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Starting a new story I have been working on. I hope you enjoy it. A bit different but you might find it stirs something in you.
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Tim and Abbie 45: As do other things
Posted:Feb 26, 2021 1:44 pm
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2021 10:8 am

August does bring many new things into Abbie and Tim’s life. They would have never imagined that five weeks could hold so much. started out as told, with a new license for Abbie, a car for Tim, and what got to be part of their regular weekday schedule.
It starts with Abbie, seeing that Tim’s hair is getting a bit long and messy, taking things into her own hands. Since meeting Abbie that fateful night after stopping at his barber on the way home, Tim has had one haircut in June, which Abbie cringed over but said nothing.
Now, though, is time for Tim the role of his position. She calls her unisex hair salon and book appointments for both her and Tim. While now being a two-car household, Abbie and Tim, for the most part, still drive work and home together. So when Abbie announces their appointments as she climbs into the car on Tuesday evening, Tim is a bit taken back.
Tim questions what she means about both of them, and in between giving Tim directions to the salon, Abbie calmly explains, “Tim, your hair is getting long, which I love, but it so needs some styling. And I need to get a trim at the least, as it has been a few months now.
So Tim resigns himself to the ordeal ahead.
At the salon, Abbie is greeted as a regular customer, and the hair tech scheduled for Tim’s metamorphosis looks at him, runs her hands through his locks, and smiles, “Oh, I can see how this could be much more stylish.”
Tim blushes at the attention but allows himself to be led to a chair. Abbie is right beside him in the next chair and smiling encouragingly at him. Both are tipped back over the sinks for their hair to be washed. This is something Tim never experienced at the barber.
Even though Abbie is used to being shampooed now, it still does something each time her hair is washed like this. Tim makes the magic happen when he shampoos her hair but in a different way.
As said, is new Tim, along with the feelings he experiences. Feeling the warm water being sprayed over his head as he leans back in the chair is such a fantastic start for what is come. Tim closes his eyes as he feels shampoo applied and then the fingers scrubbing the soap in and massaging his head.
Tim’s mind wanders as he realizes that though is just his head being cleaned and rubbed, he feels the sensation through his whole body. is as though different parts of his skull are sending out messages various nerves in his body. is like someone turned on a full-body vibrator.
He doesn’t want stop. And the beautician is taking her time with him. She sees him shudder a few times and know the attention she is giving him is being fully appreciated. The heated water from the spray is running around Tim’s head, washing all the soap away. It is like a soothing stream calming him some.
Then the beautician again is rubbing his head, working in the conditioner. Again Tim’s body is trembling, feeling the sparks going off all over his body. When she gives the final rinse, Tim manages to come down from the lofty heights he just was taken to. She dries his hair, rubbing it with a warm towel.
Turning to lead Tim to her station, as he stands, Tim is unsure if he will be able to walk after that. But he can make it to the chair. Though used to it as said, Abbie goes through much the as Tim getting her hair washed. is just something about leaning back, giving control someone else care for your needs, which can feel so erotic.
Abbie is unsure if the beauticians know this feeling from experiencing or unaware of their power arouse customers for a few minutes. doesn’t matter. While can seem like goes on for a half-hour or so, in reality, the whole process is closer five minutes at best. The wicked smile and wink each other that Abbie sees as they walk their stations seem suggest perhaps they do.
Tim, so relaxed now, accepts having his hair cut and styled. Abbie is giving instructions from the next chair as her hair is being trimmed and fashioned. The beautician understands and agrees with Abbie’s vision for Tim and gets work. As she is finishing, she asks both Tim and Abbie about his mustache and beard.
Abbie looks at Tim, and seeing his new hair look, asks him, “Tim, do you want keep your beard and mustache? could just be trimmed, but I think you would great with it shaved off.”
Tim had been so proud of himself years ago when he could grow facial hair like this. But viewing himself in the mirror, he can see with his new ‘do,’ which he does like, perhaps clean-shaven would better. He tells the beautician yes, shave all off.
His immediate acceptance of such a suggestion surprises Abbie some, but she just smiles at him.
A warm towel is wrapped around Tim’s face, and he realizes that in part, he is agreeing to shed his beard so as to receive more personal attention. After a few minutes, the towel is removed, and the beautician begins to shave him with long, careful strokes.
With his eyes half-closed enjoying this, it is added to as the beautician, is well-endowed, bends over shave him, her boobs peeping out of her dress as she concentrates on her job. Tim enjoys the view as she does.
Another warm towel is wrapped around his face for a few minutes until was time for the unveiling of Tim’s new . As his chair is straightened back up and the towel removed, they all at Tim see. Tim in the mirror, Abbie and the beautician looking at him.
Tim looks terrific, so much better. But Abbie and the beautician begin laugh a little. An aspect of shaving Tim’s face in the summer is apparent. Tim looks at them both and then back at the mirror, and he begins chuckle also.
The whole bottom half of his face is somewhat pale, compared to his cheeks and forehead, which are tan from the summer sun for the last couple of months. While the three enjoy its humor, they all also know that such a until can get tanned is not a new executive's .
The beautician comes the rescue. She puts some cream on the bottom half of Tim’s face and then leads him to one of the tanning rooms the salon has. is a smaller room and geared for just a facial tan. She wraps a towel around the top of Tim’s face now and tells him to lean into the face guide to start.
Not even a half-hour later, Tim is finished and comes back out. His ‘new ’ is complete. The facial tanning does darken his lower face enough, so is not too noticeable. By the end of next weekend, being out is the sun working, will even out for sure.
Abbie’s hair looks nice also. always does, but with a couple of inches trimmed off and shaped, she looks so lovely. Leaving the shop together, Tim puts his arm around Abbie’s shoulder and says, “Thank you, my love, this does look much better than spending a few bobs on a barber’s cut. It will just mean getting used to shaving my full face again rather than just around the cheeks and neck.”
Abbie laughs and tells him that she could try to learn to shave him. But Tim declines the suggestion considering the ‘she would try to learn’ part.
Later that week, Abbie receives a from the Chairman’s wife. “Hi Abbie, this is Ruth Clarke. We met and chatted at the dinner for Tim at Microga a couple of weeks ago.”
Abbie collects herself, remembering meeting and chatting with Ruth at the dinner. It is interesting Abbie that Ruth does not mention anything about her husband is, Phillip Clarke, the Chairman of Microga. “Hi Ruth, how nice hear from you. How have you been?”
Ruth answers get the point, “Oh, we are both doing fine. Why I called, were you serious about giving me a tour of Pathways? I would so like to see and learn more about your organization. As long as is convenient for you, I do not want interfere with your work.”
Abbie is processing what Ruth is saying. She had invited Ruth when she expressed interest, but Abbie thought it was more Ruth being polite. But now so soon requesting it. Abbie responds, “Oh, Ruth, I would love show you around. How about Friday afternoon this week?” Abbie’s suggestion is based on the fact that she knows Les will be that day and thought the two women should meet if Ruth is seriously interested.
Ruth readily agrees, and is decided she would come on Friday at one o’clock. Abbie's mind, still whirling from the , spends about an hour outlining the areas and people Ruth should see. Abbie emails the different individuals, including the director, requesting them to be available that afternoon. That finished, along with the rest of her tasks for the day, Abbie heads out to wait for Tim to pick her up.
The director stopped her as she goes by and congratulates her for encouraging Ruth Clarke to visit. Abbie is a bit confused by his excitement and knowing Ruth Clark is. “Getting someone of her standing in the community consider perhaps donating and sponsoring Pathways would be a real plume in our cap,” he says.
Abbie, saying good night, as she goes out get in the car with Tim, wonders, ‘I didn’t think of Ruth’s visit like that, I hope they don’t push that agenda too much at Ruth.’
In the car, as they drive home, Abbie tells Tim about her , invitation, and the director’s comments. Tim agrees with her. It is interesting that Ruth Clarke has such interest in Pathways, and it is kind of Abbie to do so for her. As for the director’s second agenda, he too hopes it is not something pushed on Ruth.
Abbie tells him she picked Friday as Les will be at the Pathways that day and hope she can help buffer such attempts. Tim suggests they stop at the Wilde Peacock for a drink and to talk about it with Les. Abbie quickly agrees, both for the opportunity to explain to Les and go to the Peacock on a weeknight, which she doesn’t often do anymore.
The stop is well worth it. They have a great talk with Les, is all onboard offer defense if needed. They all laugh at this analogy. is lovely spend time with friends and the people they have come know at the bar. They stay for a couple of hours, catching up on all the different people's current activities.
Heading home with some -go food for the evening, Tim and Abbie are confident Friday’s tour will go well.
Friday afternoon arrives, as does Ruth Clarke. Abbie greets her and begins the tour showing her their facilities while explaining their help to the LBGTQ community without judgment or pressure. Assisting them with legal issues, including discrimination hearings and settlements. Counseling, from how to cope with family reaction to how to accept your leanings for yourself. Abbie touches on helping with sex reassignment surgery but does not make it a key focal point.
Early in the tour, Abbie introduces Ruth to Les, accompanies them on the tour and adds side points and clarification as they go. They spend over two hours seeing, but mainly talking about the functions of Pathways.
Towards the end, Ruth is introduced to the director, and while she is kind to him, she semi-brushed him aside from continuing with them. Back at Abbie’s office, the three women relax over cups of tea. Ruth then explains her interest.
“Phillip knows I was coming here today for a tour, and he fully supports it. He also is alright with what I am about to explain to you. And Abbie, he also with you sharing this with Tim,” Ruth begins.
Both other women are curious as Ruth continues, “Our , Sharon, is now approaching her mid-thirties. Sharon has been in a relationship with a transgender for over ten years. Sharon and Mike started together prior to Mike undergoing any sex reassignment surgery. He was from the start Mike to Sharon.
“Phillip and I were genuinely concerned at first, as we did not understand the situation or why they would be drawn to each other. But Sharon is our , and early on, we realized that we had accept and understand or lose contact with our probably.
“Since, we have learned more about it and been supportive through the surgeries Mike has had. He has yet had genital reassignment, and not sure he will. Over the years, we, Phillip and I, have gotten know Mike very well.
“We like and love him unconditionally, welcoming him as part of our family, knowing he is making our happy. Mike has appreciated this, as his parents have not been able come terms with their now being a man.
“But be honest, and I should probably not even care, but I don’t understand how sexually things work between Sharon and Mike,” Ruth concluded.
Both Abbie and Les are a little surprised with this confession but express their appreciation for Ruth being so open and offering any support they could provide.
Ruth smiles through the tears which are welling in her eyes, “That is so kind of you both. I am not sure if any will be needed, but it might. Phillip and I have been noticing some tension between Sharon and Mike lately. Pathways sounded like a source for counseling from individuals in the type of relationships.”
Their tea done, the three women come together in a group hug with promises to keep in touch. Ruth looks at the time and sees it is going on five o’clock, “Ladies, the tea was delicious, but would you like to get a cocktail to leave things on a more cheerful note?” Both agree that would be pleasant. Abbie calls Tim to let him know. He laughs and tells her not to have too many.
It is decided that Abbie will ride with Ruth and Les follow in her car. A place is picked about halfway between Pathways and Microga locations. Ruth calls her husband to tell him what is up, which leads to an interesting addition to the afternoon.
Phillip catches Tim on his way out. Phillip asks him if he knows about the ladies' cocktail hour? Tim laughs with him and says he has heard also. Phillip suggests they go somewhere else for a couple of drinks nearby and then join the ladies a little later to surprise them. Phillip has an ulterior motive for this suggestion but will let it be known at the proper time.
The ladies settled in a booth with cocktails chat amicably to start, then Ruth, hesitating some, shyly asks Abbie about herself, and her and Tim. Abbie knows Ruth is not just a nosey parker wanting the dirt, but a mother trying to understand her and doing her best to learn from others.
Abbie explains about her youth and self-discovery. The trial of making this change in her life; her family’s still not understanding or accepting; her experiences before Tim; and then the amazing surprise of Tim in her life. His accepting her for she is, and their working together to understand obstacles and how to work around them. Finishing with tears in her eyes now, about how she loves Tim so. What a good, ethical, kind, and loving man she is so grateful to have found.
“And Ruth,” Abbie begins, “To get down to the nitty-gritty of it all, this is just between us. I will try to explain sex between Tim and me. Though perhaps it should be told as two other people’s interactions. It is different from what is between Sharon and Mike, but many dynamics are the . First, understand, while sex plays a role, the feelings between the two people are what matters most. Knowing completely that the other person is going be for you, the kindness and caring you both have for each other, and yes, the love that develops.”
Saying this, Abbie begins her scenario.
The sexual relationship between a transgender female and her male partner is dependent on, or if and how much, sexual reassignment surgery she has had done. The surgery I had done is breast enhancement. I do take some hormone prescriptions, but just mildly. And I do have laser hair removal regularly remove all hair from my face etc.
Sex between a transgender woman on the level as I am and a partner can be different. If they ‘link-up’ just for sexual release with no real feeling for each other, it is all just technical and not all that rewarding. I have had enough experience with that in my past.
Finding a true partner, as I have finally, is different. Sex then becomes an act of love and can be so wonderful, as I have found out. The man and woman do not recognize the woman’s ‘equipment’ as anything other than their ‘clit’ – and in my case, my ‘clit’ is not very large, so it is easier imagine. The balls are seen as the labia, and what is referred as the ‘back vagina’ is seen as that also.
The woman does all the things any sexually charged female would do with their guy. Starting with long and sensuous kissing for a while as both caresses each other’s back and thighs. That brings such a rush through the woman’s and man’s, I think, bodies as foreplay begins.
This part is close what any heterosexual couple, or a transgender and his female partner. is amusing realize that the preliminaries are all so similar regardless of an individual’s leanings. We all are so similar in what arouses us, and we enjoy. Well, all sexually open individuals. Those repress human sexual nature can’t understand any of the enjoyment people find having sexual relations.
Moving on with foreplay, he moves down my chest and sucks and plays with my tits. Which while not large, the surgery did make them very firm and perky.
At this moment, Abbie realizes she is describing things between her and Tim and speaking that way. Oh well, the point of the description works either way and getting this point of relaying Abbie can feel herself aroused and speaking personally probable is the way continue.
That said, by now, we have undressed each other and ourselves as we move on. My clit is treated as you would any clit, but with a bit of a variation. Early on, I explained how I liked be touched , and Tim understood and copied what I showed him. The concentration is on the tip, rubbing and sucking and using his hand and fingers press the tip against his palm while squeezing and playing with it using his fingers.
Moving on, taking my labia suck on or hand- with, making them swell some also. They are full and now getting hard as he pays attention them before moving my vag. Usually just circling or pressing in with fingers and find my special spot excite me further.
In a woman, it is considered her g-spot, but for transgender women, it is their p-spot. Both so lovely have played with as it is arousing the woman more. Sometimes with the clit play combined with the vag attention can lead a first orgasm. Then Tim slows down some and goes back kissing and caressing. We work our way my being ready accept him. If not wet enough, lube is used make sure is a pleasant experience for us both.
Just as hetero couples, are many positions available from which choose. Tim was so caring our first time. was me on my back, legs lifted over his shoulders, as we stared into each other’s eyes as he pressed himself up in me slowly and rhythmically.
The feeling that washes over me is probably close to any other woman feeling herself filled and throbbing. I can feel the penis up in me trembling with each stroke, as my sides clench against it with each thrust.
My clit, while a bit larger again, slaps against his stomach and mons with each stroke. I am working toward a second orgasm, and the explosion inside him soon to cum. I offer some to the party by covering his mons and stomach with my juices.
After, we fall against each other, breathing hard. Slowly he will take his cock out of me as we hug and kiss. Stroking each other’s backs as after- as we calm from the high we both were on.
By this time, all three women feel their panties dripping. Abbie had climaxed during the finale of her story. Luckily, her dress is full enough that is no telltale stain. Feeling that release, which Ruth and Les also have, leaves them all breathing deeply for a moment.
They all squeeze hands in female comradery. Ruth changes the conversation, so they are soon laughing and having a lovely time just getting be friends. Which is about the time Phillip and Tim arrive. The women are surprised at their arrival. They move around in the booth. Phillip and Tim slide in next their partners, and another round of drinks are ordered.
Ruth monopolizes much of the conversation, telling Phillip about how wonderful Pathways is and all the good they are doing for the LBGTQ community. Les some, but Abbie more is somewhat embarrassed about the accolades being given the center.
Phillip, seeing and understanding his wife’s enthusiasm and how genuinely happy she seems, is pleased. The truth is Ruth has gotten herself distraught lately over Sharon and Mike. So concerned as appears be something becoming wrong between them. He has also been, but for Ruth, has been far worse worrying about all and having no idea what do.
For Ruth feel confident that is a place that could help them lift that burden from her shoulders is more than he could have asked for. Suddenly serious, Phillip turns Abbie and says, “Abbie, I know my wife has told you about Sharon and Mike. We are going to see them this weekend. If they are amicable, can a counseling session and whatever else deemed relevant be scheduled for them next week?”
Abbie, knowing that Phillip, as a father, is just as worried as his wife, replies, “I am sure we could work something out for them. Just you, Ruth, or Sharon and Mike, let me know, and I will get things started. Even this weekend, feel free to me.”
Tim is still a bit in the dark about this, but he understands she will explain it all later from Abbie's glance. Turning the conversation, Ruth praises Tim’s new haircut and how minus the beard adds his good looks. All laugh and agree. The early evening finishes with all in good spirits, confident in the outcome, and feeling a new bond developing.
Saying goodbyes, all go their separate ways, Ruth hugs Abbie and thanks her for revealing so much her. And she thinks she can understand, while different, the way Sharon and Mike share themselves with each other.
Driving home, Abbie with Tim, explaining all she learned today. Ruth and Phillip, discussing what Ruth learned and the optimism for help for Sharon and Mike. As she mulls over some of the afternoon’s revelations, Les with her thoughts, but then about soon seeing Phoebe and a fun Friday night ahead.
Tim and Abbie 44: The summer progresses
Posted:Feb 24, 2021 10:16 am
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2021 10:8 am

