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Tim and Abbie 60: Monday at Microga  

Clairew1959 62F  
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6/3/2021 1:27 pm
Tim and Abbie 60: Monday at Microga

Monday morning, Matt and Peter speak shortly before work starts about the meeting later that day. They trust Tim and know he will not do anything to jeopardize their jobs. But how much should they tell? Both agree they would see how things go in the meeting and who all is there.
At the break at ten, Matt and Peter meet again and hurry to get out of their coveralls. Both wear suits today, at the insistence of Martha and Sarah. They straighten their ties and put on the jackets before heading across the yard to the main office building.
Both men are nervous as they have only been in this building a few times over the years. For tours or special companywide occasions. As they walk, the two chat about Tim and Abbie, both skirting around the main point about their relationship to ease their qualms. The conversation focuses on how nice she seems and how it is clear Tim is smitten with her.
Checking in at the main reception desk, a younger woman is soon there to them to Tim’s office. Both men are impressed by how far their friend has come. They knew Tim always had the potential for such a position. Only when seeing Tim again on Friday, did he display the type of confidence needed for such an executive position. Long gone is the shy so willing to help them but so unsure of himself.
Matt and Peter know Abbie had a lot to do with this new side of Tim. By that alone, she holds a place of honor for them. All that the mates ever hoped for Tim has materialized. For all that Tim has offered others over the years, he is now deservingly rewarded.
Tim greets both men and directs them to a small conference table in an adjoining room. The woman who escorted them is sitting at one end of the table in front of a whiteboard. Tim directs them to three seats together at the other end.
“Matt, Peter, this is Meghan, my assistant. Meghan, Matt, and Peter. She is a whiz at taking notes of the key points stated. I thought we could just continue the conversation from Friday. Meghan will record the points made to show on the whiteboard behind her. Then we’ll try to categorize and prioritize them,” Tim says, getting down to business right away.
It is almost like they are back in the equipment room at school, but now high tech. Tim always did get them to just free flow what they knew on a topic and then organize their thoughts into a logical, workable order to proceed with a paper or essay test.
For the next hour, Peter and Matt tell the good, the bad, and the ugly about the factory operations. Tim only joins in to clarify or explain a comment, so he has a complete picture.
Tim is surprised that while the plant is functioning efficiently, little things and big things are seen by those doing the job as major roadblocks to maximum quality and quantity. It is nice to hear that the workers all seem to have pride in their work and want to make Microga even better.
Tim can also tell that Peter and Matt are holding back about something. Tim has a feeling it is something important they are hesitating to say. As it is approaching noon, Tim asks Meghan to please get the lunch he ordered for them. While Meghan is gone, he presses his friends to be completely candid with him.
Looking at each other and nodding, Matt speaks, “Tim, this is just between us, mates. I don’t want it getting back that we squealed on anyone.” Tim assures him it won’t, then Matt goes on, “There is one foreman who is a wrench in the operations. He doesn’t listen to suggestions or concerns from his workers. He is pretty much a bully and asshole. Mark looks like a refined gentleman compared to him.”
The three laugh, imagining that then Matt continues, “Oh, he plays it well when any corporates are around. But even the other foremen are afraid of him, and while they try to compensate with us grunts, they have no power over him. He is too worried about the quantity that he is more and more letting the quality drop on his area, from that crew trying to keep up. That, in the end, affects the final product also.”
Tim takes their assessment seriously, “Guys, you don’t even need to tell me the name. It will be apparent when I look into things and can bring it up for review. Then he will be taken care of away from any thought of you mentioning it. Hang tough on this one for a little while. From the sound of things, he will soon be a thing of the past.”
“Let’s work on the list up there now, as the things you have identified are going to outline what needs to be done,” Tim says as Meghan comes back in with the lunches. She leaves them with sandwiches, crisps, and bottles of ale as she goes to have her lunch.
While they eat, Tim, Matt, and Peter talk about more personal things, catching up on what has been going on with each during the last six months. Both congratulate Tim on finding Abbie and tell him how much they already like her. Not to mention Martha and Sarah, who have not stopped talking about Abbie the whole weekend.
Tim thanks them and tells Matt and Peter a bit about meeting Abbie and their beginnings together. He also tells them about redoing the house and how they all need to come over to see the changes, thanks to Sam.
It is a nice catch-up for the three. When Meghan returns, they spend another hour or so itemizing the observances mentioned that morning. Tim is most interested in seeing how Matt and Peter work it out. He can tell Matt has a natural feel and a stronger ability to communicate the concepts. Peter, quieter, as observant, focuses more on the mechanics of each step in the process and better ways the individual parts could be designed.
