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CocoaTartan 53M  
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9/18/2020 5:09 pm

So, this morning while checking my bank account app, I noticed a charge for our host site for another profile I had (more NSFW) here, well I knew that I had set my auto-renewal toggle to OFF but was charged to renew another month, nothing strange here, has happened many times in the past, It’s a common practice they do hoping no one notices.

In the past I have messaged the host site and received the obligatory apology as a bug snafu, and my account was credited and profile was just changed to basic. Then the bots come out, all of sudden I become very popular on this site and receive much more than the usual zero<b> messages </font></b>I normally receive on a monthly basis.

This time I decided to just dispute the charge to my credit card through my ban I checked online this afternoon and my bank account was credited. I logged on this site with my NSFW profile information, and my profile had been completely removed, “This account is no longer active. If you have any questions, please contact customer support.” I guess I pissed them off by disputing the charge through bank, not giving them the opportunity to say, “oh it was a mistake”

So sad the proprietors of this site, sink to such low levels to make a buc I’ve had good and bad experiences on this site, met a few people from here and actually made an actual “friend” of the opposite sex from this site, no kidding, strictly platonic and we hang out with each other often. I guess that’s why I continue to patronize this site, in the hopes I’ll actually meet a compatible woman.

Rant over, buyer beware.

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