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My Secret
Posted:Aug 15, 2012 5:38 pm
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2021 9:39 pm

Myself and my girlfriend were camping up north in a small quiet park. Not many people at all, so we got a camp site as close to the river as we could, which happened to be the furthest away from the other people.
We were there for a day or so and no one came by for so much as a hike. So we decided to go for a swim naked. The water was cold but nice and we enjoyed being out in nature and as close to nature as we could. We went back to the campsite and started supper and on a full stomach and a day outside we went for a nap.
I woke up at about midnight and gently woke her up to tell her I was going for a swim. I get to the river and strip naked and dive in. I was swimming quietly when out of nowhere come a couple of 20 something half drunk guys. I hope they don't see me was all I thought but no such luck. So I come out of the water to go get my clothes and go back to camp and one of the guys grabs them from me.
Ok guys, can I have my shit back please? I was a little scared. Even though I am older than these guys, they are in much better shape and if it got rough I wouldn't last long at all. So I asked again to give me my clothes back and they laughed and looked at each other when one says Grab him!
They drag me over to a clearing and say if you want your clothes back you will have to do as we tell you. I said fuck that and the guy twists my arm up behind my back and forces me on my knees.
Suck his cock and if you bite you will regret it. So I open my mouth reluctantly and start to suck his friends cock. I have to be honest, I have always wondered what it would be like to suck a cock but never went with it. And now here I am on my knees sucking a cock and liking it. I started sucking his friends cock harder and they knew I was liking it and before I knew it I had two cocks in my mouth.
The friend said let's fuck this little slut with his shaved body and tight ass. I try to get up and go but I'm pulled to the ground, one guy kneeling on my arms and the other has my legs. The guy with my legs spreads my legs and lifts them up to his friend to hold and takes off his shorts showing how much he wants to fuck me. His friend has his cock just over my mouth. I'm bracing for the penetrating blow when out of nowhere comes my girlfriend, naked and it was obvious she has been watching for awhile.
She looks at the guys and says I told you he was fuckable, now fuck him and on queue the two guys penetrate my mouth and ass at the same time. It felt sooooo good! Then she shocked me and started to suck my cock. Within minutes we all came. The guys came and thanked her and me for the good time and went on their way and I looked at my girlfriend all worn out and smiled at her and said how did you know I have always wanted to try that? She said it was her secret and smiled. We then made slow love in the moon light till early morning.....
Our Fantasy
Posted:Jan 26, 2012 11:38 pm
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2021 9:40 pm

Mark and I are laying on the bed, he is kissing my lips, my neck, my nipples... I'm on my back, and he's beside me, when a guy comes in the room and sees us. He gets down on his knees and starts licking my pussy while mark continues to suck on my nipples and kiss my neck. Then Mark gets up and sticks his cock in my mouth while our guest continues to suck on my clit.

Once I cum, he comes around and kneels on the bed. I tell mark to start sucking his cock while I'm sucking him. Mark takes his cock in his mouth and starts sucking, while I get up and put on my strap-on. Then I get behind mark while he's still sucking our friend's cock, and slowly stick my dildo inside him. I take my time, getting mark all wet and lubed and ready for our guest's real cock. Then I order them both up, and tell mark to start fucking me with his hard, solid cock. I tell our friend to throw on a condom, get behind him and start fucking mark while he is driving his cock deeper inside me. As he starts fucking mark harder and harder, mark drives me to a powerful orgasm while he is moaning and squirming from the cock ramming him.

I get up from under them, and grab my strap on again, and start fucking our friend while he continues to fuck mark. I reach underneath and grab marks cock until he cums hard and long. Then I order him to turn around and take off our friends condom, and suck him off while I continue to fuck his ass, until he too explodes in pure ecstasy!

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