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In the woods  

ColoradoGoddes71 49F
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12/28/2019 1:52 pm
In the woods

It was an unusually warm fall day and some friends and I decided to take advantage of the weather and have a picnic. We drove around in the mountains until we found a nice spot to stop and eat. But we found a nice spot where we spread out our blankets and settled in to eat. After a good size meal and a couple bottles of wine split between the 4 of us I decided I needed to get up and take a bit of a walk.

I had taken off on my own. I’d been out hiking here hundreds of times and I knew my way around so I wasn’t worried about getting lost. I knew there was a river near and the crumbling foundation of an old cabin. It was a spot, and I brought my camera thinking I’d take some photos. I told them the general direction I was going and headed off.

After walking for maybe minutes I rounded a corner and spotted the cabin. I saw one of the guys I’d come with, Tom, and was about to approach him when he turned my direction and I saw that he had his dick in his hand. He didn’t see me and I stepped behind a tree thinking he was only taking a piss and I’d give him a minute to finish before I announced myself.

I gave him a few moments and when I peeked out from around the tree again, I noticed that he was not, in fact, taking a leak, but that his pants were down around his ankles and his hand wrapped firmly around his erection. He was also no longer alone. There was another man in front of him, someone I didn’t recognize unzipping his own jeans and pulling out his own cock. They stood there, each one rubbing his own dick for a moment when the stranger took a step forward and reached for Tom’s dick.

Tom didn’t do anything, he just moved his hand and let the stranger jerk him off for a moment. I had no idea that Tom was into men, I mean, he and I had had sex plenty of times and while we joked about letting another woman join us, the idea of another man had never come up…

I knew I should leave, but I didn’t want them to know I was there and think I had been spying. Also, I was fascinated and couldn’t really take my eyes off of these two attractive men who were now stroking each other’s cocks.

The stranger broke contact first, pulling his own pants down further then getting on his knees in front of Tom, grabbing his own dick again before taking Tom’s cock into his mouth. When I saw this I started to feel a tingling sensation in my own pants and I could feel myself getting wet.

I couldn’t it, as I was watching Tom get his dick sucked I was getting turned on. I reached inside my own pants and began to rub my cunt through my now damp panties.

I noticed that the man on his knees had a decent size cock and it looked like something I’d like to ride one day. He was stroking it slowly, not appearing to be in a rush to while he continued to suck Tom who had placed one hand on a nearby rock to steady himself and the other on the back of the stranger’s head pushing himself deeper into his mouth.

I unzipped my own pants widening my stance slightly and slipped my fingers inside my dripping pussy. It felt good to have them slipping around in my own wetness while I watched Tom getting a blowjob.

I heard a noise behind me and turned to see Tom’s brother Frank. I quickly pulled my hand out of my pants, embarrassed at being caught fingering myself.

“It looked like you were enjoying yourself, don’t let me stop you,” he said quietly as he walked close enough to place his hand on the crotch of my pants and started rubbing. “Were you enjoying the show?” he asked nodding over my shoulder.

“You know about Tom and this guy?” I whispered.

“Sure, Tom come out here to hook up with guys all the time. We both do.”

“I didn’t know you were gay.” I said, placing my hand on top of his, he was still rubbing my through my jeans.

“I’m bi.” He removed his hand and stuck it inside my pants, tickling the hair on my pussy. “We both are.” He bent his head to kiss me momentarily before saying “Turn around and keep watching. It’s about to get good.”

I did as I was told and he grabbed the wasteland of my jeans, tugging them down to my ankles and reaching between my lets to slip his fingers inside me. I leaned on the tree and pushed my hips back against him, spreading my legs as far as I could so he could have better access.

When I looked back around the tree, I saw the stranger turn around, still kneeling in front of Tom, now his ass was in the air. Tom knelt behind him, spread the strangers cheeks and slowly slid his bulging cock into the man’s ass.

I heard Frank use his other hand to unzip his own pants and I heard his clothing rustle while he pulled out his own erection, rubbing it on my ass.

Tom’s dick was now buried to the hilt in the stranger’s ass.

I felt the head of Frank’s dick rubbing the opening to my pussy.

Tom pulled back slowly.

Frank’s fingers found my clit and started rubbing slow circles around it.

Tom slowly slid his dick into the stranger again.

Frank put both hands on my hips and slid his own cock inside my pussy as I leaned over as far as I could.

Tom pulled back

Frank did the same.

Their actions were in unison as Frank matching his brother stroke for stroke.

Frank had both hands on my hips holding me steady so he could thrust himself forward harder and harder.

As Tom fucked the stranger faster, Frank fucked me faster.

At some point, Frank slipped his thumb inside my ass. I never liked anal sex, but the feel of a man fingering my ass while me was always amazing.

The more I watched Tom and the stranger the hotter I got.

I pushed myself back against Frank, wanting him to fuck me harder and faster.

I started rubbing my clit, the need to was overwhelming!

“Oh my god your pussy is so good!” Frank said behind me. He began to groan as he pumped his cock in and out of my pussy while I fingered my clit.

I heard Tom groan from where I was at and knew that he was blowing his load into the stranger’s ass.

At the same time Frank began to slam his dick into me hard while I began to shake as my own orgasm started. He leaned forward and braced himself on the tree. He began to mutter incoherently “Fuck! Oh fuck! Oh god fuck yes!” And I felt him explode inside me!

At the same time I felt my own release as I began to shake and my knees almost buckled.

The stranger was up on his knees now, still jerking off his own cock until he too came. I couldn’t hear him groan like the rest of us had, but it was an impressive load as I could see him shoot it from where I was at. It shot out at least a foot! Then he collapsed and Tom fell on top of him, both of them breathing heavily.

Frank pulled out of me and we both adjusted our clothing,

“Did you enjoy the show?” Frank asked as I turned around.

“I did.” I answered.

“Good,” he said walking away, “then we can do it again sometime.”

mtnman_1234567 28M
7 posts
1/1/2020 6:26 pm

sounds amazing

Eager2please134 26M
3 posts
6/3/2020 7:52 am

I am going through so many of your stories right now and am getting more and more turned on...this one especially, knowing that im sure Tom could hear you and frank while he was fucking the other guy

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