Summer is at its halfway mark. The gardens are blooming to their fullest. The Thursday Bunch, as they have dubbed themselves, are all in a state of bliss. New love for all of them. Enjoying the days before noticing flaws. Totally enamored with their new mate. Time will take some of the stars out of all their eyes. But during this harmonious period, if perfect, it can be the backbone of what is ahead.
Tim is involved with getting his new division up and running properly. But he does not allow the added responsibilities to take anything away from the time he spends with Abbie. Les’s house, now almost finished, finds her and Phoebe on a spending spree much like Tim was a couple of months prior.
The two are having a wonderful time picking out what they want in ‘their’ house. Yes, Phoebe does agree to move into it with Les. She is learning to step back some from the creation she made of Wilde Peacock. She has a reliable staff she can depend on and does not need to be overseeing each detail.
And truth told, with Phoebe stepping back some, the staff not feeling under her microscope all the time, are blossoming in the new environment. Phoebe does share her feelings with Les that she isn’t needed anymore. Les assures her that without her overall management of the Pub, it would not be running so smoothly.
Grace and Sam are together every moment they can. It is summer, so Grace lets herself enjoy some downtime from her university studies to study Sam more. He is so kind, caring, and supportive of her. And his ability to run his construction business so successfully is amazing to her.
Sam is taking on more jobs, and as he sees the strain of expansion on his crew, he hires more to get the work done. He partners the newbies with seasoned workers who train them in how Sam expects the work to be finished.
In truth, Sam is a perfectionist, wanting any job that has his company name on it to be something even more than what customers expect. The strong compliments from satisfied customers are rewarding to him. Such insistence on perfection can be a drain on his crews. But when he gives them all bonuses at the end of each house project and verbally praises their work to the customer, his workers understand the of striving for perfection.
And during the summer, after getting her birth certificate altered, Abbie asks Les to teach her how to drive in the United Kingdom. Abbie never really drove cars that much in the past. As a youth at the family’s farms, she drove tractors, pickup, and such all over the property.
One Saturday morning sees her and Les taking off in Les’s car, telling Phoebe and Tim they are doing some shopping. Instead, Les drives to a country road that is not that busy. Abbie at the wheel, Les refreshes her on driving rules and more.
Not wanting to give it away, Abbie switches back to Les driving as they come home. That Monday at work, Les takes her to the license bureau to get her driving license. Nothing is said until that Thursday when her card arrives.
As the gathers for dinner, Abbie announces her achievement. “So Tim, this means that perhaps I will be the one chauffeuring you around now, Mr. EVP,” she with Tim. As the summer then progresses, Tim does have Abbie drop him at work and pick him up at the end of the day part of the time.
It is incredible how such a simple thing brings so much pleasure to Abbie. It is one more way she can finally show her independence, which in many ways were held from her in the past.
A few weeks after Tim’s promotion, he is given the keys to ‘his company car,’ a Mercedes C-Class sedan. He is a little dazed and confused until he is informed that the company pays for the car. It is one of the perks of upper management. When he calls Abbie that afternoon and tells her she doesn’t have to pick him up tonight, she is curious.
When he pulls in the drive shortly after her in the shiny new car, Abbie is blown away. All Tim says in a kidding way, “It’s a good thing we have a two-car garage, or we would have to fight over that space.” He picks Abbie up, kissing her as he spins her around, both laughing as he tells her where it came from.
Needless to say, the spinning around, laughing, and state of euphoria they both are in leads to a quick run up the staircase and clothes tossed aside for them to cling together and fall on the bed.
Abbie gets on top of Tim and begins to tickle him making him laugh harder. And something else is getting much harder also. When it is saluting, Abbie moves up more on his stomach and lifts and settles down on Tim. His prick deep up in her rear vagina. Tim let’s out a huge sigh as Abbie rarely rides him. It is such a great feeling.
Bouncing, adjusting her pace with Tim, they soon are enjoying this encounter in so many ways. Abbie faces him as she moves with the flow. Tim can enjoy her breasts bouncing in rhythm. No, there is not that much of them to bob, but it still is a lovely sight. And even more, when he can reach them with his hands. Playing fully with her as his cock is being taken care of.
They enjoy each other for a good while this way, slowing at times to just savor themselves so together. Abbie, just sitting there, feeling Tim’s cock tremble, while he feels Abbie’s sides contracting against him.
After a few rounds of fast bursts of riding, then slowing to a leisurely walk for a time before speeding up again, both know they are getting closer and closer. Abbie’s swollen clit is bouncing itself on Tim’s mons, and they gallop along. Tim reaches to hold it in his hand tightly as they jump over the last few hurdles.
Then the rockets red blaze commences. Abbie is feeling Tim explode inside her as she places her offering all over Tim’s stomach. Both are whipped and need a rubdown. They take their time collecting themselves, and while dinner is a bit late tonight, it gives Tim time to start marinating meat for the next day.
Life is good for all of them as the second half of summer arrives. Tim and Abbie are settling in together, finding a pattern for themselves. One part of it being Abigail’s Wednesday night maintenance spankings.
From the first Wednesday, following the night Abbie does not want to remember, the ritual begins. Knowing she needs this reinforcement, Abbie did not try to squirm out of it. Instead, the first week arriving home from work, Abbie kisses Tim and walks into the house ahead of him.
Abbie walks upstairs and opens the door to Abigail’s room. Taking a deep breath, she walks to Abigail’s corner and places her nose against the wall. Tim, following her, sees what she does and smiles a little. ‘My Abbie is taking this matter seriously,’ Tim thinks.
Tim changes to just boxers, just like a week ago, and finds a simple dress of Abbie’s. He walks up behind her, standing in the corner, and unzips her work dress. Allowing it to drop to the floor. Next, he unhooks her bra and takes it off her. Finally, her stockings and shoes add to the pile on the floor, which Tim moves away. Still facing the corner, Abigail just has on a pair of panties.
Which surprise Tim some. Usually, Abbie is wearing very skimpy and alluring panties, but today she is wearing more covering white cotton underwear. A small smile comes to Tim’s face as he realized she chose them for being spanked tonight.
Abbie does not want ever to admit it, but the moments as Tim undresses her to her panties arouses her to this strange new level. It feels like every fiber of her being is on fire from his casual touch. She even at times shivers visibly, which Tim wonders if she is cold.
Tim tells Abbie to raise her arms, and he slips the plain dress on her and buttons up the back. Tim then takes her wrist and turns her around to come to the bed. The paddle and hairbrush are sitting on the bedstand, ready, and able. Abbie trembles a bit, seeing them.
As Tim sits down on the bed to take her over his knee, in a small voice, Abbie asks him, “Sir, Mr. Hudson, am I going to have to sleep in here again tonight?” Her question comes out rather choked, and Tim sees tears filling Abbie’s eyes.
“No, baby, that will only happen when you are very, very bad. This that we are starting is just to be a reminder for you to be good. After we will have dinner and then go to bed together,” Tim comforts her.
Abbie smiles a some and rubs the tears from her eyes. Tim seeing her do this, thinks is action is so like a little girl caught being bad. Knowing she deserves what is coming but does not want to acknowledge she has misbehaved. But Abbie is a grown woman and knows the reason why this is happening. And Tim can see the enlarging of Abbie’s clit in anticipation.
At Tim’s bidding, Abigail lifts her dress to her waist and bends over his lap. She feels Tim’s fingers sliding under her pantie waistband. She lets a small gasp out as she feels herself throbbing for what is to come.
Abbie knows it is punishment to remind her how to behave. For her, on one side is the embarrassment and burning ass ahead. On the other side, there is always a feeling mixed with getting aroused with each sting to her cheeks. It is a complicated but treasured moment.
Tim rubs her cheeks some as he asks, “Abigail, why are you being spanked tonight?” Abbie tears now filling her eyes already, in anticipation of her having to confess her sins.
Abbie hesitantly replies, “I was very bad, getting involved with gossip which I should be stopping, not adding to. And treating staff members without respect and in full view of others. Now I will be spanked every week as a reminder to be good. And for any or major misconduct, I have committed during the past week.”
Tim, a bit surprised at the last statement Abbie makes. He calms himself so he can ask in a steady voice, “Abigail, are there things you did wrong, major or , this past week, which need to be dealt with?”
“Well, sir, I did allow coworkers to gossip around me, and while not joining in, I did not tell them they needed to stop. And, I am sorry, but I did get caught up in what they were alluding to. I did not spread it at all, but I should have spoken up that gossip is not tolerated,” Abbie confesses.
Tim surprised to hear this, collects himself and tells her, “Abigail, that is good that you are now learning to recognize when gossip starts and not engaging in it. But to listen to it and not voice concerns about how wrong it is, is not good. You are just learning this, but I hope soon you do begin to naturally speak up and stop it going further. We will add a bit to your spanking tonight to you remember to do that when something wrong is going on.”
Abbie tearfully replies, “I understand, sir, and I should be punished for that too.” At which Tim brings his hand down on her right cheek with a stinging spank. Soon followed one to her left cheek. Abbie gasps at each spank and kicks her legs some from the impact.
Tim spanks her hand for a good five minutes, talking calmly throughout, suggesting ways Abigail could stop such gossip from continuing or being party to listening to it. Through the free-flowing tears, Abigail agrees with all he is saying.
Tim slows his hand, Abbie's cheeks starting to appear rosy. He pats her back some, then moves his fingers between her spread legs. Yes, she is getting rather hard now. He had felt it on his one thigh as he spanked, but this confirmed it.
Abbie calms some, and Tim asks her, “Abigail, which would you prefer next? The leather paddle or the hairbrush?” Abbie is surprised Tim is giving her an option but then processing his words, she realizes that both, in the end, are going to be used.
In a small voice, Abbie tells him, “The paddle, please, sir.” She can feel from his body's movement; he is leaning over to pick the paddle up. And she is right when Tim resumes the bongo beat on her cheeks. This time with the paddle slapping against her cheeks over and over.
Tim does go a bit lower a few times and swats her upper thighs where most vulnerable. She cries and apologizes for all her wrongdoings. It is an act of contrition for Abbie. Vocalizing where she falls short and knowing this is the way to having such acts swept away.
Tim continues with the leather paddle for another five minutes, then switches to the hairbrush for the final five minutes. Abbie is crying fully now, but her crotch is burning hot against Tim’s knee, which is covered in the pre-juices flowing from her. Before he begins with the hairbrush, Tim slides his left hand under Abbie and finds her enlarge clit to hold, and stroke as the hairbrush comes down.
Abbie now totally cries out feels the final round sensation as the hairbrush spanks every inch of her cheeks. She knows she is fully aroused now and so close to discharging all her juices. “Sir,” she begins, “I don’t know if I can hold back anymore.”
Tim tells Abbie to let herself release, which she immediately does. Tim’s thigh is covered in her spunk. Tim does not let up on the end of Abigail’s spanking when she does. Rather, suddenly each spank with the hairbrush hurts even more.
Abbie realizes what she had read years before about if someone cums before being spanked, the sting has much more impact. She cries through the last couple of dozen spanks, and then it is ended.
Tim rubs her back and her cheeks softly. When her crying begins to subside, Tim turns Abbie on his lap and kisses her head as she calms herself. Somewhat pacified, Tim helps Abbie stand and tells her to return to the corner until he calls her to dinner. At that time, she may pull up her panties and drop her dress.
Abbie does as told, and when she comes into the kitchen, there is a lovely feast waiting for her. And a pillow on her chair. Tim and Abbie do not talk about what happened. Rather it is like any other night when home from work.
This pattern continues on Wednesday evening for the rest of the summer and into fall. Abbie does appreciate her Abigail time with Tim, and it helps her to behave more and more.
Tim and Abbie 43: Abbie beside Tim at Microga
Posted:Feb 23, 2021 10:28 am
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2021 10:8 am

At four in the afternoon, Tim picks Abbie up from work, and they head home to get ready for the reception starting at seven. They have plenty of time as the festivities will be in the atrium at Microga Headquarters, where Tim works. A short drive back to it.
Abbie is still a bit hesitant about the reception and what kind of acceptance her entrance with Tim will make. She tells herself to put aside her worries and support the man she loves fully. She knows they will have to come out together someday, so if someday is today, so be it.
At home, they get out of their work clothes, and Tim suggests they have time for a nice bath to relax first. Abbie agrees and ties up her hair so as not to get it wet. Leaning her back against Tim’s chest in the warm water does relax Abbie. And Tim playing and massaging her clit adds to the feeling.
Abbie knows Tim is trying to get her to cum so to be in a better place for the evening, and while Abbie at first tries to hold her ground, feeling she should not cum now, Tim’s persistence breaks her resolve.
Tim so slowly and gently working his fingers over her treasured place make the arousal Abbie is feeling linger as she feels the small sparks going off within her. This is so nice. Different than when they are fully involved with their lovemaking. A more leisurely afternoon. All the time in the world for Abbie to build up to the final plateau.
Abbie knows they do not have forever, but for a few minutes right now, both are outside the schedule and obligations of the day. There is just the two of them with no cares or concerns.
Tim keeps up his attention to Abbie, including kissing the back of her neck, where she loves him to kiss the best. His other hand is showing his admiration for her breasts and nipples. Tim does love them so much. Just the perfect size, he thinks. He knows that many men like big boobs, but Abbie's small orbs and perky nipples stir his loins so.
As the water begins to cool, the slow ride up the cable car to the summit comes to the top. Abbie shudders and squirms in Tim’s arms as she whimpers and lets a fine stream of her juices out.
Tim, so good at attention to post- as much as their foreplay, holds Abbie tightly as she calms herself. Then washes her privates and breasts once more before helping her out of the tub.
There is a lovely glow about Abbie, and not just from her tan. After both have dried off, Abbie has Tim sit at her makeup stool so she can blow dry and style his hair. Finished, with his hair and beard looking more modern, nicer than usual, really Tim thinks. Abbie realizes it is time to get Tim to someone who can cut his hair as it should be.
Abbie sends Tim off to dress, telling him his black suit, white shirt, and a pale green tie would be best. Tim, always accepting Abbie’s style suggestions, does think that is a perfect look for this evening. Meanwhile, Abbie is spending a lot of time doing her makeup and hair. It is getting nearer and nearer when they need to leave.
She calls from the bathroom that she is almost done and just needs to dress. Abbie suggests Tim go downstairs and make them a couple of drinks, as she might need that for some dutch courage. Tim laughs a little and calls back to her that yes, probably both of them require some for what is ahead.
Truthfully, since Abbie made the situation clear to him, even with the Chairman’s encouragement, Tim is now a bit nervous about introducing Abbie to this side of his life. And his concern is all focused on Abbie not being hurt or embarrassed. It does not even enter his mind about the impact it could have on him. He can handle it, just like all the ostracizing he received when young for being born to an unwed .
He goes downstairs as he hears Abbie coming out of the bathroom. He mixes them both a drink, and he takes a couple of sips waiting for her appearance. And well worth the wait when she does.
Abbie comes down the stairs like a vision. She had upswept her auburn hair into a bun with some curly hair falling on each side. Tim had never seen her hair like this before, but it is lovely and appropriate for a more formal occasion. Abbie’s makeup is more intense than Tim had ever seen, her eyes shadowed in smoky grey with thicker eyeliner and mascara. All brought out her green eye more and is a very erotic look.
And her dress, with just shoestring shoulder straps. Pale green, matching his tie, showing off her tan. A clenching top, pressing up against her breasts, then a full skirt falling just above her knees. Even her shoes matched.
As Tim hands Abbie the drink he made for her, he teases, “So you didn’t have anything to wear, eh?” Abbie’s lovely, tinkling laugh fills the room as she takes a sip of her drink and just smiles at Tim.
“Okay, I guess I do have outfits for almost every occasion, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to new things from time to time.”
A few minutes later, drinks finished, Tim is helping her into the car, and they are off for this fateful night, come what will. If no one else appreciated what Abbie is, he does tenfold. “You look wonderful tonight. I wish I could just take you back upstairs for a night of lustful ,” Tim says to her before closing her door.
Without much traffic, they are at the Microga headquarters in mere minutes. Tim intends on parking in his spot in the garage. But he sees that people are using the valet being offered at the door.
Tonight is a rare night of festivities for the company. There always is a lavish Christmas party each year, and a summer picnic still ahead in early August, but these select parties for corporate achievements or major promotion and reorganization are the best.
In the past, Tim has attended them but would stay only the mandatory of time to be polite. Now, tonight, this all is for him, and he still can’t comprehend all that has happened this week.
He pulls up to the curb at the entrance to the company. A valet is there immediately to first open the door for Abbie and then Tim. Tim goes around and helps Abbie out. With her arm on his, they enter Microga for the first time together as a couple.
Needless to say, all eyes are on Tim and who is accompanying him. This is the first time that Tim has ever had anyone with him before. Besides, the night is for him. Everyone is interested in seeing who has made such a change in Tim these last months.
Now the strange dictate which came done in the different meetings this afternoon with such authority from the Chairman no one connected it with Tim. And seeing Tim and Abbie enter from a distance, all anyone could think or wonder about is how Tim had captured this stunning beauty of a woman.
As the evening goes on, and Tim and Abbie work their way around, Tim introducing her to people personally. Things click for some. Others, just mesmerized Abbie’s exotic look and the sheer sexual energy she seems to give off, don’t even realize. Days later, those individuals will be shocked when told others.
All do behave properly, succumbed the charms of Abbie and how sweet and interested she is in everyone. Abbie’s attitude and kindness to all Tim introduce her to takes any prejudice away from those with whom she chats. There will be conversations. Well out and away from the company considering today's edict. Some wondering how Tim and Abbie’s relationship works, but almost out of envy and curiosity than anything else.
Some of the partners of employees attending do start to say something after meeting Abbie but are quickly shut down. Many interesting conversations are held tonight in different homes about acceptance of diversity in all things. And interesting, in many cases, a rather satisfying sexual repass from the talks.
Tim is in seventh heaven, not from the praise he gets for his promotion, but from the warm acceptance of Abbie. This is a result, in large part, from Tim’s generously helping almost every employee in the firm over the years. All who fully appreciate what Tim has done for them. Unknown or comprehended Tim, who just thought that was the proper way to support each other.
The other part is from the delightful, friendly way Abbie is with everyone she meets. While she would never remember all their names, she did for many of Tim’s coworkers based on linking them to what they chatted about. Abbie is very good at asking leading questions from whom she meets to feel important and worthy.
Yes, the verdict is that Tim and Abbie, both with such kindness and concern for others, make a perfect couple. And it is left at that.
The reception goes on with free-flowing drinks and appetizers for an hour or so. Then the party moves into the auditorium, which now has tables covered in linen and place settings. Everyone finds their tables. Tim and Abbie are escorted to the head table. The Chairman and his wife, and four of the top executives and their partners, are sitting. With two center places for Abbie and Tim.
Dinner was delightful, the food delicious, and the conversation lively. Abbie, sitting next to the Chairman’s wife, is charmed that she asks Abbie about her job and what it involves. The Chairman’s wife is inquisitive about the different they support and in what way. Her questions are intelligent and knowledgeable, which surprises Abbie. It is rare for Abbie to talk with someone so well versed on the LGBTQ community. So much so, Abbie invites her to visit Pathways for a tour and more.
About then, dinner and dessert finished, attention turned to speeches of welcome to Tim’s new position and division. Speeches and comments about how the division will Microga keep its rating in their industry. After much lauding of Tim’s abilities, he is asked to say a few words. He agrees only because he was warned he would be asked a couple of days ago to prepare. Tim sucks down his fears and gives warm and heartfelt comments about his appreciation for this opportunity. He goes on to express his gratitude for those who have helped him over the years.
This part comes as a total surprise to all that are mentioned. They all feel they are who should be thanking Tim for what he did for them. For Tim to feel each are a learning experience for him, and how he appreciates the opportunity to be helping a colleague is so extraordinary that they are floored.
All more things for which his colleagues admire this man about.
Dinner finished, there is a more leisurely hour or so of dancing to the band hired and interacting with one another. While Tim and Abbie circulated some, they work their way out of the auditorium. Tim tells the Chairman he wants to show Abbie his new office, to which the Chairman is entirely on board for Tim to do.
So outside the party area, Tim steers Abbie to the elevator and up to the second level. Now in the low-lite hallway, they make it to his new office. The door closed behind them, and the lights in his office dimmed. Tim shows Abbie the view and features.
But that is not the real reason for this visit. Tim, lusting for Abbie from the moment they arrived, and more so as he watched her interact with all she met in such a kind and generous way, swings her to him and kisses her with fiery passion. Abbie responds in kind.
Hearing all the praises and kind feeling all his coworkers, on every level, have for Tim makes her treasure him even more. What a wonderful man, whose only enemy all these years is his own insecurities.
Abbie returns the fury with her kisses. She can feel how hard Tim is as their bodies crush together. Tim moves them towards his desk and there, lifts Abbie to sit on it. Her legs spread with Tim between them.
He goes to pull Abbie’s panties down and discovers she is not wearing any. This stops him for a second to look at Abbie questionably. She giggles and tells him she did plan on christening his office tonight and wanted to be prepared.
Tim shakes his head at her as he unzips his pants enough to take his now hard prick out. Abbie leans back enough for Tim to have direct access to her vag hole for him. He is already dripping enough precum to lubricate his target, pressing up into Abbie as she cries out quietly in response to Tim’s prick being inside her where it belongs.
They know they don’t dare take too long over this, but it is such a perfect moment, Tim her on his new desk. Now every day when he gets to work, he will probably remember this moment vividly.
Over and over, Tim is pressing up into Abbie. Her sides compress against his shaft, trying to hold him captive there. Both are breathing deeply and emitting guttural moans. Together they are reaching that ultimate point. Tim has made sure Abbie’s dress is up out of harm's way, both front and back.
The fast and furious pumping results in cries from both as Tim shoots up in Abbie, and she is releasing her juices over her stomach and mons. Coming down from that summit, calming, Tim pulls out from Abbie and grabs his handkerchief and wipes away her discharge, and tries to capture his contribution dripping out of her now also.
Cleaned up with no signs of what happened, both straighten themselves and head downstairs again. They walk back into the auditorium to more well-wishers. If they see that Abbie’s makeup is a little smeared or Tim’s lips a little redder from kissing, no one comments about it.
Tim is able to take Abbie onto the dance floor a few times, holding her tight as they move with the music. Abbie whispers to Tim, “This is the first time we have danced together. You are incredibly good, and for us to be able to dance together finally is so wonderful.”
Tim replies, “You aren’t bad yourself. And this evening seems full of first-time things which will be perfect memories for the years to come.” Abbie, so content to hear this from Tim, leans her head on his shoulder and sways with the music playing.
Tim and Abbie 42: Three conversations, one topic
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Last Updated:Feb 27, 2021 10:8 am

