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Spit Roast Supreme!  

CockSeeker1952 67M  
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5/1/2020 9:42 am
Spit Roast Supreme!

Part 5

I don’t really know where I am with all this.... I always thought that I wanted give myself up a dominant.... It turns out that you showed up and have TAKEN so much from . Physically, you have ridden my ass, hard ass fucking, with you cumming in there....You have fucked my mouth, making me take every single inch of your cock, and a huge load of cum down my throat!
Like I said, I haven’t given, you have taken! Boundaries stomped on....not sure what the status of is between us!
My thoughts are a total mess, chaotic! You’re making me do things that don’t feel good, that don’t feel right....but there is this irresistible urge to let you do that, to use me, debase me...To make me your sex toy, , slut, cum receptacle...
When we met, somehow I sensed your power. Dominion, sexuality...
My subconscious went wild when you initially asked me over, intuition, knowing that you would Dominate me but probably not to the extent.
I think I welcome this, this submissiveness, this allowing you possession of me....,unlimited access to my body, fucking my holes....no talk of affection or caring, you shoving your cock inside me until you erupt.
Is this enough for me.....strangely, I think I have to say YES!!!
I hash all this over in my head on my way yet again to your apartment. Yes, I am more apprehensive and anxious than the previous times. Yes, you do scare me but you have not really hurt me, at least not physically. So, fool me once, fool me twice...
Again, I don’t hear from you for a while and then I get a phone call. You tell me drop everything get in my car and get my ass over there. The truth is, when I hear from you I cannot resist. I have bring you my body for you use as you wish!!!!
So again, I am at your door, and I knoc.... Not knowing what awaits, but knowing that there will be a physical/sexual/submissive aspect whatever transpires!
I guess this knowledge makes complicit in whatever it’s going happen, I know, and knowingly knock on the door.....
You open, you’re all smiles, Come on in...I just had a couple of friends pop in...this is Bob and this is Jim.
These are big beefy guys. I mean you are 6 foot tall and probably 190 pounds. They’re both or 3 inches taller than you and probably 20 30 pounds heavier. Both are wearing tank tops and gym shorts, looking like they just came from a work out. There’s a musky sort of smell in the air, yes the gym. I note that it almost smells like sex in here. Very hot! We shake hands, and somehow I get the feeling that they are checking me out or something. Jim holds my hand altogether too long and looks deep into my eyes. That is uncomfortable, yes, very... very much so.
You tell Bob and Jim to wait for us in the living room, that you need to tell me something important... they both laugh and leave the room. You come up to me, right in my space and whisper in my ear. You ask me, if I remember our initial conversation... where I told you about my sex, fantasies, about fucking and sucking men, about domination, about boundaries.....letting go of them and did I remember telling him in that conversation, and this is the important part, that I wanted to be dominated and be made to have sex with a man....with MEN?
At this point, the pieces seem to click in place. MEN, MEN.... That was just an expression, I didn’t mean....I didn’t mean or I didn’t think something like that whatever would happen.
I mean, there’s big fucking men out in the living room. No wait, what am I saying there’s men here!!!! I say you..... Do you mean that I’m supposed let those guys......???? You nod and laugh and say...You mean 3 guys, faggot....welcome your first Gang Bang....and with that you push into the living room and the MEN!!!!! Those big beefy studly MEN who had just been looking me up and down licking their chops....slow on the uptake, I get it finally!!!
I am the guest at a game of Monkey in the Middle... I am the Roast part of a Spit Roast and I am going to need a lot of spit to make this work!!!
Now, Bob and Jim have been in on this, while you and I talked they have stripped off their shorts and are just wearing their tank tops and jockstraps. They are both quite arroused, easy to see, they are both hung, to say the least.... And what I mean is, their cocks look fucking huge! Fuck, are we talking 8 inches, yeah 8 fucking inches of hard cock each! You’re talking about 16 inches, double no triple fuc..Big fat thick long cocks....then there is your 7 inches!!!!
Worried? You fucking bet..... But, is this fear or anticipation, what I’ve secretly wanted my entire life? be fucked, and made suck at the same time, be fucked again...and again.....huge cocks erect, hard, shiny with my spit, in and out of my mouth...gagging and forcing open...
Open my ass and throat, wider, with holes open for 3 men use as they decide...without asking or caring about permission....taking my boundaries away forceably! They have just one purpose today, it is to fuck into submission, to make please, make worthless for anything except as a receptacle for these MEN, for their cocks and for their Cum.....
I want them be rough, ride ..slap, taunt , debase verbally, laugh at while they fuck , talk about like I do not matter..,. This is the submission that I’ve been looking for I thin This is the Rough trade i have read about in books, books I kept secret from everyone....take my self respect, use my body hard, it’s almost as if I’m daring you do this and do it completely....I will not try and stop you, this is my burden, and this is the train I must pull....
And that’s my thrill, that’s my pleasure, that’s my greatest wish for myself!!!!!
Fuck, let’s go!! I swallow hard and step forward.......A step of faith into the unknown...

