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A Great Weekend  

CockNCunt2Day 64M
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7/28/2020 8:14 am
A Great Weekend

My FWB loves have sex, and so do I. Since we both have be very discreet, we had planned a secret getaway for some time. The excuse I had was that I had go on a business trip, and the excuse she created was the need meet some college girlfriends for a reunion. We decided take my car, and her guy was gone work when I stopped by the local bus stop to pick her up. We wanted to go somewhere that neither of us had been and where no one knew us, and that offered plenty of opportunities for getting it on. I helped her get her bag in the car and we were off. We agreed that it wasn't safe to get frisky while driving, so we exchanged only a quick kiss and started our journey.

It was Friday morning when we began, and we knew our mutual needs wouldn't last long. We planned to get to a rental cabin I had located on park land. It was isolated from people dropping by but had easy access to necessities. Perfect.

As we arrived, we exchanged our first of many deep, wet tongue kisses. Our cabin was one of several, but each one was separate and isolated from the others. Perfect for the nonstop sexual escapades we had in mind. We helped each other unload our gear and after locking the car securely we took our things up some well-built wooden stairs, across the cabin porch, and into our retreat. We had a huge king bed, a bath with shower, and a small kitchen. In the main room was a large stone fireplace, and outside I had glimpsed a pile of firewood once we finished with the wood next to the fireplace. A note on a small desk gave us details and welcomed us, and next to it was a map showing the locality and surrounding area. We started a fire, and then hugged each other while we waited for it to warm the cabin. "I've looked forward to this time together," I smiled, and she replied "yes baby, so have I. I've wanted us together where we won't be interrupted or time-conscious for a while." As she cuddled in my lap, I ventured "and now that we're here, what do you suggest we do?" Her response was to give me another wet French kiss, smile, and begin to massage my crotch. "My thoughts exactly," I replied as I felt her clothed body. "I think we should inaugurate the cabin." With that, we began to make out in earnest.

passunseeker 61M
52 posts
8/2/2020 11:58 am

A great weekend -- indeed!

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