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Tim and Abbie 56: Mark and Brian moving forward  

Clairew1959 62F  
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4/6/2021 1:59 pm
Tim and Abbie 56: Mark and Brian moving forward

Brian opens the door to Mark standing there with his head down, trying not to cry. “This is for you,” Mark says as he hands Brian the note of apology. “I know you probably don’t want to see me, but I am truly sorry for what I did. I understand how wrong it is, and I can only try not to in the future.”
Mark rubs his sleeve across his eyes and nose to catch the tears now falling like a young boy. He starts to turn to leave, never once looking Brian in the eyes. Brian is melting over how pathetic, and remorseful Mark appears. Brain chastises himself to be strong and not be wavered by how pitiful Mark appears.
Brian wants to take Mark in his arms and hold and comfort him but knows that this moment will define how their relationship will be going forward. “You don’t have to leave. Come in and sit on the living room chair while I read your letter,” Brian tells him.
Mark looks up finally with puppy eyes, like a pet being thrown a scrap of food. Brian isn’t sending him away, yet. There might be hope. He scurries to the chair and sits down, his hands folded in his lap.
Brian reads Mark’s letter through a couple of times to make Mark squirm a little. Not to be mean, but to get Mark in the right mindset for the serious conversation they need to have.
“Mark, I appreciate your apology to me, your recognition of what you did wrong, and why. That is a start in the process. But there is much more you are going to have to come to terms with going forward,” Brian says in a stern voice,
Mark is elated. If Brian is saying going forward, then he is not telling him that it is over between them. For the first time, he looks into Brian’s eyes with hope.
“These outbursts need to be controlled, and I think the first step is for you to come out to your friends and family at least. I don’t expect you to go shouting from rooftops for all to hear, but those close to you need to know so they can support you, which I think they all will,” Brian said frankly.
“I know I do. I am just so scared,” Mark replies in a small voice. “I saw James today, just before I came here. He suggests it is time also. I want people to know, but I am afraid of the reaction I will get. And while I am not justifying what I did in any way, Abbie told me last night that her facing being outed to a whole group she did not know by me actually helped her to realize there really isn’t anything to fear from it.”
“No, Mark, it does not justify it, and I am glad you comprehend that,” Brian said with a chuckle. “Come over here. We have a lot to talk about.” Hearing Brian’s invitation, something an hour ago Mark thought would never happen again, he hurries to straddle Brian’s lap and kisses him passionately.
Feeling themselves in each other’s arms kissing for the first time in what feels like eons, rather than not even a day, they cling to each other. Breaking apart, Brian brushes Mark’s hair aside and tells him they need to finish this conversation. Mark agrees.
“Brian, I know I need to open up and be honest about myself. It just seems so hard to me to admit what I know my father would consider a major failure. I frighten myself imagining how he would have reacted. I know he is gone now, but he still seems to have a firm hold over me,” Mark begins.
“I think I am ready to. Seeing Tim and Abbie and how he seems not to care what others might think. He loves her and is not ashamed to admit it. If I could tell people that I love you and you are who I am with no matter what anyone thinks, I could do that,” Mark went on.
The room is silent and seems to be spinning for both of them, acknowledging what Mark just said. He loves Brian!
Brian’s probing blue eyes stare into Mark’s brown ones. Mark loves him?!? And said it out loud? And he is willing to tell others? This is more than Brian could hope for.
“You love me, Mark?” Brian inquires. Mark blushes, conscious of what he just said. His deepest feeling out loud. He just nods his head. “Buddy, I love you more than words can say also,” Brian admits. Both have now entered a special bubble of just the two of them. The outside world and others do not matter. They are in love with each other and no longer afraid to admit it.
Needless to say, the rest of the conversation will be saved for tomorrow, as they kiss with such passion, feeling the love flow from each other. Brian and Mark are soon in bed. Clothes are discarded as they undress each other on the way.
Brian is on top of Mark, pressing and grinding against him. Both are getting harder by the second, kissing and licking each other’s necks and face as they do. Brian lowers himself down to be able to suck on Mark’s nipples, and Mark runs his hands through Brian’s hair and then up and down on his spine.
Brian goes lower and lower, licking and nibbling on Mark’s stomach and over his mons. There is already a bit of precum on Mark’s tip. Brian licks it up greedily and then begins to give Mark the best blowjob of his life. Brian takes him entirely in as he massages Mark’s balls before sucking on one after another.
Brian's hand moves back and explored Mark’s crack and back entrance. Lifting Mark’s legs high, Brian rims his hole to wet it enough. Then fingers begin to enter Mark’s cavern as Brian returns to sucking and wanking Mark’s cock.
Brian’s fingers now resting in Mark, he begins pressing them in rhyme against Mark’s prostate. Mark cries out in total bliss. Brian is taking him to a higher summit than Mark has ever been to before. Tears come to his eyes out of joy mixed with feelings that he does not deserve this for what he did.
At this moment, so sure of things between Mark and himself, Brian is optimistic that they can conquer anything together now. Yes, the big issue does need to be resolved, but there will be time for that later.
