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Tim and Abbie 32: Buying a car  

Clairew1959 61F  
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10/11/2020 2:14 pm
Tim and Abbie 32: Buying a car

Upstairs, Abbie shows just how horny she is.
The lust which has been building up in viewing and selecting a car modeled her precise choices starts her juices churning as she sits Tim’s lap, feeling his hard cock growing against her crack. Everything is primed for a wonderful scene unfold.
Abbie gets of Tim’s clothes off him in minutes and then has him settle himself the bed as she does a slow and seductive striptease for him.
You can almost hear the music in the background as Abbie slowly reaches behind her unzip her dress. Then, one shoulder at a time, she takes the dress down just above her breasts, sliding her arms out of the sleeves as her hand holds the dress for now. Then, slowly, Abbie brings the dress down, first showing one breast after the other, enclosed in a very slinky lace bra. Her nipples are hard pressing against the bra.
Tim is already feeling himself harden, watching this special, private show. As the dress descends over Abbie’s waist and hips, Tim can see the top of Abbie’s panties peeking out. When she allows the dress to drop to the floor as she steps out of it, seeing her now in just bra, panties, garters, and stockings send rushes through Tim’s body.
The little bulge against the panties seems to excite Tim even more. Deep in Tim’s mind, he tries to analyze why this would add to his pleasure. It doesn’t matter, the judge in him rules. This is the person Tim loves and accepts and enjoys every aspect of.
Abbie lifts one leg on the bed as she unhooks the stocking and roll it down and off her leg. Then she switches legs and does the same again. Tim, watching this all, finds himself excited about seeing Abbie’s ‘clit’ so clearly through the thin material of her panties.
Tim is getting used to this added feature of Abbie’s but is now enjoying thinking of it as her big ‘clit’ and her two labia bearing entrance to her back ‘vag.’ He knows what all are, but there is like a spell over them making them seem like something they are not. But, as said, Tim knows that it is because he loves Abbie so much, and she is his dream come true. Let others think what they want. He and Abbie have a perfect relationship together.
The garter belt is undone and tossed aside. Abbie reaches behind her to unhook her bra, and it is another titillating performance as she slides out of the strap and plays peek-a-boo teasing Tim with a glimpse of her nipples before letting the bra fall to the ground.
All that is left now is for Abbie to step out of her panties. She will then be nude like Tim. So slowly, Abbie moves her fingers inside the panties' waistline at each hip. She begins to reveal slowly, so to enjoy the whole experience. First, her shaved mons come into view, then just the tip of her stiff appendage, more and more are revealed until her lovely little marbles show, hard and ready.
Stepping from her panties, Abbie begins to crawl the bed. Tim is sitting with his back the headboard. Abbie crawls over him, her legs are straddling his thighs, and her arms posed each side of his shoulders as she<b> kisses </font></b>Tim with such passion and lust.
Tim moans at this on slaughter, still getting his breath from watching Abbie’s performance. Kissing Tim, Abbie moves her arms around Tim’s neck. She is now more or less sitting Tim’s cock. She whispers him grab the lube, which he does, and covers her vagina hole and his cock.
Abbie slides down Tim’s throbbing cock, feeling him fill her so. Both let out a mutual moan. Abbie’s hand moving from Tim’s shoulders the headboard slats for support bounce up and down Tim with total abandonment.
Abbie’s large clit and labia are banging against Tim’s mons and stomach. His balls are hitting Abbie’s ass cheeks in much the same way. Both are on this wonderful ride that they almost lose track of time or where they are.
Both panting hard, they can feel themselves reaching that highest cliff and are ready to release all the trapped lust they have built . Almost in sync, Tim shoots into Abbie as she lets out of her penned- juices Tim’s stomach.
They collapse together, kissing each other’s faces and saying thank you over and over to each other. Then they both start laughing at how silly it is. They both showing such gratitude. They hug, Tim grabs a towel from under the bed and wipes them both clean, and they cuddle together for the night.
As they lay together and just before sleep overtakes them, Abbie tells Tim in a small voice, “We will have both our names to the car title, Tim, but you will have to show your license and such for us to buy it.”
Tim, a bit surprised at the comment, asks Abbie, “Why, are you afraid without your ID as Abbie you don’t want to show it?”
