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Mistress Crystal: Part 4 - Rose Petals  

CoolFire07 49M  
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2/28/2020 5:33 pm
Mistress Crystal: Part 4 - Rose Petals

Rose Petals

Mistress Crystal pushes her slave into the bed. He lies on the bed, his member fully engorged and throbbing. It jumps and pulses to the beat of his heart. There is a maddening ache in his balls where his male fluids are collecting and building up. He must release soon or he himself will be driven into the black hole of insanity. 

But the slave needs more. He needs to taste the juice of this heavenly creature. This is part of his destiny and he cannot be denied. He stands up and lays his love gently on the bed and passionately kisses her. He continues, tasting her warmth and sweet saliva, while moving his hands to cup her breasts. He can feel her breathing quicken as he gently massages her now hard nipples. This could keep him satisfied forever but he must fulfill his destiny. 

He moves down to her breasts flicking his tongue around and near her nipples but not touching them. He finally takes one nipple in his mouth swirling it around, sucking on it while flicking it with his tongue. He can feel her body tensing as he licks and sucks for what seems like an eternity. He finally breaks off and begins to move down, painting a trail of saliva on her<b> stomach </font></b>with his tongue as he moves. 

As he reaches the top of her mound, he begins massaging her there with feather light touches. With a swift movement he parts her thighs and moves his face between her legs. He licks and nibbles the silky smooth skin of her inner thighs causing her to gasp and catch her breath. It has now become too much for his love and she begins slowly thrusting her hips in the air, even attempting to push her sweet pussy forward into his mouth. 

“Please...please lick me” she begs in an almost breathless voice. But the slave does not give in to this temptation. He has all the time in the world and he’s going to use it. He continues licking and sucking on her inner thighs, himself in a complete state of ecstasy. Finally moving closer to her most cherished spot, he inhales deeply to get a complete smell of the prize before him. The musty, salty odour is almost too enticing for him to bear, but he does not go there yet. 

Instead he continues licking, now moving closer to his target. He slowly licks the narrow area where the top of her thigh meets her mound, paying equal attention to the left and right sides. His Mistress now begins thrusting her hips a little faster and her breathing deepens. The slave moves closer and licks the small sensitive area just between her pussy and anus. As he continues these long slow licks, his Mistress can take it no longer. She begins to beg. “Lick me now....please... please...”

Now he is fully in control of both their destinies. He moves closer to her womanhood and licks her outer lips with a touch so soft it is barely felt. But it is enough to cause her to moan softly. He continues licking the entire length of her swollen lips, gradually increasing the pressure until he cannot wait any longer. He parts the lips revealing the most beautiful sight he has ever seen. Her inner lips are a deep pink colour becoming a darker shade as they blend into her opening. Her clitoris is fully engorged, and looking closely he can see it rise and fall ever so slightly as the blood fills it in synch with her heartbeat. 

A shining droplet of her now almost milky juice begins to move down from her opening. The slave can barely contain himself at this point and must consciously reach into his mind to stop himself from reaching the point of no return. He comes closer and ever so softly licks the juice that has begun to flow. The slightly bitter and salty, yet somehow sweet taste is too incredible for him to bear and he closes his eyes, seeing huge bursts of red, yellow and orange on the canvas of his closed eyelids. 

The now louder moans of his Mistress pulls him out of his trance and he opens his eyes moving back to the task at hand. He widens his tongue and licks again, so slowly and softly that his Mistress cries out sounding like she is in pain. But he knows these are cries of pleasure and he continues with long slow licks around the inner lips and the opening, not going anywhere near her clit yet. This act begins to drive him crazy and he cannot hold back anymore. 

With the lightest pressure, the slave quickly flicks his tongue on her clit, causing her hips to thrust in the air even faster. She is now writhing on the bed and begging for more. “Faster, harder, more!” are the words coming out of her mouth in between her moans of ecstasy. The slave obliges her and begins to lick a little faster and apply slightly more pressure. “Yes, yes. Oh god, thank you!” Is her reply. Her legs begin to shake slightly, gradually increasing into a convulsive state. 

Her juices are now running out of her and the slave must stop to lick them up, for the precious fluid cannot be wasted and fall on the sheet. He goes back to licking her clit applying more pressure now and taking it into his mouth, swirling his tongue gently all around it. “Ohhhh, yessss...” she replies, the words carrying a genuine sense of gratitude. 

An inner hunger takes over within the slave and he dives his tongue deep into her love canal. Licking ever so deeper and faster, he stops only for a moment every once in a while to swallow, lick the fluid from around his lips and to savour the taste. This also allows his Mistress to stay in a heightened arousal state, giving just enough of a break to prevent her from going over the edge. Starting again he goes back to long, slow delicious strokes with his tongue, building to a maddening frenzy of bites, sucking and licking. 

Then abruptly the slave stops. “You are almost ready my love.” The slave stands, his penis leaking precum fluid. He moves and positions his penis right in front of her mouth. She does not hesitate and greedily takes it into her mouth, hungrily tasting his fluids again. She is ravenous like a wild animal now and licks and frantically darts her tongue in and out of the opening of his penis hoping to get just one more taste of his precious fluid. 

This extreme pleasure is too much for the slave to handle and he slips back into a trance and once again loses control to his Mistress...

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