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the mood tonight  

DarkAngelSub69 37F
34 posts
8/14/2021 9:01 pm
the mood tonight

i am in a good mood tonight maybe because i ask my man for help today with something i was needing then i talked to him for a while this morning but he is always busy working his ass off and i am grateful for my man ... he knows i am a blogger and a gamer artist detailer and intelligent enough to know what is good for me in my life but some people is just downright ungrateful about life and victims of something the time and they're making the news downright stupid.... if you ask me.

but i will tell you right now i am going back do tattoo's again and this time i am going to be better than i ever had because i want to start a business in the near futrue to make my money the illegal way.. cash in hand time . home base busniess and i want my soon be husband be the boss of it... already got a picked out..

and i love my man he is i think about from daylight dark skies he is the beat of my heart i hear his voice in the wind has it touches my face the rain is the tears he cries has the storms set inlet the wind of power of change help you understand your lives for nor of the sins you comment in your lifes god is the one that judges us in some way or another.

so nor do i judge upon us or others because it has gone far in life stop the power within as i seek the power to open my mind let see it in a brighter picture because of terms in life is there for reasons of the state of mind that if you were insane or sane or mental or mentally unstable it is facts i am mental unstable but stable enough be around others but sometimes it is hard that is why i am a homebody type person buy what i need online instead of going stores now and days ... can't just trust anyone anymore like the normals there acting weird doing stupid shay shit. \
because none of them has got the covid-19 shot and here i am and took two there motherfuckers and i am fine little fever and cold chills but they do say to get plate of sleep when you take them my arm ever got to<b> sore </font></b>but it did hurt for 4 days though .... take the shot and safe your lifes.

because see it is august now and i get sick every year in the spring-summer and fall. i took that covid -19 shot i am not sick anymore just all allergies that is it ..

so i hope you all like my blogging of things becaus i will love to blog with you i know some is longer than they should when i start typing i can't stop

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