Abbie laughs, like tiny bells ringing, as replies, “No, Tim, while I have driven tractors, trucks, and such in America since I was about twelve, I have never gotten a driver’s license here in the United Kingdom. I guess it is one more thing to put on my to-do list if I am going to be part owner of a car.”
Tim tickles Abbie some and says, “Yes, I would think a license would be in order. I am not going to be your chauffeur, Miss Daisy.” They both laugh and snuggle together for the night.
The morning at work passed quickly again for Tim and Abbie. But the afternoon seemed to slow to a snail’s pass. The car dealer called Abbie and tells her that she can pick the car today if she wants to. She will have to have proof of insurance to release the vehicle. He tells her the VIN to give to the insurer. Some of the things needed to get her dream car seem like a lot to provide before they can get the vehicle. The dealership is opened later today so they can go there after work.
Abbie talks with him for several minutes, though he has most of the information from her online order. She explained that the car is to be in her and Tim’s names, but his license will be used for the purchase. The dealer seems fine with of Abbie’s requirements.
Abbie calls Tim as soon as they hang , she tells him about needing insurance buy the car. Tim replies that he will take care of it. He already has a homeowner’s insurance with a company that can add the vehicle .
Abbie asks about transferring the amount of money needed for the car her checking account be able for the car outright today. Tim tells her he has already transferred more than just the cost of the vehicle this morning, knowing it would be needed.
They discussed how to get to the dealership. A cab would be the easiest. Abbie says she will order one to pick her , and then Tim, as the dealership is north or where he works. Every settled, they try return their attention work, but in honesty, both are excited about getting the new car today.
VIN passed along, Tim calls his carrier and gets the insurance. Then he calls his company’s properties department and asks for a parking space to be assigned to him. An allocated parking spot is one of the perks Tim has never used for over years now. Not owning a car it was unneeded.
In the past, Tim came the rescue for the properties department many times. Every other department in the company has had Tim’s help and feels appreciative of Tim also. So, when after years of not needing anything himself, everyone is more than happy help him whenever he asks for even the smallest help.
Not even an hour later, the properties manager comes Tim’s desk and hands him the car sticker and parking space number. Tim is surprised how quickly this happened and thanks the manager for his rapid response. The manager winks at Tim and says, “For you do for everyone here, it is the least I could do in return for you.”
Tim thanks him again, and as leaving, the manager comments, “Is that a new suit? It looks really good on you. I love your colorful tie. It really stands out.” Tim blushes at this and is glad the manager walks away, so he did not have reply.
The tie, which does give a nice bolt of color the charcoal gray suit, is one of the ties Abbie picked out at the outdoor market last weekend. Just wearing these new clothes changes Tim’s opinion of himself something positive. the changes he is going through are due Abbie. She is the one who has been helping him view himself as something worthy.
Tim looks down at the sheet showing his parking space. It is on the first floor of the parking structure and one of the front spots, almost mixed with the executives' places. Tim smiles and silently thanks the property manager for offering this him. It is much more than just a parking space; it is a statement his colleagues of his value the company.
Things are happening so fast, and such significant changes. Tim’s new look that Abbie helped him with. Totally remodeling the house, now to be a home for Abbie and him. And now a new, rather classy car. It like at this moment in time, Tim is starting a new and so much better chapter of his life. And all due to Abbie.
Finally, the workday is over, and Abbie is outside waiting for the taxi to arrive, she is so excited. She directs the driver to Tim’s office building, where he is waiting to be picked .
Standing for the few minutes before the taxi arrives, many of his colleagues leaving stop for a minute to tell Tim how much they like his new look. wonder how he could have a whole new wardrobe without spending a great deal of money. The gossip mill at work is churning again with speculations after hearing about his request for a parking space. He must be buying a car too.
Luckily, none of them know about the remodeling of his house, or their tongues would be flapping like an electric fan. Already, possibilities of what is happening with Tim run the gamut. From being offered a new job elsewhere with a huge signing bonus to that he is somehow embezzling from the company.
Tim knows many of the employees of the company do like to gossip about everything and everyone. It bothers him, but he cannot do much about it. It is so like what Abbie got punished for this weekend. He does have a low level of tolerance for such behavior. Others over the years have tried to get him to join in, but he purposely removes himself from such conversations.
Tim gets in the cab, and a few people see Abbie in the cab, and then Tim<b> kisses </font></b>her as he settles into the seat. More things for tongues to wag over.
