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My Psyho/Sexual needs continued  

CockSeeker1952 67M  
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4/21/2020 11:32 am
My Psyho/Sexual needs continued

Part 4

So, I’ve heard absolutely nothing from you for over a week and of a sudden I had another phone call. Come over immediately, it’s important!
I’ve been a fucking mess since our last meet ...I think I got what I wanted, what I’ve been waiting for. I don’t really know, I have process....
My last images of that hard, hard fucking session are stuck in my brain. , trussed.....You with your big hard fucking cock deep in my ass, plowing....plundering my deepest recesses, Taking the last shred of my dignity and ripping it further..... You go harder, faster, harder, faster, your breath rasping and I know....what I’ve wanted is about..... Your body stiffens and your tempo changes, deep in, slow out....deep in, slow out... the way out so I can feel your cock head slip out of my ass and right back in balls fucking deep..again, again, again! I hear it, you start.....uh....uh....uhhh..uhhhh......uhhhhh...aaaahhhhh!!!! Cum, your fucking hot cum squirting, spewing out your cock into my hot, hungry ass!!!!!
That’s pretty much how we left it. I showered quickly and got the hell out of there, mind racing! Totally confused, not knowing if I loved what was just done today or if I hated it or if it was just something to be tolerated because it was all I deserved!!!
Me, finally on the road to becoming a true CumSlut!!!
Quite a fucking digression there!
I get lost in thought while I drive! I get to your place, knock on the door, you open at once and drag me in.....How’s your asshole, fuckboy? Strip, now....right now, faggot...you’re mine, and I am going to fuck your mouth and you’re gonna take it!!!! You wanted to be a cocksucker.... Well, you’re going to become not only a cock sucker but a deep throating, cum swallowing cocksucker..... Right here and right now!
Shit, I’ve seen and felt and tasted your cock....it’s big and it’s hard...I focus on it’s bigness... I’ve dropped my clothes, I’m sweating, scared, anxious.... There, I’m naked, unprotected..... You pick me and tossed into an armchair. I see a pair of reins that never got used last time I was here. I’m upside down looking out....You put the loops of the reins around my ankles and pull the ends down through the chair legs and out tying them off....then, pulling my arms down and back....you strap my wrists strap me tight....to the reins!!!
I watch as you slowly strip down, pulling your T-shirt over your head, with one hand you unsnap your jeans, unzip and push them down and off.... You’re naked, you were commando style! Your fucking cock it’s a hard as a rock, It‘s huge especially from this angle.
Speaking of angles, I quickly realize that the position of my head and mouth or such that.... Let’s just say there was a series of porn called the gag factor where huge fucking Cocks were.....I may have been sweating before but right now though it’s dripping off of me and I am truly scared of you!
You’re not ready yet....you have something else planned.
I’m waiting, eyes closed for your cock.....when, wham, slap...You’ve taken the end of the long reins, the two of them together and slapped me hard on my left nipple....once, again and again and it fucking hurts...and now the right one....Fuck that hurts, again, back and forth and I don’t know for how long but the Pain begins to move to just Sensation...it no longer hurts....it just is!!!!
Then, suddenly my mouth is pulled open and is filled....filled with your cock.... Not nicely, not in any gentle fashion but all of a sudden shoving to the back of my mouth....taking me, making take it.... You’re playing rough, hard, making me take your hardness, making me take your fucking cock.... I’ve been here before, not in this position but I’ve had your hard fucking cock sliding in and out of my mouth, penetrating....I have no defense, my arms strapped to my sides... I want to make you stop and I want to keep going forever! Your hips, pushing, pushing your fucking cock deep into my mouth, It’s going deeper I feel your cock head pushing against that bump in my throat, pushing and insistent, wanting your cock head do I actually attain the deep essence of my throat....as with my asshole, my last shred of dignity torn to little pieces.....
I have been concentrating on my pain, my loss of power, embarrassment, indignity... I am being choked but your huge fucking cock, I want you to stop, I want this all to stop and I want it also want it to never end!!!!!
It sounds like you think this is all pretty funny. You get a nice Deep Throat push with your cock, hear me choke a bit and you laugh.... You say, Hey dick boy, Dick breath, Is poor little cock sucker having a hard time with big man cock...and you laugh more..... If I am to breathe I have to take breaths around the edges of your cock because you won’t take it out of my mouth long enough for me to get it for breath. Time has seemed to stop, all there is, Is my mouth, your cock my throat, pushing in and pulling out....in out in out in out....When I gag on your fucking cock my back arches, you show no sympathy.... The arching of my back allows you to get your cock just a little bit further inside me... Making me just a little bit more unprotected, one more little boundary crossed!
Again, I hear it!! I’ve heard it before, I hear your body responding, responding to my mouth, to my fucking throat, to you fucking my mouth and my throat... You are grunting......uuuhhhh, uuuhhh, uuuuuhhhhhhh, trembling and grabbing my head, holding it in place as yup slowly impale me, my mouth, my throat. Those long, smooth<b> strokes </font></b>building to a climax...you grasp my head hard, you shudder once and again, UUUHHHHHHAAAGGGHHHH!!! And now short little jabs, quick, quick....withdraw almost all the way and slowly, slowly SLOWLY... on the way into my mouth, I feel it... your fucking cock throbs and there....there it cums, your fucking cum, your fucking CUM is in my mouth and I am sucking hard, I want every bit... I have earned this at the price of boundaries, dignity, self respect......BUT......
I am now entered the world of, have become hey true cocksucking, cum swallowing, cock slut......What could be better???

Will there be a part 5? I always have ideas. I guess I’m actually pretty nasty up in my brain. Trying to get this stuff out of my brain!

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