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A wonderful time  

Cones22101986 44M  
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5/25/2020 12:03 am
A wonderful time

She had been very secretive as of late. Mason knew that Sydney was spending a lot of time with her best friend Kenxie. He wasn't concerned, though he knew that Kenzie was kinda flirtatious around both guys and girls, though he'd never seen Sydney and Kenxie do anything that could get themselves in over their head. Sydney was a little late at getting home today but since their anniversary was tomorrow, he chalked it<b> shopping. </font></b>They arrive a few minutes later, and they come in with KFC, (his favorite) Sydney kisses him when she comes in and sets the food the counter, then starts pulling plates and utensils out of the Cupboard.. He starts help but Kenxie shoos you away with a smack the ass. You look at her in surprise, but Sydney only smiles and sends u away. Once dinner is ready the 3 of you sit down enjoy your meal with a glass of wine. Once dinner was over, the of you sit down watch a movie. He sits the end, Kenxie in the middle and Sydney the other end.You can see out the corner of your eye that Sydney is rubbing Kenxie's pussy thru her clothes. You look in amazement. You've suspected for a year that Sydney was Bi, but this is the 1st time you see it for yourself. The girls start making out right in front of you. Sydney pulls off Kenxie's shirt, and u see that she is bra less. The girls glance at u but keep going You ca feel yourself getting hard. Kenxie pulls off Sydney's shirt, and she too is without her bra. Sydney slides her hand inside Kenxie's shorts and starts to finger her pussy. Kenxie lets out a moan, and reaches back and grabs your crotch. She slides her hand in your pants and begins to fondle your cock. You take this as a sign and start sucking on her tits. U also slide your hand in her shorts and finger fuck her too. She moans louder and shoves her shorts down to her ankles and kicks them across the room. She then turns her attention to you. She kisses you. Sydney gets and comes u. You slide over and she sits down next you and pulls off your she unbuttons your pants and pulls them off. Kenxie start kissing you lower and lower until she reaches your cock.. You feel yourself getting ready to cum, instinctively you tap out. Kenxie stops. "You like"? Sydney asks with a sly smile. She is the only one with some kind of clothing on. you and Kenxie pull off her jeans. Now of you are completely naked of you head the bedroom the bed you find several toys and bondage gear. Sydney and Kenxie climb into the bed and pull u in too The girls put on strap-ons and start making out.Sydney on the bottom Kenxie on top, the girls slip the strap-ons inside their pussies. Your cock is very hard. You massage Kenxie's ass. You slowly slide your cock in her ass and give her some quick thrusts before u slow to a steady rhythm She moans loudly and pumps harder which causes Sydney to moan. Just before you cum you pull out of Kenxie's ass she lets out a soft moan. Her and Sydney Trade positions U slip your cock in Sydney's ass she moans loudly.she pumps harder both her and Kenxie have explosive orgasms. The strap-ons come off. Kenxie climbs on your cock and Sydney sits on your face so u can eat her pussy. Kenxie bounces and down your cock, You bury your face in Sydney's pussy, the girls make out. You feel yourself wanting cum, so u tap. It does no good Kenxie fucks u harder and faster. she cums over your cock just as u shoot your goo deep in her pussy. She gets off of u so Sydney can have her turn. Instead Sydney takes your cock in her mouth and begins clean yours and Kenxie's cum off of it. She just get u hard enough that u Slip your cock in Sydney's pussy you begin make love with her. you feel cold wetness your ass. Kenxie has her strap- and she slides it in your ass. "Your turn"she says. You moan loudly as she penetrates your ass Ram your cock in and out of Sydney she cums over your cock, but u keep going.. Kenxie pulls out of your ass and lets u finish with Sydney. You fill Sydney's pussy with what cum your body has left. then the 3 of u lay there and continue make out Kenxie is eating Sydney's pussy while u suck her tits. "What brought this you ask? "Why its your anniversary gift". "The threesome is my gift" "Kinda, Kenxie is moving in with us. you get us each whenever you want now., U have a 2nd girlfriend >>!

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