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Tuesday pics  

Cpllooking6671 54M/50F  
13560 posts
12/10/2019 3:49 am
Tuesday pics

I know I owe for the past 2 days- sorry guys but my work has gone ballistic due to yhe holiday season. Have done 27 hrs in the past 48. Will catch you up with dbl posts asap!
Meanwhile, hope you like todays selections!

Cpllooking6671 54M/50F  
3060 posts
12/10/2019 3:51 am

Any favorites?

Here is a bonus pic

oralholic 60M
69 posts
12/10/2019 3:59 am

Oh my, luv the cum shots

Damien3321 43M  
40 posts
12/10/2019 4:15 am

great, post, thanks for sharing

travelinma01008 54M
97 posts
12/10/2019 4:38 am

I love the cum!

8forfunride 53M
20 posts
12/10/2019 4:46 am

that is some serious jiz rolling out of you

77yankees 70M
89 posts
12/10/2019 5:22 am

Luv the Nipple Piercing, the Tatt....and the Gorgeous Dark Skinned body, mmmmm, so tasty.

Letsplayoral6974 47M
1 post
12/10/2019 5:55 am


boxers545 57M
10 posts
12/10/2019 6:55 am

very nice!

largebig3 53M
15 posts
12/10/2019 8:00 am

Great sucking and fucking

Leegs2012 48M
82536 posts
12/10/2019 8:13 am

No worries!! Happy Holidays!! Nice choice of pictures!! HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

Leegs2012 48M
82536 posts
12/10/2019 8:14 am

OMG!! That is so gorgeous!! Sweet licks to Her!!

sphxdiver 71M
21064 posts
12/10/2019 11:47 am

Some Great cum shots !!

Well done !!

Cpllooking6671 54M/50F  
3060 posts
12/10/2019 8:30 pm

I was looking to do a Sunday Cumday theme but work killed that- will try again for this weekend...

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