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More about Women......First Part!!!!!  

CockSeeker1952 67M  
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5/25/2020 4:26 pm
More about Women......First Part!!!!!

Part 1
Now, don’t get me wrong, I love women. I’m married to one. And, I love to fuck women! No real heavy BDSM, but I certainly like to get into a whole bunch of Dom and sub stuff. Love women in a black Latigo leather bondage harness....the way it sets off and sections their bodies! Black Leather Wrist and Ankle Cuffs and Collar complete the ensemble!
Love my women to fuck as if we’re having a fist fight....Wild, frenzied, like trying to smother me with their cunt and ass, my screaming to get a breath in...then, while probably regretting it, allowing me to fully restrain her for a good hard fucking and sucking...Love a woman in ’s pose, her wrists strapped tight to he ankles.... or strapped spread eagle...a wide, wide spread, face up or down. Face down is the best!! I’d love to work on a restrained woman with a wand vibrator going for major forced orgasms until she pleads for it to stop....spread, face down on the bed....Wand vibrator plugged into a rheostat and belted securely to a pillow. She gets warmed up with kissing, hands pulling nipples, fingering her cunt, Hands on and in between ass cheeks. Then, me, up in front of her face...she knows my hard cock is going into her mouth but she can’t control how deep, how fast or for how long!
Then....the pillow with vibrator goes under her belly with the business end right on her cunt....on her clit...It is set to high but I can control the intensity with the slider switch from zero to max....I can fuck her from behind and push her harder into the VIBE! turn her into a hot , sweaty, seething pool of Tiger Butter.....I would love to place it, turn it to high and leave the room for like 15 minutes.....I’m thinking that a ball gag might be a good idea before I go....Yeah, hot, sweaty Tiger Butter, hot for COCK!
I’m not sure whether I really want to get into all this in any more detail in this note but I guess we’ll see what comes out.

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