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The life of a cuck sissy  

CuckSissyCouple 41M/38F
3 posts
9/23/2020 1:27 pm
The life of a cuck sissy

I had never had any interest in men whatsoever when I got married. My new wife Stacy had grown in a small southern town and was very inexperienced when we met. Because of her pretty conservative upbringing we decided to wait until marriage to have sex.

On our<b> wedding </font></b>night, we prepared to consummate our marriage. I was rock hard and ready and she was shy but excited. She was excited until she saw my hard cock. It's a small 3.5" and not very thick. I thought that since she loved me she would be fine with my lack of cock, but she was not.

She ran into the bathroom crying and I went after her. I was so hard I almost ran into the door as I went in. Stacy was still dressed in her white lacy lingerie from the<b> wedding </font></b>and her perky tits with dark areola and big nipples were showing through. I saw that she had shaved her pussy for me and my balls ached for her.

She told me that she wanted to take a shower and that I should go to bed. I was still hard when I fell asleep, unsatisfied and humiliated on my<b> wedding </font></b>day.

avid522 68M
1 post
9/23/2020 3:02 pm

Sounds like a tough night. How did it all work out? I take it she dates other guys now as you watch. I would love to watch my wife with a well hung stud.

daddy4son2000 72M
81 posts
9/23/2020 9:38 pm

you can please mine anytime. And I do get off on playing with small cocks

CuckSissyCouple replies on 9/25/2020 6:38 pm:
That would be hot, daddy.

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