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Tim and Abbie 64: Followed by a visit to Wilde Peacock  

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6/14/2021 5:21 pm
Tim and Abbie 64: Followed by a visit to Wilde Peacock

Brian, when talking with Abbie on Friday night, quietly thanked her for helping Mark get this point. And how pleased he is that Mark’s friends are so accepting and welcoming. There are more hoops Mark still has jump through, and Brian hopes Abbie and Tim could be at Wilde Peacock tomorrow afternoon. Brian is going to take Mark there for the first time.
Abbie laughs, telling Brian he will be introducing Mark to the Peacock in full force. Tomorrow is Phoebe’s annual bar birthday. The date she first opened the pub twelve ago. Brian joins her laughter, remembering some of the all-day parties in the past.
“Yes, this will be an awakening for Mark the other side of the world,” Brian chuckles. Abbie assures Brian that she and Tim, and Grace and Sam, will be there with Phoebe and Les by early afternoon. The conversation is left there as Mark comes back over them.
When leaving, Abbie and Brian wink at each other, confirming their conspiracy. Abbie reminds Grace about the party at Peacock’s tomorrow, and she is all in for a fun afternoon. Abbie talks about the day ahead with Tim on the way home, and he too is rather excited to see the Peacock ‘in full force,’ as Phoebe and Abbie described it Thursday night. He is anxious to be a part of the celebration.
For Tim, since being with Abbie, it is nice how welcoming it is to be at the Peacock—knowing the owner and now being close friends. Meeting all the regulars over time, that he is always greeted by everyone when he walks in. He knows in part that it is all because of Abbie, but it is nice to have a place where everybody knows your name.
Even as long as the gang has been going to the Sports Bar, Tim only knows the owner and bartender by name. And less than a handful of the customers. It has always just been the gang together with no outsiders. But now, with the acceptance over just weeks of others the group, it is nice be expanding that circle. With the party tonight, he did meet and talk to many of the other regulars for the first time.
After a restful night, Tim and Abbie are up and ready to join the festivities by one o’cloc Before leaving, Abbie sits Tim down for a bit of a serious tal Tim looks at his love so somber, laughing himself how hot Abbie looks like that.
“Tim today is going to be vastly different at the Peacock than you have experienced before. The whole Peacock community will be there, and many competing to outdo each other. This is the Peacock’s Mardi Gras, more or less. No holes barred. There will be suggestive dancing and even more intimate activities. And the costumes of some.
“Try not to stare, just take it all in, and enjoy. I even have trouble not staring at times, but it all is in fun, and you don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. That is the last thing the Peacock is. We are going to be at the ring-side table with the owner so that we will see it all.”
Tim laughs and promises Abbie he will not embarrass her by gawking too much. “But have we dressed appropriately for the party?” he asks. Abbie assures him that his khaki pants and pale green polo shirt make him look desirable. She is dressed in a flowery, low-cut dress with -quarter sleeves in shades of pink, white, and light blue. Appropriate for the season and weather and the party. The dress makes her look so sexy. The darker eye shadow and the thicker liner do give her a sexually alluring loo
They hear the cab arrive and head out on their way. Knowing that partying the day away, a cab home would be a requirement, Tim called for one after they finished a late brunch.
Grace and Sam did the same thing ordering a cab and had a similar conversation as Abbie had alerted Grace what would be ahead today. Both men are curious about what the afternoon and evening will hold.
Over at Brian and Mark’s house, Brian also relays the warning about this afternoon not being a typical day at the Peacoc After introducing Brian his friends, Mark is now anxious see where Brian spends part of his life.
Brian, being reminded by Abbie what today at Wilde Peacock is, wants to be sure Mark understands this is a different kind of day than usual at the pub. That Mark will be initiated fully into this new life he has chosen.
Brian is a bit worried that Mark might say or do something stupid as he is adjusting to his new lifestyle. But Mark wants to be a part of this day and promises to behave.
