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Prostate Milking 101: How to Give Him A Mind-Boggling Prostate Massage  

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2/28/2022 7:36 am
Prostate Milking 101: How to Give Him A Mind-Boggling Prostate Massage

Prostate milking is the process of gently massaging the prostate gland with the goal of ‘milking’ the lucky recipient’s semen. Many men who’ve experienced prostate milking claim that it provides the most incredible<b> orgasm </font></b>they’ve ever had. However, there are health benefits of prostate massages, including their ability to lessen the chances of developing prostate cancer. Between the health benefits and the pleasure factor, let’s explore the method of prostate milking.
How to Massage the Prostate Gland Step by Step
While achieving the goal is easier with a partner, this can be a solo act with a bit of clever maneuvering. However, we’ll write this guide from a partner’s perspective, but the general steps are the same regardless.

Step #1: Get Prepared — It’s a good idea for the receiving to have a bowel movement sometime recently prior to prostate milking, and if a finger will be used for the massage clipping the nails and cleaning the hands first are essential.

Step #2: Assume the Position — There are primary positions the can consider that are conducive for prostate milking: on his back spread eagle, doggy style, or lying on his side (recommended for solo prostate massages).

Step #3: Lubricate — Whether using a prostate massaging toy or a finger, lubricate the insertion ‘tool’ and the anus generously.

Step #4: Go for the Glory — Gently insert the device or finger slowly into the rectum with a focus on the belly button side of his body. Once inside, feel for the prostate, which is about 2-3 inches in and feels like a squishy walnut.

Step #5: Massage — Lightly massage around the prostate’s edges in a circular motion using the fingertip or device. Take care not to be ‘rough’ on the center of the prostate, as this is a super sensitive zone. Continue massaging, building up speed and pressure slowly until he ejaculates.

Walla! The recipient has just had the ultimate, mind-blowing<b> orgasm.</font></b>


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