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Posted:Jan 24, 2016 5:41 am
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2020 2:22 am

Since standard members cant email. Standard members can kik me at the same profile name above or kaiza789@ g*******.com. Please make sure that you have a profile photo. And please believe bullshit will be blocked.
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The Time I Slept with My Ex-Friend Mother
Posted:Feb 15, 2015 5:32 pm
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2015 2:38 pm

I once had a childhood friend and we were friends for over 15-16 years. I would be over at his house so much you would think I moved into his house where he lived with his mom. Things were good till he did something I could forgive and I decided to break my friendship. Throughout that time thought his mom always treated me well and I somehow developed a lust for her. I can remember one morning when I staying at the house, she woke up at 4am to get ready for work she was doing some dishes and I happen to walk out and saw her in a short t-shirt and panties only and I turned back and went into the room. Since then I always fantasized about her .....I confess that I would sometimes I would fantasize fucking her while fucking my then young girlfriend (SORRY THE CHICK WAS BORING)
When my ex-friend and I had a falling out, I nervously attempted to tell his mother what I have been feeling about her...but chickened out. She has a BF but only sees him occasionally and on one occasion asked me to give her a ride to his house, on the way she told me she isn't happy and that months go by without sex with her....Can you say hell yeah I was I excited to hear that... ... A week later I finally built up enough courage to tell her. I devised a way to tell her how I lusted after her... So I started with telling her that I have something to tell her but I was afraid to say it.... She smiled and said go ahead.... I asked her to promise not to tell anyone and she agreed... So I started by telling her I dreamt her and I were having sex...And that it was damn good in the dream that i wished that it could be real...... She smiled embarrassingly. She responded by telling me she would feel guilty and weird if that happened...I asked her if it was because I was best friends with her . She laughed out loud and said...OBVIOUSLY!!!....So I had to ask her "And what if I wasn't friends with him? ...If she would have done it ...She said maybe....Instant hard on at that moment.... So I told her that i was getting hard and showed her through my pants... She was kind of embarrased and smiled ...so i asked her if she would at least consider it...seeing that its been so long since she has had a really good fuck....Then she said her BF can't stay hard and he doesn't fuck her ... So I asked her to go for a drink sometime and she said she will think about it.......Weeks go by and we started going to lunch together since we worked in the same area. We would sit and have lunch and I would touch her and of course she wasn't really receptive at first but soon she gave in .. Had me eating her out on her couch and sucking her titties at that point ...I would then pulll out my dick, show her how hard it was ...she would smile and tell me im bad and proceed to suck my dick with such passion... This woman let me cum in her mouth did have to worry about warning her. And when I came she would make this moaning noise and feel her slurping every drop of my cum like a straw. Soon enough though I asked her again to go for a drink and she said yes, I told her we going for a drink then to a hotel (The Westin great hotel)... She was first reluctant but then we got past that and i remember telling her i wanted to see her in black lace bra and panties I saw her in that one morning....Guess what she wore that day???? Haha yep black lace.... I remember the moment when we were finally going to take pass the oral to now home plate. I started taking them off and she was still a bit hesitant saying "I practically almost raised you I can't believe this is happening... That was until I started to suck her pussy...she was moaning and moaning.... And once she started to get the juices flowing like I love it and cum came oozingly dripping out the pussy... I took my dick and slowly stuck it into her pussy and it made that macaroni and cheese sound (You know when you mix the ingredients)...it was unbelievably tight and each stroke she began to squirt wetting all the bedsheets. I lift her legs over my shoulders and began to pick up the pace. She moaned and continue to squirt on every stroke.. I said "You are amazing!" I continued to dig deeper and she yelled "OH MY GOD YES FUCK IT BABY FUCK IT!!! Then she began to beg me and call me "Baby baby!!!" She began to smack chest like "baby please!" So I paused for a moment thinking I was hurting her. As soon as I pulled out, She did one big squirt like a geyser soaking me and I immediate dived into slurp it down... And I had to had slurped so much. I said "You were definitely backed up!" She replied "baby I wished I had fucked you sooner. We continued on and on. We fucked for about 45 mins and she came again... then the big moment came for me and i blew my load inside her pussy....... We have had to had fucked over 100 times for about 4 months. We talk from time to time. I will never forget t the woman who turned me on to older women. And as a present....
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Older Women are my Weakness
Posted:Feb 14, 2015 6:49 pm
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2020 2:22 am

Nope!!!!!!! I have the hardest and deepest passion for older black women. It isn't gone ever stop and I mean there's no end game in sight. I cant be reason with, negotiated, bullied, or threatened into not liking these type of women. This part of me is on for LIFE. Its in my blood...Some jump on the train and just want the experience of a older woman. Its more than that with me!!!!!

