable to all.”
Les is impressed. While they have their drink and talk, her mind wanders to what she wants ahead. Just looking and hearing Phoebe this close, all Les desires to do is rip off all her clothes and begin to explore this magnificent woman.
Les can see through the sheer linen blouse Phoebe is wearing, and even though enclosed in a bra, her nipples are so hard Les can see them pressing against Phoebe’s top. Les longs for the moment the nipples will be in her mouth to pleasure Phoebe.
Both women are trying the best they can to hold back their lust for each other, knowing this get-to-know-each-other stage is all part of the cumulative dance between them. They are building their desires for each other. But it is also about to explode between them.
They gaze into each other’s eyes, and know that they are both while hearing and enjoying what each is sharing, need to take this to a higher level, like right now. Phoebe takes Les’s hand in hers and leads her to the elevator, calling to the bartender that he is in charge for the rest of the night.
The short ride up in the elevator is spent with Phoebe and Les groping each other and kissing passionately. It is clear, without conversation, how much they crave each other. In Phoebe’s flat, their clothes are quickly shed, and Phoebe on her back on the bed, feeling Les beginning to explore her body.
Les is a thorough and ready lover. She takes her time kissing Phoebe more before moving down to her neck, nibbling and licking all around. She moves to Phoebe’s side and rolls Phoebe so her back is facing her as she concentrates on the nape of Phoebe’s neck. Feeling Les’s tongue and warm breath there sends shivers all through Phoebe’s body.
When Les begins to run her tongue down Phoebe’s spine, followed by her fingers gently trailing behind, Phoebe’s whole body feels alive. Electric shocks of the best kind are running through her, and goosebumps are visible on her skin. Up and down, Les goes several times, just to Phoebe’s tailbone then back up.
The final descent Les continues down Phoebe’s crack, landing at her asshole, which, spreading her cheeks some, Les runs her tongue around and around. Phoebe is in seventh heaven. Rarely does Phoebe get this excited unless someone is licking and pleasuring her pussy, but Les is finding all sorts of erogenous spots to stir Phoebe.
After kissing and nibbling all over Phoebe’s ass cheeks and down the back of her thighs, Les turns Phoebe on her back again. Les spreads Phoebe’s thighs. Les bends and begins kissing and licking Phoebe’s inner thighs, one after the other, each time moving closer, almost, but not reaching her pussy.
Les continues to enjoy the taste and smell of Phoebe, who is now giving off such an incredible sexual fragrance as juices are flowing more and more from her. Les reaches up one of her hands and begins to run her fingers through Phoebe’s short mons hairs, pulling at them a little, which sends sparks through Phoebe’s body, almost scratching at the area to bring it alive.
Les can feel how steamy Phoebe’s cunt is becoming, so wet and sticky. Phoebe arches her back several times, trying to get Les to touch her there. Les is more experienced in pleasing others, much more than how Phoebe has played at the basic games with her victims. She wants Phoebe to learn to respond to even a touch to the arm.
And Phoebe is learning; all these wonderful new feelings flushing over her from gentle touches is mindboggling to her. Phoebe's play has been rather ‘wham bam thank you, ma'am,’ the thrill of the chase, the kill, and then discard. Even in longer couplings, neither got to know each other or care that much more than for their animal needs, probably why none ever lasted.
Les is thrilling her, introducing her to so much more. While it is so hot now to feel Les’s lips on her clit and up her vag, the waves of buildup are such a new thing to feel.
Les does not deny her, just helps Phoebe to mount to the ultimate place. She runs her finger down from playing with her mons, through Phoebe's wet and wanting slit, spreading the labia apart, which Les moves to begin to suck on to get red and swollen. There is already a dark flush spreading over Phoebe’s chest. Her breathing is getting erratic, and Phoebe’s hands squeeze Les’s shoulders as new wave after wave flow through her.
Feeling Les’s fingers running up and down, then a couple of them settling in Phoebe’s vag to dance around and ignite her G-spot, Phoebe lets out this long mewing cry, almost whimpering from contentment. When Les's fingers spread Phoebe’s labia, and Les begins to suck and lick her clit, Phoebe is ecstatic. She wants time to stand still, her at this moment, to go on and on forever.
Phoebe’s fingers run through Les’s short hair. Perspiration is dripping from Phoebe’s brows and arms. Her whole body has a glow from the fluid over it. And the primal scent fills the air.
Les brings Phoebe to climax multiple times with her fingers and tongue working together on her pussy to allow Phoebe to feel these delights. Finally quenched, Phoebe pulls Les up to her and<b> kisses </font></b>her deeply, tasting her cum on Les’s lips.
Phoebe hugs Les tight, and through bated breath, she thanks her repeatedly as she<b> kisses </font></b>her face. Les pulls Phoebe to her and tells her to relax and enjoy the sensations which had overtaken her.
Les’s gentle stroking and talking to calm her is something new for Phoebe too. Never had she ever experienced afterplay with someone, really. Usually, she just wanted the person to leave after she had her fun, but Les is so different. Her care and kindness send gentler rushes flowing through Phoebe.
There are tears in Phoebe’s eyes as she experiences this. Never would she have imagined she could feel so wonderful and wanting to be with someone. Phoebe and Abbie, over the years since they met, have talked about their connections and play. Both did have a rather superficial level of involvement with others, Phoebe because she did not want to invest in anyone. Abbie, because of the choices she made, did not want much more than a physical dalliance.
Phoebe wonders if Abbie has found something like what she has just experienced with Les, with Tim. She has had such a happy and relaxed look about her since it started a month ago. Is it only yesterday when they all had dinner together? Then there was a look of sheer joy about her.
Phoebe, held in Les’s arms, sensing such warm feeling between them, turns enough to look at Les’s face. Seeing Les smiling down on her makes Phoebe melt. 'Is this love I feel? How could I reach that point so quickly?'
Les sees the tears in Phoebe’s eyes and lifts her thumb to wipe them away. And with that small gesture, Phoebe knows. It didn’t matter how short a time it is since they met, Phoebe is fully and completely in love with Les. Phoebe stumbles over her words as she blurts out her feelings.
Les smiles at her and<b> kisses </font></b>her forehead and says, “Phoebe, that can happen quickly, or slowly grow, but yes, there is already some strong bond between us, which allows us to feel love from each other. I love you too, my dear.”
Phoebe could not be happier. Right now, all she wants to do is offer Les pleasure in return. Phoebe knows it would only be a fraction of what Les gave her. But she so wants this magnificent woman, who actually loves her, to feel wonderful too.
But Les stops her, “Love, there is all the time in the world for that and more. We will have so much fun, I think, learning more and more about each other. Finding out how we can pleasure each other in amazing ways. Right now, let's just lay here, happy in the feelings we have for each other and just talk and sleep.”
Phoebe understands, and for the next hour or so, both caress each other as they talk about their lives, dreams, and desires. Phoebe has never been this open with anyone before. It feels so good, and their touches bring both to mini orgasms several times as they chat.
It is around midnight when in each other’s arms, they fall asleep.

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