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Pecos Bill  

DanielZwat1950 71M  
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10/22/2020 6:14 am
Pecos Bill

It seems that in these harrowing times of covid-19, which has turned most AdultFriendFinder Members into reclusive self isolationists, which is causing a shortage of p---y. I’ve had to hunker down and turn my pursuits in other directions, and by chance while perusing the internet, trying to stay away from porn in an effort to keep my mind off of the current shortages…. I ran across this article about “Pecos Bill” and I transcribed below for any that might be just as bored to read.

Which seems to be a fairly accurate account, but on further research I discovered that one important, but little known detail in the relationship between Pecos Bill and his lover Slue-Foot Sue had been left out and I took it upon myself to add it at the end of the article below:

“According to the legend Pecos Bill was born in Texas in the 1830s (or 1845 in some versions, the year of Texas' statehood). Pecos Bill's family decided to move out because his town was becoming "too crowded". Pecos Bill was traveling in a covered wagon as an infant when he fell out unnoticed by the rest of his family near the Pecos River (thus his nickname). He was taken in and raised by a pack of coyotes. Years later he was found by his real brother, who managed to convince him he was not a coyote.

He grew up to become a cowboy. Pecos used a rattlesnake named Shake as a lasso and another snake as a little whip. His , Widow-Maker (also called Lightning), was so named because no other man could ride him and live. Dynamite was said to be his favorite food. It is also said Pecos sometimes rode a cougar instead of a . On one of his adventures, Pecos Bill managed to lasso a twister. It was also said that he once wrestled the Bear Lake monster for several days until Bill finally defeated it.

Pecos Bill had a lover named Slue-Foot Sue, who rode a giant catfish down the Rio Grande. He was fishing with the pack when he saw her. Shake, Widow-Maker, and Slue-Foot Sue are as idealized as Pecos Bill.

After a courtship in which, among other things, Pecos Bill shoots all the stars from the sky except for one which becomes the Lone Star, Pecos proposes to Sue. She insists on riding Widow-Maker before, during or after the<b> wedding </font></b>(depending on variations in the story). Widow-Maker, jealous of no longer having Bill's undivided attention, bounces Sue off; she lands on her bustle and begins bouncing higher and higher. Bill attempts, but fails, to lasso her, because Widow-Maker did not want her on his back again, and she eventually hits her head on the Moon. After she has been bouncing for days, Pecos Bill realizes that she would eventually starve to death, so he lassos her with Shake the rattlesnake and brings her back down to Earth. Widow-Maker, realizing that what he did to her was wrong, apologizes and is forgiven.

In Bowman's version of the story, Sue eventually recovers from the bouncing, but is so traumatized by the experience she never speaks to Pecos Bill ever again.

In other versions, Sue could not stop bouncing, and Bill could not stop her from bouncing either, so Bill had to shoot her to put her out of her misery. Though it is said that Bill was married many times, he never loved the others as much as Sue, and the other relationships didn't work out.

In the Melody Time version, Sue gets stranded on the moon for all time unable to return back down to earth, due to Widow-Maker's interference in preventing Bill from lassoing her, causing a disheartened Bill to leave civilization and rejoin the coyotes, who now howl at the moon in honor of Bill's sorrow for Sue.”

Now being the romantic that I am! My favorite version is that Bill and Sue are reunited and live happily ever after. But as promised above, what is left out of all the versions is “That occasionally they would have their own Rodeo. Events” , Sadly I had to dig so deep for this bit that I am back to dwelling on the shortages again.

japaneseass 54F
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11/23/2020 11:06 am

so that's a legend...huh??? niceee....

DanielZwat1950 71M  
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11/23/2020 9:34 pm

    Quoting japaneseass:
    so that's a legend...huh??? niceee....
Oh no! you never heard of Pecos Bill? but i guess he does pale in comparison to Japaneseasss 53.....

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