After all six celebrating Tim’s promotion, they all gather together again a couple of days later. It is the first Thursday suppers at Tim and Abbie’s home. Dinner fixed Tim is delicious, and they were having a wonderful time enjoying the food and conversation.
During dinner, Tim turns to Abbie and says, “Honey, Microga is having a reception and then dinner tomorrow night to formally acknowledge my new position. We will have time to come home and change before it.”
Abbie says nothing in response. While Tim doesn’t notice, as he is excited to show Abbie off to his colleagues, the other two couples see a troubled look pass over Abbie’s face. Why would she not be eager to meet Tim’s work associates finally? But the other couples know and wonder about the conversation Tim and Abbie will probably have tonight.
For that reason, the dinner breaks up a bit early, but there will be many more ahead to enjoy and stay longer.
Driving back to the Peacock, Les and Phoebe discuss what Abbie’s concern could be. Les brought it up first as they pulled out of the drive. “I can guess what Abbie’s concerns are. Tim is a bit blind when it comes to her. She is lovely and well hides things, but others not infatuated as Tim could see things differently.”
Phoebe agrees, “Their relationship has to be hard, though I don’t think they have had to face it yet, keeping themselves to a small of supported friends. But this might be their first real test of facing the outside world.”
“I pray for them to be surrounded accepting and non-judgmental friends, but as much as we think the world is changing and being more accepting, it still is not really,” Les replies.
She goes on, “I give Abbie so much credit for being as open about herself as she does. She really seems to have an ‘accept me for who I am or just move along’ attitude, which is good, but what it must her inside when others confront her or jeer at her.”
Phoebe continues on this thread, “I know even for us, being together there is so much stigma both for two women being together, but also the agism, considering the gap between us. But my dear, I would not want it any other way. You are my perfect ying for my yang.” Saying this, she leans her head over against Les’ shoulder as she drives.
Now back at the Peacock, they hurry upstairs. Leaving the conversation at that point, finding ways to pleasure each other for an hour or so before falling asleep, is now the priority.
They also are getting into a routine. One where Les and Phoebe have learned to take turns being the giver and the receiver. Some nights it is just one seeing to the other’s need without wanting anything for themselves. Other nights, Les and Phoebe do a bit of both. Tonight is one of those evenings. They climb into bed to scissor each other. Their cunts rubbing against each other, offering an incredible friction, while they kiss and stroke each other.
Phoebe loves sucking on Les’ small but still so firm tits and nipples. The moans from Les as she does add to the pleasure she gets. Feeling the hard nipples in her mouth as she sucks on them. Then moving around the small orbs leaving hickey marks, which do disappear in a couple of hours.
Les loves to do the same to Phoebe’s more ample busts. So large in comparison to her own; but so lovely to squeeze and suck. Tonight they are taking turns enjoying each other’s breasts. Their pussies, so close together, mingle the juices dripping from each of their vags.
And the kissing, nothing for either of them has ever been so sweet. They are tasting each other’s lips, mouths, tongues dancing together, exploring each other’s orifice. Life seems so good between the two now. Especially as both Phoebe and Les feel the explosion in their bodies together, as they trip the light fantastic in that special way.
Meanwhile, Sam and Grace are driving back to her apartment. After their first night together two days ago, they have been apart from each other only when they had to work or attend classes. It is the budding romance where being apart is agony.
They are not sure where things will lead, but they want to explore all the ways it could be. In the car, and even in the flat over a final drink, they two are discussing the same topic.
Grace started the conversation, “You did notice the look Abbie had when Tim mentioned them at the dinner tomorrow? I can somewhat imagine her concern, but then no one can entirely unless in the same situation. She loves Tim so much and doesn’t want to harm him, but Tim is blind to what others might think.
“To be honest, when I went to their house for the interview, I hadn’t been warned. I actually give my boss credit for that as she did not see it as an issue to bring up. Tim opened the door first and just gasped at me. Then Abbie came to the door, and it was more about how much we look alike. She even made a joke, which she still calls me with affection, ‘Mini-me.’
“But after the initial shock of that, I realized what their relationship was. And it is funny, I now think of Abbie as my older or slightly older woman, but there is so much more involved,” Grace concludes.
Sam replies thoughtfully, “I knew Tim wanted to redo the house for the woman he loved and make it a perfect place for her. I did not meet Abbie really until designing and building the greenhouse. I did not know all the details of their relationship, and as you say, she does present herself in such a soft, feminine way that it is how you feel about her.”
“I really hope things work out well for them when they have to face people who might not be as accepting and will voice their unacceptance. It is funny in a way. Abbie and I have never talked about that side of things. I wonder how much she has had to face that in the past? And is she ready to do it when it could have an impact on Tim’s job?” Grace ponders.
Grace and Sam’s drinks are finished, leaving the conversation there, for now. They move to the bedroom. Soon close together, both naked. Sam is still learning all the lovely parts of Grace’s body, as she is learning about his. The touches, caresses, licks, and kisses on newly discovered pleasure spots are exciting them both so much.
Getting each other’s engines running is as much fun as when they put things in drives and squeal off as Sam pushes his locomotive into Grace’s waiting tunnel. It feels so perfect to each other. Both throbbing so, Grace is soon clenching against Sam’s cock as he bangs in and out of her.
In a position for them to both look into each other’s eyes is their preferred position for now. They haven’t been to this point that many times yet. Yes, doggie style and other options of Grace on top will soon be added to their pleasure catalog. For now, just gazing into each other’s eyes, leaning down to kiss as their passion rises, is the spot to be in right now.
Sam is thrusting in and out of Grace. Holding when the sides of her vagina clamps against him to enjoy that feeling. Sam regularly checks to make sure Grace is okay with what is happening. That small kindness means a lot to Grace and adds to her plus side column for Sam.
In reality, both do just have plus side items on their mental lists. Neither has of yet have found anything negative about each other. Now, for the third night, as they both find themselves ascending to the peaking climax, more points are given in favor of each other.
Crying out together, they cum. A mixture of Sam’s cum and Grace’s juices combine together to run out of her, filling her slit with all their drippings. Some flow back to flood against her asshole and up her crack. The feel of the warm stickiness Grace does not want to clean up quite yet.
Clinging to each other with kisses of appreciation both ways, Grace and Sam fall asleep.
And the hardest of the three conversation takes us back to when Tim and Abbie say goodbye to everyone as they leave. The dishes are already clean, leftovers put away, and nothing more to clean up.
Tim and Abbie head up to their bedroom. Abbie is trying to figure out what she needs to say to Tim as they do. In bed, for now, just holding each other, Abbie turns around, so she and Tim are face to face on their pillows.
She begins, “Tim, we need to talk about something, and it deals with tomorrow’s celebration. We haven’t really ever discussed this, which we probably should have from the start. I have been mesmerized by how accepting you have been of me. Seeing me how I see myself. We have talked about this a little, but in a different way.”
Abbie pauses now before she goes on. She is not sure the right words to say, “Tim, you seeing me and accepting me as a woman has meant the world to me. To know that is how you see me, not just someone playing the role. But others might not be so willing to accept my choices of identity.
“You have viewed me, us, and how things are in a very remarkable way. But we have not been out in general crowds to confront what others may see and feel about our relationship.
“I do not in any way want to do anything which might impact your job. I am scared of the response it will possibly bring when you introduce me as your girlfriend, or whatever. I have been enthralled by you accepting me as a woman from the start, and even when you knew, you did come back and were so kind and loving.
“But Tim, I am a transgender person. And many people object to that and are scared, and at times hurtful. You are having a relationship with a transgender female, which can also cast you in a negative light. I need you to think long and hard about what that could mean to you before we ‘come out’ together. Especially to portions of your life which are very important to you, but which might not be as accepting,” Abbie finishes with tears blurring her eyes.
Tim wipes them away and holds Abbie tight to his chest, kissing her hair. They are both quiet for a few minutes as Tim takes in all Abbie has said and try to find the right words to reply. Finally, he does.
“Abbie, my love, I would never want to put you in any position you felt uncomfortable. If you are unsure, for yourself, about the celebration tomorrow, I will understand and not press you to attend.
“But, if you do not want to this is because I might be hurt or ashamed in any way; please do not refuse for that reason. Please share this with me. I do not care what others might think, say behind my back, or even speak out about it to me.
“If my being with you in a loving relationship is something that could affect this promotion, or even me working at the company, then it is not an environment I want to be part of. You have been helping me come out of my cocoon these last few months and made this promotion possible. If anyone, on any level, has a problem with you and me together, then it is not somewhere I would want to work anymore,” Tim concludes.
Abbie is now confused about what she should do. Tim’s declamation to her leaves her unsure which choice she should make. Tonight, they just hold each other tight as they fall asleep, deciding to face this fully tomorrow.
The next morning Abbie is quiet, still trying to figure things out. Tim drops her at work and is at his workplace a bit early. The first thing he does is contact the Chairman’s assistant to schedule a meeting with him as soon as possible. Tim, now being the golden boy, the assistant tells him that they can meet as soon as he likes.
Tim walks down the corridor to the Chairman’s office and is welcomed in graciously. Sitting down, facing the Chairman, Tim pauses, for a moment to collect his thoughts. “Sir, there is one issue that I think needs to be gotten out of the way, whether it is acceptable on all levels of the company or not.” This opening has the Chairman’s full attention.
Tim continues, “I know you all have seen the changes I have gone through the last few months. And as more or less said, what led to this new position for me. All these changes are due to my meeting and falling in love with a wonderful person who, besides believing in me and encouraging me, has helped me become more confident about myself. Someone I have grown to love deeply.
“The thing is, which to me is no one else’s business than ours, Abbie is a transgender woman. It is not that apparent to me, but I now realize it might not be the same to others. Abbie is a lovely, caring, thoughtful, and supportive woman.
“If this is something that Microga or anyone who works here could have a problem with, then perhaps this is not somewhere that I should work at now. When I told Abbie about tonight’s celebration, she is hesitant to come. But she is who made this happen, and I want her with me, or the festivities are hollow. In the same way, I do not want her to feel embarrassed by being here with me.
“Abbie is an amazing woman, which I am sure you will discover when you meet her. I just hope she can be here with me without any negative feelings,” Tim finished what was probably the longest speech he has ever made at Microga.
The Chairman clears his throat before replying, “Tim, I am sorry that you, and Abbie, would have worried about this at all. But I can understand both of your concerns. We are supposed to be an open and accepting company, regardless of an individual’s diversity in any way, which does include sexual identities and relationships. But stating that I agree is not always fully practiced.
“If anyone, regardless of their level, ever acts in a harassing way to fellow employees or their partners, it would be grounds for dismissal. Again, please relay my apologies to Abbie for her to have concerns about this. I can not wait to meet the woman who helped you emerge into the butterfly you are now for us,” the Chairman concluded.
Tim is overwhelmed with such a positive and supportive response. Tim blushes about the analogy of a butterfly and him. Tim thanks the Chairman for his time. He concludes by saying that he hopes Abbie will feel comfortable when this is relayed to her to come this evening. The Chairman agrees and tells Tim he can’t wait to meet her.
Tim goes back to his new office, calls Abbie, and tells her what the Chairman said. Abbie, a little more comfortable about things, says, “Well, there is still a matter of having something to wear tonight.” Tim laughs and tells Abbie with her wardrobe, he is sure she has something acceptable for this evening.
Meanwhile, the Chairman is in full force. He calls an executive meeting, minus Tim, so as not to embarrass him. There he loses no time to tell his team that any, how minuscule, harassment, or negative comments, made at any time or to anyone would result in immediate termination. And that they need to make it clear with their staff loud and clear.
All are a bit confused about what this is about as the Chairman mentioned no specifics. But staff meetings are called all through the day, bringing this point home. By the end of the day, every employee of Microga is aware of the new, very stringent policy of no tolerance.
Tim knows none of why this is happening, nor why the Chairman is so supportive and much more than he realized. It is not until a while later that Tim and Abbie learn that the Chairman’s was, and still is, in a relationship with a transgender man.
At first, the Chairman found it hard to accept, but his love for his out weighted who her partner was. And the time Tim approached him about Abbie, he had come to accept his ’s choices and welcomed her partner into the family fully.
It is funny, so many secrets that are kept hidden family, friends, colleagues. If they were shared, perhaps tolerance and acceptance of an individual’s personal choices would be the norm. Instead, there is still an environment where what is considered a diversion from the norm scares people and keeps them from just accepting how things are part of the wonderfully diverse world we live in.
Tim and Abbie 41: Tim’s promotion
Posted:Feb 21, 2021 10:51 am
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2021 10:8 am

Yes, midsummer dreams are really a part of the beginning of summer solstice, but there is still is so much magic in the air. Sexual desires are lingering as the summer moves on through July. The weather has been perfect, and from working in the yard, Tim and Abbie are both golden brown.
Both look so healthy and happy at work. Colleagues wonder what magic has happened. Abbie is enjoying having Les at the Institute now. They are even working on a couple of projects together. This new aspect of her job makes it more exciting and exciting to be there every day.
But what is happening for Abbie at work is nothing paralleled to what is happening to Tim as July gets underway. He has always been satisfied for the most part with his job. As been mentioned, Tim never tried to move to a higher position as he was so unsure of himself. Now, things are taken out of his hands as the ‘new Tim’ shows his abilities more and more.
The wheels have been grinding with the power to be. They know that a new gear needs to be added to keep the company churning properly and acknowledged as an industry leader. Deciding took a while for them to determine that a division needs to be added to quality/productivity/efficiency/customer and employee. That settled, the next hoop to get through is who would lead this team. It was easy to agree as all were in one mindset about who at Microga could fill such a role.
The week after their dinner with Grace and Sam, midmorning Tim receives a call asking him to come to the executive meeting room. He is unsure what is up but remembers a couple of years ago they had called him in to congratulate him on a project he developed to streamline their production system. They then gave him a certificate, named him employee of the month, and a small bonus. He figured it was something similar.
Arriving at the conference room, he knocks and is told to come in. The entire senior management team is stilling around the table, and he is encouraged to join them at a vacant chair.
“Yes, I do believe Tim looks quite comfortable there, don’t you all?” the Chairman of the company said. All agree and even clap. Tim is confused about what is going on.
All is made clear, well, at least the basics, when the Chairman of Microga continues, “Tim, we, for years, have been aware of the enormous contributions you have made to the company. It is only because of you that we stand as one of the best companies in our field. You seemed somewhat unsure of yourself in the past and lacked the confidence needed to advance.
“But in the last few months, I am not sure why that has all changed. Your appearance, assurance of yourself, and the ability to work with your team so they are producing have not gone unnoticed.
“Because of that, and our determination to keep being a leader in our industry, we have created a new division, Productivity and Quality Assurance, which we would like you to lead. Your title and position would be as an executive and have four or five departments under you. Three which are already in existence and two to be created and staffed.
“We are hopeful you would be willing to take this step in your career as we see great things coming from this under your management,” the Chairman finishes.
Tim is flabbergasted. He could never have imagined this in his wildest dreams. He is a little shaken and scared of what it would mean and if he is up to the job, but settling himself, he realizes that Abbie has been helping him get to a place where he does feel confident in accepting the job.
The rest of the day passes in a whirlwind as Tim first goes through Personnel to review the terms of his new position. His salary would be more than double his current and in addition stock options and more. Then he signs a contract, his belongings moved to a new office on the executive floor; and finally meeting with the three existing departments to be under him and outlining the division's plan.
Tim did have time coming out of the executive meeting to call Abbie and briefly outline what is happening. Abbie squeals with delight over Tim’s promotion. They will talk more about it tonight when Tim would know what all is involved, but that first moment of total glee spreads between them.
Tim takes a moment more to think about his and is sorry she was not around to celebrate this achievement too. Though it probably would have never happened if she still was, no more than he would have met Abbie either.
Tim comprehends with insight that his ’s insecurities and depression affected him also. She made him feel unworthy of anything good happening. Just to be content with his lot in life. She showed her pride in Tim but did not want him to hope for too much as it never really comes true.
While he does miss her, his life now is so much better. Abbie has shown him the light of the day and the possibilities offered to him. Tim feels gratitude running through him for Abbie entering his life.
But how to celebrate tonight? He wants to see Les to tell her, and for them all to go out together to a pristine restaurant to commemorate today. With all else going on, Tim does make reservations for four at an elite restaurant nearby. He calls Les and tells her that he wants to take her and Phoebe out tonight for dinner. Les, happening to be at the Pathway Center today, she heard some of the news from Abbie's already. But she does not let Tim know that as she suggests they meet first at the Peacock for drinks before going.
That is all agreeable to Tim. He calls Abbie to tell her the plan and asks, “Do you think we should invite Grace and Sam to join us? Or would that be pushing things too much? Abbie believes it is a great idea and suggests he call Sam, and she call Grace to see if they would like to join them. They would all meet at the Wilde Peacock at seven this evening.
And so it came to be, with just a short diversion for Abbie and Tim before arriving at the Wilde Peacock. Picking Abbie up right at five, they drive home, hurry upstairs, flinging their clothes off as they kiss and caress each other. Naked together, Tim first looks deep into Abbie’s eyes. He tells Abbie that all of this is happening because of her. She tries to argue a bit, but Tim kisses away her protests.
Then working down her neck, he spends time sucking and playing with Abbie’s petite boobs. He loves them so much to suck, lick, and play with. Abbie moans encouragingly as he does. Then, rather a bit to Abbie’s surprise, Tim moves down over her stomach, licking and exploring, over her bare mons nibbling away, and then taking her clit in his mouth fully and sucking it.
While Tim does this at times, Abbie knows that his fingering her clit is about as far as Tim wants to go in that way. And Abbie understands, but now, feeling him take it in his mouth fully, sucking and helping it enlarge, is breathtaking. Abbie wiggles around, not letting her clit come out of Tim’s mouth, and she begins to suck his glans and play with his balls.
In unison, they orally pleasure each other. Tim is hard as a rock, and Abbie knows she will flush her juices any minute. She pulls away from Tim and settles on her back. Her legs are lifted over Tim’s shoulders as he guides his throbbing saber up in her tight special vag. Tim moans as he feels Abbie clenching against him. Pressing in more and then beginning the in and out dance rhythm, they are both sweating and moaning as Tim plunges in deeper and deeper.
Abbie stares into Tim’s eyes as he fucks her, oh, loving this wonderful man so much. His ability to reinvent himself with just a little encouragement and show of confidence in him. If Abbie could freeze time, it would be at this moment forever.
Tim, looking down at his love, is thinking similar things as he presses his shaft in and out of Abbie. This woman, who has no idea how much she has done for him, her love and faith in him has allowed him to scale new heights he never would have imagined.
Both breathing deeply now and knowing they need to consummate things quickly so as not to be late, begin the final cycle to the finale. Both flushed, Abbie's clit starting to drip some. Tim takes it in hand and, as he thrusts in and out of her, wanks Abbie’s clit as he bangs her.
With final gasps from both of them, together, they both blast out their fluids. Tim’s up in Abbie deeply. Abbie’s all over their mons and stomach. Both are laughing from part exhaustion and part from the sheer thrill.
They quickly clean each other, change, Abbie fixing her hair and makeup, and are on their way to the Wilde Peacock just before seven. Moments later, they walk into the Peacock to join their waiting friends. Introductions have already been made between the two couples. Sam knows Les already and has met Phoebe in passing. Les and Grace know each other slightly from seeing each other next door. All are talking and wondering what this dinner is all about as Tim and Abbie arrive. Les has kept her knowledge to herself, so Tim can enjoy the surprise of telling the others.
Kisses and hugs are shared all around, and drinks are ordered. The women all sit together at the end of the bar, with Tim and Sam standing by their chairs. Abbie, realizing Tim might be embarrassed to tell his big news himself, lifts her glass in a toast to Tim and his new executive position at Microga. All cheer and congratulate Tim. He blushes from the attention.
Les hugs him tight and says in his ear, “I am so proud of you, Tim. And your would be too. You have always had the talent and ability. You just needed that boost that Abbie has given you.” Tim hugs her tight in return.
Finishing their drinks, they all head to the restaurant. Abbie is pleased to see that Grace is riding with Sam, who says, “When Tim asked me and said Grace was also invited, I offered to give her a ride.” The wink between him and Grace did not go unnoticed Abbie, or for that matter, Tim.
Driving in their car, Tim laughs and tells Abbie, “Okay, I will give you that one. It does seem like something is brewing between Grace and Sam, and like you, I am thrilled for them to have found each other. While different in many ways, I think they will complement each other nicely.”
A lovely dinner is had. Tim, telling a little more about what his new job will be. Les talking about projects started at the Pathway Center, with Abbie joining in. Sam and Les discussing the details of the remodel. Phoebe and Grace are getting to know each other also.
After ordering dessert, Abbie and Grace go to the restroom. There Grace gushes out what has been happening since Thursday between Sam and her. They had spent most of the weekend together, and Monday evening, and now tonight. They have not gone ‘all the way’ yet, but Grace has a feeling after dinner tonight, Sam might not make it home.
Abbie laughs at Grace’s joke and hugs her, and tells her how happy she is. “Mini-me, I think you have found a real keeper. Don’t let him slip away. Though from all appearances, he is going to be wanting to stay.”
Back at the table, they catch Tim concluding his invitations to the other three. Tim tells Grace the invitation is for her too, though she is already part of it. Tim suggests that all of them are welcome every Thursday to join Abbie and him for dinner at their house. It is a standing invitation and only let them know if something keeps any of them from being there.
All are enthusiastic about the possibility and agree it would be a great way to break up the week and keep in contact. Les does look questioning at Phoebe to see her reaction. Could she leave the bar for an evening to have some personal life and interactions?
Phoebe looks at Les too, and says, “Yes, that would be fun. I have competent staff and a manager for Thursday night, so maybe it is time I step back some and let them show their ability.”
Les smiles at Phoebe encouragingly. This has been one barrier between them. Phoebe’s micromanaging everything at the Wilde Peacock. Les keeps trying to tell her that now is the time to step back and have time for herself. She has built something spectacular, and now it needs to fly itself.
All in agreement, they finish their desserts, which are just as heavenly as all the courses. Phoebe thanking Tim for including her, as besides so glad to be in their company, she has discovered ideas from the menu for things she could add to the Peacock’s.
The table laughs, and Abbie tells her, “I am sure with the twist you will put on them, the dishes will be even better.”
Full and in good humor, the six say goodbye to each other and head home.
Tim and Abbie go to their house. After their ‘quickie’ before joining the others, as they climb into bed. It is a more leisurely caressing and kissing session for a while before cuddling together to fall to sleep. Abbie still remembering the night she was made to sleep apart from Tim. Was that just a week ago? Cuddling closer to him as she never wants that to happen again.
In Phoebe’s apartment, Les is undressing her quickly. She is so happy with Phoebe agreeing to break away some from the bar. Les wants to show Phoebe her pleasure. Her clothes thrown aside too, both naked on the bed. Phoebe on her back, clenching the headboard. Les is between her legs licking and sucking, running her tongue up and down Phoebe’s slit.
Phoebe cries out in ecstasy, feeling Les’ tongue and now fingers playing her like a violin. Phoebe feels on fire. Les is finding all her points of delights. Something that Les has proven over and over how good she is at that. From the start, Les has spent time learning all of Phoebe’s erogenous zones and how they respond. It is a trait Les has, some from being older and wiser, some from what she always has done with a lover or even passing fancy.
Phoebe is learning to do this too now with Les and is quite delighted when she finds a new place on Les’ body, which responded positively. But tonight, Les is doing the pleasuring of Phoebe, and Phoebe accepts that.
After Les has hit Phoebe’s ultimate spots several times, making Phoebe cry out in rapture, Les slows and moves up beside her to hold and kiss her as they settle into sleep.
As they start to nod off, Phoebe says, “Thank you, Les, for everything. You are right. I need to get a balance between the Peacock and the rest of my life. I never had anyone I wanted to spend time with before, so I threw myself into this place. Now I do want to place it as just part of my whole, not all of it.”
Les hugs her and says quietly, “If you are ready to make that change, then perhaps we need to talk about you moving in with me when my house is done. If you are not ready yet, it is okay, but know that the offer is always opened.”
Phoebe kisses her a final time and says, “I will.” As she snuggles up to Les and drifts off, Les wonders what the ‘I will’ means? That Phoebe is ready to move in with her? Or willing to start thinking about it? It doesn’t matter as Les is committed to this relationship. Perhaps her final, fully, and complete relationship.
But the best of all.
Sam pulls up in front of Grace’s flat as he did just five days ago after dinner at Tim and Abbie’s. Grace says shyly, “Sam, maybe pull into the building's parking lot.” Sam looks at her and realizes what she is suggesting.
“Are you sure, Grace?” Sam replies.
“Oh, yes, if you want to. I know everything seems to be happening so fast, but I feel like kindred spirits with you and don’t want to waste a minute more,” Graces blurts out, then blushes at her boldness.
Sam leans and kisses her, pulls into the parking lot, and finds a space. He jumps from the truck and hurries to Grace’s side to open the door and her down. Only to lift her to kiss her deeply with longing.
“Grace, I want this too, and I don’t want to waste any more time either,” he tells her as they walk to the entrance.
A moment later, they are in Grace’s flat, kissing and caressing each other. They make it to her bedroom to fall on the bed together. They are conscious that it is their first time and want it to be perfect. They slow and look at each other.
In the past, for both of them, the fury of awaiting sex had blurred all the details. This time, they both know it is something special. They slow their pace and absorb each step to culmination. Slowly Sam undoes Grace’s blouse as she lifts his shirt off him. Sam gazes at Grace's lovely breasts still enclosed in her bra.
He unhooks it and sighs deeply as he sees her lovely orbs and nipples on display before him. Hugging and kissing, his chest is the first to rub against Grace’s exposed breasts. But soon, Sam is sucking and playing with them to both their delight.
As he does, he feels Grace unbuckling his pants. Then her hands in his waistband as she unbuttons him. All that is left is the zipper. During this time, not only is Sam enjoying Grace’s tits, he raises her skirt and moves his hands inside her panties to caress her cheeks. Just as Grace is unzipping Sam, he is lowering her panties down and off her. Sam finds the zipper on her skirt and undoes it so it can slide off her also.
For a moment, he stands, torn from Grace, as he drops his pants and pulls her skirt off. Sam standing before her, Grace on her back looking up at him, they relish each other’s naked bodies for a few minutes, both just panting quietly.
Sam spread Grace’s legs and sees her gleaming pussy already wet with her juices. He kneels the bed, pulls Grace to the edge, and begins for the first time to taste her exotic juices. It is like nectar to Sam. He can’t get enough. Grace is so extraordinary. More than Sam could ever imagine he would be worthy of.
As Grace moans with each stroke of his tongue, Sam is doing all he can to make her enjoy the moment. After a while, Grace does pull herself up some, helps him get up, and lay beside her on the bed. Grace twists some, and now, both are on their sides. Her face and lips are in front of his hard, throbbing prick. Her cunt before his face as she lifts her leg some to throw it over his head enough to be up close and personal with her dripping treasure cove.
Grace takes Sam’s cock into her mouth to suck and pleasure, as he returns to licking and fingering her prize. Together, as one, helping each other to meet their summits. The passion is overflowing both of them. Grace can taste and enjoy a bit of Sam’s precum as Sam laps up Grace’s joy juices.
Knowing it is not long off, Sam moves around to switch Grace on her back, he between her legs. Grace’s legs lifted on his shoulders as he presses his hard throbbing cock in her for the first time. Both cry out in passion as Sam begins to ram in and out of Grace. A fury that has been building up in both of them for days now.
Staring into each other’s eyes, Sam lowers to be able to kiss Grace as they work through this passion. It is so close, but both would like this to go on for longer but know culmination is at hand.
Grace watches as Sam’s face contracts as she feels him shoot up in her. She cries out, feeling this rush within her. It is the best sex she has ever had. Sam drops down on her for a moment and then rolls to his side to pull Grace to him. Kissing her and rubbing her back as he holds her tight.
Grace has never had a man actually care for her after sex before. Usually, they just roll over away from her and drop to sleep. Sam is different. His caresses help her come down from her heights and feel close with him so much.
They manage to climb under the sheets, and Sam again pulls her to him. They fall to sleep in each other’s arms.
Three different households now, but all finding and showing their love for their partner. The stars twinkle through the night as the full moon dips against the horizon as the night ends.
Tim and Abbie 40: Thursday dinner
Posted:Feb 20, 2021 2:45 pm
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2021 10:8 am

