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Tim and Abbie 61: Matt and Martha’s celebration  

Clairew1959 62F  
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6/11/2021 2:19 pm
Tim and Abbie 61: Matt and Martha’s celebration

Getting off earlier than usual after the positive ending to their meeting, Matt makes one quick stop on his way home to share the news with Martha. The stop is to get some sparkling grape juice to toast the new job. With Martha unable to drink as now within days of her due date, sparkling juice will have to do.
Arriving home, he takes Martha in his arms and spins her around while kissing her. She could see the excitement in Matt’s eyes from the moment he walked in the door. She giggles as he puts her down. Turns to the kitchen cupboard, Matt gets two champagne glasses.
Opening the fake stuff bottle, Matt promises her bottles of real champagne as soon as their little one joins them. He fills the glasses and raises his with Martha following his lead. Matt toasts to his promotion to Microga’s new Manager of Corporate Vision. Martha squeals and hugs him, managing a sip of the juice all more or less at the same time. She pulls Matt into the living room to sit while he tells her all about what happened.
Matt relays to her almost word for word what happened between kisses and hugs. Even about Peter and him mentioning the bad boss. Matt comments, “And Tim was so good about it, and so Tim. He did not want to know the name, saying from what we told him, he said he would be able to identify him for himself. So there is to be no worry there.”
He wanders some from telling Martha about what happened to talk more about Tim. How he has so blossomed, it seems, and how Tim fits his job and properly uses his position and power.
The two talk about the arrival of Abbie, and Matt relays what Tim said over lunch. Both agree from what Tim told Matt and Peter, Abbie is even more precious than they imagined. They are so glad to see Tim happy now. It has worried and saddened them since first knowing Tim how he expected so little from life - like he didn’t deserve it.
Martha, perhaps the most sensitive of the , has often tried to include Tim in more things. Even in . Inviting him to go to a movie or party with them, Tim always shied away. Over time they accepted Tim’s timidity, but it did still worry them.
Now it is like their caterpillar finally has emerged from his cocoon. And what a magnificent butterfly he is. He was still doing more than right by his friends, taking them with him on his flight higher and higher. Talking about Tim brings tears of joy to Martha’s eyes. And with that, a place in her heart for Abbie.
Returning to their discussion's main topic, Matt tells Martha about working from home for the next three months. Through tears, Martha comments, “That is just like Tim. Knowing the is soon to arrive to make it possible for you to be home with us to start.” In Martha’s eyes, as brilliant as Tim’s star has always been, it now glows even brighter.
Getting back in hand, tears gone, they talk and plan how this new position and salary will help them in so many ways. Laughing together, they think about all the things they can get now, which they had put off before not to overspend.
Happy and laughing, the two get more playful. Someone would think there is<b> alcohol </font></b>in their drinks. Matt takes off his suit jacket and loosens his tie. Martha grabs his tie and lowering herself between his legs, pulls him forward first to kiss, saying, “Well, Mr. Executive, I’m going to have to learn how a man of your stature likes to be pleased.”
Saying this, as she drops the tie, she is skillfully undoing his pants. Soon undone and his prick free from constraints, even better than this weekend, Martha sucks and licks Matt’s cock as the fever builds within them both.
Martha gasps a couple of times as she sucks Matt as she feels what she thinks is her vag clenching. She no attention as those moments have come and gone all afternoon. Right now, she is getting hornier and hornier as she sucks Matt’s prick in celebration. He is reaching the climax stage, and as Martha feels his cock trembling in her mouth, her passion is rising higher and higher.
Hand play over Matt’s balls, squeezing them to milk them, pulling them some to ready his juices. Licking Matt’s balls and sucking them as she moves her fingers to Matt’s taint to press rhythmically against his prostate. Moaning louder and louder, Matt wiggles out of his pants when his back arches up.
Martha knows how to push all Matt’s buttons. She can take such control when they are having sex. Matt is more than willing to relinquish authority to her as Martha always makes sure he has terrific climaxes. Even if she doesn’t at times. Matt always wants her to experience those peaks too, so fingering her or eating her is an after delight always.
Today, Matt moans and gasps as he is feeling his sperm stirring and ready to launch. “, , I’m… , I’m going to !” Matt cries as his jissom blasts from him. He moans deeply as the last drips escape.
Martha takes the first part of his in her mouth. Then she moves her mouth back and tilts Matt, so the rest covered his mons and stomach. “That’s it, sweetie, let it all out. Let all that top brass release,” Martha says as she licks up all the residue. “Umm, your tastes even higher now,” she Matt.
Laughing, Matt pulls her up next to him on the couch. He kisses her over and over to taste his sperm on her lips. Martha needs more tonight. Not just Matt’s gentle caressing of her clit. She is horny as hell.
Between not having real satisfaction for the last few months and now the giddiness she feels hearing about Matt’s new position, she lays back against the pillows on the couch and spreads her legs.
“Matt, please, please, I need it so bad, eat , please,” Martha begs. Matt looks into her eyes and realizes she is very serious and needs this more than any of the cravings she has had over the last few months. As she arches her back to lift her ass, Matt lowers her panties off her.
Bowing his head her dress, timidly first, he opens her labia and explores Martha’s vag and clit with his fingers. She begins deep inside her to moan as Matt gets more confident.
Soon he is sucking her clit and teasing it as Martha has enjoyed for years. Matt tries to be careful of her swollen belly as he bumps against it as he orally pleasures the woman he loves. Hearing the whimpers and sighs he is so familiar with, Matt presses fingers up in her vag as he sucks her cunt. In a rhythm now, Martha is getting closer and closer.
