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Tim and Abbie 44: The summer progresses  

Clairew1959 62F  
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2/24/2021 10:16 am
Tim and Abbie 44: The summer progresses

Summer is at its halfway mark. The gardens are blooming to their fullest. The Thursday Bunch, as they have dubbed themselves, are all in a state of bliss. New love for all of them. Enjoying the days before noticing flaws. Totally enamored with their new mate. Time will take some of the stars out of all their eyes. But during this harmonious period, if perfect, it can be the backbone of what is ahead.
Tim is involved with getting his new division up and running properly. But he does not allow the added responsibilities to take anything away from the time he spends with Abbie. Les’s house, now almost finished, finds her and Phoebe on a spending spree much like Tim was a couple of months prior.
The two are having a wonderful time picking out what they want in ‘their’ house. Yes, Phoebe does agree to move into it with Les. She is learning to step back some from the creation she made of Wilde Peacock. She has a reliable staff she can depend on and does not need to be overseeing each detail.
And truth told, with Phoebe stepping back some, the staff not feeling under her microscope all the time, are blossoming in the new environment. Phoebe does share her feelings with Les that she isn’t needed anymore. Les assures her that without her overall management of the Pub, it would not be running so smoothly.
Grace and Sam are together every moment they can. It is summer, so Grace lets herself enjoy some downtime from her university studies to study Sam more. He is so kind, caring, and supportive of her. And his ability to run his construction business so successfully is amazing to her.
Sam is taking on more jobs, and as he sees the strain of expansion on his crew, he hires more to get the work done. He partners the newbies with seasoned workers who train them in how Sam expects the work to be finished.
In truth, Sam is a perfectionist, wanting any job that has his company name on it to be something even more than what customers expect. The strong compliments from satisfied customers are rewarding to him. Such insistence on perfection can be a drain on his crews. But when he gives them all bonuses at the end of each house project and verbally praises their work to the customer, his workers understand the of striving for perfection.
And during the summer, after getting her birth certificate altered, Abbie asks Les to teach her how to drive in the United Kingdom. Abbie never really drove cars that much in the past. As a youth at the family’s farms, she drove tractors, pickup, and such all over the property.
One Saturday morning sees her and Les taking off in Les’s car, telling Phoebe and Tim they are doing some shopping. Instead, Les drives to a country road that is not that busy. Abbie at the wheel, Les refreshes her on driving rules and more.
Not wanting to give it away, Abbie switches back to Les driving as they come home. That Monday at work, Les takes her to the license bureau to get her driving license. Nothing is said until that Thursday when her card arrives.
As the gathers for dinner, Abbie announces her achievement. “So Tim, this means that perhaps I will be the one chauffeuring you around now, Mr. EVP,” she with Tim. As the summer then progresses, Tim does have Abbie drop him at work and pick him up at the end of the day part of the time.
It is incredible how such a simple thing brings so much pleasure to Abbie. It is one more way she can finally show her independence, which in many ways were held from her in the past.
A few weeks after Tim’s promotion, he is given the keys to ‘his company car,’ a Mercedes C-Class sedan. He is a little dazed and confused until he is informed that the company pays for the car. It is one of the perks of upper management. When he calls Abbie that afternoon and tells her she doesn’t have to pick him up tonight, she is curious.
When he pulls in the drive shortly after her in the shiny new car, Abbie is blown away. All Tim says in a kidding way, “It’s a good thing we have a two-car garage, or we would have to fight over that space.” He picks Abbie up, kissing her as he spins her around, both laughing as he tells her where it came from.
Needless to say, the spinning around, laughing, and state of euphoria they both are in leads to a quick run up the staircase and clothes tossed aside for them to cling together and fall on the bed.
Abbie gets on top of Tim and begins to tickle him making him laugh harder. And something else is getting much harder also. When it is saluting, Abbie moves up more on his stomach and lifts and settles down on Tim. His prick deep up in her rear vagina. Tim let’s out a huge sigh as Abbie rarely rides him. It is such a great feeling.