For all my previous bravado, I am worried and scared but anxious to begin...as a sub though, I take my cues from the 3 of you!
I am in the middle of the room, you sit on the sofa and wave at Jim and Bob to get on with it....All of a sudden, I am engulfed by thick hard MAN bodies! These guys are huge, hard toned bodies, one in front and one behind.... touching pressing and feeling my body, i am stunned by the sensation! My head, pulled back, mouth filled with man tongue, I moan, hard, while it probes. Shit, behind he is pressing, hands on my chest pulling back, God, I can feel his big fucking cock there,
My shoes are long gone, my shirt comes over my head, jeans unsnapped and pushed down over my feet...I am stark fucking naked standing between 2 slabs of beef! Tank tops gone...they sink me to my knees....all I see are 2 massive cocks barely covered by jockstraps. Both are hung like fucking Bulls. 8 inches?? that and more, and fuck, they are as big around as my wrist, Jesus, you’re laughing in the background...you want to see if I can take it, take 2 huge cocks inside me, at the same time until they fill me with their CUM...
They are the spit I am to be roasted on....and already I am hot!
The thought passes, what if they hold me after that, after they fuck me and Cum...to do it again or fuck, they bring in others!!! Made a slave for a whole day?
Jockstraps are stripped off...Jim’s fucking cock pressed against my lips, I open up to his hugeness trying to take in his cockhead, it slips in, my lips taut, feeling every vein and wrinkle of his cock against my soft palette..... Bob’s hands are at the back of my head, pushing it forward on to Jim’s massive cock! Uh uhh uhhh uuuuhhh, it’s going in deeper but fuck this cock is not meant to fit in there..... You guys think this is hilarious, my head impaled on 8 inches of hard coc...
I’m already thinking ahead, if this is my mouth, then what the fuck what happens when Bob puts his cock in my ass, holy fuck, I wonder if I’m going survive this total Fucking reaming...I do not have long to wait. Bob picks up and puts on my back on the footstool....From somewhere, a leather strap appears, to tie my waist down to it, then another to buckle down my chest and shoulders, my head falls back and fuck, I am reminded of the relentless face fucking you gave me, giving me no choice but to take your cock down my throat...
Now, those fucking reins appear again, looped around my ankles..then pulled through the waist and chest straps and tied. My legs pulled back towards my chest. Again, I am immobilized, my arms strapped to me sides, I am brutally exposed, everything...my asshole right there, no protection and no possibility of escape... Fuck Fuck Fuc...this is way past my worst expectation.....FUCK FUCK FUC..someone’s finger, lubed, up like the 2nd knuckle, is in my ass....AYYEEEE, then it’s out and are in my ass.... all the way in...his palm slaps against my ass cheek as his fingers fuck my ass.....these guys are rough and in a hurry... I am being stretched, finger fucked by of the biggest fingers I’ve ever seen. Before I can really contemplate that, the other huge cock is back in my mouth pushing and pressing towards that bump between my mouth and my throat that I know is there, that must be gotten through for a cock to enter my throat. I can just tell that this is his intent.... 8 inches of hard cock in my mouth and down my throat, his cockhead...hugeness, too big to really contemplate... pumping to climax and CUM....pressing to enter further ever further!
His fingers are out of my ass, I feel stretched, I feel relief, but fuck, these guys are relentless, he is up on his knees with his cock head, with this huge fucking cock head and cock placed against my asshole, my anus.
These fucking guys must have done this before..... They are a team..,I’m here dying, choking on cock on one end and just about have the other end Fucked by the biggest cock I’ve ever seen....There, he’s pushing his fucking cock, his fucking cock is going to enter my asshole. I feel it, the head is huge and it’s moving in, my asshole is stretching to meet it.... 1/2 an inch, 3/4 of an inch, a whole fucking inch, it’s fucking huge. It’s huge and I haven’t even gotten, I haven’t even taken in the head of his fucking coc.... I have not felt my asshole slip over his massive cockhead yet!
