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My Semi-Public Life Outside  

Creampie4U24Ever 66M
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8/4/2020 8:17 am
My Semi-Public Life Outside

This guy LOVES fuck outside, where we are safe but there's a possibility of our being seen. me, I should be proud not wait for a bed have my lover, and she should have no shame in having her man anywhere, anytime. If we are getting along fine, we both love have sex, and our date has led us the moment, why wait?

One time I had reconnected with an old friend. I knew she was sexually free and loved have her man whenever she felt like it. We met after her work and had a light dinner get re-acquainted, then piled into my car for the trip back to her apartment. On the way, we had a bit of car trouble and had to quickly find a place to park. I made a , and while we waited we began make out. Lindy was a great kisser, and she provocatively hiked her skirt just enough so I could see that she wasn't wearing undies. We didn't get far, unfortunately, because the truck pulled up just as we got into it. The repairman adjusted something and got the car fixed fairly quickly, and resumed our journey. Lindy stroked my shoulders and made purring noises the whole way. At last, we pulled into her building's garage. It was a high-rise with a road going along the front, and each apartment had a balcony. As we got into the elevator, we were alone and shared a deep<b> tongue </font></b>kiss. She felt me and I lifted her skirt to massage her ass and her pussy. When we got to her floor, the corridor running past her door was quiet and no one was around.

I pinned Lindy to the wall and we kissed passionately and felt each other up shamelessly. Then Lindy unlocked her door in case we needed to duck inside, and we fell to the floor. Her skirt was lifted to her waist in a flash, and I began to<b> tongue </font></b>and finger the feminine folds of her wet pussy. Lindy wasn't idle, and had my pants unzipped in a flash, extracting my cock and ball sac. We 69'ed for a little while, as Lindy slathered my ball sac with saliva and sucked my cock erect while I happily ate her pussy. Soon, however, we heard voices in the distance, so we uncoupled, got up, and moved quickly inside her place. Inside, we stripped quickly and jumped on her bed, which creaked ominously. As we continued to make out, her bed gave way and fell partly out of the frame. She asked what we should do amid giggles that we broke her bed (actually only one side of a mattress board had slipped out), and we looked around. I spied the door to her balcony. Nodding my head in that direction, she saw what I had in mind and gave me a broad smile. It was a warm night, so we proudly went out on her balcony, our nudity on full display.

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