Brian and Mark dress casually like Tim but wearing matching light pink polo shirts. Brian pins a small double Mars symbol pin on Mark’s<b> collar </font></b>and puts one on himself. “Just to let everyone know you are taken,” Brian says as he kisses Mark and squeezes his ass cheeks. Mark blushes over the statement that he is taken. It sends shivers through his whole body.
Responding to Brian’s kiss, he whispers, perhaps we could be a little late getting there, as he rubs Brian’s cock through his pants. Brian gently spanks Mark’s hand away and assures him they will be fully ready for such diversions by the end of the evening. Their cab arrives also, and they are on their way.
The couples arrive at the pub at the same time. Getting out of their cabs, they greet each other with hugs and kisses before entering. When greeting, Abbie whispers Mark, “Don’t worry, this is the first time at the party for the other too. I think after the initial reaction, you will enjoy yourself.”
In they wal The Pub has green carnations on all the tables in honor of Wilde and decorated in rainbow colors, and peacock feathers are out in full force.
The Peacock is already full of people dressed in all different ways and costumes. The dance floor is full, as are most tables and at the bar. Abbie leads them through the crowd reach the large round table front and center where Les is sitting. All greet her warmly, and Mark is introduced.
Les winks at Abbie knowing Mark’s whole back story. But he is so well-behaved today. And the symbolism of his attire is not lost on Abbie. All are engaged in a lively conversation when Phoebe can break free and join the group. Again introduction to Mark is made, and she welcomes him to her pub graciously.
Drinks are served, and waiters are making rounds around the tables with different delicacies from the kitchen. Mark is interested in these and is impressive in his ability to identify the ingredients in each. He complements Phoebe on the flavors of each and the unique combinations.
Soon Abbie and Grace are matching Phoebe and Les with peacock feathers in their hair. The men with green carnations pinned to their shirts. The festive mood fills the bar.
Gyrations on the dance floor are picking up and becoming more erotic, actually moving to pornographic for many. Scantily dressed individuals are showing more and more of themselves for the audience watching. With the strobe lights and disco balls flashing, that corner of the bar is taking on a surreal look to gaze at.
Phoebe has the bar well-staffed today, and if anyone gets too revealing, there is a waiter quickly by them to ease them back into their clothing. All done in a friendly but no-nonsense way.
Like, Grace and Sam, Mark tries not to show his amazement at everything that is happening around him. But the gyrations on the dance floor, and intimacies at the different tables and booths, today Wilde Peacock is closer to a sex club than a corner pub for sure.
After a while, Mark stands and asks the way to the bathroom. Brian quickly stands also and tells Mark he will show him. Going to the unisex bathroom, there is a bit of a line for the center metal urinal trough. As Mark finally steps up and unzip, he feels Brian’s hand reach forward around his waist.
Brian’s hand slips into Mark’s pants and brings out Mark’s cock to hold over the urinal. For Mark, this is an arousing surprise for Brian to help him in this intimate act. Standing closely behind Mark, Brian presses his body against him so Mark can feel Brian’s rising cock against his ass. Brian whispers in his ear, “Relax and pee. I am just showing all that you are my property, so no one steps over the line with you.”
Hearing that Brian is publicly announcing Mark is his alone to all here stirs him in such a different way. Yes, the tingles from his cock out through his body, but they are mingling with throbs from his heart also, filling him so with gladness that Brian claims him. Finishing pissing, Mark turns to Brian and kisses him deeply. A catcall goes up in the bathroom.
Mark hugs him and asks Brian if he wants Mark to help him pee now too. Brian smiles as he wants nothing more than to have Mark do so. With trembling hands, Mark opens Brian’s pants and reaches inside to bring out his pric Holding in gently like a rare, valued wand, Mark Brian’s cock downward allow him pee.
Feeling the piss course through Brian’s shaft is such a personal act be part of. As he holds Brian, he looks towards a stall from where he hears sounds. Looking down, he sees there are four legs in the cubicle. From the direction they are pointing, Mark realizes men are fucking in the stall. This turns him on even more. There is such a bulge in his pants now as Mark shakes Brian and carefully puts his prick back in his pants.
