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Rule: 01  

Cutieaznwhite87 39M/34F  
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10/16/2021 2:06 pm
Rule: 01

Tell that my grammar is terrible, and calling you because you tried shaming others on the internet for grammar mistakes. You are full shit racist, and I guarantee you when someone tries to sarcastic you, their spelling and grammar are so terrible that you can't even figure what insult they're trying to make. Trust . So, bilingual in ASL and English as it's a foreign language for you, accept it as well.

Friendly reminder,

1. Be gentle. If you want to fuck with other foreigners, then please do not mock others' grammar.

2. your actions will raise the red flag if flatter come to your hotel in a different state. Probably ghost on you. Don't ask me.

3. Don't start with me if you tried to tell me, "WHY DO YOU LOVE BBC THAN MINE?!" or "You're looking for a woman, why not me? take care of you" You are being drama then not interested in you.

4. Enjoy yourself. Looking for fun. Don't drama.

5. Hate short paragraphs without reason when I read. Probably ghosted you again.

6. Unless if I don't respond to you if you message me -20 times, then you will get blocked.
My Ideal Person Listen, Asian folks, I gotta say thank you for asking, but not interested. into chocolate and<b> vanilla </font></b>folks.

Tell you the truth, even though I haven't experience with women, and I know I wanted to explore sex with women. Also, bi-curious and not great about my sexual desire specificity. Teach something like that. I probably make some sense of humor, when making you laugh as if you like memes or anime memes. Wait, I will share a picture of mine when we have to agree. We need to make a discreet agreement, okay?

My boyfriend and I had dealt with our agreement. I will choose BBC or BBW. If you are into unicorns, and I don't know what it means. Maybe? interest in.

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