After Abbie’s night in Abigail’s Room before showering Thursday morning, Tim removes the cockcage from Abbie’s clit. It isn’t that bad wearing one, Abbie realizes. However, the extra weight and pull make it a bit confining.
Tim takes care for Abbie so gently in the shower she knows it is in response what he had do last night. Tears again start form in her eyes, remembering it was her misbehavior that made that have happen. She hugs Tim tightly.
As he drops Abbie off work in the car, she hugs and kisses him one more time. This time, finally finding the words whisper in his ear, “Thank you, Tim, for giving me guidelines and the discipline be a better person. I am sorry that I do things which you need correct for me. I am trying be a better person.”
Tim hugs her in return and tells her be good and check-in as she has been instructed.
In the staff room with several colleagues around having a morning coffee, Abbie walks up the subordinate she lashed into yesterday and apologizes for acting unprofessional in a clear voice. The coworker, and several others in the room, are a bit surprised at this statement. Yes, some gossip will start its rounds about that, but Abbie is determined not to get caught up in it. Or, for that matter, any other gossip at the Institute.
She texts Tim about what she did, and he sent his approval back to her and reminds her that Grace will be at dinner tonight. Abbie is both excited and embarrassed about dinner with Grace. Abbie knows Grace will notice the slept in bed and the punishment instruments when she cleans Abigail’s room today.
Early on, after Grace seeing Abigail’s room for the first time, Grace and Abbie had talked vaguely about the reason for the room but nothing specific. Today, some of Grace’s questions Abbie has avoided will probably be made clear.
Abbie wonders a little, with the questions Grace has asked, she interested in something similar for herself. And thinking this, Abbie feels her cunt tremble and clench. ‘Good gravy, , even thinking about someone else being taken over a knee excites you. Get real,’ Abbie chastises herself.
But Abbie is not the only one throbbing right now. Grace, finishing clean upstairs, goes into Abigail’s room last and, seeing the remains from last night, her cunt goes into overdrive. See the hairbrush and leather paddle ready at hand, the new version of the rules now, makes her smile some that Abbie must have been in real trouble last evening to have a new rule added and made to sleep here for the night.
She strips the bed and throws the sheets into the laundry. As Grace makes up the bed again with new sheets, she can’t contain herself. Closing the bedroom door for no reason as no one will come in at this time of day. Grace lifts her dress and pulls down her knickers to her knees. Bending over the bed, she picks up the leather paddle and smacks back and forth over her ass cheeks about ten times each.
Grace feels the sting and burn of each stroke but knows trying to self-spank would never be as good as having someone else do it. But when she put the paddle down and goes to pull up her panties, her fingers linger at her pussy. Grace can not believe how incredibly wet she is. And her cunt is burning hot.
Things are building in her she cannot control. Letting her fingers find their way through the wetness to her clit and vag, Grace allows her fingers to do the walking to bring her to climax. She has to grab the side of the bed to steady herself as she breathes heavier and heavier as the diving point comes near. She can hear herself moaning, but it seems to come to her like in a tunnel.
Picking up the hairbrush now as she fingers herself, she spanks herself a few more times with it, which brings howls of pain and pleasure to her with each stroke. Two more spanks and her fingers dive into her vag as her thumb keeps her clit pulsing. A final cry of total satisfaction escapes her lips as she more or less crumbles on the bed.
Grace quickly pulls up her undies so as not to soil the freshly made bed. It is a bit of an awakening for her to realize just how much a spanking, even a small one self-inflicted, could affect her. But where would she ever find someone that would be willing to do what Tim does? Hell, where was anyone with to even consider starting a relationship in the first place?
Little did she know how soon this would be answered.
Finishing cleaning the house, Grace takes the bags of trash to the bins in the back. The warm summer sun feels so good she just stands in the backyard for a while, admiring all that Abbie and Tim have accomplished with the yard.
Suddenly, she hears and feels someone nearby. Les has not been at her house for a couple of weeks now. Her home in the midst of being remodeled. Les has been staying at Phoebe’s flat. The contractor and workers are in and out of the place. Often when Grace is here, but she has given them little notice.
Turning, Grace sees this vision in front of her. A man, rather tan, well built, and around thirty years , she would guess. “Hello,” he says, “Sorry disturb you, but you look so tranquil here when I came out get some tools that I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. Oh, I’m Sam, the contractor for both these houses. What do you think of Tim’s place? It was the first full house job I ever did, and do worry if it came out how intended. That people like it. Sorry I am not sure why I am babbling so.”
But his babbling is what Grace needs to compose herself enough to reply. First, the feel of her self-spanking herself. Then the major climax that followed. Now, only to be topped by this lovely man talking to her and seeming interested in her.
Coughing to clear her throat, Grace replies, “Hello, I am Grace. I clean for Tim and Abbie a couple of times a week.” Saying this, Grace walks to him and holds out her hand in greeting.
Sam takes it in his, and they both feel this electrical shock explode through them. Looking deep into Grace’s eyes, Sam says, “Well, I am glad this was one of those days offering us a chance to meet.” They both just smile at each other in a goofy way, feeling the impact of this chance meeting and not sure what it could mean.
Grace recovers enough to ask him if he would like some tea as an afternoon break, leading him to the patio table. He accepts quickly. One both seated with their tea, Grace stumbles over her words, telling Sam how wonderful the house is and how nice it is to know who created this perfect living space.
So much for Sam getting needed tools from his truck. That can wait. This chance encounter can’t be interrupted.
Neither notice the time is going by as they chat about all sorts of things. It is not until one of Sam’s crew comes around spotting them. “Oh, there you are, boss, hey we are about to head out for the day. Did you want to check things, or it can wait until morning,” the worker says.
Sam and Grace jump, realizing the time. Sam tells his mate that would be all for today and to be back by nine tomorrow morning. As he turns to take his departure from Grace, something he really is not ready to do, Tim comes out from the house, followed by Abbie, just getting home from work.
“There you are, Grace and Sam. What a surprise, how are you doing? How are Les’ renovations going?” Tim says, good-naturedly. Abbie behind him can see what is happening between Grace and Sam at a quick glance, as Sam gives a vague reply to Tim.
Taking matters into her own hands, Abbie says, “Hi Sam, so good to see you again. Doesn’t the greenhouse look nice now? Hey, if you don’t have any plans, how about joining us for dinner. Grace does on Thursday nights, and Tim always makes more than enough food.”
Sam jumps quickly at the invitation, smiling at Grace as he does. Tingling feelings run through Grace again. She feels like she has been hot-wired today with all the sparks seeming to be flying from her. She smiles gratefully at Abbie as Tim says, “Sure, sure, Sam, please join us.”
That settled, Abbie brings out glasses and a bottle of wine for Grace and Sam to start on while she and Tim head upstairs to change. In their bedroom, Abbie is in heaven with a new chance at matchmaking. She tells Tim starting with the statement that what she is about to say is not gossip, but her interpretation of the situation.
“Tim, I think Grace and Sam are attracted to each other. Not that I am going to do anything one way or another. But offering them an opportunity to get to know each other better seems like a nice thing to do. From the looks of things, they are off to a good start. Inviting Sam to stay for dinner is offering them more time to do so.”
Both just in their underwear as they change, Tim pulls Abbie to him and swats her cheeks once as he smiles at her and says, “It is a thin line there, my , just be careful you don’t step over it, and yes, when you invited Sam dinner I became aware of something building between them too. Now let them take it at their own pace, but us offering them an opportunity to be together to find out is quite a kind act, really.”
Saying that Tim pulls Abbie to him and lifts his leg, so his thigh is rubbing back and forth over Abbie’s clit getting her hot and bothered. She begins to pant a bit, but Tim pulls away a bit and kisses her hard. “That baby is to get you stirring for later tonight. Being without you last night was torture, and I need something extra special to make up for it later.”
Abbie could not agree more, and while her clit is still hard and slight precum dripping from it, she puts on a fuller casual dress. Barefooted, she runs downstairs as Tim, now dressed, follows after her in a different game of tag.
Tim begins to collect the ingredients for dinner as Abbie gets the plates and silver out in the kitchen. “Should we eat in here or on the patio?” Abbie asks. Seeing how comfortable Grace and Sam are at the table already, their chairs closer and closer together, outside seems like the best option.
As she carries things out, Abbie watches the time-honored game of people attracted to each other. Hands are starting to touch each other’s arms as they talk, emphasizing a point. Really, only wanting to feel the heat of the interaction between them. Legs are getting closer and closer, rubbing against each other, helping the friction to grow.
Abbie remembers that first night with Tim beside her at the Wilde Peacock. Their hands touching each other as often as they could. Their thighs rubbing together again and again. Shivers run through Abbie, remembering the night. Before Tim knew fully about her. Which brings another smile to her face remembering. After first running from her when she told him. Tim’s returning, and their beginning to work towards something more.
Abbie sends up a prayer once more about how wonderful, and far beyond her expectations, things have grown between Tim and her. Perhaps that’s why when Abbie sees couples so meant for each other, she wants to help spur it on. Like Les and Phoebe, and now Grace and Sam. She just wants them to take the chance to find out if their perfect mate is standing right in front of them or sitting by their side.
Over a lovely dinner of grilled pork chops, rice, and salad, the conversation is lively. All learning more and more about each other. Sam started his construction business just a few years ago after working for another contractor learning the trade since his teens. How grateful he is to Tim to give him his first big independent job. It is leading to even more requests for his service, especially from this neighborhood, which has so much potential.
“It is funny, Tim, from that small sign you let me place in your front yard saying who was doing the renovations, and now the same at Les’, I am getting so many calls for remodelings,” Sam says as thanks to Tim.
Then the attention is turned to Grace, and for the first time, she tells Tim and Abbie, and Sam about her studies. She is finishing up her college studies before moving on to earn her masters and then doctorate she plans. She has a dual major, actually multiple majors in a way.
Grace blushes as she admits that she has this ability to learn, comprehend, and communicate in many different languages. Some more just the ability to translate text, but many of them she can speak fluently.
Her degree in Languages is based on her mastery of different languages. Her other degree in Communications is based on studies of the languages—the similarities and differences between them.
She explains that she is considered a Polyglot, then blushing again, says quietly, well, actually a Hyperpolyglot. I now know over thirty languages, eighteen of which I can converse in easily. I am hoping to learn at least ten more before graduating and more in the future.
Grace explains why she likes the cleaning jobs so much because as she cleans, she has tapes to learn different languages playing through earbuds. The mindless cleaning keeps her head clear to comprehend and master the other languages.
Grace explains she is hoping to be accepted at the University College London to carry on her studies. It is close enough that she could still live locally and take the train into the city on days she has classes, but that is still over a year away.
The other three around the table are amazed at Grace’s talent and that she is so unassuming about them. Abbie her that learning British English over American English is about as far as a second language could go for her. The men laugh and agree.
Looking at Sam, Abbie notices how he looks at Grace so impressed with her abilities, but there is that second look, which Abbie knows well. The thinking that you might not be worthy of someone else.
Abbie’s intuition tells her that Grace is infatuated with Sam and does not judge him in any way for his profession or knowledge. And Grace, worrying she might have scared Sam off with her talk of higher degrees, turns the conversation back to Sam. Working on how impressive she is with the skills he has for remodeling houses is. She gets him talking again and just stares at him as he expands on her questions.
‘My mini-me knows what she is doing when she sees someone she would like to get to know more,’ Abbie thinks, smiling to herself. She nudges Tim to help clear the dishes and get them washed, allow the new couple to be alone in the dusk talking a bit more.
Just as they are finishing up, Sam and Grace come into the kitchen, apologizing first about not helping with the cleanup. Abbie brushes that aside. Grace says shyly, “Sam has graciously offered me a ride home. So we are going to get going.”
Abbie and Tim say their goodbyes and tell Sam that he is welcome to join them on Thursdays for dinner, something Abbie is sure he is going to take them up on.
They are a delightful couple, so close to Tim and her ages. Grace a bit younger, but not by that much. It would be nice to develop a closer friendship with another couple.
Tim and Abbie have enjoyed the evening and are in no hurry for their guest to leave. In truth, it was all they could do to wave goodbye before running upstairs to take care of the itch they both have such a need to scratch.
Later, as they lay sated in each other’s arms, they talked about the other couple. Not in a gossipy way at all, just exchanging observations they made during dinner. Abbie is surprised by some of the things Tim noticed that she hadn’t. They were from a male perspective acknowledging Sam’s responses to Grace. Yes, perhaps they will have a new couple to be friends with.
Meanwhile, Sam drives Grace home, wishing the ride could go on longer. Pulling up to the flat she lives at, they sit in the truck for an hour, talking more and more, finding out details of each other’s lives.
Actually, it is over an hour they sit there. The glass is steaming up after about fifteen minutes. At which point, turning, staring into each other’s eyes, they lean together for their first kiss. Fireworks seem to go off as their lips, for the first time, touch.
Nothing more. Just lips together, arms around each other, realizing the magnitude of the moment. The kiss that follows is much more. Opening to explore each other, kissing deeply and passionately. That kiss is followed by many more. So, besides talking, their conversation is interrupted by more kisses as they can’t seem to get enough of each other.
Finally, glancing at the hour, with both of them needing to be up in the morning, they pull apart. First, Sam takes Grace’s phone and types in all his info. Then he has her text him, so he has her number. Sam insists on walking Grace to her door, where one more kiss happens. Sam asks her out the next evening, Friday, and they arrange a time.
Back in his truck, so horny for this wonderful , Sam notes her address and heads for home. Pulling in, he hears his phone beep. Looking at it, there is a message from Grace thanking him for such a lovely evening. Sam is grinning ear ear as he responds that it was one of the best evenings he ever had.
Who says spring is the season for new love? In midsummer, there is magic in the nights, and afternoons, leading it.
Tim and Abbie 39: Another spanking and caged
Posted:Feb 12, 2021 4:30 pm
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2021 10:49 am

