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Romance on AFF  

CuriousSub1972 48F  
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10/11/2020 10:07 am
Romance on AFF

A man just came for me on his live cam, and he did something that I found romantic.

His mic was on, and he said, "I'm stroking for you, Curious. You tell when you want my cum."

I was enjoying watching him stroke, so I privately typed that I wasn't ready yet. I was playing with my toy and building. I wanted him to imagine me lowering my wetness onto his hard cock. Hear me whimper. Let me kiss him deeply, passionately as I continued moaning in his mouth.

He generously responded, "Yes. Let's make out. Take your time, baby."

Ohhhhh, he was soooooooo delicious!

Many of the men I watch often talk to me or privately message me if their mic isn't on. It strikes me that I return to watch them over and over again because they'll say/type after a period of time, "I'd like to cum for you."

(One man even kicks everyone else out or restarts his cam when I say that I'm ready. I say it isn't fair to the other watchers who'd like to see him cum, but he says he only wants to finish for me. It's entirely possible that I have slight crush on him.)

I find this ....well, romantic. In real life, I can't remember an ex asking or saying they'd like to cum. They just did. The men on AdultFriendFinder not only say they want to, but ask if they can and if so, am I ready. They want to know that I'm close cumming, too. They ask if I'm wet. They tell me to play with my clit harder, imagine them sucking and tasting me despite my having set up that they're fucking me already. Even that switch to pleasuring me at that moment is ridiculously romantic .

Generous and giving.

My best exchanges are peppered with laughter. Bantering brings a sense of fullness to the mutual masturbation experience. Our real selves interact when we spontaneously diverge from the naughty talk. When we return to the<b> fantasy </font></b>of skin-on-skin sex, it's a fuller and rounder experience for me.

The climax is exhilarating! He cums hard, sometimes saying my name. My eyes are glued to the screen, my arousal heightened beyond belief. Nine out of times after we catch both of our breaths, he says, "Look what you made me do, Curious!" This makes me laugh and honestly, happy.

AdultFriendFinder has shown me that romance can exist in<b> fantasy </font></b>and desire through thoughtful words.
Generous imaginings.
Considerate action.

Such a lovely discovery.

Note: A new thief abounds in this post, stealing prepositions, conjunctions, and random nouns. Perplexing.

lunchandconvo 50F
1984 posts
10/12/2020 11:06 pm

on my old account i had an ice breaker which basically gave me free gold. i miss the i.m. i was never much of a cam watcher but there were some regulars i would chat with in the evening... and i am noticing some gold members here are flagging my standard membership with I.M. versus sending me a message that i can reply to..

CuriousSub1972 replies on 10/13/2020 9:29 am:
Regular chats are interestingly comforting, I find. Like meeting up with actual friends, some who are hot AF with words to match and others who bring intelligent, non-sex talk (but end up caressing/kissing/fondling/fingering then ultimately fucking me, lol). I understand how you can miss the IM. You have an active social calendar, though, so I'm sure that makes up for it!

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