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Confessions of a Good Girl  

CuriousSub1972 49F
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9/8/2020 3:01 pm
Confessions of a Good Girl

Sept 8, 2020

I'm a good girl in real life, meaning I've never had a one-night stand or been in an FWB situationship. I'm either dating with the intention of a<b> monogamous </font></b>relationship or celibate. I've no hangups because of my upbringing or religion. I'm simply built this way. No judgment on other people's sex life either--quite the opposite. I *really* enjoy what men (and some women) have shared with me via messages/IMs.

I joined AdultFriendFinder late June 2020, and I"m glad I did because:
1. I'm thrilled to watch/chat with so many sexy, sensual men across the globe.
2. I give voice to my fantasies with no inhibition.
3. I remain steadfast in my search for a single man with whom I click.

Some men have commented that I'm on the wrong site to look for a meaningful relationship. I don't think so at all. Of course I'm active on non-sexual dating sites/apps. What's great about AdultFriendFinder is that I get to determine sexual compatibility *first* before delving into discussing mutual interests and values.

Just think how many more fulfilled partnerships there could be if adults discussed their sexual appetites/imaginations/fantasies when getting to know someone as much as they discussed their demanding careers!

I'm truly enjoying all of the texting and sexting and phone sex here. And it should be said that I've communicated with many articulate, good-hearted gentlemen who ask about my day, express wanting to take me out on a date if they lived near me, and ah....generously pleasure me with their words before ever "taking" me virtually.

So very refreshing.
Much appreciated as well.

I make no apologies for what I seek and hope to co-create in real life.

In the meantime, I remain a good girl in real life while playing naughty in the confines of this glorious AdultFriendFinder playground. *bright smile*

HardFunTimes9 49M  
17 posts
10/18/2020 10:45 am

I could not agree with you more. I'm a good man in life but I want to find someone for long term with the same sexual needs.
“There are so many ways to seek and find pleasure, but only one way to search and gain happiness; which is through your mind.”
― Edmond Mbiaka

CuriousSub1972 replies on 10/18/2020 12:31 pm:
Hello, thank you for your comment! I appreciate the quotation your cited...and moreso, your definition pic of the word "snugglefuck." I laughed and have added this to my Must Haves!

lunchandconvo 51F
3788 posts
10/4/2020 5:23 am

welcome to blogville!
i see you are enjoying the cams!
i enjoy the email chats..

CuriousSub1972 replies on 10/4/2020 5:30 pm:
Thank you so much--I've enjoyed reading your blogs immensely.
Girl, the cams plus the accompanying private chats...yummy!

ProfessorNaught 108M
1395 posts
9/8/2020 9:23 pm

"sexual compatibility" would be the best use of an adult site. Unfortunately, they're not really used to the fullest potential

CuriousSub1972 replies on 9/9/2020 2:33 pm:
It is unfortunate, but pleasure still abounds!

14852 posts
9/8/2020 5:52 pm

Hey, CS1972.

*I'm Glad For You*

Welcome To Blogtown!!


CuriousSub1972 replies on 9/9/2020 2:30 pm:
Thanks for the welcome!

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