Bouncing, adjusting her pace with Tim, they soon are enjoying this encounter in so many ways. Abbie faces him as she moves with the flow. Tim can enjoy her breasts bouncing in rhythm. No, there is not that much of them to bob, but it still is a lovely sight. And even more, when he can reach them with his hands. Playing fully with her as his cock is being taken care of.
They enjoy each other for a good while this way, slowing at times to just savor themselves so together. Abbie, just sitting there, feeling Tim’s cock tremble, while he feels Abbie’s sides contracting against him.
After a few rounds of fast bursts of riding, then slowing to a leisurely walk for a time before speeding up again, both know they are getting closer and closer. Abbie’s swollen clit is bouncing itself on Tim’s mons, and they gallop along. Tim reaches to hold it in his hand tightly as they jump over the last few hurdles.
Then the rockets red blaze commences. Abbie is feeling Tim explode inside her as she places her offering all over Tim’s stomach. Both are whipped and need a rubdown. They take their time collecting themselves, and while dinner is a bit late tonight, it gives Tim time to start marinating meat for the next day.
Life is good for all of them as the second half of summer arrives. Tim and Abbie are settling in together, finding a pattern for themselves. One part of it being Abigail’s Wednesday night maintenance spankings.
From the first Wednesday, following the night Abbie does not want to remember, the ritual begins. Knowing she needs this reinforcement, Abbie did not try to squirm out of it. Instead, the first week arriving home from work, Abbie kisses Tim and walks into the house ahead of him.
Abbie walks upstairs and opens the door to Abigail’s room. Taking a deep breath, she walks to Abigail’s corner and places her nose against the wall. Tim, following her, sees what she does and smiles a little. ‘My Abbie is taking this matter seriously,’ Tim thinks.
Tim changes to just boxers, just like a week ago, and finds a simple dress of Abbie’s. He walks up behind her, standing in the corner, and unzips her work dress. Allowing it to drop to the floor. Next, he unhooks her bra and takes it off her. Finally, her stockings and shoes add to the pile on the floor, which Tim moves away. Still facing the corner, Abigail just has on a pair of panties.
Which surprise Tim some. Usually, Abbie is wearing very skimpy and alluring panties, but today she is wearing more covering white cotton underwear. A small smile comes to Tim’s face as he realized she chose them for being spanked tonight.
Abbie does not want ever to admit it, but the moments as Tim undresses her to her panties arouses her to this strange new level. It feels like every fiber of her being is on fire from his casual touch. She even at times shivers visibly, which Tim wonders if she is cold.
Tim tells Abbie to raise her arms, and he slips the plain dress on her and buttons up the back. Tim then takes her wrist and turns her around to come to the bed. The paddle and hairbrush are sitting on the bedstand, ready, and able. Abbie trembles a bit, seeing them.
As Tim sits down on the bed to take her over his knee, in a small voice, Abbie asks him, “Sir, Mr. Hudson, am I going to have to sleep in here again tonight?” Her question comes out rather choked, and Tim sees tears filling Abbie’s eyes.
“No, baby, that will only happen when you are very, very bad. This that we are starting is just to be a reminder for you to be good. After we will have dinner and then go to bed together,” Tim comforts her.
Abbie smiles a some and rubs the tears from her eyes. Tim seeing her do this, thinks is action is so like a little girl caught being bad. Knowing she deserves what is coming but does not want to acknowledge she has misbehaved. But Abbie is a grown woman and knows the reason why this is happening. And Tim can see the enlarging of Abbie’s clit in anticipation.
At Tim’s bidding, Abigail lifts her dress to her waist and bends over his lap. She feels Tim’s fingers sliding under her pantie waistband. She lets a small gasp out as she feels herself throbbing for what is to come.
Abbie knows it is punishment to remind her how to behave. For her, on one side is the embarrassment and burning ass ahead. On the other side, there is always a feeling mixed with getting aroused with each sting to her cheeks. It is a complicated but treasured moment.
Tim rubs her cheeks some as he asks, “Abigail, why are you being spanked tonight?” Abbie tears now filling her eyes already, in anticipation of her having to confess her<b> sins.
