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Finally an effective Punishment...  

Creativeminds111 65M  
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10/4/2021 6:01 pm
Finally an effective Punishment...

She is trying get my attention again, moving about, faux quiet and still. I know what she is waiting for so eagerly, and with a sly smile I admit myself I do too as I feign sleep. I stretch across my bed, my long slim frame filling the space, as she scuttles to not be in my way, being oh so careful of the rope that ethers her ankle to my bed. Swinging my feet to the floor, turn my back to her, and proceed with my morning. She will be when I am ready use her, she is going no-where, and the rope ‘round her ankle is the least of her bonds.
And is the matter of her dis-obedience. And her punishment.
Muffin and lots of water, 3 cups of coffee and the progress of the World, then retire my bath for morning rituals.
Showered and refreshed, ready for the day, I have things accomplish, starting with practicing my guitar. Talented hands are well and good, but without ,000 hours and counting, they may as well be oars. But first, Maestro has Responsibilities.
My directions had been clear, pleasure my cock with her mouth and hands, but do not let me cum until she had permission. Instructions given her in Instruction Pose, clear up any confusion about mis-understood intentions, or garbled phrasing. Keep me hard. Do not let me cum. Simple and straight-forward.
But my pet is greedy, and prone to losing her focus when she gets cum-hungry, and last night she had been full-blown cum-slut. Despite clear warning to slow, then stop, then fighting me as I pulled her by the collar off me, but too late, she had defied my Instruction, failed at her task, disappointed her Owner.
How to punish her had been an interesting puzzle. Spanking was a complete waste of time, she just got wetter the more you beat her, until He could feel her juices plashing on his legs with each swat. No, the thing she really seemed fear, respect, was the thought that she would be without Him again, in a straight world with no relief or release.
Without a word, I un-tie her ankle, free her. With a finger in her collar ring I pull her her feet and the center of the room. “On you knees”, and she obeys. “You were a disobedient last night, un-worthy of the term ‘pet”. Since you do not seem value Maestro, or His Ownership, much less His attention, your punishment will be exist without it for a time. Lift your chin”
The of confusion and fear was just what He had hoped for. She was a difficult submissive, too smart for her own good, often, a woman of Importance and Responsibility among the straights, and power and none of made her wet like Obedience Him did. And He valued that, as He did all HIs possessions. Have the best, take care of , that had always been His way, his 45 year old guitar was proof of that. She hesitated a beat, then slowly lifted her chin.
“You do not seem want this collar, so I am removing ” He said, as He un-buckled and slid from around her neck. “Supplication Pose, ” She instantly assumed her best attempt at Supplication; thighs touching calves, bowed at the waist, arms out-stretched and hands clasped in front of her, eyes on the floor. He lay the collar just past her reach, took the by the hair and lifted her head until she was looking tight at , and said “You will stay here, and think on that collar, until I decide what do with you. You are not make a sound, you are not move, you are not at anything BUT My collar. Do you understand?”
she was in shock, had been since the moment she realized Maestro was taking His collar off of her. She had not meant dis-obey! had been so long since she had been able escape into His Ownership, and she really meant please Him, and He really WANTED cum anyway, and was so hard and so big and so full of cum and she wanted , every drop, in her, on her, staining her. At the last moment she snapped out of her panic, because she could see He was about ask her again, and that would certainly not make His mood better!
“Yes, Maestro” she said, in the smallest voice she had.
”Master. Yes Master. You may me Maestro when you<b> wear </font></b>my collar, and that you must earn. Submit. Or don’t. I am going practice”
She lay quietly for some minutes, thinking He would come running up the stair with a laugh, collar her again and use her as she needed. Surely He was right behind her. Then she heard the guitar strum. Was He, did He mean It? OMG! The realization her collar was not around her throat her. She was looking at , could touch if she stretched, could feel , and breathed easier for a second at the thought, if just a second. wasn’t on her! OMG!? ”S. NOT. ON. ME. Somewhere inside, something began crumble, and once started, was no force in the world stop . She cried, then sobbed, the took deep shuddering breaths and cried quietly again. Time passed, but she did not know . All she knew was that she was not wearing his collar, and left her shaken
His hand had been in her hair for some seconds before she realized , came her knees when he pulled, went instinctively Instruction Pose and waited, wanting beg Him with her eyes “COLLAR ME!”, but sure she must keep her gaze down. “I need know the submissive I own is focused, Obedient, and can follow simple instructions. Is that you, ?”
“Yes, Master!”
I pick up the collar from the floor, attach around her that, snug but not tight, attach her leash and give her her Commands. “Take my cock in your mouth, you may use your hands. Keep me hard, do not let me cum. Do you understand? 
 “Yes, Maestro!” She says, as she sucks all of me inside her warm, talented mouth and instantly I am hard, deep into her throat. “Here we go again” I think to myself.

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