That has been true of Peter always. Any appliance, electronics, or gadgets needing repairs, Peter is the go-to. When young, he spent hours fixing household things for his mom and soon neighbors. When higher-tech items became available, Peter could get them to purr also. He would take things apart to fiddle with them to make them work better.
Peter likes the hands-on work and quickly masters the skills needed to perform any of the shop jobs. Matt, on the other hand, is being wasted in the plant. His analytical abilities to pinpoint problems and develop strategies are outstanding. Even during their conversation, Matt is sketching out flowcharts on a pad in front of him. Matt doesn’t know the terms for what he is doing naturally to outline the operations, but his quick drawings master the procedures much better than any of Microga’s technical staff.
During the time together, Matt and Peter prove what Tim expected. They both are untapped assets for Microga, being wasted on line work. Finished with the task, Tim sends Meghan off to finalize what they covered during the meeting.
He goes to a small corner refrigerator and brings back three more ales. Sitting down again, Tim describes his ideas for Matt and Peter, “Today, both of you proved what I have been thinking for a long while, and especially since starting in this position. You are too valuable of members of Microga to be kept doing routine work in the plant.
“Matt, I would like to move you to manage a new area concentrating on forward planning and visioning for Microga. We can talk about all the detail in a bit. Peter, I would like you to work with Matt but still be in the plant. Moving from area to area to get feedback from the workers as they do their work and doing the jobs to identify operations that need tweaking.
“Yes, Peter, I would never take you away from the hands-on tinkering you love,” Tim assured him. Then continuing, “Matt, your skills of taking what Peter discovers and suggests and finding workable solutions is where I see your greatest strength.”
For another hour, and one more beer each, Tim outlines his plan for his two friends. Explaining first that it would be a promotion for each, and of course, an increase in salary. Tim slides folded pieces of paper to Matt and Peter to review. Seeing the salaries they are being offered, the title, duties, and perks of their new jobs, both men gasp.
They wanted to pinch themselves to make sure this is all true and not a dream. But it is, and the excitement between the three men increases.
Tim outlines how Matt will spend the next three months taking online courses to learn the different software he will need in his job. Programs to make his sketches proper flowcharts and spreadsheets to monitor productions and such. While Matt could be tutored in this while working, Tim is doing it this way so Matt can be home with Martha and their new baby for the first months.
Peter will return to the plant but in an elevated role starting the following Monday. Tim tells him that for the rest of this week, he will have off to get ready for this transition. This will allow time for the announcement of the new positions to circulate through the plant. And for the investigation of the incompetent foreman.
Tim would like to have him out of the picture before announcing anything. And he knows by the end of tomorrow, things will be moving toward the foreman’s departure from Microga.
Needless to say, when the three men leave work this afternoon, all have reason to celebrate, each with their own partner.
After Peter and Matt depart, Tim quickly clears his desk of issues from the day. Heading out, he stops by Phillip Clark’s office to tell him about the results of today. A formal report of the details will be distributed later in the week. Besides telling Phillip about the new positions created, which Tim had full authority to do, he talked about the most significant concern discussed. The fox in the hen house, to say the least.
Phillip is pleased with the plan Tim outlines to do this week and is fully onboard. He and Tim will spend time in the plant the next couple of days and weed out the bad seed so that will be taken care of before Peter is back in the shop.
Tim, feeling fulfilled with the outcome of the day, heads home. He is earlier than Abbie tonight, so he has dinner ready when she arrives. Over the meal, Tim tells her all about the day and what is happening. Abbie couldn’t be happier, or prouder, of Tim to have risen to this place in the company and the self-assurance he now has in his position.
Abbie lauds Tim for his kindness and forward-thinking about giving Matt the time at home, telling him, “It sounds like someone deserves a reward for all he did today. What do you think?”
Tim laughs and says, “Perhaps we should adjourn upstairs to discuss this further.” The race is on to see who will be the first to the bedroom. Dishes are forgotten; they can be taken care of tomorrow.
Tim had changed after work, so just in a tee and shorts. Abbie is still dressed from work in a tighter dark skirt and a silk blouse with perhaps one too many buttons undone, but that is from since she got home and for Tim’s viewing interest.
Tim sits on the bed and pulls Abbie to stand in front of him. Tim says, “Do it slowly, show me a lovely striptease revealing what I crave.” Abbie laughs and begins to swing her hips slowly as her hands run seductively over her body.