At the same time, my throat is blocked, I can’t breathe around it, I can’t breathe around this big huge fucking hard cock in my mouth that is trying so hard find my throat. My ass, slowly slowly slowly my ass is accommodating this other huge fucking coc I can’t see so I don’t know how much is inside . He is starting rock, ride , shove his fucking cock in and out of . I know there’s more, I know there’s a lot more, a lot more fucking cock that he’s going try and put inside before he shoots his cum..... They have struck up a rhythm. They are pulling out if together and then hammering in... Using their opposite forces to their advantage, and advantage that allows their big fucking huge cocks to get further inside me. Sensation!!! I have no idea, does this hurt, is it good or bad... I do not know... I am on overload...All I know is that I feel......intense sensation!!
Up to this point I have heard absolutely nothing from you, except maybe some giggles and an outright laugh or at my predicament..... My fucking huge cock spit roast gangbang.
I actually think that a couple times that massive cock has gone all the way into my ass.... 8 fucking inches of hard cock in my ass.....I just pray that he doesn’t shove it all the way in and then try to hold it there, to completely stretch me....As for the cock in my throat, or should I say almost in my throat I don’t know that will go any further. He is trying but it is not going any further.
I think these guys are ready, I think they’re both ready, I think I will have a huge cock spurting in my mouth while that huge cock buried in my ass shoots another load of hot cum all up inside me.... I don’t know how I can intellectualize, pull myself back from the physical to analyze what’s going on but I feel them both reaching that point, the point of no return. That point of climax....,that point of CUUUUMMMING IN ME!
Whoever it is, the guy in my mouth, that big hard thing, big huge thing against my throat, yeah that guy, his breath and picks up, tightening his grip on my head and his cock starts jamming, quick jabs, quick jobs and then, and then slow, slow strokes, and then hot hot CUM.... Shooting out of his cock head, it keeps going, my fucking God, how much cum does this guy have inside him, my lips are locked around his fucking cock and I am sucking, sucking all of his cum.... I am sucking and swallowing all of it, and...
He has done it, that massive fucking cock has gone all the way up my ass. While I was swallowing, he shoved it all the way in, 8 inches of fucking cock or all the way up my ass.... and he is holding, he is holding all fucking 8 inches inside of me. He is shuddering, he’s about to let go, he’s about to shoot his fucking load deep into my ass. I am ready, as best I can I am pushing back against him. He starts to fuck me, he starts to fuck me hard, he starts to fuck me harder than I’ve ever been fucked before, my ass is screaming, I am screaming, and now he is screaming filling my ass with his Cum.... God do I want this, God do I want his fucking cum in my ass, for him to keep pumping!

I just kinda ran out of steam here....Part 7 would be a re-match tag team affair or maybe make it a quartet!
For the rest, porn, fantasies, desires, fears, insecurities, trust, psychologically all meshing here....I didn’t realize I was giving so much away about me in these little stories. All in all it’s as good a psycho/sexual profile as I’m probably capable of!!
The basic sex is real, the sub, oral, bottom stuff is where I’d like to go, scary, but not as scary as the bondage, with a little pain mixed in!!
The possibility of Strong DOM aggressive sex totally freaks me but it also pulls me to it....you can see how fixated I’ve been.
My fondest wish would be to feel comfortable enough to drop all pretense, shed boundaries and fears and pretty much act on all this!!! Easier said.....

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