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Thick Thursday  

Cpllooking6671 53M/49F  
10935 posts
3/12/2020 4:48 am
Thick Thursday

Lovely curvy women...

Cpllooking6671 53M/49F  
2671 posts
3/12/2020 4:49 am

Have a great day!

Pussylicking340 66M
73 posts
3/12/2020 5:28 am

Dang such beautiful ladies

goodone817 57M  
5 posts
3/12/2020 5:35 am


CleavageFan4U 63M  
63133 posts
3/12/2020 6:21 am

Ummm, more to worship.

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Sexczy69 65M
3375 posts
3/12/2020 6:42 am

You call them thick? I call them a lot of woman to love....

1alone4fun 51M
22 posts
3/12/2020 6:45 am

great pics. curvy women are hot.. but I don't have the length to truly get deep all that ass in the way. I do like the big tits that are great for tying up!!!

Pleasureinc 57M  
1409 posts
3/12/2020 6:52 am


BiJack55 71M  
219 posts
3/12/2020 6:58 am

OMG I do so love those women's bodies. SO SEXY and SO BEAUTIFUL.

shakey474 59M  
46 posts
3/12/2020 7:01 am

Thanks for the pic’s. They look great.

PumpkinSpice6 36F  
192 posts
3/12/2020 7:14 am

Very sexy! Thanks for sharing.

HornyinMI61 59M
50 posts
3/12/2020 7:16 am

Love there thickness

bbuckwwheat 61M
4967 posts
3/12/2020 7:26 am

All are lovely, but I would only classify about half of them as thick. The other half I would classify as not skinny and curvy.

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powercaps716 64M
33465 posts
3/12/2020 7:52 am

awesome ladies.........

13574 posts
3/12/2020 9:45 am

I Like My Women How I Like My Shakes, Thick.


Leegs2012 47M
56548 posts
3/12/2020 10:04 am


boobwhisperer69 57M  
6193 posts
3/13/2020 9:48 am

Nothing like a thick shake!!!!

NJGUY08090 53M
3328 posts
3/13/2020 6:19 pm

I enjoy mature women. They always have curves to enjoy. If I do venture out with a younger woman she has to look one of these ladies .. They all are so nice

hotmonkeyluvn 64M  
28 posts
3/15/2020 7:34 am

Love those ladies with extra curves

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