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In Need of Well-rounded Online Playmate  

CuriousSub1972 48F
65 posts
10/14/2020 10:49 am
In Need of Well-rounded Online Playmate

I engage in verbal/spoken naughty play with men in a variety of categories:
*Vanilla with a touch of rough, forced play
*Role Play
*Porn-inspired scenarios
*And many more

I can't keep up with all of these separate chats as arousing as they are. I don't know how this happened, honestly. And I've tried to move BDSM man into creating a public play scenario, but he roped me back into his virtual bedroom and tied my wrists and ankles for taking charge. (In hindsight, I shouldn't have attempted so with him.) I tried to take Discreet Public man into discussing porn fantasies, but he kept returning to finger fucking me under the restaurant table. With Sensual/Erotic man, I tried to be more aggressive for rough play, but he reached for more oil, straddled me as I writhed underneath him, and kept slathering my naked breasts.

There's got to be ONE single, heterosexual, dominant man with whom I can create ALL of these play scenarios, right?

Am I asking for too much? I need to know because my ultimate plan is to find a partner in real life and have our sex life comprise as many of the above categories as possible. *laughing*

Bonus points for deep, passionate online<b> kisses </font></b>and slow caresses.

P.S. I'm not so arrogant to seek what I myself cannot provide. I'm versatile and an enthusiastic playmate myself.

SGAGent60 65M  
3 posts
10/24/2020 7:10 am

Any real good Dom would take your desires and create the environment you are seeking. A good Dom has to be knowledgeable in creating the situation that is stimulating and exhilarating for the sub to create the ultimate mind fuck. Once you have your subs mind you have the body as well. A good Dom will create the scenario where the sub will trust and let go and just experience the pleasure of the moment. It is imperative that the Dom get into the subs head and make her mind yours.

Jules1590 52F
7191 posts
10/19/2020 4:58 pm

Yes, I do believe you can find all that you're seeking. You have to vet these men out, ask lots of questions and be patient. I think the chats help identify who you can connect with and where their passions and idiosyncrasies lie. Which is a good thing right? You need to be safe.

A man would be lucky to have such a sexy, confident vixen as his sub. You'll find him. In the meantime, have fun, be careful, and don't go headfirst down the BDSM rabbit hole.


CuriousSub1972 replies on 10/20/2020 7:10 am:
You're kind to post words of encouragement. Ahhh, yes. Patience is needed, something I sorely lack. Perhaps Amazon sells patience in bulk. I'm a Prime member after all. I'll heed your advice--again, thank you so much for your comments!

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