The summer moves along. Grace is now cleaning twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. Tim and Abbie do not see her except their Thursday dinners. The extraordinary job Grace is doing keeping their house up for them is obvious. The three do leave notes for each other, sometimes about something needing to be done, but more often just small, humorous things for the other’s enjoyment. While Tim enjoys these snippets also, it is really just Abbie and Grace back and forth.
Now it’s early July. The flowerbeds are blooming. Tim’s, and now Abbie’s too, garden is a valid competition to Les’s yard for the first time. And all to Abbie’s green thumb Tim acknowledges. Plants and flowers, and Tim’s herb garden are in full bloom. They share back and forth with Les making both of their gardens true showplaces.
Tim is incorporating the herbs into his cooking. He is also planning how to shift the plants to the greenhouse in winter to keep them growing. Meanwhile, Les’s house is at sixes and sevens as the contractor begins work on remodeling Les’s house.
There is much discussion between the contractor and Les, Les and Tim and Abbie, and Phoebe and Les, about different aspects of the job. Of late, she is deciding on the colors to use on the outside of the house. Tim and Abbie’s home is now cream siding with forest green trim along with the reddish brick. Les wants to complement their colors, so after many ‘councils of war,’ she decides on a lighter mustard yellow trim for her house with white siding and the same color brick as next door.
The two houses are on the community's outer fringe, close to where the unofficial ‘entrance’ to the development. The remodeling of both houses is improving the of the community of houses. With the renovations of the two homes, the neighbors’ talk is how the two homes at the entrance are increasing housing values so much.
Their neighborhood is called the King’s Pathway. The entrance near Tim and Les's house was royalty's route when passing through their hamlet. Since the war, other parts of the city developed and incorporated King’s Pathway. The neighborhood still has a counsel board that approves any changes to residences. When Tim and now Les got permission for the changes they made, the council was eager to have the homes begin to improve and revitalize the community.
King’s Pathway, built after the second world war, is feeling it’s age. But seeing, even from outside, the fresh of these two homes have others make improvements to their own homes. Many of the original owners are now gone. Their and grandchildren are now living in the houses or are trying to them. The trend Tim starts is expanding to other homeowners. All are making the community new and different and more diverse than in the fifties.
Things are going very well for Abbie and Tim. They have adjusted to a pattern for their lives. For a good while, Tim had no reason to discipline Abbie as she asked him to back in the beginning.
In reality, it has been three months from when they first met. But for all the changes they have gone through, it seems much longer to Tim and Abbie. Early on, Abbie requested Tim to discipline her as needed. This led to the list of rules for her to follow. She has kept to the rules, and a visit to what is now Abigail’s room has not been needed since the first time. Abbie is behaving, not overspending at all, and overall being exceptionally good, at least as far as Tim knows.
The trouble is, the one area that Abbie has supposedly learned to stop, she did so in the sphere of what Tim aware of. Just as it should be, Abbie feels. She has been so good at making Tim feel she has broken her habit of gossiping about anyone. Though at work, it is a main way of communication between different parties, and Abbie dives into that pool of speculations and rumors whole-heartedly.
She never shares any of this with Tim now. Unless using words suggesting what she tells him is a fact and does not speculate on it with him. Abbie’s cocky side feels that what Tim doesn’t know can’t hurt her.
In the first week of July, this totally changed. One early afternoon Abbie calls Tim for her check-in time rather than texting. She would do this sometimes to hear his voice, and Tim liked it for the same reason. After a short , someone came knocking on Abbie’s door, and she tells Tim she needs to go.
The trouble is, in her haste, Abbie just set down her phone on her desk rather than ending the . Not knowing this, when her coworker comes in and sits down, she breaks some new rumor, which is starting the rounds. Tim, realizing Abbie has not hung up, starts to end the himself. Then he hears the beginning of the conversation between Abbie and her colleague. He freezes as he hears what is being said.
The colleague, bursting with news that one of the office staff has started an affair with one of his . The conversation lasted several minutes, but the first few are all Tim needed to hear.
Abbie is lapping up this gossip and asking questions, offering speculations as if she knows other details. Tim's reddens as he realizes that Abbie has not stopped her gossiping. Just not around him. He disconnects the about halfway through, hearing more than enough. Now he has to calm himself and decide what action should be taken.
The fact that Abbie is gossiping upsets Tim a great deal. Worse, hearing Abbie and her colleague laugh over misfortunes that might happen to the conversation’s topic is upsetting to Tim. How can his Abbie be so sweet but indulge in this unsavory habit? Pondering this, Tim knows action needs to be taken immediately to try once again to break her of this behavior Abbie claims she wants to be free of.
Then, to add to the problem, when Tim pulls up in front of the hospital to pick Abbie up a little after five, she is standing talking to someone. The passager window is lowered, and Tim can hear this conversation also. Abbie is belittlingly and chastising this coworker about some project he did not complete. Tim can see how Abbie’s tone and accusations humiliate the coworker, especially as being done within earshot to many other staff now leaving.
Tim is now entirely determined that this side of Abbie needs reforming. Both such negative attributes heard and now seen this afternoon show Abbie's other side, which needs to be controlled. Especially before Les begins her relationship with Pathways by being on the board and seeing Abbie in daily action.
Abbie gets in the car, kisses Tim, and starts chatting about her . Tim does not move the vehicle. Abbie freezes when Tim says to her, “Abigail, don’t you have something to tell me about your which you seem to be leaving ?”
Abbie is not sure first what he means, as to be honest, Abbie, since her spanking about Les and Phoebe has not curtailed her gossiping at work. She just makes sure she contains herself when around Tim. And she is unaware her chastising an employee is seen as a negative to Tim.
Abbie blushes deep red. “What do you mean Tim, um Mr. Hudson?” Abbie knowing somehow she has been caught but not wanting to admit it if that isn’t what Tim is referring to.
Tim starts to drive, looking straight ahead, and replies, “Abigail, when we get home, go directly to your room and the corner. You know what rule you have broken, and think about it until we get there. Realize from what I just witnessed, a new rule is going to need to be added. This is a very serious matter, and we are going to settle it once and for all.”
Tears start falling from Abbie’s eyes as she stammers to say something, but Tim tells her he does not want to hear excuses. When the time comes, he wants to hear what she has done, requiring her to be punished. Abbie/Abigail is shuddering, thinking about what is to come. And is grateful that it is not a Thursday dinner night with Grace.
At home, she slides of the car and is upstairs standing in the corner immediately. Tears are falling down her as she knows somehow Tim knows about this afternoon’s relishing in gossip with her coworker. Abbie acknowledges that besides indulging in the speculations, she wastes time for her and her colleague from getting their work done.
Abbie is unsure what rule Tim says needs to be added, but then reflecting on what she was doing when he pulled up and seeing it from a different perspective, Abbie thinks she knows what Mr. Hudson is upset about.
Abbie tries to spin this off for herself as being firm with employees is essential, and hearing the scuttlebutt about what is going on helps her be aware of staff issues and more for the smooth running of the center. But standing now in the corner and reflexing, Abbie knows neither of those excuses holds any water.
She has acted unacceptably in Tim’s eyes, but what is worse is she now acknowledges that her behavior is unacceptable to her. Tim does need to help her lose all these behaviors to be the person she so wants to be. Not wonderful in Tim’s eyes, but stretching toward perfect in her own.
Tim leaves her there for over a half-hour to reflect on things. Abbie hears him moving around some, in and of the room but dares not turn around. And, deep in her reflections, she can’t really.
Finally, Tim comes behind her and takes her wrist. Like a being directed by their parent. He leads her to the bed, which he sits on, and has Abbie stand in front of him. She sees that it is not the hairbrush in arm’s reach for him but also that leather paddle they bought a few weeks ago but yet to have used.
“Abbie, do you have something you need to tell me?” Tim asks in such a serious tone of voice.
Abbie feels like she is a little who has been caught stealing cookies from the jar. She hangs her head some and mutters, “I have not followed the rules we set, Mr. Hudson. I have been gossiping, not just today, but for a long time now.” Continuing after a few sobs and gasps for breath, “And I realize that I do vocalize my dissatisfaction with my staff inappropriately. I do need you to help me correct these flaws.”
Tim is almost overwhelmed with Abbie’s confession and wants to pull her into his arms to hold and comfort, but he knows doing such would not rectify her behavior. But that Abbie is becoming aware of her failings and wants to have the discipline needed to change her behavior, he understands the enormity of filling this role for Abbie means.
Tim coughs a few times, and clearing his throat, lifts Abbie’s dress up over her waist and helps her bend over his knee. Tim is sitting on the bed, Abbie across his lap. Her head is resting, and crying into a pillow. She lifts her legs and feet to stretch to the end of the bed.
Tim nudges her cunt to lift from his right leg as he pulls her panties down slowly to her knees. When she lowers herself again, Abbie is now aware that Tim has removed his pants and shirt. Before in her sorrow, she had not looked at him at all to see what he was wearing.
Abbie’s privates are now resting on Tim’s bare right leg, the bottom of Abbie’s stomach on his left leg. Abbie settles herself some. She spreads her legs as she has come to know what is expected when she is being punished.
Tim’s hand runs over her ass cheeks as his other hand holds her waist in place. In a neutral voice, Tim goes over, in detail, how Abbie’s behavior today has led to this. Hearing over the phone her gossiping and witnessing her degrading an employee as others watched on. Then Tim goes on to explain how both are so detrimental to a workplace. Abbie can agree with what he is telling her.
And then the first spank with Tim’s hand lands on her right cheek. Before the full gasp is of Abbie’s mouth, the second spank lands on her left cheek. Even just Tim’s hand spanks are showing how much trouble she is in. Abbie is soon in tears as spank after spank rains down on her ass, turning the cheeks into rosy orbs.
Abbie is feeling so guilty about all she did. She knows this is hurting Tim to have to take a firm hand to help her learn. Tears are flowing from Abbie’s eyes from the first spank. She is so remorseful, and each spank stings with the shame she feels.
Abbie wants this to be about punishing her for her behavior that needs to be changed. She can’t help being aroused by being spanked. It somewhat confuses her having these mixed feelings, but it does not stop her from crying out her regrets about what she did.
When Tim slows with the hand spanking, Abbie knows it is just to change her punishment instrument. She squirms but knows she needs all levels of discipline tonight. It will be the beginning of her reforming.
Abbie feels the first swat of the wooden hairbrush against her tush and relishes the pain, and rush from it. She hates to admit how aroused she is becoming as her ass is swatted over and over. Tim is making sure to cover all of her cheeks and upper thighs as he disciplines Abbie.
Over and over, as Abbie’s ass is the center of attention, Tim repeats why this is happening. How Abbie must change in her behavior. Abbie is gasping as she agrees with all he mentions.
When Tim switches to the new leather paddle, which Abbie has not experienced before, the message is truly brought home. Each sting of the leather spanking her ass cheeks is an incentive for Abbie to never engage in such things again. Knowing if she tries to keep it hidden from Tim, it will still be revealed in time, and worse will happen.
Abbie’s ass now rather ruby red after over a half-hour over Tim’s lap, it ends. Tim helps Abbie up to sit gingerly on his lap as he wipes her tears away and kisses Abbie’s forehead telling her he is sure she now understands the errors of her ways. Abbie clings to him, just saying over and over how sorry she is.
When Abbie calms enough, Tim helps her stand. Then holds her to step out of her panties, dress, and shoes.
Abbie is stiff from being aroused by the spanking and is somewhat ashamed for it to be noticeable. Tim comes back into the room, places a plastic cup against Abbie’s clit, and tells her to hold it. He takes the stem of her clit into his hand very firmly, and his other hand squeezes, massages, and pulls her ‘tessies.’ Abbie is soon very stiff and in need of release. She shoots into the cup – filling it almost an inch with her semen.
Tim wipes her clean with a wet rag and then brings out the smaller cock cage they had bought but have not had reason to use yet. Much like the leather paddle she just felt. Hearing it click on her holding her in, Abbie leans back into Tim’s chest for a minute.
Tim hugs Abbie and turns her towards the desk. She sees that the rules have been taken out of the frame. Plus, there is a fresh pile of paper next to them. Tim tells Abbie, “Take a seat, and add a rule to the list.” She does as Tim says, and he recites to her, “ : Abigail will ‘play nice’ with others. Treat all with respect and kindness. Not belittling others or make them feel bad.”
Abbie’s is beet red, knowing she is very guilty of this. She writes as Tim dictates and then as he instructs, begins writing five new, perfect and neat copies of the rules. The list is getting longer, but Abbie agrees with each rule she needs to follow.
Tim leaves her to her task and goes downstairs. Abbie is again memorizing each rule as she repeatedly writes them over and over. The finished lists now state:
1: Abigail will or Mr. Hudson (referred to as Sir in following rules) every if they are not together 9:30 am, :00 am, 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 6:00 pm, 8:00 pm, and when going to bed.
2: Abigail will ask permission to go on her own and accept Sir’s decision if he tells her no.
3: If Abigail does something that she realizes she shouldn’t have done, Abigail must tell Sir immediately and accept her action's consequences. If Abigail hides what she did, Sir will find in time, and the discipline will be much more.
4: Abigail will dress appropriately for whatever the occasion. If her outfit is deemed too revealing, she will accept the consequences.
5: Abigail will behave all times like a proper lady.
6: Abigail will not flirt with others. Or allow them to touch her in any improper way.
7: Abigail will show Sir proper respect and accept his judgment about things.
8: Abigail will trust, obey, and be loyal and honest to Sir as he will be to Abigail. Abigail and Sir’s relationship should be the one thing. Show that it is essential to Abigail through her actions and words. Do not do anything to make Sir question this.
9: Abigail will accept any disciplinary actions Sir feels she needs without argument or resistance. When being punished, she will be called Abigail, and she will refer to Tim as either Sir or Mr. Hudson.
: Abigail will answer her phone or texts from Sir promptly. Work issues may require a short period between receiving and replying, but all other times Abigail will respond immediately.
: Abigail will keep Sir informed of where she is and what she is doing at all times, if not where she should be at any time.
: Abigail will comply with all these rules without argument. Rules can be changed or added to if deemed needed by Sir
Rule : Abigail will always show her affection to Sir when they first come together after apart
Rule : Abigail will be economical with her , not wasting it needlessly when other less costly options are available.
Rule : Abigail will not gossip about things that do not concern her.
Rule : Abigail will ‘play nice’ with others. Treat all with respect and kindness. Not belittling others or make them feel bad.
Abbie is concentrating so hard on finishing her task. While she hears Tim enter Abigail’s room she does not raise her to see what he is doing. She does hear him moving around some. She looks up to see the small narrow single bed has the covers pulled down, and Tim is sitting toward the end of the bed.
He motions for her to come to him and sits Abbie on his lap. Her fanny is still a bit sore and , but Tim holding her to him as he rocks her some makes Abbie feel better. Holding Abbie on his lap, Tim puts a short nighty on her.
From their first night together, and actually before even, Abbie has never worn sleepwear. And this nightie is somewhat childish, doll style but no panties. The outfit goes a couple of inches lower than her ass cheeks. The tip of Abbie’s cockcage is showing the hem.
Tim talks seriously with Abbie about what happened today. How disappointed he is but sure she now understands and will try to change. He wonders about something Abbie had mentioned when she first asked him to discipline her when needed. Would for a while a regular maintenance spanking help?

Tim holds Abbie and talks with her about how her behavior needs to change. For the immediate future, until he can feel confident that Abbie has broken these bad habits, she will get a maintenance spanking each Wednesday night. He concludes, “Abbie, I love you with all my heart, but the behavior you displayed today in two different ways is saddening to me. While my love for you will never change, today, I do not like you that much.”
Tim actually telling her he doesn’t like her for her behavior is devastating to Abbie. Tears are flowing freely as she flings her arms around Tim’s neck and between kissing his and neck, tells him how sorry she is. She never wants Tim to dislike her ever. She will behave so he can love and like her always.
This makes what is about to happen even harder for Tim, but he knows it is needed. And Abbie will learn the consequences of her inappropriate actions. Tim stands with Abbie in his arms and lays her on the bed in Abigail’s room. She tries to still cling to him, but he removes her hands and tucks her in. ‘Bad little girls are put to bed early with no dinner,” Tim tells Abbie. He closes the drapes, and the room is dark though surprising it is -thirty.
Abbie cries herself to sleep but understands she needs this discipline and the weekly reinforcement ahead. Tim leaves the door slightly ajar, so some light comes into the room. The light seems to be focused on the brush and leather paddle sitting on the nightstand next to her. She cries into her pillow over what Tim said about while loving her, not liking her. Abbie is heartbroken. She never wants Tim to feel that way about her. This in itself is the start of a turning point for Abbie to be the type of person Tim will like, be proud of, and continue to love.
Abbie realizes that it is not even o’clock yet. It seemed like so much longer between her spanking, corner time, and writing assignment. She thinks about the planned regular spankings ahead and hopes they will not end with her having to sleep here alone without Tim. Abbie has become so accustomed to pressing her back against Tim’s stomach as she falls asleep with his arm around her, this void feels like the worst part of her punishment.
The cockcage closing her in is something else new Abbie is experiencing. The added weight of it, while not great, is a reminder she is wearing it. And her cock is throbbing against it some, letting her know she will not be released until Tim decides to.
Abbie sleeps fretfully, as does Tim. Not having Abbie next to him for the night is punishment for him also. He just hopes that Abbie will learn to curtail these problem areas.
Abbie wakes early in the morning as she did go to bed much before her usual time last night. As she opens her eyes, she sees the brush and paddle still on the nightstand. Knowing Grace is coming to clean today, Abbie would like to hide them away, but she will not without Tim’s consent. She also sees that the Rules are back in the frame and on the wall by the desk.
Abbie wonders if Grace has read them yet, and will she notice the addition? The other copies are gone, but Abbie knows one is on the refrigerator, and two are in each of their briefcases. She wonders about the fifth copy.
As she starts to get up, Tim comes into the room, helps her, with hugs and kisses telling her good morning. He leads Abbie to the shower, where with care, he scrubs her and washes Abbie’s hair. Nothing is mentioned about last night, and everything seems back to the same between them.
The reminder of what evolved last night is a sealed envelope to Les, sitting on the kitchen table. In an envelope just as the first set of rules had been. Tim calmly tells Abbie that before they leave for work, she needs to take the envelope over to Les and ask her to replace the previous one with the new version.
Abbie knows that Les has probably seen and read the copy of the rules on the refrigerator by now. As has Phoebe, being in the house several times. And now Grace is a third to know her shortcomings and the discipline she wants and needs.
She has mixed feelings. She is embarrassed that the three women know, but at the same time, something churns in her arousing her that they do know. A twisted and complicated combination of feelings. Abbie nods in acknowledgment to Tim, and as he pulls the car from the garage, Abbie walks to Les’s door and explains what is needed.
Red-faced, she climbs into the car, and Tim pulls of the drive. “Abbie, there is one more thing you need to do as soon as you get to work. You must apologize to the coworker for being inappropriate and rude yesterday. And it needs to happen in front of others, just as your belittling him was,” Tim tells Abbie in a calm voice.
The red blush moves down Abbie’s neck and chest, realizing what Tim requires her to do. Remorseful, Abbie, in a small voice, replies, “Yes, Tim, I know I must do that, and I will. I will you after I do.”
So the beginning of a new era starts for Abbie and Tim, her becoming more and more kind and caring, and as a strange side effect, Tim much more confident, realizing that he needs to be the moral compass for Abbie.
Tim and Abbie 38: A housekeeper
Posted:Jan 5, 2021 2:00 pm
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2021 10:8 am

