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ColoradoGoddes71 49F
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6/10/2018 1:36 pm


As soon as the doorbell rang, I knew who it was without even having to look. I was a few weeks behind on my rent and had been dodging my landlord until I got paid. I usually paid on time and didn’t have any issues, but I’d just had a few unexpected expenses and needed a few extra days to catch up.

I guess there was no putting it off any longer so I opened the door and invited him in to sit on the couch.

“Would you like something to drink?” I asked offering him a glass of wine.

“No. You know why I’m here.”

“Yes.” I couldn’t even play innocent very well. We both knew he was here to collect the rent check.

“Look, I know you’ve had some money troubles lately. I get it. And I’m not unsympathetic. But I have a boss too, and if I don’t get the rent money, then I’ll be out of a job.”

“I know. I just need a few more days! I get paid on Friday and then I can pay the rent!” I pleaded. “I can even give you a post dated check if that will work.

“Well,” he said standing up and walking over to the chair where I sat. “Like I said, I’m not unsympathetic. Maybe there is something that we can work out so that I can get a few more days from the owner for you to pay.”

Before I could reply and ask him what he was thinking, he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock.

I looked up at him questioning. I knew what he wanted, but was somewhat shocked. Honestly, I thought he was gay... “Suck it.” He said simply.

This would not have been my first choice on how to pay the rent, but desperate times call for desperate measures I guess… I moved to the edge of the chair and took his already semi stiff cock in my mouth and began to suck him off.

I could feel his cock getting harder in my mouth as I was sucking him. He reached down and grabbed my tits rubbing them through my top. After a minute of this he told me pulled back and dropped his pants all the way. “Take off your clothes.”

I did as I was told, taking my shirt and bra off, then standing to take off my pants. I hesitated when it came to taking off my panties, but he just looked at me and said “All of it.” So they came off too.

He dipped his head to suck on my nipples while reaching between my legs to rub my pussy. I couldn’t help myself, it felt good, and I was getting wet.

“You like that, don’t you?” he asked. When I didn’t reply right away, all he said was, “I can tell you do because you are dripping wet. Then he stuck his fingers in my mouth so I could taste myself on them.

He turned me around so that my back was to him and I could feel his dick pressing up against me. He reached around from behind me and began fingering my pussy again

Then he pushed me forward so that I was bending over and holding leaning on the sofa. He spread my legs apart a little further and knelt down behind me to lick my pussy from behind ensuring that I was even wetter than before.

He licked up and down, flicking my swollen clit with the tip of his tongue while fingering my pussy and ass.

Just as I was about to cum he stopped and stood back up. He had managed to pull a condom out of his pants while he was on the ground so he put it on before shoving his dick into me. He pumped in and out of me varying the rhythm and speed. It felt good. His dick was so hard!

He pulled out of me and sat on the couch inviting me to climb on his cock and ride him, so I did. I put one knee on each side of his hips and lowered my self onto him. Then I began moving up and down, slowly at first, but getting faster as I started to get closer to climax.

He took first one, then the other nipple in his mouth sucking on them and fondling my tits as I rode him.

I picked up the pace and rode him harder as I began to climax. When I came, I came hard! My thighs began to quiver and my insides contracted with every wave of my orgasm, but I didn’t stop riding him.

Soon he began to groan and announced that he was cumming too. He pushed me off of him so that I was laying on my back on the couch. He kneeled between my legs and rammed his cock into me hard and fast!

He gave one loud grunt, pulled out, whipped off his condom and came all over my tits! He rubbed his shaft until nothing else came out, then stood up and got dressed again.

“I’ll be back Friday. I’ll be bringing my boyfriend with me, so have the check ready, or be prepared to service us both.” Without another word he waked out the door, leaving me to clean myself up and get ready for work.

scraig1226 51M
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6/10/2018 4:08 pm

Very hot wish my landlord would take the rent in trade

syndeeangel 60T  
556 posts
6/11/2018 5:04 pm

So the question is, do you pay the rent before or after the landlord and boyfriend show up????????????????

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