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Tim and Abbie 52: The thing about Mark 2  

Clairew1959 62F  
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3/30/2021 9:24 am
Tim and Abbie 52: The thing about Mark 2

The rain begins let up some, and even Mark’s tears are pretty much cried out. Sitting looking straight ahead, he can see the lights being turned off in the pub. It is after midnight now.
How could things change so much in a matter of a few hours? At six pm, Mark and Brian were getting ready for the evening out. Brian was coming the sports pub first see Mark’s friend Tim is. Since spring, Brian comes the pub regularly see the group with whom Mark hangs. Later, Mark tells him who is who.
Mark is not ready come out his friends yet, so Brian and Mark don’t acknowledge each other more than a casual hello.
By now, midnight, Brian and Mark should be in Mark’s bed giggling together as they and talk about Mark's mates' most recent news. Instead, here Mark sits, just remembering and kicking himself for being such an idiot. He can almost hear his father admonishing him over his bad grades as his belt strikes over and over. Mark shivers at that memory, but as bad as he feels right now, such<b> punishment </font></b>would scratch the surface of how contrite he feels.
Sunday dawned, and Mark was up and fidgety. He so wanted see Brian today, but how? What could he suggest for a reason for them to be together? Flipping channels on his television as he pondered this, Mark landed on a station with a kung fu marathon. One after another, most with Bruce Lee.
All those oily skin males in ‘combat’ with each other. Mark, with new eyes, realized why he had gravitated to those types of movies so much. He did not care about the plots at all but watching bare-chested men with skin-tight pants did capture his attention.
Would Brian enjoy the silliness of such a marathon? Along with the display of testosterone on parade?
Mark checked the time and saw it was approaching noon. He texted Brian asking if he would like to come over and spend the afternoon watching these tacky movies and getting a pizza?
Mark was pleased when Brian replied within minutes that it sounded like the perfect way to spend a winter Sunday afternoon. He asked what he should bring. And while Mark said nothing, when Brian arrived, he had a twelve-pack of beer and a small bouquet of daisies, lilies, and roses.
Mark was embarrassed at the flowers, but deep down, he realized he adored that Brian would buy flowers for him. This also set a precedent from then on. Brian brought little gifts for Mark and paid for everything when they went out or were together. He explained it away, saying he made enough money to spend however much he wanted on his little buddy.
In time, Mark got used to this and found things for presents in return. New exotic items Mark ordered for the store, small trinkets that reminded him of something Brian mentioned, or just cards which over time got musher and musher expressing Mark’s adoration.
That afternoon, they sat next to each other, their legs touching, and Brian occasionally patting Mark’s thigh. They laughed over the movies' silliness, but both began getting and bothered viewing all the bare-chested, well-oiled men in the films. By the third movie, both were breathing heavily.
During one of the commercial breaks, Brian turned Mark, lifted his arms, and took Mark’s shirt off over his head. Brian sighed deeply[BS1] [BS2] [BS3] , seeing Mark’s lovely torso. Mark did not have much body hair. His chest was smooth and soft.
At five feet nine inches, Mark had been a solid mass, though not that tall, when playing football. Now, while Mark tried to keep in shape, between his sedentary job, consumption of beer, and indulging himself, he now tipped the scales at almost fifteen stones. He even had the start of a beer belly.
Brian slowly rubbed his hands up and down Mark’s chest. His fingers led the way, with his palm pressing in behind them. Mark moaned with enjoyment.
A few minutes later, kissing again, Mark unbuttoned Brian’s shirt and pushed it off him.
Now it was Mark’s turn to explore Brian’s chest and stomach. So nicely tanned and formed. Brian has a small triangle of greying hair on his chest. Not that long or heavy, just a soft brushing of almost fuzz where Mark was longing to lay his head.
At six foot two, Brian weighs about seventeen stones. He was well built and carried his weight well. Working out a couple of days a week, Brian had been bench pressing since he was in college. He could press two hundred and seventy-five pounds. As Mark gazed at Brian’s lovely body, he felt rumblings in his groin over the view.
Soon, they were in a frenzy of delight, discovering each other’s bodies. Where each other loved to be touched and where not so much. This mutual reconnaissance went on when the movie returned and on into the next commercial. Holding Mark close to him, as they watched the well-oiled upper bodies on tv flexing and posing, Brian said, “Too bad we don’t have any oil for us right now.”
Mark jumped up and hurried, almost running, from the room. He was back with a jar of cocoa butter. As he handed it to Brian, he shyly asked, “Will this do?” Brian grinned widely and told Mark to climb on his lap like yesterday. Mark complied quickly to sit in what would become their favorite way together - Mark straddling Brian’s lap facing him.