Saturday arrives when Abbie and Tim awake at eight AM. They have hours until Grace, the candidate for a maid, will be there at o’clock. Tim shyly asks Abbie if she would put a plug in him, a bit larger than the other day. Abbie is surprised that Tim is enjoying such , though she is happy do so for him.
Abbie makes sure both Tim and the plug are well lubricated and presses the larger piece in place. Tim gives a sigh of contentment, feeling it fill his ass. His cock is showing his pleasure, hardening immediately. Acknowledging his condition, he begins adequate foreplay of kissing, caressing, and fingering Abbie. Both now aroused, Tim presses his trembling glans into Abbie’s back vag as she lays on her back with her legs over Tim’s shoulders.
It is Abbie’s turn sigh in pleasure as Tim presses his shaft further and further in her. When his balls are bouncing against Abbie’s ass, he holds himself there for a moment so Abbie can feel him pulsating against her as she contracts over and over, squeezing his prick.
When both are satisfied, Tim begins pump in and out of her. Making them both moan and squirm, feeling the pleasure each is giving the other, and getting themselves. Staring into each other’s eyes, they can see how flushed each is getting. Leaning and lifting to kiss until needing to catch their breath.
Tim feeling the plug pressing against the sides of his anus as his cock is deeply embedded in Abbie’s ass brings new sensations to experience. of which Tim finds quite delightful. The things Abbie and he are finding keep improving their relationship is phenomenal.
But as with things, the end must come, for now. Tim can’t hold back any longer, and Abbie’s clit against his mons tells a similar story. Tim plunges in deeply one final time, and an explosion of cum fills Abbie. Who at the same time is covering Tim’s mons with her stickiness.
Hugging each other, Tim slides out of Abbie, and she drops her legs. Abbie asks Tim if he wants to take the plug out now, but he again surprises her, saying he would like to wear it longer. When it gets too much, he will tell her.
Abbie shyly now asks Tim to put the matching plug in her so she too could feel and experience it also. It is easy to press the toy in Abbie’s ass between still being stretched from their recent activity and the semen dripping from her. The plug settled in her nicely. They head the shower get cleaned for the day.
While Abbie doesn’t care for wearing pants much—in the summer, around the house, or working in the garden and such—she does like wear rather skimpy and tight shorts. Usually with a tube or halter top. She adjusts her clit between her legs so as not to alter the lines of her shorts.
When Tim sees her so dressed today, it stirs his loins again and adds to the feeling of the plug in him as he clenches against it. After a quick breakfast, they are out in the garden, where they find themselves most Saturdays. Les’s greenhouse has been finished, without harming any of her plants. She is out working too, with Phoebe beside her learning gardening skills. The four do back and forth more than actually doing much weeding or pruning. But everything gets done by noon. Finishing the morning work, Tim cuts the grass at their house and Les’s. Something he has done for years now.
Putting the mower away in the shed, he sees the , Abbie, Les, and Phoebe, sitting around the table their patio with icy drinks before them and one waiting for him. Tim joins the women, and they relax, enjoying their drinks after a full morning of work.
After he finishes his drink, Tim leaves the and put his chef hat prepare lunch for the four. A tasty salad with a mixture of lettuce and chicken he grills. He makes his own oil, lemon juice, and seasonings dressing. Phoebe is extremely impressed with his cooking skills, not experiencing them before.
As they eat, she with Tim that she wants his recipe for the dressing add her menu at the Wilde Peacock. He banters back that perhaps they can work out a barter system—his recipe for free drinks. Phoebe getting know Tim more, now sees the changes in his confidence from the first time he walked into the bar. And his laughing after replying tells her he does not expect anything in return, but Phoebe will be sure that free drinks are given to him and Abbie regularly.
and , the lunch is lively and somewhat silly as they come know each other better. Not just Tim and Phoebe, but Les and Abbie also are coming know each other more and more. Now that it is settled that Les will join the board of Pathways, being thrown together in work, besides as neighbors, she and Abbie are especially coming to learning more about each other.
Suddenly looking at the time, Tim tells Abbie that Grace will be there shortly for the interview for the housekeeper. This leads to another diversion of conversation between the four about Tim and Abbie hiring someone to clean for them.
They all take their plates and such into the house. As they do, they with Les and Phoebe about hiring a maid. A quick clean- ensures no signs of the meal are visible – just a spotless kitchen. Les and Phoebe take their leave wishing Tim and Abbie good luck. When they are gone, Abbie asks Tim something she was worried about over lunch. She knows she is squirming some from the plug so in her, and she noticed Tim doing the same. Do they need get them out before Grace arrives?
Both agree that before too long, they should be removed. For now, the plugs are adding such a sensuous experience with they have been doing in the yard and through lunch. Giggling together, they agree that as soon as Grace leaves, they should then take the plugs out.
Both hurry now to clean and change. Abbie now in a summery dress and Tim in clean pants and shirt. Abbie takes a while get her makeup . Saturdays, when they work in the yard, Abbie is getting more confident about not putting makeup on, and Tim loves seeing her that way. Showing her true self, even with Les and Phoebe.
Both are ready. Abbie just coming down the stairs when the bell rings.
Promptly at o’clock, the front door rings. Tim answers it and is flabbergasted by the young woman standing on their porch. While a good ten years younger, Grace Reilly looks so like Abbie. Auburn hair her shoulders, small breasted with a slender waist but nice ass. They are about the same height and weight, probably.
Tim, overcome with this vision, stumbles over his welcome as Abbie comes the door too. She is also surprised a bit, as is Grace seeing Abbie and understanding Tim’s more or less babbling at first.
Starting to compose themselves, they laugh, realizing the resemblance. Abbie breaks the ice saying, “Well, mini-, come in, and let’s get know each other.”
The initial uncomfortableness just disappeared as they laughed as they came into the living room. Sitting down, the for a while about Tim and Abbie’s expectations, and Grace explaining what she has done and is willing do.
Abbie suggests Grace should tour the house to understand which will need be done. Grace and Tim agree the tour. The look around downstairs and then the central staircase the rooms above. the doors are closed. Abbie leads the tour showing their bedroom, the guest room, bathrooms, and laundry. The only room left is the one at the top of the stairs.
Abbie hesitates about this room. She has already been embarrassed that the contractors must have understood the meaning of the room. Now to display it for someone who will be working regularly for them seems extreme.
Tim sensed Abbie’s reluctance but looked her in the eyes with a nod of his head, which somehow sends a Abbie show that is between them. As she opened the door the room and invited Grace see it, a sensational rush runs through Abbie show this someone.
Grace looked around this sparse room. First, seeing the stenciled ‘Abigail’s corner,’ then turning and seeing over the entrance ‘Abigail’s room.’ It takes Grace a moment absorb what this might mean, but enlightenment comes her quickly. As does this strange feeling of her cunt suddenly throbbing at what this must mean.
Yes, Tim and Abbie have a wonderful, while different, relationship, which must be so satisfying, Grace ponders. Grace glances at the framed handwritten rules above the desk, not reading them through but understanding that Abbie and Tim have limits defined. They are not long in this room before heading back downstairs. On leaving, Grace notices the wooden back hairbrushes sitting on the dresser.
Her juices are dripping thinking about being over someone like Tim, with muscular thighs, spanking her. Grace does not know what is coming over her. Having such cravings for the first time. With such ideas, Grace is rather flushed as they descend the stairs the main floor.
She and Abbie exchange glances going down the stairs together. Tim holds back for a minute, saying he needs to check something but will be right down. This gives Abbie and Grace a moment talk more.
in broken sentences, but enough for both of them understand. Grace hesitantly whispers that she finds herself drawn the idea of having someone as her disciplinarian. They smile, wickedly, each other. Abbie leans and quietly says her, “In time, perhaps we will have help you find someone. But only someone who would love you totally, who will take on such a role at your request to improve yourself. Mini-me, I think we are going to be friends besides the work arrangement.”
When Tim joins them, they agree that Grace will start next Tuesday, and then come two times a week on Tuesday and Thursday for about four hours each day. They head to the kitchen table to work out a list of what tasks Grace should do.
Abbie asks Grace if she would like something to drink. Tea, coffee, wine, something stronger? Abbie precludes this by saying she is ready for a nice gin and tonic. Grace laughs and replies that she would not be opposed to that.
Chatting more now, comfortably like the have known each other for years. The list of chores is completed. They arrange a schedule for Grace, and Tim tells her a number use the front door keypad get in. Abbie shows Grace where the cleaning supplies are kept, and they agree that if other tasks are needed be completed, a list would be left the refrigerator.
The same if Grace sees she is running low cleaning supplies so they can be replaced. It is arranged and set up that Tim will transfer her weekly wages into her bank account. Between them, they agree a salary for each week, with extra compensation for when a more significant cleaning is needed as the seasons change.
In a way, when the interview and are finished, Abbie is feeling a little letdown. How things stand, there would not be much interaction in person with Grace. Grace seems like such a delightful young woman, and Abbie would love get know her better.
Tim must be feeling the same. He concludes things by saying, “Grace, I am sure this arrangement will work well for of us, but perhaps every other Thursday, you stay for dinner with us check in together and get to know each other more, if that is acceptable.”
Grace is overjoyed to hear this. Just as Abbie is feeling the loss of personal interaction between them, Grace is also. This couple seems like people she would like to get to know more, not just work for. Grace understands Tim and Abbie’s relationship right away, which interests her too to learn about more. Shyly she agrees to the suggestion and asks if they would like her to start dinner on those nights.
Tim assured her that they would work that out as they go along but looks forward to having such an opportunity. And that, of course, she would be paid for her time then too.
Grace started to protest that is not necessary, but in the end, as they finished their G and Ts, it is left up in the air to deal with down the road.
The company’s contract is signed by them and faxed to Maid for You office, and in doing so, the feels that a real bond has been sealed between them.
Almost regrettably, Grace takes her leave. satisfied that not only a working relationship but also a new friendship has begun. After Grace says her good-byes and goes, Tim and Abbie open each other about the strange coincidence about how much Grace looks like Abbie. They tell each other that it just adds Grace’s charms, but they each wonder about the fluke individually.
In time the likeness will make Abbie feel as Grace is a younger sister she never had. Grace does not have any siblings as she is an only , and her parents’ dying young. The bond that develops between the creates, in time, a family unit for them. While Tim and Abbie are not old enough be her parents, they feel and care for each other as older and younger siblings. And the family developing for Tim and Abbie grows. Les and Phoebe, now Grace, make this circle for them. Something neither has had speak of before.
After Grace leaves, it is going PM. Abbie and Tim hasten their bedroom, undress, and carefully take the ass plugs out of each other. They have been in place for hours. Experiencing them their ass for the first extended time, the relief, but also feeling of emptiness, wafts over them as their bodies relax and become accustomed to the norm again.
Tim and Abbie 37: Something different
Posted:Jan 2, 2021 7:31 pm
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2021 3:01 pm

The next week or so is calm. A couple of evenings each week, Tim and Abbie spend cleaning the house and washing clothes. They are doing it in the evenings have the weekend work in the yard and play more. But the task of keeping up the house while both are working is rather time-consuming.
Abbie does not complain, but it only took an hour or so for her to clean her apartment weekly. She sent most of her clothes to the dry cleaners so there would only be one or two loads needing doing. Tim put a stop to the dry cleaning of clothes that could be washed by them as a waste of . Abbie knew this was true, but which is the real savings? The have them dry cleaned and done, or the hours wash load after load of laundry?.
Tim notices this also. A little over a month living together, the time needed to keep up the remodeled house is even more than what he did in the past. Usually, the living room, sitting room, and office were left closed up most of the time. Maybe once a quarter or so, Tim would vacuum and dust those rooms and what had been his mother’s bedroom and the spare room. Now Tim and Abbie’s living space is much larger, and the upkeep is arduous. Time Tim would rather spend with Abbie playing and relaxing together.
After thinking about this issue for a while, one night about a week later, when Tim picks Abbie up from work, he tells her they have an appointment in a half hour. Abbie looks at him questioningly as he drives to a small office building near their house. Once inside, they go down a hall to a door reading, ‘Maid for You.’
Abbie looks at Tim with a massive grin on her face, hugging him, and says, “Really?” Tim returns the hug and opens the door for them to enter. They are quickly taken to the owner’s office. After greeting them, she explains there are some questionnaires to fill out to help match them with the right housekeeper. The questions range from what tasks they would like done to when they would want the cleaning done. If they were confident having the work done when they were not there, the requirements and characteristics they were searching for in a maid, and other questions along these lines.
It takes over an hour to complete the survey, but well worth the time as it makes Tim and Abbie focus on what they were looking for and their expectations. The owner looks over their forms with a smile starting to spread to a big grin as she peruses their answers.
“I think I have the perfect candidate for you,” she tells Tim and Abbie. “She is a college student who needs income to for her tuition and such. I trust her completely, and I think she fits all of your requirements. Grace is twenty-three, just finishing her last year of college, but intends continue for her master's and then Ph.D. She is available now on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the day, though the actual days might change as her school schedule does.
“Everyone she has worked for the last two years praises her highly. The position she just had cleaning two days a week ended due the family moving Scotland. She was responsible for all you are looking for. I think Grace would be a perfect fit for you. Would you like meet her and talk with her yourselves?”
“Yes, we would like that. When would be a good time?” Tim replies.
“How about Saturday afternoon around three? Grace could come your house so you could show her around and explain what is needed. After that, we can work out a schedule and rates for her, and if acceptable, she could start next week,” the owner suggests.
It's all settled for Saturday. Tim and Abbie, pleased with how easily this was arranged, say their good-byes. Shaking their hands, the owner smiles warmly at Abbie, and after they leave has a bigger smile on her face. I hope they will appreciate the irony of Grace as a choice, she thinks. From this short interaction with Tim and Abbie, she feels sure they will. After the initial meeting with Grace, she is confident they will approve of her, but only time will tell.
By the time Tim and Abbie get home, she is so overjoyed with what will happen, Abbie can’t contain herself. Barely through the door from the garage, she flings herself into Tim’s arms and kisses him over and over.
“How have I ever deserved someone like you?” Abbie says between kisses, “You give me everything I could ever dream of, and more. It is a beautiful house to live in, a wonderful garden to tend, taking all my woes away from me, offering me the guidance and discipline I am so lacking, and now also someone maintain the house for us. But all these things are small side things, compared you being someone I can love fully and loves me unconditionally.”
Tears start fall from Abbie’s eyes as she realizes just how much Tim in this short time has given her. Tim’s eyes are glazed over also as he hugs Abbie and kisses her in return, “My love, all that you say I have offered you is insignificant compared what you have bestowed on me. Such a life you have given me I would have never imagined could have been possible. We are both incredibly lucky that we were brought together. Even if it was over a spilled drink.”
Saying the last, they both laugh, and while they have not had dinner, neither is hungry. Well, for food, they aren’t, but for each other, they are ravenous. They race themselves upstairs to their bedroom, where clothes are tossed aside for them to be able to be fully together. Kissing and roaming start things off as Tim’s cock grows, and Abbie’s ‘clit’ keeps up. Squeezing each other’s member, precum is soon evident, and they both back off some to savor this moment.
Since their shopping trip, Tim and Abbie have played with some of the toys they bought. With a cock ring on, Tim feels the sensation of a more intense prick banging of Abbie over and over. Abbie runs the wand vibrator over his cock, head, shaft, and balls, getting Tim hard and ready quickly besides giving him an intense climax. When Tim uses it on Abbie, she cries out and shudders from its attention. “Tim, you are arousing my clit so much,” Abbie says as she trembles with the next wave.
Tonight as they calm from their first onslaught, Abbie gets Tim to lie on his stomach. “Sweetie, let me introduce you to a butt plug to see if you enjoy it or not. Nothing big to start, just a first step,” Abbie coos to Tim.
She fully lubes Tim’s asshole and the small starter plug. She presses it against his rosebud and gently pushes it up in Tim. As she urges it in more, Abbie can feel Tim’s sphincter resisting entrance. Abbie gives Tim a minute to accept this intrusion and relax. After a moment, the plug moves up in through the sphincter to rest nicely in Tim’s rectum.
Abbie motions Tim to turn and hands him the plug to use on her. It is a bit larger than what she used on Tim. He repeats Abbie’s actions, lubes her hole nicely, and the plug. Tim presses it into Abbie, who does not resist. Both now are feeling the plugs filling their anus. While at this moment it feels so full up in them, they know this is just the beginning.
They are rolled on their sides, looking at each other, enjoying this different pleasure. Their members, both at full strength, rub against each other as they lean together to kiss. Both sign deeply as they feel their rectums contract against the plugs over and over. Each time one of them clamps against their plug, both seem to feel the aftereffects.
Abbie is the first to turn around and take Tim’s glans in her mouth. The warm, wet haven with her tongue licking over and around the glans makes Tim tighten against the plug, making his cock and glans twitch some. Abbie holds his glans securely in her mouth as her tongue begins a downward trend, taking more of his shaft in with each round.
“Come in my mouth, baby,” Abbie mumbles to Tim. “That’s the only place available to you right now.”
Tim cracks up laughing at that statement, which makes his cock in Abbie’s mouth stiffen even more, and his ass filled with the plug makes him squirm as he does. This is so different. He is so close but still trying to hold back to savor this moment more and more.
Abbie sits up for a minute, leaving Tim’s prick to feel the cool breeze waft over him. It is a wonderful feeling, but to be in Abbie’s warm mouth cavern is so much better. But she surprises him. Abbie bends over the side of the bed and picks up one of the vibrators they purchased. She turns it on and ups the speed some. As she places it below Tim’s sacks, pressing against his perineum and also the bottom of his balls, Tim visibly quivers, feeling this.
Before he can even say anything, Abbie’s mouth is again over his cock, taking more and more of his shaft in. It is better than heaven at this moment for Tim. Feeling the plug up in him, his cock being so serviced, and now this constant tremor against his most vulnerable area is idealistic.
Tim moans over and over. Abbie tastes his precum starting and smiles to herself. Yes, these toys do add to enjoyment more and more, she thinks.
It doesn’t take long now as Tim’s build-up has been happening for over an hour. When Abbie clicks the vibrator up one more notch as her mouth is sucking more and more of Tim’s cock in, he trips the light fantastic, and an avalanche erupts from him.
Abbie swallows as much as she can, then laps up all that spilled. The taste of Tim’s cum is one of Abbie’s favorite treats now that it happens regularly. As Tim brings himself back down to earth, Abbie gets him to roll on his stomach again. Back where this all began.
She gently pulls the plug from him, and then, to give him one final treat for the night, she ‘tosses his salad.’ Licking and sucking, sticking her tongue in just a bit, Abbie cleans up Tim’s rosebud from his first experience with a plug. Though totally spent at the moment, Abbie’s last decadent act has him moaning, feeling something different.
Tim is in no condition to salute again so soon, but tremors cascade through his body in reaction to what Abbie is doing to him. It is like an orgasm in such a different way. When Abbie finishes, and Tim pulls her to him to kiss and hold, he tries to describe what just happened to him.
Abbie explains that in different situations, like when she gave him a prostate massage, the reaction is different when the cock is not the center of what is going on. Instead, other body parts are experiencing something just as electric. Especially if the body part in question is the ass.
Abbie explains what she just did, in certain circles, is called ‘salad tossing.’ Tim laughs and says if it can feel like it just did, Abbie can toss his salad whenever she wants. Abbie, joining in the amusement, replies, “Well, that might be the only cooking that I know how to do.”
With that merriment, the two cuddle together and fall asleep, with visions of them playing more like today and having a clean house that they do not have to fret over.
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Tim and Abbie 36: An evening with Les and Phoebe
Posted:Dec 31, 2020 12:12 pm
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2021 10:8 am

Just a little more in the lives of Tim and Abbie to ring the year out. And so does 2020 need to hit the road. There are more to come of this story in the new year. I hope you are enjoying it.

Monday night, after devouring a throw-together dinner, Abbie and Tim meander to the sitting room with drinks. Both are thinking about playing with their new toys. After the reaction they had shopping, leading to primal sex; perhaps they will wait a while before experiencing their purchases more.
Instead, Abbie brings up her news about the letter sent to Les. She does preface her comments by stating she received this news as fact, not gossip.
Tim laughs a bit at her and tells her yes, this is not gossip. If Abbie starts to suggest what might happen as it is a fact, that would be gossiping. As he says this, he tickles Abbie, who squirms from his touch. She promises she is just relaying what happened.
“But Tim, maybe, tomorrow night, they could stop at the Peacock to hear what Les’s response to it might be,” Abbie shyly asks. As she says this, Abbie shifts, so she is sitting on Tim’s lap, straddling his hips, looking directly at him. Tim sees the pleading in Abbie’s eyes and does realize that what Les decides will impact Abbie. Her job, and recommending Les, will affect Abbie’s position.
Tim pulls Abbie to him, her head resting on his shoulder as he caresses her back slowly. Kissing her forehead, Tim tells her, “Sure, honey, we can stop at the Peacock on the way home tomorrow. I know this means a lot to you. But be prepared, Les beginning this with Phoebe, she might not want to take more on right now.”
Pressing against him, Tim feels Abbie’s head nodding in agreement with him. “I know Tim, but I do hope she will say yes. I think she is what is needed for Pathway to expand and move further towards the vision it originally had,” Abbie murmurs.
Tickling Abbie’s back, Tim continues in jest, “You seem to be filling our social calendar for this week a bit. Shopping today, at the Peacock tomorrow, what do you have planned for the rest of the week?”
Abbie, knowing Tim is teasing her, responds, “I haven’t got that far yet, but I am sure I can think of some more things. Besides, we can eat at the Peacock tomorrow, saving you from having to cook. I am craving their Devon Shrimp. It seems ages since I had it.”
It has not been mentioned, but the Wilde Peacock does have a fabulous menu of unique dishes. Their chef is superb. Just one more touch, Phoebe added to the pub.
“So it shall be for my angel. As long as you don’t press Les about the letter or her decision. Leave it to her to bring it up or comment,” Tim tells Abbie. As he says this, Tim is rubbing Abbie’s ass, which brings the point home. What could happen if she presses the issue with Les.
The next morning, Tuesday, Tim and Abbie head to work. Their morning routine is pretty much down pat now. At times there are some detours. Taking the time for early morning play in the bed or the shower. Even adding that they still manage to make it to work on time. Abbie is dropped at work at a quarter to nine each morning. Tim is walking from the parking garage to his workspace by five to nine.
Both Abbie and Tim’s days are filled, and they keep busy. Abbie does keep her schedule of checking in with Tim during the day. When Abbie feels her phone vibrate with the reminder of the time, she feels shivers of delight run through her as she types Tim a short message.
And before you know it, quitting time arrives. Tim pulls up, and Abbie climbs into the car, giving Tim a warm kiss in greeting and buckling her seatbelt. They are off for the short ride to the Wilde Peacock and what awaits them there.
Even though coming into the pub from daylight takes a minute to adjust her eyes, Abbie spies Les sitting at the end of the bar. They go over to her, and Abbie sits on the chair next to Les and Tim beside her.
There are greetings and hugs and kisses as Phoebe comes over to join them, sitting on Les’s other side. Phoebe calls to the bartender to make drinks for all of them. They fall into general conversation about what each has been doing.
Phoebe and Les complement Abbie and Tim about how lovely the yard and garden looks now. And what the addition of the greenhouse makes to it all. Les tells them that loving all the changes made to their house, she has hired the contractor to build a greenhouse for her too. With plans for much more work to be done on her home after.
Having worked with the contractor watching over Tim and Abbie’s house's renovations, Les knows she will be treated fairly. Les does go on for a while about how she would never have thought of putting in a greenhouse. Now, the idea of keeping and starting plants during the winter is such a great idea.
Between Abbie and Les, it will probably be a race to see who can get more plants ready this winter for spring planting. But that is far off now. Today, Les is just beginning to make her plans a reality. And Phoebe is included in all the choices Les is considering.
And then the conversation shifts, and with it, something a bit strange happens.
Les looks at Abbie and says, “I got a very interesting letter, well more an invitation, yesterday, and for some reason, Abbie, I think you had a hand in it.” Abbie blushes at the comment and mumbles that perhaps she played a small role in the request being extended to Les.
“So, what do you think about the appeal? Is it something which you would be interested in? I know you would be a wonderful addition to our board,” Abbie gushes.
What follows probably is due in part to Les and Abbie’s joyful vision of Les as part of Pathways. While Abbie makes her last comment, she swivels her chair some just as Les does, and their thighs bump against each other.
A leg bump is not that uncommon when at a bar, but the electric charge running through Abbie’s body as they do is startling. Les feels the same wave through her and catches her breath just as Abbie is. Right now, the logical thing is for them to turn their chairs, so their thighs aren’t rubbing against each other, but this momentary exhilaration keeps them frozen in place.
Abbie’s breathing is low and slow. She just lifts and lowers her thigh against Les to feel a second shock crash through her. It is like time is standing still. In a flash, which seems to take minutes to run through, Abbie imagines kissing Les, letting their tongues mingle together as their hands reach out to each other’s breasts. Both are about the same, smaller size, but squeezing and pinching Les’s nipples makes more raptures run through Abbie. She feels her panties dripping with precum.
For Les, it is much the same. Feeling Abbie’s thigh against hers, both them rubbing against each other. Les’s hands are not far behind Abbie’s as she takes Abbie’s tits in her hand to caress and tease. The imagined kisses additional charges through Les’s body. The two strange but erotic onslaughters overtake Les, one starting at her lips and mouth, the other at her thigh and moving to her cunt and out over her body, hurtling against each other. Les’s panties are just as damp.
Nothing more than that original brush of thighs actually happened, but in the nano-second, which followed, Abbie and Les play out the whole scenario. Neither are attracted to each other in that way, really. Phoebe’s arrival into Les’s life is all she wants. And Tim is what Abbie craves and loves. It is just a strange momentary thing.
Like suddenly dreaming a hot dream with someone you are acquainted with but have no feelings about. You wake shaking your head over the memory, but nothing more.
Back on firm ground, chairs turned away from each other, Les starts to talk. The only sign of what just happened/imagine is Les catching her breath before speaking in a husky voice to start.
“Abbie, I have been thinking about what it would mean, how perhaps getting the community center activities paired with Pathway’s offering. It could be a bit of work, but not that much. I plan to call the director tomorrow to talk more about what is involved.”
Abbie squeals with delight and hugs Les. “Oh, I am so happy you will. I know you can offer great new ideas and programs,” Abbie gushes. Abbie then stops herself before stepping over the line Tim has drawn for her.
They all order dinner and go to a booth with fresh drinks to enjoy their meal. Talk is back in general, mainly about what Les is considered doing to her house.
That flash between Les and Abbie is brushed aside by both. Never to be mentioned to each other or their mates. Abbie feels Tim’s hand on her thigh, gently moving up and down, she leans to him, putting her head on his shoulder, and her hand covers his as she squeezes it.
Phoebe, now feeling confident and open about her relationship with Les, places her arms on the back of the booth behind Les’s shoulders and squeezes her, sending the message of her pleasure.
All four of them are in a state of bliss. Together, tonight over a good meal and conversation, other times just in passing chatting, the four have become almost family for each other in these last few weeks. It is good to have a safe haven to come to when the rest of the world seems to go crazy at times.
Dinner finished, Abbie and Tim take their leave. Telling Les, they will be eager to see the developments of her greenhouse and other work on her house. Les laughs, “Well, since I helped Tim with the work on his house, I had decided to redo mine, but was concerned about living there through it all. But it seems that some kind woman (hugging Phoebe as she says this) has offered me a place to lay my head while the renovations take place.”
Tim and Abbie smile at this as they, with Les accompanying them, head to their car. Les hugs Abbie and whispers, “And when the modernizations are finished, I think Phoebe will be coming to live with me there.” Again Abbie lets out a little squeal as she hugs Les one more time and climbs into the car.
As the drive towards home, Abbie does so want to share what Les just told her with Tim, but does not, because while not really gossip, she is trying to wean herself from speculating – as Tim calls it – about things she has no control over.

