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Tim and Abbie 31: Off to work again  

Clairew1959 61F  
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10/10/2020 12:36 pm
Tim and Abbie 31: Off to work again

Monday morning dawns. Tim and Abbie rise to get ready to return to work after their days off. Abbie thinks about how funny it is, how things have so changed since last Tuesday, the last time the two went to work together. Then it was from her stop by her apartment, which is no longer hers. Now, getting on from Tim’s stop, the two go together.
While they haven’t got the morning down to a routine yet, they shower together, enjoying running their hands over each other’s bodies. After dressing, Tim goes down to get something for their breakfast, while Abbie finishes her hair and makeup.
They are out the door on time and at the bus stop with minutes to spare before the bus arrives. Abbie brings up a topic which she has begun thinking about after having Les’s car to use over the weekend.
“Tim, I have been thinking. Considering all the money I am saving with housing expenses, which you so generously have allowed to happen. What would you think of us getting a car? I will pay for it, as it seems I have more than enough money,” Abbie broaches with him.
Before he can reply, Abbie barrels on, “Think about the time cut from our commute, the flexibility it offers us, and just the convenience. I don’t think petrol will cost as much as both our bus passes each month.”
As they climb on to the bus, Tim laughs at Abbie’s new enthusiasm. And their entrance from a different stop, where Tim used to be getting on alone, is not lost on their fellow regular commuters.
“Abbie, that could be a good idea. Maybe a practical, used car we could get for a reasonable rate,” Tim tells her.
“No, Tim, a new car, and a good one. Why buy something whose value and performance might diminish quickly. I think we need to plan this week to look at different models. In the meantime, let's both look online to see the options,” Abbie replied with force. “Besides, it is my money which will buy it for us.”
Tim shakes his head. While what Abbie is saying is sensible, her once again wanting to spend now that she knows her real monetary status, is what she had asked him to curb. But a car would be so nice to have, and Tim understands Abbie’s underlying feelings about wanting to contribute to their new life together.
As they near his stop, he leans and<b> kisses </font></b>Abbie and tells her that sounds like a good plan.
Tim, dressed in one of his new suits, has eyes turning to look at him by his colleagues. They can tell there is something majorly different about Tim from a month ago but can’t quite figure out what is going on.
Tim, taking off three days last week again, and now with this refined new image does cause tongues to wag. He goes about his work but with a more confident air than he had. Rather than just fixing errors others made in their work, Tim now points them out to his coworkers and make them correct them. Only a small thing, but making a point loudly that he is no longer everyone’s dupe.
His manager notices the changes, and Tim is now making others responsible for their own work. He is happy to see that Tim is willing to work with his colleagues to understand how and why changes are needed. He hopes Tim keeps up this pattern; it will help all the staff be better workers.
Abbie does not forget her daily check-ins with Tim, and it makes the day fly by.
Work done for the day, Abbie and Tim arrive home around five-thirty. Les is out in her yard working, prepping her garden for the summer. She waves to them, and they walk over to the low stone wall between the property. Les invites them to come over.
They accept the invitation, Abbie, especially, as she is so eager to know what happened after Les and Phoebe left their house on Saturday night. She tries to contain herself, as she does not want to be over Tim’s knee again this soon. They settle themselves at the patio table. Abbie remembering Les’s tale about her and Cyn at this very table.
Les brings out a bottle of sherry and glasses, and they each have one. Les blushes some as she starts, “I want to thank you for letting me join you Saturday on your excursion and then dinner. I would have never imagined what happened would from that.”
Tim tells her they were glad she joined them, and they too had an enjoyable time. Now Les really blushes as she lays her hand over Tim’s, “I would have never thought what happened could, and I hope you are alright with it, after just learning about your mother and me.”
Tim looks at her gleaming eyes and tells her that while that side of his mother is something he needs to comprehend fully, nothing Les could do would diminish his feelings for her. Les squeezes his hand.
Before Les can continue, Tim squeezes her hand in return and tells her, “This much I know Leslie, you loved my mother, and am sure gave her so many days of happiness. And your watching over both of us when she succumbed to her depression. Since being here for me, nothing you did, or do, can never change that. All I want is for you to find happiness for yourself.” Tim leans and<b> kisses </font></b>Les’s cheek, which has tears dripping on it from Tim’s comment.
She thanks Tim and brushes the tears away. They are all quiet for a moment until Tim says, “I’m sorry, Les, I interrupted you. What did you want to say?”
“That’s okay, Tim, and I am not sure how exactly to explain things. After taking Phoebe back to the Peacock Saturday night, she asked me to join her for a drink. One thing led to another, and we spend the night together. Then again last night. It seems to be happening so swiftly, but we are in love with each other. We are working our way through how to make it work,” Les confesses.
Abbie cannot contain her joy. She jumps up and hugs Les telling her she just knew Phoebe and her would hit it off. She is so happy that things are moving so quickly between them, and neither could find a better mate than each other. “Well, except Tim and I,” Abbie giggles. Then she settles down, so Tim does not think she is overreacting.
Tim hugs Les too and tells her how glad she has found someone after so many years alone. There are tears in all their eyes of happiness as they finish their sherries, and Tim and Abbie head to their house to fix dinner.
Over dinner, Abbie is silent about what was just revealed to them. Tim can tell she is busting to talk about it. But Abbie is refraining herself to follow the latest of her rules for behavior. Tim is holding in his laughter watching her.
Finally, he relents and says, “Abbie, it is now a known fact that Les and Phoebe are together and seem to have found companionship with each other. That is something that can be discussed. Just not going off on wild speculations about things between them. I am thrilled for them that they did find each other. And yes, for you to have realized their compatibility to encourage them meeting and getting to know each other.”
Abbie sighs deeply and tells Tim, “I am so grateful that they also have. I have come to care a great deal about both of them and am glad they are no longer alone. You can see the glow about Les now, and I am sure Phoebe is the same way. While I would love to go to the Peacock tonight to hear what Phoebe has to say and to talk to them together, the prudent thing to do is to wait until the weekend for them to adjust to their lives together.”
Tim smiles at Abbie and leans and<b> kisses </font></b>her. “Baby, that is a very mature attitude to take, and I am glad you are showing restraint. I, too, would love to know more, but we will as time goes on, which is how it should be.”
They spend the evening in the study, Abbie sitting on Tim’s lap, exploring different local car dealers websites considering various models. Abbie is pushing for the most upscale models, Range Rovers and BMW X3, explaining that an SUV would allow them room to carry things with ease and have a smooth ride. Tim shakes his head some at the prices of each.
Then Abbie sees a Ford EcoSport, and she is transfixed by it. She likes the idea that she would be supporting a USA business in the end. Yes, Abbie will always have ties and commitments to her home country. She sees one in this metallic smoky blue, which she falls in love with.
“This is the one, Tim; this is what we should get,” Abbie tells him. She starts ‘building’ the car she wants and chooses many added features. The final price is a bit staggering, but it is a beautiful vehicle. Tim realizes that while the price is just over twenty-five thousand pounds, that is less than half of what he will have spent fixing up their home.
Abbie clicks on the link to find where the car of her dreams is available. She is directed to a dealer near them that does have one to their specifications in stock.
Abbie clicks the button saying, ‘wants to buy.’ It involves adding contact information and such. Abbie has all correspondences directed to her, which is as it should be if she is the one buying the car. “Now we just need to wait to hear from them tomorrow,” Abbie says, closing the laptop.
She jumps off Tim’s lap and pulls his hand to lead him upstairs. “The idea of that wonderful car being in our garage soon is making me horny, sir,” Abbie tells Tim as she pulls him along.
He laughs and follows her.

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