Right now, confidence in the love they have for each other is more than enough. Understanding the feeling he has for Mark, Brian comprehends that he never had these emotions for Gary. All he wants to do is keep Mark safe and happy. Brian cares so much about him. He loves Mark unconditionally, regardless of his faults and shortcomings. To be able to share experiences with him and grow together.
Mark never experienced these sentiments for anyone before. Sure, he cares for his mother and sisters, but that is more or less obligatory. And for his mates, especially Tim, but that is gratitude. To love someone fully, willing to defend them if needed, Mark grasps that he only sees his future with Brian being a part of it. To have come so close to possibly losing him would have made his life meaningless.
Mark is now committed to being the person Brian wants him to be. Not for Brian’s sake, but for his own. To find joy and happiness in the world rather than all the negatives Mark so often sinks to.
These thoughts crash through each of their heads in nanoseconds as Brian edges Mark closer and closer to the high dive.
Arching his back in response to the dual pleasure of having his cock sucked and ass played at the same time, a low moan is starting deep in Mark’s throat begins working up to a louder cry of abandonment when he cums, sending charges through his whole body.
Yes, cum spurts from Mark, but it is a clear, different type of fluids from the usual sperm. It is like an earthquake has happened. Mark’s entire body feels the effect of a perfect prostate massage, of which Brian is a master. It takes so much out of Mark, but well worth it. Mark rolls on his side, gasping for breath, feeling the aftershocks rumble. It feels like an eight-pointer just erupted in his body.
Brian holds him close, helping Mark calm himself. Brian is rather exhausted himself from the emotions and reactions of the last day. As Mark has come to treasure, Brian strokes his back and head, softly shushing him when he tries to talk or move. Not that Mark would want to be anywhere else than in Brian’s arms.
Brian tells Mark between kissing the back of his neck and nibbling on his ears that they will talk this all through later, but now, just relax and sleep for a bit. This is a welcome idea for both of them after the lack of sleep the night before.
A couple of hours later, they awake, and Mark now takes the reins and sucks and plays with Brian’s cock, balls, and ass how he so enjoys, licking up and down his crack, circling his rosebud while wanking Brian’s prick. Brian feels his stirrings start to build quickly at Mark’s touch.
Over the months, Brian has come to recognize that Mark does like to suck cock – well, Brian’s cock - which is as it should be. And Mark does seem to have an inborn skill to do so. How Mark licks and nibbles and sucks Brian’s love stick is amazing. His ability to gently bite up and down the vein at the back of Brian’s cock sends tremors through his whole body.
Mark’s tongue teases Brian’s balls to fill and harden, adding to the sensation. The semen builds, wanting release. When Brian reaches a full erection, Mark shifts himself enough to squat over Brian’s pecker to lower himself on it. Brian tries to get Mark to wait for him to reach for the lubricant. Mark shakes his head and presses down, taking all of Brian’s prick up into his ass. Mark’s cheeks are rubbing against Brian’s balls as he begins to bounce slowly at first, then increasing quicker and quicker. Mark’s balls are bouncing against Brian’s mons, his shaft<b> whipping </font></b>Brian’s stomach.
Mark’s face does show a bit of pain as he first presses down, but soon the repeating thrusts begin to bring him that pleasure he so enjoys. Over and over, Mark feels Brian’s throbbing cock press in deeper with each bounce. Mark’s sides begin to constrict and hold the invader firmly before lifting again to plunge on the cock he so loves again and again.
Brian knows the climax is close at hand. He usually pulls out of Mark before he cums, though Mark does like it both ways. In the position he is in right now, Mark is the one in control, so Brian has no choice but to erupt into Mark’s ass. They cry out together as they come simultaneously.
Mark climbs off Brian after a long kiss and hurries to the bathroom for a wet rag and towels for them both. Mark wipes Brian’s cock and balls clean while sitting on a wadded towel, collecting any the jizz dripping out of him. When finished, Brian has Mark roll over and carefully cleans his ass of any remnants from their adventure.
Mark tells Brian to stay put and turns on the tv for him to watch. Brian hears Mark moving around in the kitchen as he flips through channels. In just over thirty minutes, Mark climbs back on the bed next to Brian, sitting up against the headboard. In Mark’s hand is a large bowl of pasta with two forks.
Watching a sappy Hallmark movie, they share the dish as they laugh and play the game they invented when watching these shows. Mark is the one who had started it. He once mentioned that, of course, the network would never have a gay or lesbian couple in these romances.
So the two pretend the woman is another guy in the movie. One of the characters would inevitably say something that could be taken differently - if the conversation was between two men. Brian and Mark call it out to each other, roll with laughter, and say the line repeatedly, often even stopping and backing up the movie to hear it again.
For a day that had started as horribly as it did, it ends being the best day ever for the two of them. They are in love with each other. And besides loving each other, they like each other. Well, for Brian, most of the time; when Mark acted out like yesterday, it is a bit of a stretch.
Over the next few days, Brian and Mark do have several serious discussions about what steps Mark needed to make for his own happiness. They even have a joint session with James to discuss it fully.
In the end, plans are finalized, and they are ready to move to the future. But that would be jumping ahead, and other things are happening at the same time.

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