At the dealership, everything goes smoothly, and after Abbie writes probably the largest check she ever has, they are owners of a brand-new vehicle. They get in the car to leave, and Tim notices and comments to Abbie that there are only five miles on the car to start.
Hearing this, Abbie is gleeful. She loves the color of the car, its features, even the sunroof, which she opens as the evening is lovely out. Mid-May flowers are blooming, the trees in full glory. Tim suggests a bit of a drive. Partly try out the car, and partly enjoy having it and their new freedom drive wherever and whenever they want . Free now of the need for buses, cabs, and trains go somewhere.
Abbie is thrilled. After playing with the radio, she finds a good station enjoy as they drive. The console is low between the seats, so it is easy for Abbie reach over and caress Tim’s thigh. He is enjoying it immensely, but he tells Abbie behave, or they will get into an accident before owning the car for an hour.
Abbie laughs and backs off some. They enjoy the ride through the country, but from Abbie’s groping at him and Abbie herself feeling the urge, they know they will soon need an outlet for their rising lust. Tim says to her in a bit hoarse voice, “Abbie, we could find someplace private enough to stop, but there would be a chance we could get caught. Perhaps we should hurry home?”
Abbie would love the idea of being out in the wilderness and the two of them fucking and pleasuring each other, but she knows going home is the better and safer option.
They get home, and Tim climbs out of the car to open the garage manually. As he climbs back in to pull the car in, he tells Abbie, “Well, one more thing for the contractor. They are coming tomorrow to paint. Hopefully, they can also install a garage opener for us.”
In the garage, the car off, and the door closed. Tim tells Abbie, “You know we have no idea how the back seats feel, perhaps we should try them.” Abbie sees the glint in Tim’s eyes and understands. She opens the door on the passenger side and climbs in. Tim joins her from the driver’s side.
They fall into each other’s arms and kiss deeply. Tim is already fiddling with Abbie’s dress and more. Abbie is keeping with him in that part. His suit jacket is flung over the front seat, his pants following. Her dress does the same, then his tie and shirt. Kissing and groping each other, they both are soon naked.
Abbie moves sit Tim’s lap and his enlarged penis. She rubs against him some pick some of both his and her precum. It is enough lubricate Tim’s glans. Abbie then lifts herself enough pressing Tim’s cock into her back vagina. Both let out a sigh of satisfaction.
Then, surprising Tim, Abbie just sits this way with his cock deep in her. She does not bounce or anything. Looking into her eyes, Abbie says, “Stay this way for a bit, Tim The feeling of you so in is so delightful, and I hope with my sides throbbing against your cock is enjoyable you too.”
Tim smiles her. How could he not enjoy this incredible experience? deep in Abbie, her hard clit rubbing against his mons, his body is on fire. Tim smiles at Abbie and moves his hand her boobs and squeezes and plays with them through the fabric of her bra.
After about ten minutes, Abbie starts lifting herself off Tim and coming down hard again. The back seat is wide enough brace her legs both sides of Tim hold and rock him there. Tim, feeling his ass rubbing against the soft leather seats, is getting additional stimulation right now. He moans and takes Abbie by her waist pace and control her thrusts and releases.
, it feels so good for both of them. No matter how often they fuck, each time is sensational. They continue hump each other as both are reaching that spectacular height when is released. , it is cumming soon for both of them. Tim feels drips of Abbie’s precum juices on his mons as he feels himself releasing some adding the lubrication of Abbie’s ‘vagina.’
They look into each other’s eyes, mostly. Abbie’s excitement about this lovely new vehicle causes her to look around the interior also, which brings a grin to Tim’s face. They know they are both about to explode. It is so nice that Abbie and Tim usually cum at the same time or within seconds of each other. Does this, happening regularly, help solidify their relationship and keep it growing? Who knows for sure, but for Tim and Abbie, it is just one more solid stone they are building their relationship on.
Both spent, Abbie leans on Tim’s chest as they both recover. Slowly then Abbie gets and stands outside the car as Tim climbs out too. Abbie grabs a cloth to wipe the back seat of any signs of what happened. And grinning, Abbie tells Tim, "Well, I guess we have christened our new ride.”
Tim laughs in reply and puts his arm around Abbie as they walk into the house with their clothes in their hands. This is nice. Pulling the car into the garage allows them to be naked entering the house, which does add to things so well.

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