Tim and Abbie 35: An interesting evening adventure
Posted:Oct 26, 2020 3:10 pm
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2021 10:8 am

Monday mornings always seem come too soon. After the busy weekend working in the yard and taking the time to , it seemed arrive even sooner. Tim and Abbie wake return the work world. They are a bit sore from spending most of Sunday outside cleaning the front yard, cutting the grass, and getting some plants from Les begin their renovations. Not mention the breaks they took for mutual enjoyment.
Both are starting nice tans from being out in the sun. Tim’s face is already an attractive shade of brown. Arriving at work wearing a gray suit, light blue pinstriped shirt, and tie, he looks so different than he did four months ago. His happy and content demeanor adds to his new image.
It is like Tim is a different person than who his office was accustomed to seeing. He will often walk into the building with one or of the executives. Now having a prime parking space, Tim exchanges greetings and small talk with the brass each morning. Yes, Tim is a different man than what he had been for . What a difference a happy sex life can make.
The company where Tim works, Microga, is a midsize manufacturer of computer components. Motherboards, central processing units (CPU), memory cards, and network cards make up most of their inventory. The production plant sits behind the main office building where Tim works, all incorporated in a rather large work campus. The main office is a two-floor building with a lot of open workspaces.
Tim works in the Quality and Productivity department. He and his immediate colleagues make sure operations are working in a profitable and error-free manner. The systems and tools Tim created are a significant factor in the company moving into the top quartile for efficiency and excellence in their industry. None of Tim’s work has gone unnoticed.
In the past, Tim did not seem confident or influential enough. Nor did he ever seem motivated to apply for any posted positions for which he was more than qualified. So, appreciating Tim’s work and dedication, management is grateful that they had such a talent on their team.
Now, though, with this new look and confidence, perhaps would be the time to encourage him to take a more managerial position. Or is Tim being scouted and pursued by another company?
This Monday morning brings the executives together in contemplation. Tim’s manager is called in for his viewpoint. The wheels are turning at Microga for some big changes for Tim.
Meanwhile, Abbie is settling in for a new work week also. And in fairness, perhaps should tell more about her position and organization.
Pathway Center is a non-profit company formed in the early 2000s to help LGBTQ adjust, and if wanted, to transition to be who they feel is their real self. Pathway’s goal is to help all to be healthy and happy within society today. When it started, there were so many more roadblocks to achieving this aim, but with more social understanding and acceptance, the Center’s critical issues are much less. But just as the world likes to do, new concerns seem to arise almost daily to address and correct.
Abbie is the office manager, more involved in the smooth running of the Center than much one-on-one interactions or counseling of . Though when help is needed with filling out the paperwork and such, Abbie does then have some interaction with . And during the day, she will see many of the coming and going.
The Center where Abbie works is actually the Pathway Center’s main office. The site in London and twenty-five other locations around the United Kingdom are branch locations. So often, Abbie is working with the branches to comply with corporate policies and expectations. Abbie’s promotion to this position a few ago was a big step up in the institution. She was surprised and honored be the one chosen for this job.
Abbie's position somewhat explains why she was so surprised at the stipulation that existed for officially changing your gender or name on legal documents. Now more aware of such roadblocks, Abbie has been finding ways address and highlight these issues in the last few weeks.
Abbie spoke with the Director of Pathways, who understood her concerns. Together they are developing a team to address this area for LGBTQ individuals. The Director, also a doctor, was willing to provide the statement Abbie needed to change her gender and name in the United States. Doing so would also change her name and gender in the United Kingdom. So now, for Abbie, it is just a waiting game until she receives the official forms.
During Abbie’s chats with the Director, she recommends that Les be considered as an addition to the organization’s board. Abbie tells him about the work Les is doing at the community center. This morning, the Director pops his head into Abbie’s office and tells her that a letter has been sent to Les inviting her to be a board member.
Hearing this news, Abbie is elated and can’t wait to hear what Les has to say in reply. Abbie knows Les would fit right in here and bring new and creative ideas to the organization. Even open their eyes to some areas where the organization is wea It is a busy morning for Abbie after the weekend. It always is after a weekend make sure everything continues run smoothly. Even the extra work does not take away from Abbie having time chat and gossip with different staff members and colleagues at the organization.
Abbie never mentions this side of things Tim. She well knows the consequences of what Tim considers gossiping. But Abbie enjoys when interesting news, whether based on fact or not, is shared. Though now, there is this little voice inside her. Telling Abbie she shouldn’t be doing this, thanks Tim’s discipline for such things.
Both Tim and Abbie’s Monday at work flies by. Around in the afternoon, a silly but delightful idea enters Abbie’s mind. As the idea hatches, Abbie realizes it has been ages, maybe even a year, since she indulged in this activity. By the time Tim pulls up in front of the Pathway’s entrance, Abbie has the whole plan worked out.
As Abbie watches their car approaching, she feels her stomach flip in the excitement and anticipation of seeing Tim again. Since they bought the car and Tim picking her up each night after work, Abbie has been having these stomach flutters. Seeing their lovely car approach and knowing who is driving fills Abbie with such joy that it is the man she loves arriving.
Abbie does wonder, ‘when this feeling will stop? Will it become such a regular thing that it no longer affect her in this way?’ In reality, she never wants to stop this emotion on seeing Tim.
When she jumps in the car this evening, Abbie leans to Tim and kisses him asking, “We don’t have anything planned for this evening, do we?” Tim replies nothing that he knows of.
Abbie giggles in response, “Then I have this somewhat scandalous idea for right now.” Tim looking at Abbie with an eyebrow raised wonders what she could have in mind. Instead, Abbie just tells him to turn at the first intersection south, away from heading home. And for the next twenty minutes, she continues to direct Tim on the way to go.
Finally, they arrive at a small strip mall, where Abbie has Tim pull in. At the end of the row where Abbie directs him to park, is an Adult Toy Store. Tim blushes as he looks inquisitively at Abbie. She laughs and says, “I thought it might be fun to find some toys and such we can enjoy together.”
Tim, taking a deep breath, replies, “Lead the way as this is your idea. I am glad in a way that it is a bit of a distance from home, so hopefully, no one we know sees us.” Abbie laughs as they get out of the car to go in. And the little slap Tim gives her ass as they walk starts Abbie quivering before even entering the shop.
Tim is wide-eyed at all there is to see, this being his first time in such a shop. After picking up a basket at the front of the store, Abbie leads Tim up and down the aisles taking their time looking at all the possibilities. Some both shudder over and whisper together about that is not somewhere they want to go. But others they ponder over, wondering, and imagining.
The first things that catch Tim’s eye are cock cages. He is unsure of what they are or are supposed to do at first. Abbie quietly explains. Tim laughs a bit as he tells her that perhaps they should get one in Abbie’s size to wear when she is bad.
“Tim! You want me to be caged when I misbehave?” Abbie says with astonishment. Tim nods his head and looks closely at how each work and what size penis it would fit. Finally, he chooses a gold metal cage that looks like Abbie's appropriate size, not too big to fall off.
He hands it to Abbie to inspect. Abbie will not admit it, but she loves the idea of Tim caging her. Instead, she shrugs her shoulders indifferently and agrees that it looks the right size. She puts it in the basket. Tim is not finished here yet. He is looking over the different ones. Tim finds one, almost a twin of the first, but a larger size to fit his coc
He also drops it into the basket, saying, “It would only be fair for have one too so I can try it and understand how it feels.” Abbie, heartened by Tim’s willingness and compassion, hugs him and kisses his chee
Next, they come upon a variety of penis rings. Again, Abbie explains Tim what they are. This is all a totally new and foreign world to Tim. They pick out some metal and rubber ones that look both their sizes and add them to their bin.
The next aisle holds an array of vibrators, both for women and men. Abbie picks up one of the test wonder-wand-type vibrators and turns it on, holding it to the palm of Tim’s hand. He feels the strong vibrations running through his body and is a bit surprised to feel his cock start to harden. Abbie pulls Tim to her, turns him, so he is facing the display and her. Abbie lowers the vibrator and presses it against Tim’s trouser covered pric The feeling is amazing.
Abbie pulls it away after only a few seconds as she knows Tim would not want cum here. Possibly ruining his suit pants and have a wet spot on display in the shop. Abbie smirks at him and takes one of this model from the shelf add their growing shopping basket.
Further down the lane, there are different, smaller vibrators geared toward men. Having what was more or less a cock ring to hold the vibrator against the back of your coc Others are moving into a new area, vibes for stimulating prostates. They have a head to press against the p-spot and the other end to vibrate against the perineum. Abbie, winking at Tim, chooses an interesting looking one to add to their stash.
And following the order of the store, next in the lane are butt plugs. Ranging in size for tiny beginners, not even as big as a pinky finger, up to ones that are incomprehensible of being able to press it up into your ass. Double the size of someone fisting you, something neither Tim nor Abbie ever wants to experience. But the size is mind-boggling and makes them wonder if it is just for a joke or if someone ever had.
In the lower/mid-range, Tim and Abbie spend time over the options, looking at different ones and then at each other to see what level each would like to experience. They are both drawn to glass ones of a medium size, thinking about how chilled they would feel. Another they ponder over is an inflatable butt plug. Once the plug is settled in place, it can be inflated larger. Some even have a vibrator to add to the feeling.
Abbie is somewhat surprised that Tim seems interested in such items. She wonders if the night with Abe might have triggered something for him. Whatever the reason, Abbie is glad to see he is drawn to such toys. To the point that he throws of each of them into their growing basket, the glass ones, and the inflating vibrating ones.
In a low voice near her ear, Tim whispers, “They look like something we could have fun with together.” Abbie moves and kisses him fully on the lips and quietly says, “Yes, we could.”
The possibilities open to them here in this treasure chest is amazing to Tim. They turn to the next aisle and find all sorts of items for BDSM. Tim winces, as does Abbie, over some of the more intense bondage and discipline items. The whips, canes, cuffs, nipple clips and clamps, and spreader bars. They look at each other, and the expression on each of their faces and eyes tells it all. No, this is not a place they would want to go.
Moving quickly down the aisle, which had they entered at the front end, they would have seen the tamer items first. Now they are in front of different paddles. They are made of wood, leather, a combination, or some even plastic. There is also a collection of hairbrushes nearby. Looking at the leather paddles, Tim now is the one winking at Abbie as he picks different ones up.
Abbie squirms with a combination of ‘oh no, what might Tim be considering’ to feeling herself now arousing at the thought of being over Tim’s lap, panties down, and him spanking her over and over with the leather paddle. When he settles on what to Abbie looks like the perfect one, he smiles as he places it on top of the basket's items.
Though Tim has no idea, Abbie comprehends immediately what having a paddle on top of the basket is announcing. Abbie, more experienced in this world of deviant behavior, knows that to go to the register to with the paddle foremost and first be rung up is shouting out that Tim has complete control punish her as he sees fit.
Abbie is almost as hard as she can get. Even with the bottom half of her dress billowing out, her full state of arousal is apparent if anyone looks closely. She blushes as she feels those incredible sparks of electrodes running through her body. Abbie knows they need to get home soon before she explodes. Or at least to the car.
The idea of a mixture of shame for being someone’s sub, more or less, and the excitement of announcing her wanting and accepting this role makes Abbie quiver with pleasure. Not that she is Tim’s subservient all the time, but making it look such brings precum dripping in Abbie’s panties.
As they move towards the checkout, Tim puts his hand on Abbie’s ass. Again, Tim, unknowing, is announcing that Abbie’s ass is his alone.
As all their purchases are rung up, Abbie knows the scenario she is running through her head is all just fantasy. But the idea of the dozen or so shoppers in the store, all seeing and judging her, is a real turn-on. Abbie wonders if she can/could tell Tim about this flight of fancy she just had.
It surprises Abbie, this little shopping trip to, okay, maybe forbidden jungles, is giving her such sexual satisfaction. Yes, she is at the point now. The pinnacle from which she does so need to release. Abbie is surprised that looking at different ways to pleasure each other gets her to this point. Tim her to for the purchases added this sense of embarrassment and sensual excitement. Announcing everyone that Abbie must for the items with which she will be disciplined.
Tim’s cock is still stirring also. Especially as he has notices Abbie’s excitement. They get out of the store and into the car, just in time before things go too far. But both know they are so close, and neither wants this stirring high to be wasted.
Tim starts the car, looks over at Abbie, and tells her, “Just a minute.” He drives behind the strip mall to the alley behind the stores used for deliveries. It is after general business hours, so no one will come upon them. As he does, Abbie is reaching up under her dress, grabbing her panties by the crotch and pulling them down off her. She doesn’t care if she rips or destroys them in her frenzy right now. She cannot be thwarted.
Tim lifts the steering wheel enough, pushes the driver’s seat back as far as possible, and leans the backrest all the way down. He undoes his pants and lets his cock see the light of day. It does in all its glory as it stands at full attention.
Tim helps Abbie over the console. She is straddling him now as his stiff cock finds its way to her love hole for them. Tim’s precum offers enough lube, though in the state that they are, lubed or not, doesn’t matter.
Both moan deeply as Abbie starts to ride Tim to their mutual climax. They are both so close from all that has preceded this moment. More or less beyond reason, Tim and Abbie push and push toward the final goal. Abbie is able to pull Tim’s shirt and tie up to his nipples as her clit is rubbing against his mons, ready to burst, and she doesn’t want to stain them.
Clinging to each other, Tim and Abbie explode together. And explode is the only way to describe it. After the strange foreplay of seeing, and for Tim, learning about all these different ‘tools’ you might say, presses them to an unusual sexual pea They kiss and embrace each other for several minutes until they calm again.
As Abbie shifts back her seat, and Tim pulls his trousers back up and tries push in his shirt look more respectable, Tim tells Abbie, “The next time you decide surprise with such a vivid side trip, please, just give a hint so I can prepare myself.”
Abbie starts, and Tim joins in, laughing over his comment. Abbie responds, “Well, we do have many toys ahead for us to try. A return visit here won’t be needed for a while unless you feel we missed something.”
They arrive home, and Tim is glad they have the attached garage so no one might see them getting out of the car in a somewhat disheveled state. Abbie grabs their bag of new fun from the back seat, and they head into the house.
“What’s for dinner, Tim?” Abbie says as they enter, “I’m famished right now for some reason?” She winks at Tim as she runs up the stairs to put their purchases near at hand to the bed and change into something loose and simple.
Tim is behind her to take off his suit, surprising, still in decent shape. He changes to just shorts. Tim heads downstairs and throws some things together for their dinner. Abbie is not the only one ravenous right now.
Tim and Abbie 34: The garden
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Last Updated:Feb 27, 2021 10:8 am