Brian opened the jar and took some of the butter in his hand. He ran it from Mark’s neck, down the center of his chest and waist, to the top of his pants. A deep sigh of contentment came from Mark’s lips. Brian took his time, starting at the top, rubbing the oil outward over Mark’s shoulders and down each arm. Then moved down a little to rub more into his chest and over his nipples.
Brian gave into temptation when Mark’s cute man boobs were cover in the cocoa butter and gleaming in the light, his nipples taut and ready. Brian leaned forward, first running his tongue around Mark’s areola, then he sucked on the nipple until rock hard before he moved to the other side.
No one, not any of the women he had been with, had ever sucked Mark’s nipples. The feelings provoked by Brian’s attention thrilled him. Mark was a little disappointed when Brian returned to rub the rest of the grease on his chest. But soon, the feeling of Brian’s oiled fingers and hands running all over his upper body returned Mark to a state of euphoria.
Brian did not stop when the front was finished. Rather, he pulled Mark close to him and began oiling his back. His greasy fingers running up and down Mark’s spine and out over his shoulders and waist had Mark panting. The movie was long forgotten. They had their own private bodywork going on.
When Mark was gleaming with oil, it was Brian’s turn. Mark took his time as he buffed the paste on Brian’s lovely chest. Mark asked Brian how he was so tan in the middle of winter. Brian laughed a little and replied that he had spent the holidays in Spain soaking up the rays and pleasant weather.
“Someday, buddy, I want to take you . would be so thrilling seeing you in just swim trunks, your body tan and oiled,” Brian purred him as Mark continued his mission. But the comment was not lost on Mark.
‘Brian was talking about things they would do together in the future. He does want to be with me for more than just this weekend.’ Mark thought to himself.
After both were oiled, Brian bent Mark back on the couch (luckily leather) and laid on top of him. Their greased chests and their clothed groins caressed against each other as they kissed and kissed. Neither had ever realized how wonderful it was to kiss so much. Together neither could get enough of each other.
At some point, Brian rolled Mark over, and they were lying facing each other. Both had been hard and so close to cumming but pulled apart before they did. It was like an unspoken agreement between them, to not go that far yet.
Brian was holding Mark in his arms as he reached and turned the tv off. Brian stroked Mark’s back to relax him. Mark nodded off quickly, feeling so safe and cared for in Brian’s arms. His head on Brian’s chest, where he had longed to be, Mark breathed the scent of the lovely cologne Brian was wearing. Not heavy but smelt so like the salty ocean mixed with fresh earthy aromas. Mark knew from that moment on, that smell would always remind him of Brian.
Brian laid holding Mark close. He, in turn, could smell Mark’s freshly washed hair combined with the cocoa butter. Yes, Brian did want to see Mark in small swim trunks, nicely tanned, lying on the beach beside him. Brian longed to do so much with Mark. He wanted to take their relationship to a fully sexual one. But Brian knew he had to take time for Mark to adjust to his newly discovered sexual preference.
Brian chuckled to himself, thinking about how newly self-acknowledged homosexuals were much like Born again Christians—jumping feet first without checking if this was the pond they wanted to swim in.
The newbies were so sure that they, and they, saw the way and the light. Forcing their newfound discovery on others had been Christians all their lives. Telling them they were not true believers as they did not flaunt their ‘faith.’ But after the first rush was over, many fall away, back their former selves and flaws. Comprehending their short venture, full of misunderstanding and mistakes, wasn’t the answer they were looking for.
Instead, if they had taken things slowly, small steps understand completely, they could have comprehended what was involved in time before announcing the world this new life they have found. If they had listened and learned from those had always been. Those accepted these tenets as part of their lives and did not feel they needed broadcast . If those had a true disciple guide them, they might have found that was what they desired and were seeking.
Mulling these thoughts, Brian nodded off also.
The two woke up about an hour later. Being winter, was already dusk. The hunger pains both were having made them aware that they were starving. A pizza was quickly ordered. Mark went the kitchen get plates and some more beers for them. When the pizza arrived, Brian threw his shirt back on, got the door, and paid for .
Mark again tried protest that he was paying for the pizza, but Brian just put his index finger against Mark’s lips and said, “Shh,” as he leaned kiss him again. Mark melted with the kiss and accepted that he would be a kept man with Brian, it appeared.
