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Wet, Wet, Wet  

Curiously7373 47F
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10/21/2020 5:01 am
Wet, Wet, Wet

All day and night my pussy can’t get enough! My fingers have been buried in my wet, swollen pussy all day! My pussy needs to be taken care of someone else than me! I need someone to eat me and eat my pussy good!! I let it get hairy but shaved my cunt bald today. And now my little clit is sensitive from my pussy hair covering it and anything touches it and I have to cum. What I would give to have a woman tie me up and just take care of my sensitive pussy and clit all day. You should see me fingering it as I write this. Oh please eat my pussy!! I promise I will do anything you want me to if you could just eat my wet pussy!

An hour later.... my pussy has never felt so good!! She tied me up and finished shaving all my pussy hair. Stopping every other stroke to<b> lick </font></b>my pussy juice and just lightly suck tip of super swollen clit. My pussy is so sensitive I need it to get ate right now! Slowly stroking my super wet pussy turns around and puts her pussy right over my mouth. I thought I was wet, pussy juice dripping on my face, I beg her to let me taste her juicy wet pussy full of her cum! I open my mouth and the next thing I am eating eating that juicy juicy pussy. I have never tasted a women only my own Pussy of a cock buried in me. I start to moan my pussy feels so good!! Eat me eat my pussy while I am fingering her pussy while finger fucking my wet pussy. Eat me eat me<b> lick </font></b>my pussy!! I can’t stop my pussy from coming over and over

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