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I'm Not That Kind of Girl  

CuriousSub1972 48F
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10/11/2020 8:23 am
I'm Not That Kind of Girl

I seemingly type the words that are this post's title the most in my IM/ replies. That isn't say I respond every incoming communication, only that somewhere along the way, I end having state what is so obvious from my profile words. And then I feel deflated because the communication that point was delicious some degree.

Requests :
*Meet for a quick or ongoing fuck
*Send photos of my fully naked body, often a close- of my wet kitty
*Be the mistress/side chick
*Be used as a sub that's pretty much 99% of sucking cock
*Join a couple
*Join a random threesome
*Be flown a man's city for a weekend
*Receive a man willing fly my city for a weekend
*Peg a man
*Consider a cuck
*Consider being a vixen/hotwife
*Experience as a Domme
*And so much more

Are met with: I'm not that kind of girl.

I'm the kind of girl who:
*Has a high sex drive that is
*Reserved for one, single, heterosexual man who I envision is
*Naturally dominant and
*Monogamous-mind and is hopefully
*Looking for me.

In the meantime, I'm an online slut who whores around with my naughty and dirty written (and sometimes spoken) words. Okay, and real-time videos. *laughing*

Side Note: I'm receiving an influx of<b> messages </font></b>from men who tell me they're looking for genuine connection and ultimately an LTR when their profiles clearly state: FUN, FWB ONLY, ATTACHED, NOT INTERESTED IN SOMETHING SERIOUS...

You men --> , stop ! Stop with the, "I'm really wanting the same as you are." There are plenty of available, hot, interesting, and MUCH SEXIER women here who are aligned with what you seek. I'm not judging what you want, but it makes zero sense receive<b> messages </font></b>from you lot!

lunchandconvo 50F
2856 posts
10/12/2020 11:10 pm

i had a blog follower on my old account who read the entire blog. he had family in the carolina and i am in coastal GA. he had to come to the US. i suggested a friendly meet and greet for coffee. he freaked. then he offered me a no strings attached all expense roundtrip flight to japan. NO I AM NOT FLYING TO JAPAN FOR YOU! he couldn't understand why i wouldn't go!

CuriousSub1972 replies on 10/13/2020 9:51 am:
LOL I could've met up with you, we fly out of ATL together, you get dropped off in Japan while I head to Australia. Yes, lunchandconvo, a man in AUSTRALIA wanted to fly me roundtrip. Most of the others who want me to fly to them/fly to me are on the US West Coast, specifically WA and OR. An odd tidbit.

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