Spring comes upon them as a soft, breeze. Offering delights for all. For some who are special, sexual enchantments also, which they share with ones they love. Open windows to let the gentle wind in leads to libidos charging. Morning moans fill the air in concert with the birds chirping.
It is a couple of weeks since the evening visit from Abe. Abbie and Tim are getting into a nice routine for work and play. They have kept to themselves a good deal, but that is what happens at the start of relationships.
Tim is pleased that Abbie has curbed her spending a great deal. While she has been funding the latest projects at the house and the new car, her -to- spending has significantly decreased. Tim planned to give Abbie four hundred pounds a week for whatever she wanted, leaving the major portion of her paycheck in savings. But at the end of the first week, Abbie tells him she still has the majority of the left, so Tim switches to funding Abbie this much when she lets him know she needs it.
A large portion of Abbie’s former spending was purchasing all her meals from restaurants and to-go places. Now with Tim, that is replaced with breakfast and dinner at home. Along with most days, the two taking leftovers or sandwiches for lunch. This changes Tim’s lunches also. No more plain sandwiches and a piece of fruit in a brown bag.
Adding to the reduction in spending, Abbie is not stopping most nights at the Wilde Peacock. What changes being in love with someone can make.
Abbie and Tim do go to the Wilde Peacock one or two times a week. But not at all like Abbie’s almost nightly visits before meeting Tim. They often see Les sitting at the end of the bar, where they now gravitate to join her. Les and Phoebe seem to be settling into a new relationship also. None of the four are upset that they do not see each other as much, but they enjoy it when they share time together.
Now the midpoint of spring is here when the world becomes alive again. These last weeks Abbie has been staring the kitchen and bedroom window Les’s backyard. first, Tim thought she was spying to find more about Les’s comings and goings. But from her questions and comments to him and Les, it seems she is more interested in Les’s beautiful garden.
Waking on a Saturday morning in mid-May around , Tim is surprised to see Abbie is not in bed. He looks in the bathroom and calls to her but gets no reply. He throws on shorts and top and goes downstairs, calling to her the whole way. Still no response.
Only when he goes to the double doors off the kitchen to the backyard does Tim see Abbie on her knees the flowerbeds yanking after of them. Her is already covered with dirt, as are her arms and legs. Abbie is so engrossed with what she is doing. She does not notice Tim come onto the patio.
Their backyard is not all that large. Cutting the grass takes Tim about minutes to mow, and their front yard the same. It is always quick work for Tim to trim each week. Unfortunately, there are overgrown flowerbeds all around the sides of the house and fence.
When Tim and his first moved is, Cyn did like to work in the flowerbeds, planting so many things. Tim now realizes that it is probably how her friendship with Les began. As Abbie is currently doing, she would talk to Les about which plants to add and gardening things.
But the last few years of her life, Cynthia had no interest in gardening anymore as she declined into despondency more and more often. Even after her death, Tim never really did much with the yard beyond cutting the grass. The flowerbeds are in great disrepair. It always has embarrassed Tim how his yard compared with the beautiful garden Les maintained. But not so much that he did any more than wack the beds now and then.
Seeing Abbie now so intense with her work brings a smile to Tim’s . He takes a moment to survey the yard. There is a shed up against the neighbors to the east -foot wooden fence. The shed had been repainted forest green during the house renovations matching the house's trim, so it does nice. There is a rather large brick patio down one step from the house's double doors. There, in the summer, a table, chairs, and a grill sit.
From the patio, there is a brick path leading to the shed and back-alley’s gate. This is where weekly Tim puts the trash bins to be collected. The yard and the flowerbeds next to the house follow across the back and down the fence to the shed. There are also flower beds against the stone wall between their and Les’s property, where Abbie is hard work.
The stone wall is only about three feet tall. It has always been a nice division between Les and his property. Able to see and with each other when in the yard. This seems to be what Abbie is doing right now.
Les is the first to see Tim and waves to him. He goes over to them and leans and kisses Abbie on her head. “Someone seems up and going early today. What are you up to, Abbie?” Tim asks her.
“Tim, this yard needs a lot of attention to get it looking nice. Cutting the grass is one thing, but allowing weeds to overtake the flower beds is another. Les is helping me to determine which are plants and which are weeds. Once we get all of the weeds , we can see what there is to work with. I have always wanted a lovely garden, and this is my opportunity to create one,” Abbie gushes to him.
Tim smiles his love and her energy this morning, asking her if she has had breakfast? Abbie brushes his question aside, saying she isn’t hungry right now. So Tim, being supportive, goes to the shed and brings the wheelbarrow and several yard waste bags and begins to shovel up the piles of weeds Abbie has already pulled.
Together they work in harmony, Tim taking on the bigger weeds with a shovel, along with the tree sprouts starting from the fallings from the few trees in his and Les’s yard. Some are a bit large as it has been years since Tim did anything more than just weed wack the beds. By mid- together, Tim and Abbie have accomplished a lot.
Both are and sweaty. At about , Tim abandons his shirt. Abbie has a tank top on, which shows off her curves so nicely. And the shorts she is wearing displays her wiggling butt as she moves along the beds weeding. Tim realizes this is the first time he has seen Abbie in anything but a dress, and okay, naked.
From the sun, both are starting to get a bit pink. Tim hooks up the garden hose for the summer and calls to Abbie to come to get squirted off. They take turns with this fun, Tim squirting down Abbie removing the top few dirt layers on her. The cold water running over her feels so nice, even if her clothes are getting a bit damp.
Then it is her turn to squirt Tim down. Goodness, he looks good bare-chested now with some color. Abbie notices how fit he is becoming. Three mornings a week, Tim gets up an hour early and goes for a run, back in time for them to shower and get ready for the ahead.
The fun with the hose accelerates. Tim, the hose in his hand lifted over his head, is letting the water spray down on them both. Mainly to see, Abbie is not wearing a bra, and her perky tits and nipples are fully displayed as the water cascades upon them. Abbie tries to grab the hose from Tim but being shorter, she cannot reach it. Instead, Tim pulls her to him and kisses her over and over as the water rains down on them.
As they kiss, they rub their bodies together. Tim’s chest and stomach are against Abbie’s boobs, wonderfully stimulating her more. They press their pelvises against each other, and the grinding of their wet pants does arouse both of them. Abbie feels a small orgasm run through her just from this contact.
As she often does, Abbie wonders how such small things between Tim and her can cause such amazing feelings. Some days, just talking to Tim on the phone about nothing, in particular, can make her clit throb and release juices.
Being with Tim, safe in their relationship now completely, Abbie can feel secure enough to let such incredible, lustful feeling incorporate in her. For Tim, it is much the same. The water falling on them, kissing Abbie with passion, and grinding against her makes him harden. But it is funny. It is not like he needs to consummate the feeling. Rather just enjoy the pleasure that Abbie excites in him.
Les, heading into her house, sees the water horseplay between Tim and Abbie and smiles contently. She sends up a small prayer that the two can always be as happy as they are at this moment. That their love for each other will be strong enough to sustain anything brought their way.
Totally wet now, Tim lowers the hose and stops the spray. He and Abbie walk together to the patio. Wet as they are, Tim tells Abbie to just sit at the table. He did bring out the table, chairs, and grill during the morning work, so the patio is ready for the summer.
Both realize they need to put some sunscreen on before returning to work. Tim tells Abbie he will get the lotion and fix them some lunch. Abbie suggests he brings her hairbrush and band to pull her wet hair back. He laughs, goes through the door, and Abbie being the only one who can see him, undresses from his wet clothes, and as Abbie watches his wet bare ass sway as he walks across the kitchen to head upstairs, she sighs at how just the sight of Tim, especially nude, can arouse her so.
It seems like in no time Tim, now in dry shorts, not bothering with a shirt, is bringing out sandwiches and beers for their lunch and the lotion.
After eating, each takes time, rubbing the sunscreen all over each other. They know from this morning they are somewhat burnt, and by night, they will feel some sunburn, but hopefully, covered now, it will not worsen.
Each takes care of rubbing the sun lotion on each other, adding a little lustful play to the moment. Tim first, having Abbie stand in front of him as he liberally rubs lotions on her shoulders and arms, sliding in the armholes to rub some on her chest, but Abbie knows that it is just a way for Tim to cup and play with her boobs and nipples for a bit. When rubbing on her neck, he does the same thing, expose to the ridge of her tank top.
Again Tim’s fingers rub down inside her shirt to ‘make sure’ she is adequately covered. But Tim’s attention to Abbie’s top is nothing like when he begins to lotion her legs. Starting at Abbie’s ankles, Tim works up her calves. The attention he to her thighs, caressing them as he rubs the salve in, is another matter. Especially as he spreads the lotion over her inner thighs. When there, his finger trespass inside her shorts to rub over her pantie cover clit, which is already throbbing. Then around to rub her ass cheeks. Up and down her crack to her rosebud to rim with his cream covered fingers some.
They are somewhat sheltered on the patio, except from Les’s yard, for anyone to see what fun they are up to. Les is still in her house, so they did feel safe being unobserved. Had they known, Les is looking her kitchen window as she washes up her dishes from her lunch. She has a balcony view of the play going on.
Les knows she should not watch, but the sensuality exhibited in such raw form keeps her eyes locked on the couple.
Tim moves his hand down the front of Abbie’s shorts and hits dirt. Abbie’s little throbbing clit is rather excited. Feeling Tim’s lotion covered hand running up and down and around with more and more squeezing makes Abbie lean against his chest, her arms around Tim’s neck as she sighs so deeply. Then her breathing quickens as she tries to keep from gasping as Tim is bringing her home.
Know his Abbie is about to squirt, Tim covers her clit head to catch all the shooting of her. Abbie is trembling so bad as she gives in to this climax, now audible gasping as she gives in. Shuttering, Abbie falls against Tim’s chest spent. Only her arms around his neck keeps her from falling to the ground.
Tim holds Abbie close as she calms. When she can stand on her own, Abbie takes the lotion from Tim and begins to spread it on his bare chest and back. Down his legs and arms, and some on his . Abbie smiles Tim and promises she will more thoroughly cover him later, but now they need to get back to work. Tim smiles, understanding.
They work for a few more hours, and by five, the beds in the backyard free from weeds. Abbie starts visualizing which plants and flowers she will put where. Talking to Tim about this as they sit on the patio with a glass of wine each, the bottle within reach.
The late sun, feeling tired but content with what they accomplished, Tim and Abbie enjoy the just being together peacefully now. Oh, later, yes, muscles will ache, and sunburn will heat their skins, but right now, all is good with their world.
Abbie’s attention turns to the shed. And her imagination goes into overdrive. “Tim, what would you think about building a greenhouse on the side of the shed? It could have a door from outside to it and one from the shed. Think of all the flowers and plants we could get started or store for winter in it,” Abbie suggested.
Suddenly, Tim can almost see Abbie’s vision for the backyard with new plants, flowers, and yes, a greenhouse. He replies, “There should be enough room for that addition, and perhaps dig out more of this part next to the patio to plant herbs and vegetables. It would be nice to have homegrown things, especially from such easy reach from the kitchen.”
Abbie jumps on Tim’s lap, realizing how much he is getting into this idea and how lovely their yard will for the summer. She hugs and kisses Tim, telling him that it is clear where they will be spending their weekends and evenings for a while. Tim hugs her back, and kiddingly replies, “Well, I hope not all our time.”
Abbie laughing kisses him again.
To jump ahead a bit over the next month, by mid-June, the greenhouse (thanks to their ever-available contractor) is build. Tim enlarges the plot near the patio, building it up with wood walls to be a raised bed. They plant mainly herbs but also lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, garlic, and onions.
A trip to a nursery filled the back of their SUV with plants and flowers, and another weekend is spent planting them all. The front of the house is not forgotten either, the beds are cleared, and mostly a variety of hostas are planted filling the space nicely and adds a nice contrast to the house's forest green trim.
Taking pictures of the ‘new ’ of their house, both Abbie and Tim are proud of how welcoming, light, and airy it all looks. While they are working in the front yard, many neighbors stop and comment on how nice the house looks. Some ask if they are new owners considering all the work, Tim blushes some as he realizes that except for Les, he never had much contact with the neighbors.
However, Abbie loves the attention and the people who stop while on a walk to comment, she invites to see the backyard. Abbie does suck up the praises she is given. To be acknowledged for something she has created is not something Abbie ever had much of in her past.
Everything with the flowerbeds and yard is going on while other things happen during those weeks. Things which add to Tim and Abbie coming to enjoy each other more and more.
Tim and Abbie 33: Abbie changes her identity
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Last Updated:Feb 27, 2021 10:8 am

Suddenly, such freedom is opened Tim and Abbie. No longer shackled public transportation, they have extra time in the morning begin their day. Time for them spend some morning enjoyment. Whether in the bed, bath, or shower. made possible by now having a car of their own.
Neither has ever owned their own car. Tim has his license, thanks Leslie. When he was sixteen, she taught him drive using her car and urged him get a license. She told Tim, congratulating him on this milestone, that whenever he would like or needed to, Tim could borrow her car.
Tim only took this offer a few times in the years that followed. Though when Les, Cyn, and Tim would go grocery shopping and the like, Les always had Tim drive for them.
This first morning though, Abbie and Tim need get dress quickly as the contractor is to be there at eight a.m. They are just finishing breakfast when he arrives with his crew. After introducing Abbie, Tim talks about what needed to be done, like the paint jobs for the last two rooms upstairs. Moving the bed out of the extra room, replacing it with the one in the garage, along with vanity for the room. Installing a garage opener.
When he comes to the final task, the contractor suggests that with all the work Tim has done on the house, perhaps a brand-new garage door should be installed. And yes, with a door opener. Abbie agrees with the idea. As she says, she is paying for this round of work on the house, Tim concurs with her.
The contractor pulls up options for garage doors on his tablet for them to pick from. Abbie right away sees the one she likes. It has small windows at the top with pseudo handles and a style to look like stable doors. The white door looks nice. The contractor suggests that they paint the garage frame the same forest green as the front door for contrast.
Abbie can visualize this the forest green front door whose frame is white, with the green around the white garage door. That green also runs around the trim of the house. Yes, it is all settled. Abbie and Tim, now hurrying, go to the garage and off to work in their new ride. Tim drops Abbie at work and then heads to his assigned space. This is nice, even with some side things this morning, Tim is at work a good fifteen minutes early. He hadn’t ever really considered how much longer the commute is on the bus, with all its stops.
Some of Tim’s coworkers see him getting out of the new vehicle, now wondering even more what is going on. Not just the new car, but the premium parking space. What is going on with Tim these days?
Meanwhile, Abbie goes about getting all issues taken care of at her job. By lunch, she is caught up, and rather than getting something to eat, she begins to change her address first at work, then the reoccurring bills and credit cards. Work from the start had her listed as Abbie Adams, but for most bills and credit cards, she has gone by A.E. Adams (the initials of her given name). Thinking about this, and the bank manager’s comments last week, Abbie ponders what she would need to do to change her name and gender legally.
She does some searching online and overreacts some when reading the requirements in the United Kingdom to do so. The information was from a government site, which she took to be the current requirements.
Abbie has never checked into this before, as she has always taken life as it comes. After reading some of the requirements, Abbie is in tears. She is insulted by the United Kingdom’s rules she finds that states to change your gender, you have to have a doctor diagnose you as having ‘gender dysphoria.’
Then Abbie reads from the United States sites the requirements to change your gender on your birth certificate. While states vary, it seems basic that you need a physician's certificate that you have undergone gender reassignment surgery.
Abbie is enraged about this. Making a person announce publicly that they are abnormal in some way. That it is a ‘disease’ causing her to feel the way she does. Or that she actually undergoes the full gender reassignment surgery which Abbie has never wanted. She did enjoy getting her breast augmented some, but that is all she wants to be done ever, especially now she is with Tim.
Abbie always makes sure she is looking at authoritative and valid sites when she researches things. But she does have a habit of collecting information and not checking other sites to see if it holds true, which is happening to Abbie right now. It takes Abbie a few minutes. She cries and fills herself with indignation before she can calm herself.
Abbie centers herself and searches more. Then she finds that she can change her birth certificate in the United States much easier. All that is required is a simple statement from a physician. As stated, ‘whom the person has a doctor-patient relationship stating that based on his or her professional opinion the true gender identity of the applicant and that it is expected that this will continue to be the gender with which the applicant will identify in the future.’
Abbie calms herself as she knows the Director of Pathways is a physician. He knows her well enough to complete the form letter for her. She does look at other state's requirements, and many are not as progressive as Kansas, where she was born.
While Abbie lived most of her life in Nebraska, when the family expanded its agricultural business, she was born in Kansas, where the first farms started. Abbie had first looked at Nebraska’s conditions, which did follow the sex reassignment surgery requirement, that initially unset Abbie so much. Then remembering her place of birth, is pleased to find their much more lenient point of view.
Centering herself again, Abbie contemplates about after she has the altered birth certific she can then ask for her passport be changed and other legal documents. She is calmed and happy that it will be relatively simple for her do, but then starts wonder about transgender people in other areas. This leads Abbie consider something even more that she realizes she has confront.
that Abbie has found today gives her this energy to take a stand and help others who are forced into antiquated requirements. Her choice in how she sees herself and presents herself to the world is not some ‘disease.’ Or that suggesting that this way requires her to undergo extensive and expensive surgery.
Learning about this side of things makes Abbie ponder things. Things about her and Tim together. What if there were times when she would have to conform to the gender assigned her. Would Tim accept that? Abbie knows that Tim loves her, so is it just her?
When Tim picks her for their now short ride home, Abbie tells him about the initial search results and her being upset.
“Tim, this is going take time, which is fine, but legally I am still seen as a male,” Abbie tells him. Tim knows this but hearing it out loud brings it home him.
He loves Abbie for who she is. What some piece of paper says doesn’t matter. Then he considers things from Abbie’s point of view. Having show such ID and be questioned about it would be embarrassing and hurtful. He can understand why Abbie got upset, bringing this home her.
He is not sure what say Abbie comfort her, more than understanding her upset.
When they get home, the work has been done. The new garage door looks terrific. They see the crew packing after finishing. Tim leaves the car in the driveway and walks over the contractor to thank him. The contractor hands Tim the remote for the door.
Back in the car, Tim opens the garage door, and they pull in. Both head upstairs first to check out the two rooms now also finished. Everything thing in the house now is different and new. The spare room looks lovely in the light lavender, and Abigail’s room in rosy pink is perfect. Even the stenciled Abigail’s Corner, and over the doorway, Abigail’s Room.
Next, they go to their bedroom to change clothes. Tim’s new suits came with wooden hangers keep them from getting wrinkled. His new suits, being of much better quality and brand, with the right hangers, keep his suits crisp and unwrinkled. This is something Tim’s suits never had in the past. Now each suit looks good each time he puts one on.
Tim changes shorts and a t-shirt, throws his work shirt in the laundry hamper and turns Abbie, who is taking her time getting out of her work clothes. Tim tells her that he is going start supper while she gets changed. Abbie just nods him with a wistful expression on her face. Wondering if something is wrong but not wanting ask until Abbie tells him, Tim heads the kitchen.
Once alone in the bedroom, Abbie goes the closet and lifts a cardboard box off the top shelve. She opens it and takes khakis and a shirt from it. Closing the box back , Abbie puts it back the shelve. her clothes discarded now, Abbie goes the shower, she scrubs herself over and washes her hair. Abbie is making sure traces of makeup or hairstyling are gone.
After drying herself, Abbie puts on the clothes she had taken from the box and dries her hair. She just makes sure it is dry, and then pulls it back into a ponytail at the back of her neck. Looking at the mirror, Abbie now sees Abe looking back at her. Someone she has not seen for years. She sighs deeply, then goes to the top of the stairs and calls down to Tim to come and sit in the living room.
Dinner almost ready, Tim turns off the stove and walks to the living room and sits in a chair facing the stairs. He is not sure what to expect and is a bit startled, seeing Abe walk down the stairs and coming over to him.
“Tim, this is me. My legal self. It is something you need to see and know. To accept that it is what I am to authorities,” Abe says. Tim notices that as Abe, Abbie’s voice is a bit lower than how she usually sounds. This reinforces for Tim how much Abbie has gone through to make herself real.
Abe stands before Tim shaking a little, wondering what Tim will say. Will Tim say he is no longer interested?
“Abe, Abbie, I fell in love with you for who you are. I know no difference between Abbie or Abe. You are who I love and cherish regardless of the image you present,” Tim says. And doing so, he stands, takes Abe into his arms, and kisses him with great passion.
Tim lifts Abe up as they kiss, and Abe wraps his legs around Tim. It is minutes before they stop kissing, and then still holding Abe in his arms, Tim carries him upstairs to their bedroom.
He places Abe on the bed taking his shirt and pants off. Then Tim quickly takes his own clothes off. Tim maneuvers Abe to the middle of the bed, and between his thighs, Tim moves to take Abe’s glans into his mouth. Sucking on it, as Tim acknowledges to himself that he is sucking on Abe’s cock and balls. This is male to male. And it doesn’t matter.
As Abbie, it will always be her labia, clit, and vag; right now with Abe, it is his cock and balls. Sucking more and more of Abe in his mouth, then moving to suck his balls, and even rim him some, Tim is a man on a mission.
Tim sucks Abe until he is hard, then comes up to kiss Abe again, this time with a bit of precum on his lips. While Tim kisses Abe, he rolls them over, so Abe is on top now. Abe moves to kneel between Tim’s legs to start to suck him in return, which is what he figured is wanted.
Tim reaches into the drawer and takes out a rubber and lude. Abe wonders why the condom, as Tim has stopped using them much anymore. Abe starts to go down on Tim but is stopped. Tim gently pushes him upright and opens the condom and rolls it up Abe’s cock. Tim rubs lube all over it and hands the bottle to Abe, asking him to lube his hole.
It is clear to both of them what this gesture is all about. While Abbie would never ass-fuck Tim to confuse him, Tim is offering himself to Abe to do so. Tim, hoping he is ready to experience this, knows that it shows his Abbie/Abe just how much he loves them, regardless of gender designation.
Abe is a little hesitant to go forward but does apply lube to Tim’s ass and sticks his finger up in him to spread it around. He takes a few minutes, pressing his fingers against Tim’s prostate to help him both increase his excitement and to relax him some too.
They look into each other’s eyes, and Tim nods his head. Abe takes it as being ready to start. He pushes just his glans in Tim’s asshole, only up to the sphincter, and holds it there as Tim accustoms himself with this new feeling. As if to tell him to continue, Tim lifts his ass some to help Abe press in further.
Abe, being smaller in the cock department, it is not long before he is entirely in Tim. He looks down at Tim and sees him smiling as they begin to rock together. Tim lets out moans of pleasure feeling someone up in his ass for the first time. It is like Abe is breaking his cherry. But Tim is not the only one.
This is the first time for Abe to fuck someone also. , before he truly acknowledged who he was, Abe had dated women a bit. But that was just mindless groping at each other, never going ‘ the way.’ And while Abbie has been with many men in her past, she never took the lead role, being the one pressing his cock into anyone.
This experience, new to both of them, is so enjoyable, but puzzling for them. Abe feeling a man’s cock bouncing against him as he bangs him is unique. Everything about this interlude is.
It is not long though before Abe hears Tim moaning deeply. His cock is trembling between their stomachs. Abe takes Tim’s balls in his hand and squeezes them, pressing all of their semen out into Tim’s cock.
Tim moans again and shuddering heavily. He comes, squirting all over their mons and stomachs. Abe is shortly behind. Feeling his love’s cum all over him and knowing now that Tim is both Abbie’s and Abe’s true love, Abe comes in the condom, filling it entirely.
Abe is panting as he kneels between Tim’s lifted legs. Tim drops them from Abe’s shoulders. Abe shudders a last time and then pulls himself from Tim. He falls beside Tim and just plays with the cum covering Tim, making patterns with it. Tim laughs and does the same to Abe for a while. Neither talking nor making any motion to move.
Both are contemplating what just happened. Was it enjoyable? Would they ever want to again this way?
Tim realizes that he was aroused from having his ass fucked. Probably only because it was Abe, not that he would ever want to do that with any other man. Abe is amazed that he finally did be the top to someone. It was exhilarating for him, and he loved it, but is it something he would want to do often? Probably not.
It is almost a half-hour later of just caressing and kissing as both think this through that Abe reaches under the bed and gets a cloth to wipe them with. Slowly they both sit with their backs the headboard and do talk.
“I hope I did upset you in any way appearing as Abe,” Abe begins. “It just that I discovered today made realize you did have know ‘the other ’ for us move forward as a couple. I don’t think Abe will ever appear again unless appearing as such is required.”
Tim puts his arm around Abe and pulls Abe him, “Abe, Abbie, it is you who needs decide which persona you are comfortable in at any given moment. And I will respect that. I told you I love you for who you are, whether a female or a male. Both of you are beautiful too me.”
And Tim did mean what he says? Seeing Abe nude, his body looks the same as Abbie’s but just acknowledging his appendages. Knowing it is Abe he is with, Tim sees the male side being presented to him. Abe does not really have an Adam’s apple, and without makeup, yes, perhaps Abe’s face in a bit rougher looking than when Abbie has her makeup on. It still is beautiful, and he can see Abbie there even when she is Abe.
They both sit holding each other in silence for a while. Then Tim says, “, dinner is probably well done by now, we should go eat. Do you want dress or stay like this? It would be nice see you nude for a while longer. It is so nice we can enjoy ourselves in such a state here cozy in our home.”
“Do you want spend the evening with Abe?” Abe asks shyly.
“I think I do. I would like hear about how you transitioned Abbie, and what it was like before you did so,” Tim replied.
And so, completely naked, the two go the kitchen heat dinner and eat. It is a long meal as Abe tells Tim of his early life, realizing his real identity, and then tentatively moving act his true feelings. How the scholarship the United Kingdom changed his life being someone new. Abbie took time coming out entirely, but when she got the job with the Pathway Organization, it became easy for her to change her sexual identity for everyday life.
Abe assures Tim that he has not regretted that decision every. Abbie is who he now is. Tim takes Abe’s hand and squeezes it, “It is Abbie who I was attracted to so much, regardless of anything else. There is a part of you, Abe, in her, and if you ever need to come out again, I will understand and love you in the same way. Thank you for sharing this side of you with me. I am sure it was not easy, but I am glad you trust me enough to show Abe to me.”
Tim has tears in his eyes as he says this, and Abe’s eyes are filling also. They squeeze hands, binding themselves together. Tim, standing and taking dishes to the sink, asks Abe, “Would you like to stay as Abe until the morning, or would you be more comfortable changing back to Abbie?”
Abe replies softly, “I think, things considered, returning Abbie in the morning will be soon enough.” Together they clean the dishes and then watch television for a while with a scotch each. Sitting on the couch together as they watched the highlights of the weekend football matches, they bond as two men. There even is a bit of roughhousing, which does arouse each of them.
Tim realizes as they turn the tv off and end the evening that he genuinely likes Abe also. Tim has never had any real close male friends, and if even for this one evening, it is nice to know that he does have a male friend, who he happens to love, just as Tim does Abbie’s female side.
In bed together, they do cuddle together, but in a bit different fashion. As each nod off to sleep, they know come tomorrow morning, Abe will be gone and his lovely Abbie will return.

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