Over the pizzas, Brian began talk seriously about things, “Mark, I want this work between us for a long run. While I somewhat question why I do. Considering how you behave and what you say at times. I should be appalled by you. Instead, I am rather attracted you. Which is why we are going take slow.”
Mark blushed over Brian's statement that he wanted start something. He also felt guilt as he knew he could act up and say inappropriate things without thinking.
Brian continued, “I think that behavior is a defense mechanism avoid admitting yourself that you do have gay leanings. That happens more often than you think. Many of the biggest gay-bashers have latent homosexual urges.
"Your inclinations just came the surface two days ago. Or at least your acting on such urges. are many things you need think through carefully. Consider all aspects of what entering a gay relationship would mean. Not just sexually but also socially and personally.
“I would like you start counseling help you address all these issues. is an organization which is rather good in this area, The Pathways. operates out of the city hospital, and its counselors have outstanding reputations. Would you be willing do this?” Brian asked. “I have had counseling in the past, and did help me through issues I was having.”
Mark felt uneasy thinking about seeing a counselor and baring his soul anyone. But was Brian asking him. Mark already trusted him in so many things. Brian seemed so smart and logical. Mark agreed the counseling. Brian asked if Mark would like him set up the first appointment. Mark was more than happy that Brian would do this for him. If left himself do, probably, Mark would have avoided making an appointment.
Mark was curious about what help Brian could have needed seek counseling. But he knew that in time, if appropriate, Brian would tell him more.
That settled, as they finished the pizza, they turned the TV back on. Both agreed they saw enough Kung Fu for the day. Instead, they settled on a rom- watch. Brian and Mark discovered that both did like these silly type movies best. And sheepishly confessed that they did watch the sappy Hallmark movies too. They laughed together over this.
Mark took a big bite of his last piece of pizza, spilling a little sauce on his chin. Brian reached over with his thumb and wiped it up. Offering Mark his thumb to lick. Mark took it in his mouth and sucked the sauce off, and then continued sucking for a minute.
‘Damn, this guy is going to be a great cocksucker if this is how he reacts to a thumb,’ Brian thought.
When the movie ended, Brian said he should be heading home. They shared a lingering kiss at the door, and he was gone. Mark was deflated again. Why hadn’t Brian said anything about tomorrow together?
In the car, Mark’s tears, for now, are slowing. He recounts his shortcomings, of which he is becoming more aware.
While presenting a tough, confident image to others, Mark has as many, if not more, self-doubts than Tim. He needs constant assurance from others that they like him. Oh, Mark can bluff his way through, making rude remarks about individuals or groups. But Mark always feels like he is living his life with a mask on. Mimicking the things his father valued or thought. Not at all what Mark, deep-down, feels.
These last six months, being with Brian and the counseling sessions, Mark is starting to acknowledge his flaws. He has been trying to change to make Brian proud of him. He still screws up now and then, and Brian calls him on it.
Working with the counselor at Pathway, Mark is identifying why he reacts how he does. Recognizing these behaviors and identifying how he needs to change the negative ones. Helping him to accept himself for he is, not what he thinks people expect him be.
Mark now grasps that Tim is the first person saw his potential and encouraged him. Mark will always be grateful Tim for his help through school. So why did he act so stupid tonight saying those things to Abbie? To the woman Tim loves?
Oh, he knows, was the immediate ‘fight’ reaction when he saw Abbie and recognized her from Pathways. Mark had talked her a couple of times in passing. Seeing her enter the pub with Tim made him so afraid she might say something out him. Something Mark is not ready do yet. Brian understands that and is patient with him.
Mark realizes that his stupid reactive comments did Abbie what he was afraid she would do him. DAMN! How stupid could he be? And in front of Brian.
The last time, weeks ago, when Mark made an anti-gay comment, Brian warned him. Telling Mark that would be consequences if he kept making homophobic comments. He had been doing so well, and now this tonight.
‘Will Brian ever speak to me again? Or did I totally ruin everything?’ Marks wonders. He looks at his phone again. Still, are no calls or texts. is now going on two in the morning. He sighs deeply and phones for a cab. Yes, Mark could drive home, but with all he drank this evening and his crying jag, he knows he shouldn’t. One thing Brian has instilled in him. And Mark did not want add more sins the list Brian must be tallying against him.
Getting out of his car, the rain starting up again, Mark runs under the pub's awning wait for the cab.

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6/27/2021 9:47 am

wow, you can type. nice story,good details

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