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Masturbation quarantine  

Clitneedsattnnow 54F  
369 posts
5/5/2020 7:55 pm
Masturbation quarantine

Quarantine masturbation is a must. I’m wearing out my clit. Tell me about you. Stroking that dick more? Rubbing that pussy?

CookiesNMischief 34M  
3244 posts
5/5/2020 9:05 pm

- I'm on edge, as in stroking it in full measure that when it cums to a climax, I hope to paint excitement in an impressionable way during this shelter in place exercise...


Sensual_GentleM 56M
302 posts
5/5/2020 10:07 pm

Yes, during this staying home, staying healthy period it is often not enough to masturbate once a day ... and it would certainly be nice to have someone to share the experience with ...

jtwrigleyville 41M
346 posts
5/5/2020 11:03 pm

More, maybe... but definitely for longer when I do, since I don't have a reason to make it quick as often as I used to. More edging, I guess.

rubberbunslicker 45M
229 posts
5/6/2020 12:55 am

stringtime666 59M
731 posts
5/6/2020 3:21 am

I agree with you. I do it most of the time now when I "distract" myself on this site, but I only try to cum once or twice.
I find it exciting that many do it here, and chat about it and also share it on the cam.

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one4wilder2 60M
34 posts
5/6/2020 3:45 am

yes always .every day twice...even more around full moon.

Cum_Happy 107M
2761 posts
5/6/2020 4:13 am

Hello there, Clit Needs Attention Now! I love your main pic. It's so sexy!

Ah yes, masturbation . . .One of my favorite, and only pastimes.
You said you're wearing out your clit. Let me tell you about mine . . .
Okay, it's a dick, not a clit, but it's so small sometimes that I can masturbate the tiny fucker just like a clit.
I put a finger or two underneath its little tiny head, then rub it in a circular motion. I keep wetting my fingers as I go, and before I know it, the little bitch is ejaculating all over me. The last time I played with my penis clit, which was about a week ago - I'm since then edging it to an extreme. I'm so horny! But I'm really enjoying making myself suffer and wait. It's so ready, if I even touched it right now, it would cum immediately. Anyway, I was rubbing it under its head and getting very excited. I took a thin little plastic bag, put it over my wet and ready dick, and ejaculated into it.
Yesterday, I took some pics of it and just thinking about posting them on my profile, and maybe later, on my blog, was getting me so excited that I almost came. But I stopped touching it just in time.
Anyway, this edging thing is new and different, and I love the way it leaves me so strung-out, so constantly turned-on and ready to cum. It's a new kind of fun.

Well, I hope I haven't bored you to sleep or said too much?
Happy Masturbation May Month!

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oldcowby 60M
99 posts
5/6/2020 4:28 am

its to the point that it needs to be soaked "in side her"

analicaly 66M
24 posts
5/6/2020 4:29 am

Yea have to stay safe, wish someone will do it for me. can't wait to get out!!

1st_downonu 64M
368 posts
5/6/2020 4:30 am

And a nice clit you have!

aaronmcinterest 33M
21 posts
5/6/2020 4:45 am

On my days off, at least twice a day, sometimes three. Working days, just one for after I get home to help 'take the edge off' as it were.

Clitneedsattnnow replies on 5/6/2020 7:42 pm:
Agree great way to relieve stress after work

WyoCowboy7751 67M
661 posts
5/6/2020 5:32 am

Was doing It, 3 to 4 times a day or every other day !!! After about 3 weeks; tried too wean myself too 2 times !!! Then on May 1st; saw a Blog about May being, "Masturbation Month"; it sent me into a relapse and now 3 times every day !!! Morning after waking up & getting out of bed too start my day; after Lunch & then before bed before shower !!!

CleavageFan4U 63M  
62121 posts
5/6/2020 5:43 am

Ohhh, msturbation DURING quaritine! When I saw the title I though - OMG, masturbation is being quarantined TOO?

See my latest post, linked just below, on that whole point!

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OLopez2020 21M
12 posts
5/6/2020 6:54 am


JustLookn439 54M

5/6/2020 7:01 am

I play a few times a day...even before quarantine, so not really any difference. Cybersex could be fun with the right person!

CookiesNMischief 34M  
3244 posts
5/17/2020 7:39 am

- Alas, it's a necessary evil; we do what we need to do...


stickynicky98 53M  
231 posts
6/3/2020 6:29 pm

May was Masturbation Month but that is a way of life here on a daily basis. Embracing sexuality and sensuality to the fullest and never supress the power and joy or self-love.

stickynicky98 53M  
231 posts
6/3/2020 6:30 pm

Great for you! Happy orgasms!

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