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Curvy56001 54F  
14 posts
5/19/2021 12:55 pm

A smile, a guitar reference and just like that you had my interest.
A laugh, a smartass remark and I wanted to know more.
A kiss.
Another kiss.
More<b> kisses </font></b>and a moan of enjoyment and my mind raced with possibilities.
More kisses, more intimacy, more smiles...it was so easy, so comfortable.
Bodies entwined, relaxed at ease in the moment.
The moment.
A smile, a kiss goodbye and later a good night .
Anxious and curious thoughts wondering if we’d have more moments.
Another , more desire for more...
A drive, a meeting a welcoming hug and kiss.
More smiles, laughter, intimacy.
Pain, comfort, worry...
A game? Communication blackout.
What? Why?
No excuses, no heart?
An illusion, a ghost...
You are like the video you shared with me...a UFO
Unidentified Fucking Object.

Manfromthestix69 38M
15 posts
5/19/2021 5:44 pm

Only idiots would ghost you...

Curvy56001 replies on 5/19/2021 7:08 pm:
Thank you hope you're having a great week!

farmer1969 52M  
18 posts
9/8/2021 3:30 pm

You must have fun on the road? Not! All that dust and sweat and bouncing around! Just think fall is upon us and cooler days ahead. Your off-season will be upon you!

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