</font></b>Abbie hesitantly replies, “I was very bad, getting involved with gossip which I should be stopping, not adding to. And treating staff members without respect and in full view of others. Now I will be spanked every week as a reminder to be good. And for any or major misconduct, I have committed during the past week.”
Tim, a bit surprised at the last statement Abbie makes. He calms himself so he can ask in a steady voice, “Abigail, are there things you did wrong, major or , this past week, which need to be dealt with?”
“Well, sir, I did allow coworkers to gossip around me, and while not joining in, I did not tell them they needed to stop. And, I am sorry, but I did get caught up in what they were alluding to. I did not spread it at all, but I should have spoken up that gossip is not tolerated,” Abbie confesses.
Tim surprised to hear this, collects himself and tells her, “Abigail, that is good that you are now learning to recognize when gossip starts and not engaging in it. But to listen to it and not voice concerns about how wrong it is, is not good. You are just learning this, but I hope soon you do begin to naturally speak up and stop it going further. We will add a bit to your spanking tonight to you remember to do that when something wrong is going on.”
Abbie tearfully replies, “I understand, sir, and I should be punished for that too.” At which Tim brings his hand down on her right cheek with a stinging spank. Soon followed one to her left cheek. Abbie gasps at each spank and kicks her legs some from the impact.
Tim spanks her hand for a good five minutes, talking calmly throughout, suggesting ways Abigail could stop such gossip from continuing or being party to listening to it. Through the free-flowing tears, Abigail agrees with all he is saying.
Tim slows his hand, Abbie's cheeks starting to appear rosy. He pats her back some, then moves his fingers between her spread legs. Yes, she is getting rather hard now. He had felt it on his one thigh as he spanked, but this confirmed it.
Abbie calms some, and Tim asks her, “Abigail, which would you prefer next? The leather paddle or the hairbrush?” Abbie is surprised Tim is giving her an option but then processing his words, she realizes that both, in the end, are going to be used.
In a small voice, Abbie tells him, “The paddle, please, sir.” She can feel from his body's movement; he is leaning over to pick the paddle up. And she is right when Tim resumes the bongo beat on her cheeks. This time with the paddle slapping against her cheeks over and over.
Tim does go a bit lower a few times and swats her upper thighs where most vulnerable. She cries and apologizes for all her wrongdoings. It is an act of contrition for Abbie. Vocalizing where she falls short and knowing this is the way to having such acts swept away.
Tim continues with the leather paddle for another five minutes, then switches to the hairbrush for the final five minutes. Abbie is crying fully now, but her crotch is burning hot against Tim’s knee, which is covered in the pre-juices flowing from her. Before he begins with the hairbrush, Tim slides his left hand under Abbie and finds her enlarge clit to hold, and stroke as the hairbrush comes down.
Abbie now totally cries out feels the final round sensation as the hairbrush spanks every inch of her cheeks. She knows she is fully aroused now and so close to discharging all her juices. “Sir,” she begins, “I don’t know if I can hold back anymore.”
Tim tells Abbie to let herself release, which she immediately does. Tim’s thigh is covered in her spunk. Tim does not let up on the end of Abigail’s spanking when she does. Rather, suddenly each spank with the hairbrush hurts even more.
Abbie realizes what she had read years before about if someone cums before being spanked, the sting has much more impact. She cries through the last couple of dozen spanks, and then it is ended.
Tim rubs her back and her cheeks softly. When her crying begins to subside, Tim turns Abbie on his lap and kisses her head as she calms herself. Somewhat pacified, Tim helps Abbie stand and tells her to return to the corner until he calls her to dinner. At that time, she may pull up her panties and drop her dress.
Abbie does as told, and when she comes into the kitchen, there is a lovely feast waiting for her. And a pillow on her chair. Tim and Abbie do not talk about what happened. Rather it is like any other night when home from work.
This pattern continues on Wednesday evening for the rest of the summer and into fall. Abbie does appreciate her Abigail time with Tim, and it helps her to behave more and more.

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