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Dinner with the neighbor  

ColoradoGoddes71 49F  
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5/17/2019 5:01 pm
Dinner with the neighbor

The car came to a sudden stop with the squeal of the tires and a loud bang as I rear-ended the car in front of me.

“God Dimmit!” My dad exclaimed form the passenger seat. “I can’t afford for our insurance rates to go ! Just stay here while I go and take care of this.”

“Yes sir.” I said, almost on the verge of tears as my father got out of the car, slamming the door behind him. He went to check on the other driver and they were inspecting the damage and talking. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I was too preoccupied with my own thoughts. I’d been driving for and had never been in a wreck, but the guy in front of slammed on his breaks and just stopped out of nowhere. I didn’t have any time to react.

While I was waiting on my dad to get back in the car and tell me how bad it was, I realized he was talking to our neighbor, Mr. Johnson. Tom he liked to be called. Tom was good looking but what most people would call a “dirty man.” He was always trying to look down my shirt or “accidently” brush against my ass or my tits whenever our families would get together. My father’s back was turned toward , but there was no mistaking the leer on Tom’s face.

When Dad got back into the car I asked him what happened and how bad it was. “It’s fine. Mr. Johnson’s wife is out of town for a few days visiting her family, and he said he’d forget about the accident if you made him a home cooked dinner tonight. He’s tired of eating out, and the wreck caused his dinner to fly out of the passenger seat and land all over the floor of the car.”

Cook dinner. didn’t sound too bad. I could do .

When we got home I went to the kitchen. Dad said Tom would be over in an hour, so I had to figure out what to make. While I was pulling out the ingredients Dad came into the kitchen.

“Maybe you should go upstairs and change into something nice, after all, we are having company tonight.” So I went upstairs and changed into a cute sundress.

“’s better,” Dad said. “And just in time too as Mr. Johnson was already there. I went into the living room to say hello.

After an awkward dinner of having Mr. Johnson staring my chest the whole night, I cleared off the table and went to go get dessert and coffee. My dad followed into the kitchen. “Wasn’t it nice of Tom to forgive you for the accident?”

“Of course it was. Very nice.”

“Well, why don’t you go and thank him for his kindness and I’ll get coffee and be there in a minute. “
“Yes sir.”

“And be gracious,” my father said as he stepped closer to , brushing my hair off of my shoulder and unbuttoning the top two buttons on my dress and caressing my breasts. “He deserves more than just a piece of cake don’t you?”

I stepped back, shocked. “What do you mean exactly?”

“What I mean, young lady, is go make him a real drink and show him just how grateful you are. “

I knew just what my father meant, although I couldn’t believe he was actually saying it.

“Look, I know you’ve been fucking of his. Go give him a taste of what his has been sniffing and maybe he will even for the damages to our car.”

“You want to have sex with him?”

“I want you to stop being a spoiled, ungrateful, brat,” he said, grabbing my breast again, rougher this time, “and go show the man some appreciation for doing us this favor. And do it now before he changes his mind!” He handed me a bottle of whisky and shoved me toward the living room.

“Why don’t you two enjoy a nice drink,” he said to Mr. Johnson. “I have a phone to make. I’ll join you shortly. “ He put two glasses on the table and left the room.

Mr. Johnson took the bottle from my hand, poured two generous glasses, handed one, and swallowed the other in one gulp.

“Well,” he said to , “it looks like we’re all alone. What do you think we should do to occupy our time while your is making his important ?”

“I don’t know.” I stuttered while he poured himself another drink.

“Why don’t you finish drink of yours, I’d hate to see good whisky go to waste, and have a seat and keep company. “ He said as he pulled down onto his lap on the sofa. He finished his second drink, and guided my hand, still holding the other glass forcing to drink it. It burned on the way down, some spilling out of my mouth as I coughed. “Oh, look ,” he said taking my empty glass and putting it down next to his, then sliding one hand my dress while blocking my ability to move back with his other hand, “you spilled some on your chest. We can’t have , now, can we?” and he leaned forward and licked the exposed part of my breasts.

He kept licking and kissing his way my neck, pulling closer toward him with one hand while the other one reached further my dress so he could rub my pussy through my panties.

He brought my face down to meet his and kissed me, shoving his tongue in my mouth. Once the whisky kicked in, I decided he wasn’t such a bad kisser and I relaxed into the kiss.

He unbuttoned the rest of my dress slipping it off of my shoulders and told me to stand . When I did he unzipped his pants, exposing his cock.

“Like what you see?” he asked, but didn’t wait for an answer. “Why don’t you give it a little kiss.”

I knelt on the floor in front of him and took his dick in my mouth sucking. I licked the shaft and moved my hand to cup his balls occasionally swirling my tongue around the head of his dick while I was sucking it.

He pushed my shoulders away so I was sitting on my knees again. He stood in front of and pulled into a standing position.

He rubbed my cunt over my panties again and asked if he could see what was underneath them. Before I could answer, he bent over and pulled them down urging to step out of them. Then he stood and took off his own clothes.

“Oh ’s lovely.” He said, reaching down and sticking a finger inside . “And it tastes lovely too.” He said bring his finger to his mouth and sucking my juices off of it.

He walked around behind and guided to kneel on the couch, then he knelt behind and started licking and fingering my pussy from behind. I will say this; older men are better eating pussy than boys my age! I couldn’t help it, I started to rock back and forth with the rhythm of his fingers and I moaned as I could feel the intensity building inside .

Before I had a chance to , he stopped what he was doing and stood . I felt him rub his cock against a few times before sliding it balls deep into my pussy. It felt so good!

He didn’t move first, he just stood there letting feel the size of it and feel how it was throbbing before he started to slowly move in and out of , varying his speed, sometimes faster, sometimes slower.

“Do you like ?” he asked

I was about to tell him I did when I heard my father’s voice say “Yes.”

I looked and saw my father, also naked, rubbing his own dick!

My father walked over and when I looked over my shoulder I saw him standing behind Tom rubbing his shoulders. Tom didn’t seem to mind and as my dad’s hand moved down Tom’s side he sped his hips, pumping harder and faster.

“Stop.” I heard my dad say, and Tom did and he pulled out. Them my dad told to lie on my back so I did.

When I did, Tom got in front of and started fucking again, leaning over and bracing himself with his arms on the back of the sofa.

From this position I could see my dad rubbing his dick with one hand and rubbing Tom’s ass with the other. Then Dad moved behind Tom and entered him.

I had never been in a 3some like this before. Tom was fucking me while my dad was fucking him. It was amazing sensation. Every time my father thrust his cock into Tom’s ass it pushed Tom deeper inside me.

It didn’t take long before I could feel an orgasm building. Just a few thrusts and I began to shake with my release. Tom began thrusting faster and harder but before he could , my dad pulled him back and spun him around so they were facing each other. Then my dad dropped to his knees and took Tom’s dick in his mouth sucking him until he came down my dad’s throat.

Then my dad turned Tom back around and bent him over, shoving his own cock back into Tom. Tom began fingering my pussy again while my dad dumped his own load into Tom’s ass.

justme51 69M  
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5/20/2019 7:14 pm

Awesome taboo post. My daughter loved it too.

jononcarson 54M

7/27/2019 2:33 pm

wow, good job

Eager2please134 26M
3 posts
6/3/2020 8:11 am

You really know how to drive someone crazy with a fantasy...or with the truth maybe

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