Matt moves his fingers, and using them to hold Martha wide, he begins to tongue her vagina, pressing in against her throbbing sides. Tighter and tighter, she clenches, crying over and over. Knowing the end for her is insight, Tim laps on.
Suddenly, this strange climax comes over Martha. As she clenches and arches her back, she feels another spasm accompany what she is feeling. So different. And then, fluids squirt from her, not the taste of her usually juices to Matt. His is covered with the film.
Martha cries now, as much in ecstasy but also as a contraction seizes her. the same time, Matt pulls back and realizes that Martha hasn’t just become a squirter. A phenomenon they have pondered, if even a reality when they have seen things illuding to it. No, her water just broke, and she is having a contraction.
“, Martha, how long have you been having contractions? How far apart? Didn’t you realize?” Matt cries with concern.
In response, Martha starts laughing, holding her sides as she feels another contraction overtake her, now very apparent that is what it is. Matt looks at her with concern but seeing that she seems to be okay and the reality of what just happened becoming clear to him, he joins her laughing.
Pulling themselves together, Matt cleans Martha up and gets her prepacked bag. Now timing the contractions, they are about minutes apart. They are getting longer and stronger and a shorter time between. There is no mistaking what they are now.
Driving to the hospital, Martha makes Matt swear he will never tell anyone what they were doing when her water broke. It is hilarious between them but would be embarrassing for others to know. Both Martha and Matt know that the oral stimulation did not cause her water to break. It is just a coincidence. However, others could make a long-running joke about it.
Matt promises as he feels the same way. As they approach the hospital, he calls Martha’s to let her know the moment has arrived. Checking in and wheeled to the labor and delivery room, things become profoundly serious for Martha and Matt.
Is this finally going to happen? Are they going to have a in a short while? After all the failures, will they finally have a to love and see grow?
Martha and Matt are quiet as the doctor comes in to check on Martha. Holding her hand, Matt just stares into her eyes. If anything goes wrong, Matt knows that he will feel responsible for engaging in play when the was so close in the back of his mind.
None of that is a concern, the obstetrician is pleased with the level Martha is dilating, and the is positioned to enter the world. Asking Martha questions about the and pains, she realizes she had started having contractions since early afternoon, but not that strong, or extended, so she just shrugged them off.
Everything is going well. Matt calls his parents to let them know what is happening, and an hour later, both sets of parents are at the hospital and get to see Martha. Almost like the event is scheduled down to the last minute. After having a few words with all the parents, the contractions ramp up.
Coming sooner and harder, Matt and Martha work together using the tricks they learned in their classes. A half-hour later, a cry fills the room. Matt and Martha are the parents of a healthy . After a few minutes alone, just the three of them, the and Martha, are cleaned up for visiting grandparents.
While they are cooing and fussing over their first grandchild on either side, Matt leaves the room. in the waiting room, he makes another . Outside of family, he knows this is who he wants to share the news with the most.
The phone rings in Tim and Abbie’s kitchen. Tim answers.
Hearing the fantastic news, he congratulated Matt over and over. Tentatively Tim asks if he and Abbie could come to the hospital to see their new . Matt tells him that is what he hoped they are willing to do. Tim promises they will be there soon.
Looking at the clock, it is just going on ten. Abbie and he quickly dress again and hurry to the hospital. Both are overflowing with love and hopes for the new family.
While Matt is out calling Tim, Martha gushes and tells their parents about what happened at work for Matt today. All are delighted and appreciative to Tim also. He has helped Matt for so long, in such important ways, never expecting anything in return.
When Tim and Abbie arrive, the new grandparents greet Tim warmly and are tickled to meet Abbie, who they have already heard about over the weekend. They all leave the room for a bit, so Tim and Abbie have their turn seeing the .
As Abbie coos over the and says all the silly things people do such time, Tim is slapping Matt on the back and apologizing for not getting cigars. Both the men laugh at that as neither have ever smoked.
After the initial levity, Abbie asks if they have chosen a name for the yet?
Matt replies, “That is what we wanted to see you here about. Tim, you have done so much for and Martha over the years, culminating with what happened today. We would like to name the after you, Timara. Well, Timara Leigh.”
Tim blushes with such a tribute being given to him. Tears fill all of their eyes as he replies, “Matt, everything you achieved has been through your own abilities and hard work. I am honored to have this sweet little share my name.”
Tears and hugs are exchanged. Abbie holds the for a few minutes, and then all can see Martha starting to fade . From all the excitement followed by one of the most laborious tasks, who wouldn’t be worn ? Kisses are shared as Tim and Abbie say their goodbyes with promises to stop by later in the week when the new family is settled at home.
Driving home, Abbie holds Tim’s hand tight. Both their eyes still dewy with tears. They quietly talk about the happiness Matt and Martha finally have after years of trying. At home, Tim fixes them nightcaps. He brings the drinks to the bedroom. Tim finds Abbie sitting up in bed with her laptop, already searching and ordering things for the new Tim(ara) in their lives.
Tim just shakes his head her but soon looks on as Abbie shops and points things to add to their cart. What a wonderful from start to finish.

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6/11/2021 3:29 pm

Oh wow I was hopping to read it.

One can never have enough fun-private mail on my blog.

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