I mean these older women do something to me and touch something in me that cant be explain in words. When I make love to an older women I get high...My dick gets hard on another level than normal. I'm a different kind of FREAK and I feel like the only person in the world who possess this quality I speak of!!!!!...

I have had the chance to FULFILLED this Passion of mine more several times. There isn't nothing better than sex with older black women... NOTHING!!!!! It's my ultimate HIGH and I have my trained like this to where its irreversible and cant be deprogrammed.... Anytime I've ever had sex with an older woman I HAVE NEVER DISAPPOINTED.I have slept with some cool older black women in my time. From your everyday to married to military to law enforcement to corporate to nurses even older waitresses and so on. All at least 8-13 years older than me when I was in my 20's being that I'm into my 30s now . Majority of these women I have gotten was just by conversation for the most part. I don't look my age now and being mature at a early age plays a lot into this and life period so that was the one thing they always liked and complimented me on....I'm not a flashy person and I don't like to show out. Majority of people don't even know I like older pussy.Even the older women I interact with on a daily don't even know I like they older pussy as I have been dreaming about fucking for years, but its not for everyone to know.

I like older women that look like older women dress like older woman with dresses and skirt and heels and flats and shit even certain canvass shoes its the turn on and a older woman that acts like a older woman where you have to show her proper respect. This what makes this all TABOO AND FEEL LIKE ITS WRONG that I KEEP FALLING IN LOVE WITH THIS OVER AND OVER!!!!

Its just something about the GROWN LADY ASS that I LOVE whether it be average big thick small it truly doesn't matter...whatever!!!!! Like its different then looking at the woman my age naked ass when we fucking. I just get more excited when looking at every inch every curve her asshole just everything. its unexplainable on this part for the most!!!!

Then there's THE KISS.I enjoy kissing on these women as I love to kiss anyway. Especially being in my 20's and even now I still feel like a young 21 year old even though I'm still moderately young I would say. It just feels forbidden kissing the lips of a grown woman when I do this and them kissing back. It gets even nastier when it turns into a tongue kiss younger man kissing on a grown woman like that. I condone it all and have no problem doing it over and over again...I still remember the first time I did it...kissing a older woman....it sent my mind to another world as my first experience doing this and it made my dick jump like something serious.

Then comes THE ORAL SEX!!!!!...I seen all kinds of grown lady pussy from hairy to shaved to gray mixed in with the black to trimmed with hair around it. I'm a extremely oral man so if you did read my blog this far that means I love to lick pussy and I love to lick ass and I throw a lot of work behind this. I am no fucking joke if I must say so myself...I have mastered this to the fucking T.I have ate pussy and ass countless times so yeah I pretty much got the hang of it. So when it comes down LICKING A GROWN WOMAN PUSSY or ASS I feel like its gotta be done on another level. Its like playing chess in my mind and isn't a lot people can do that. From different times I've done it I can tell some never had it like that because I believe in pleasing a woman to its fullest potential. I've come to the conclusion if your licking pussy and they're on their back and if they keep looking down at you, moaning and throwing their head back and keep repeating the process then you working her pussy or ass right (IF YOU LICKING IT IN THIS POSITION THAT IS). Its like watching you and admiring how you work!!!!!.....

Then comes the DICK SUCKING...One couldn't imagine the first time this happen...Putting my dick in this grown lady mouth and she sucking on some young dick with pleasure. Letting her mouth get fucked even and once again you have to watch because its the point of it happening. Because its not like a woman your age sucking dick this is a mature woman so its different. Me personally I watch her lips I watch her movement I watch her technique I watch every particular thing about this woman.

THEN COMES THE FUCKING....Sex with a older woman feels like something I shouldn't be doing. I know society see it as wrong and whatnot younger man fucking and older woman 2 times his age, but society can get chin checked lol. Once again its the TURN ON because this is the older lady you talk to everyday, you hold casual conversations with, you see at work, pass by in the morning, maybe friends with a member of your f****y might be your mama friend, and so on. Now she in your bed butt ass naked fucking. How can I not love this type of shit???Her moaning on my young dick pumping in and out her pussy missionary, doggy style, edge of the bed, sideways or however. Straight out dominating some mature pussy and her letting you do whatever to her and knowing you do good you going get your call back for more of her mature pussy!!!!!

I don't know I don't what else to say except I have an addiction to older black women and I cant be help because I don't want any help...Some of this is hard to explain and I have truly have no answer for its just dark in my mind in some areas of explaining...This isn't no FETISH .MY ULTIMATE FANTASY is to have group sex 4-5 mature black women 38-50+ age range maybe a lil older than that FOR A WHOLE DAY or make it a regular thing want to be used like a a REVERESE GANGBANG MFFFFF or MFFFF....Made to I do every thing (NO GAY SHIT) and please everyone. I want all of them on me at the same time fucking sucking licking kissing all kinds of nasty freaky shit I want that shit to be so hardcore!!!!!!


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