One by one, the remaining blouse buttons are undone, and she slowly dropped it to the floor. Then turning around and wiggling her ass at Tim, she reaches around and unzips her skirt, which slides to the floor with the blouse. Turning back again, Abbie kicks them to the side, giving Tim a fantastic view of her just in spiked heels, silk stockings, a slinky pink garter belt, lace panties, and bra.
And one more item, her long string of pearls around her neck. Tim loves when Abbie wears them. Seeing them bounce against her breasts always thrills him. Now seeing them with just her undies adds to the show.
Abbie turns her back to Tim again, bends, and unhooks her stockings. Slowly rolling them down and off, stepping out of her heels. Abbie, bending over, her legs spread; the pearls are hanging down now, swinging between her legs. She offers Tim a peek of her boobs and nipples swaying between her legs.
The garter belt follows to the pile on the floor. Abbie reaches back and unhooks her bra, so it falls away, showing her bare back and spine. The vision of soft flesh running to the bottom of Abbie’s spine and top of her ass cheeks is breathtaking to Tim. Abbie tosses the pearl necklace over her shoulder to add to the appeal, so it is dangling down her spine, the tip dancing back and forth over her ass cheeks.
Abbie turns back around, winging the pearls to return to their home spot. Still holding the bra up with her armpits and her hands cupping her breasts, she stands for a minute, one leg lifted and bent a little. Then slowly lowers the bra to slide down her arms, revealing her breasts to Tim. The nipples are hard, and each jug firm and perk.
Now with just her panties and pearls, Tim can see the impression of Abbie’s special clit stiff and throbbing, bouncing the end of the pearls around with each shiver. Tim is gazing so hard at Abbie in this state. It is times like these that she is the most beautiful to him.
Abbie steps closer and lifts Tim's tee shirt off. It is added to the pile of clothes on the floor. Then she opens his shorts, and he lifts to help them, and his underwear, fall to the ground. Abbie presses him, so Tim is lying on the bed on his back. His legs are bending over the side.
Abbie straddles him, sitting on his knees. The pearls are now dangling down on his hard prick. She lifts them over her head and begins to wind them around Tim’s dick. Pulling them back and forth to give Tim’s cock a lovely feeling. Like the wooden ball foot massagers you roll your feet back and forth on, Tim’s balls receive a massage from the string of pearls.
Abbie smiles down on Tim as she moves the pearls up and down on his stiff shaft. He moans with the pleasure this is offering him. Then Abbie slides to kneel between his spread legs. Not stopping the pearl massage, she takes Tim’s glans into her mouth and sucks it while running her tongue over his slit.
Taking more and more of Tim’s prick into her mouth, the pearls move down Tim’s shaft to the base to churn just above his balls. Abbie moves her mouth from his prick and concentrates on his balls. Sucking them one by one, and the pearls play on. Soon Tim’s balls are hard as rocks as Abbie sucks and stretches them.
Tim feels his sperm pressing up into his cock, ready to launch. Abbie’s timing is terrific. She has come to know precisely when Tim is at that breaking point. She shifts back to sucking his glans while now wrapping the pearls around Tim’s balls also.
Tim's cock is bound, and as Abbie pulls on the pearls, he can feel the cum pressing up to be released. His glans is dark purple, and precum is dripping out in a string. Abbie licks it all up and continues to suck just the head and ridge now, urging Tim to release.
Holding back as long as he can, Tim knows Abbie’s play is directed at finishing him off now. He gives in and explodes with long string after string of cum bursting from him. Four, no five streams of cum empty from him. That is one of the hardest climaxes Tim ever had.
Gasping for breath as his heart pounds, Abbie climbs on the bed next to him, caresses his hair, and wipes the sweat from his brow. She smiles at him and<b> kisses </font></b>him softly. Letting him recuperate from what he just experienced.
For Tim, it is an ending of a perfect day. But it is not quite the end. Calmed, he reaches for his boxers and slides them on. He puts Abbie’s pearls back around her neck and tells her just to stay that way, pearls and panties, while they clean up the kitchen.
Abbie laughs because she knows when Tim said to forget about the dishes, that would never happen. One of Tim’s habits, or quirks, is he can’t leave the kitchen messy. Even when he makes meals, everything is cleaned as he goes, and after, all plates, silver, even glasses must be washed or loaded in the dishwasher.
Abbie is more of a person who just throws the dishes in the sink to soak and eventually, when the basin is full, wash them. Another thing she is learning to adjust to being with Tim. But all the rewards are worth a few minor differences.
So, barely dressed, as they are, they return to the kitchen to clean it up while enjoying a mug of tea each. Everything finished. It now around nine o’clock. They start to head towards the bed.
Then Tim’s phone rings.

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