This is a bit of a tight fit as Brian is semi-hard now also. He, too, is aware of what is happening in the stall. As they step away from the trough, Brian takes Mark’s hand and leads him to a large empty booth. Locking the door, the fall into each other’s arms, kissing deeply. This tiny act has had a deep effect on both of them.
Feeling their hard cocks rubbing against each other, Mark quietly begs into Brian’s ear, “Please, please, take right now, I am yours.” Brian smiles and turns Mark face the toilet and press his hands against the wall behind it.
He opens Mark’s pants which quickly drop to the floor, followed by his underwear. Brian knows that all the restroom occupants have to be watching them now after seeing them go into the stall after urinating. He opens his pants enough to pull out his cock and balls. He sticks fingers in his mouth wet spread on Mark’s asshole for lubricant.
Then running his cock up and down Mark’s crack as he begs please over and over, Brian presses his glans up into Mar Brian holds still for a moment for Mark adjust what will come. Mark is already breathing heavy, excited be doing this so publicly. Something he would never have imagined doing.
And with a grunt, Mark feels Brian all up in him. Oh, it feels so good. As it should be. Brian is filling Mark thoroughly, being so close him. At this moment, Mark would agree be Brian’s slave and do whatever he ordered.
As that fleeting thought crosses his mind, it is followed with the knowledge that Brian would never want Mark be his slave. He is too kind, caring, and loving ever to want anything but an equal partner.
The whole act is relatively quick as both are so aroused by the place and situation they cannot hold bac Brian is holding Mark’s cock, so when he cums it will spray into the toilet. Jerking it some to help that occur. Feeling the tightness of Mark around him is making it fast work for Brian also.
They have never fucked standing up before, and the act of banging against Mark’s ass as he bends some over the toilet adds to this new adventure. They soon are the ones giving out a final moan as both climax together.
Mark and Brian turn to face each other and, with the tails of their shirts, try to wipe themselves off as Brian bends and pulls up Mark’s pants for him. Tucked in again, and both with red faces, in part from their recent activity, but also the fact that they now must face a full bathroom as they leave.
Feeling a little cocky, as Mark walks to the restroom exit, he just nods to the people smiling at him. Behind him, Brian spanks his ass to speed Mark out the door and stop peacocking. However, he laughs at that thought. Where else would it be better to strut like a peacock than this pub?
Seeing them walk back to the table, Abbie smiles to herself, remembering when she claimed Tim in the same bathroom. Though from the looks of things, those took it a step further.
Back at the table, trying to look innocent, the others can recognize the signs of someone freshly fucked good and all smile and joke with them. Phoebe comes behind Mark and pats his back, saying, “Well, Mark, it looks like you have been fully initiated as a member of the Wilde Peacoc I hope see you here regularly.”
Mark responds with a laugh and tells her that even without his ‘initiation,’ he will be back for the food as it is so delicious and different. He would like the recipes. This leads a conversation for a short time between them. Where Phoebe gets her ingredients? Then Mark offering set up a deal for her with his grocery store to provide the freshest items for her.
They don’t have long to talk, as Phoebe is wanted by everyone today, but they plan to talk more about this on a less hectic day.
Yes, Mark is adapting to the new life he has carved out for himself and becoming someone pleasant to be around. So much so that Abbie invites him and Brian to next Thursday’s dinner at their house. Saying that Mark and Phoebe would have an opportunity to chat more then.
The afternoon flies past quickly—more food and drinks. Time on the dance floor mingling so close with other dancers, smiling, and chatting with them. The heady smell of mixed perfumes and body heat and scent keeps everyone’s libidos on high alert. Especially when a slow dance comes on. Then dancing closely with their partners, many felt the beginning arousal creeping from them.
This Saturday began a grey and gloomy day, but inside the Peacock, it is lively and pleasant. After more food and a slow down of drinks, the main table begins to say their farewells as they call for cabs to take them home. Grace, Sam, Brian, and Mark, all going more or less in the same direction, share a taxi. Tim and Abbie get into the next one for their short ride home.
Holding Abbie in the back of the cab, Tim tells her that they will have to put a couple more leaves in the dining room table as their Thursday dinners continue to grow.

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That was hot!

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